Elle's Encouragment

DTOTF: Elle belongs to ladysnape858 (yes, she has a Muppet character), The Muppets belong to the Jim Henson Company, and Nagini belongs to me.

SUMMARY: When Dr. Teeth gets into a car accident, the horrible scar that he had gotten when he was attacked by a chainsaw becomes the biggest and just one of many horrible scars on his face. Forced with the decisions of never showing his face in public again or covering his face with a scarf, he chooses option B. When Elle becomes tired of this, she encourages him to take off the scarf and smile without it on. Can he do this without making her scream, or will he be forced to keep the scarf over his face for the rest of his life?

BLA: Please note that in this story, Dr. Teeth has a blue truck with black, spray-painted music notes on the doors. Yes, we know it doesn't make sense but we wanted only he, Elle, Kermit, and Floyd in the car with him(his truck has four seats).




"Oh god," Kermit said once he, Elle, and Floyd had escaped the wreckage that was once Dr. Teeth's truck and were safely on the side of the road. "Oh god, oh god."

"Wait!" Floyd haulted. Elle and Kermit looked at him. "Where's Dr. Teeth?!" They slowly turned back to the wreck...

...and Elle screamed as loud and long as her lungs allowed. There was blood coming through the windows. Once the three looked through one of the passenger side windows, Elle screamed even louder and longer.

It was Dr. Teeth's blood!

Kermit got out his cell phone and quickly dialed 911 as Elle and Floyd dragged Dr. Teeth away from the wreckage. Several people stopped to see what was wrong and the girls who saw what happened to Dr. Teeth screamed. Elle crouched over him and cried hard. She had a real bad crush on him and was hoping to sneak a kiss on him one of there days.

"Hello. 911?!" Kermit said once the hospital picked up. "Yes, we have a serious wreckage and the driver is seriously hurt! The rest of use are OK but he isn't!"

A few minutes later, an ambulance arrived. As they drove to the hospital, a barely-concious Dr. Teeth clutched Elle's hand, clearly in pain. She allowed this even though it was hurting. Careful to avoide the glass in his face, she reached down and kissed him. This wasn't the way she had planned to do so. It was hard to take when they tore him away from her upon arriving to the hospital.

"Elle..." Dr. Teeth whispered in a pain and even more gravelly voice.

"Yes?" she asked, tears falling down her face.

"I want you to know..."

"Know what?"

"I've..." was all he could say before he roared in pain.

"Oh no!" one of the paramedics said and turned to the driver. "Hurry up! I think he's almost dead!" The driver of the ambulance hurried faster down the road.

Kermit, Elle, the other members of the Electric Mayhem, and several others Muppets awaited for the doctors for what felt like a millenium. Every five minutes, Elle would check her watch and look up, wanting the doctors to hurry up and come out there with news of what the succeeded or didn't succeed to do with Dr. Teeth. Finally, the doctors approached and Elle immediately stood, worried.

"W-well?" Nagini said.

"Is he gonna be OK?" Elle asked.

"Yes," Amine said sadly.

"Why did you, like, say that in a, like, sad voice?" Janice asked.

"He lost a lot of blood," Miriyu said. The others gasped.

"OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Elle literally cried out.

"We've put him in the ICU for now," Amine said.

"When can we go see him?" Zoot asked.

"In a few hours," Miriyu said. "We'll call you when he wakes up."