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Matt returned to get Jeff his food only to find out that Jeff's cot was empty and that Jeff left a single note on the bed.

'Meet me by the lake, Matty.'

Matt would've called him crazy.

His injuries didn't heal.

And Matt didn't to do anything but go right now but there was a timing that Jeff had scribbled and he had to wait for hours on end just to be able to speak to him again. Matt sighed. He didn't know what Jeff had in mind but the knots that were forming into his stomach told him that it wasn't good -





All of the above.

Matt simply sat down next to the bedside, holding onto the paper into his hand, almost ready to tear it into pieces but he didn't.

Then his phone buzzed and he found out that it was Adam.

...But that didn't make sense.

Adam was dead.

He flipped it over and opened it, allowing the voice on the other end to spew out.


That was Adam's voice.

Matt's head was spinning horribly and he wanted to just start throwing up whatever he had eaten a while ago, two bagels creamed with soft butter and an orange juice. He could feel the food travel up his throat but he held it back.

Adam's voice...

Beautiful. So beautiful.

So scary.


..."you died." Matt was shaking now. He didn't even realize it until his eyes met the mirror.

"You died." Matt repeated.

"Matt, what in hell's name are you talking about?!"

"YOU DIED! YOU FUCKING DIED!" Matt exclaimed, slamming the phone shut and breaking it into a million pieces, his body was shaking and he was trembling...

Tears cascaded down Matt's face.

"You died." His voice was but a whisper now.

"Addy, I died inside."

So confused and still trembling, Matt curled up into the bed and fell asleep, the visions of the nights, of every death, of his love for Jeff, of everything that had fucked up their lives...just replaying and replaying into his head.

He just didn't get it...

Adam died.

Or had he?

That night was still and sober.

Jeff was sitting next to a fountain, his hair into a messy bun as Matt sat beside him and stared at him, and in that instant, Matt's hand reached to pull away Jeff's red scrunchie. He loved watching Jeff's flat hair fall and the wind softly brushing against it.


"You're crazy." That was the first thing that Jeff said.

Then Jeff took out a cigarette and started to take a puff of it.

"You're crazy." Jeff repeated, staring at him as Matt shook his head, holding his head into his hands. "Baby, I'm sorry."

Baby. Jeff called him baby.

"I'm so sorry."

"What do you mean?" Matt softly allowed the words to fall.

"I'm waiting for you to tell me that this is all a joke." Jeff whispered, trying to hide back tears that were unshed. "That you really don't love me. I can hear you say you loved me...when I was between the line of consciousness and the hospital. You told me you loved me. Just tell me it was all a joke. Please. Tell me you were making fun of the fact that I fell for you a long time ago, Matty."

"No." Matt said, cupping Jeff's cheek and leaning towards him to seal it with a kiss. "I love you."

Jeff shook his head, tears spilling. "You killed me."

"That dream..." Matt let out a gasp.

Jeff reaches out for a kiss.

Matt leans down to kiss him, wrapping his arms around Jeff's neck, pushing him closer…


A tear of the knife slashing through Jeff's spine.

"Matt, no!"

Matt's knife glides down Jeff's spine. Deeper. Blood burning down onto the couch as Jeff's eyes shut tight.

Matt drops the knife and stared.

"I'm sick."

He rolls his tongue in his mouth.

"…and I like it."

"The house. You didn't know it. But you were sleepwalking when you put the bomb in my killed me. This morning, I died. Just before the sun could dance on my flesh, I died...Garrett, an angel, he took me and told me, with those tears streaming down his eyes, that you put the bomb in and you didn't even know. That I was dead. And I was undead."


"I'm a fucking zombie, Matt. I have no blood but there's something in me still fighting to stay's the love I have for you." Jeff said, wiping away the tears that had cascaded down his eyes. "I love you. And I really do. And I don't want to love you anymore. I want to lie in peace...I'm filthy, Matty. I'm not supposed to be alive...I'm not supposed to be alive..." Jeff's eyes were bubbling with tears.

Matt just stared.

"I'm not supposed to be alive." Jeff said, one final time. "...Matty, I-I-I want you to take away this last piece of me...this piece of love...the only way you can."

Matt raised an eyebrow. "How? Jeffy, how?"

"I need you to say you hate me."

Matt flinched. "No."

"...then kill me." Jeff begged, his eyes looking down at the ground. "I can't live like this. I'm now filthy water...and I can't be cleansed. I'm too impure...please, kill me."

Jeff pulled out a knife, staring at Matt, looking at the ground.

Matt lifted Jeff's chin and then pressed his lips against his own.

"Kill me..." Jeff begged again.

Matt slowly grabbed onto the knife, staring at Jeff's green eyes.

Modest. Want. Need.

"Kill me..."

Then in that instant, Matt shoved the knife through Jeff's shoulder and pulled it out, the blood seeping through as Matt's eyes burned with tears that cascaded all too fast.

"I love you." Jeff said as Matt thrusted the knife one final time before Jeff had hit the ground.


Jeff's eyes stared up at Matt.

"I love you." And with that, green eyes shut tight...

The soft night air blew Jeff's flat hair...

And the promise of love remained in the night's sky...

And Matt could swear he could still hear his seven year old Jeff laughing.


Til next time...

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