To Be in the Majors—Prologue: I Want to Play Baseball

Disclaimer: I don't own Major, I'm just borrowing some of the characters and the idea for my own fanfiction.

This story is centered around Goro Shigeno's daughter; most of the main characters do not appear in the manga or anime so please don't get confused.

Also as a little side note, this is a very short chapter; it is designed only to start of the story's main goal. Otherwise, please continue!!!!

It was nearing nightfall and Akira Shigeno was lying on her side on the couch, watching a baseball game intently from the television. It was a game between two teams, the Jays, and one she knew very well: the Hornets. The scoreboard showed the game was at the bottom of the 8th inning, and the Hornets held a dangerous one point lead. She waited as the usual procedure happened, and the Hornet's coach appeared, announcing a player change. The game continued, and the announcer doubled his enthusiastic commentary in tune with the crowd's cheers.

"It's the bottom of 9th inning, and with two outs and no runner on base—" Akira shut off the TV, smiling to herself, she rolled onto her back. She didn't need to watch the results to know them, Daddy won't let anyone pass, she thought.

"Ehh!" Kaoru Shigeno shouted from the kitchen, "Aki, did you turn off the TV?"

You're really loud. Akira thought as she walked nonchalantly into the kitchen where her mother busied herself with chopping vegetables. "I wonder when Daddy can come back again." She muttered to herself.

"Don't you want to listen to what happens?" Kaoru asked her daughter, "hey, where are you going!?"

"Going to practice a little," Akira answered, shutting the door in her mother's face.

"Geez, why did you have to have your father's personality?" Kaoru sighed, and returned to cooking dinner. "Ah!" She ran to the door, "Toshiya-kun is coming over today, don't forget to say hi to him!"

Akira walked slowly down the driveway tossing a rubber ball slowly up and down in her left hand. Her house was large and it had a special area to practice pitching.

She sat down and started stretching and thinking aimlessly to herself. Mom's playing softball now, but before she was with Daddy in Little League. I don't want to play softball though, I want to play baseball…Her thoughts ended as she heard two car doors slam followed by a loud shattering of glass from inside the house. "Mom…" Akira muttered.

"Aki-chan!" A familiar voice called from the driveway, and a boy her age ran towards her, leading Toshiya Satou with him to the small area Akira was practicing in.

"I guess I'll go help Kaoru-san," Ryouta Satou said, waving to Akira.

"I'll be there in a bit," Toshiya called back to her.

"Hey, Shou-chan!" Akira ran to meet her friend; looking at Toshiya she smiled, "Hi Satou-san!" She said. Toshiya was also playing baseball in America but like her father, he came back once in a while.

"I see you haven't changed at all, Aki-chan," Toshiya smiled back at her, and she laughed as she went to hug her father's friend. "I think I'll go and greet your mother, I have an important message from your father for her," he winked, and headed for the door.

"Aki-chan, do you want to play?" Shou asked when his father disappeared into the house. Akira and Shou had been friends since they were two, playing baseball and watching their fathers play in America, and although they weren't on the same team, they knew their father's were still friends.

"Sure," Akira answered, I'll get your bat and a mitt. Like their parents, Akira had taken up pitching and Shou, a catcher.

"Arigato," Shou said when Akira handed him the usual mitt and bat he used when he was over. Since he frequently visited after kindergarten, they had set aside a mitt and bat for him.

"Hey, Shou-chan, I've been thinking…" Akira said as they tossed the rubber ball back and forth.

"Yeah?" He replied, throwing the ball back at her. "Ready?" he asked and swatted down in his catcher's position.

She nodded, and took a deep breath before carrying out her pitching form and throwing a fast ball into Shou's waiting mitt. It made a low thud as it made contact with the mitt. "Nice one!" Shou called, "I think that was faster than the ones you threw two days ago!"

She sighed and smiled. "I've been thinking…your Mom's in a professional baseball team right?" She called to Shou.

"Yeah, but she's only their pitcher during a friendly game and their batting pitcher." Shou replied throwing the rubber ball back at Akira. His mother didn't quit baseball for softball like Akira's mother; rather, she had continued to play even though she couldn't play in a real game.

"I see," Akira caught the ball and rolled it in her palm. "Hey Shou-chan?"


"Let's make a miracle." She smiled at him, still rolling the rubber baseball in her hand.


"I want to be the first girl to play baseball in the Majors!"

Author's Notes:

I hope you liked this chapter! Of course I plan the make the next chapter longer, and I am in no position to say I know what the official ending of this fanfiction will be. I will be clear to you though, I do intend to continue this.

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