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Chp. 2-Elle's Anger and A Few Weeks Later, The Horrible Findings!

"I can't believe that woman!" Elle fumed, stomping into the Muppet Theater. "That kiss I gave Dr. Teeth wasn't a 'hey man I hope you feel better' kiss! Doesn't he know anything about freaking passion?!"

"Oh get a hold of yourself, Elle," Alex said. "You're just mad because Sylvin's been in his life longer."

"Shut up, Alexandra!" Elle shouted and tossed one of the overly-obsessed teen's strawberries in her face. "That's not funny! Fozzie's got a better sense of humor than you do!"

"I resemble that remark!" Fozzie and DTOTF shouted.

Over the next few weeks, the arguments between Elle and Alexandra got even worse and they usually ended with Elle throwing whatever food that DTOTF was eating at the time--if anything--into the teen fangirl's face. Elle had brightened up on April 15--exactly one month since the accident--when Kermit told her that Amine had called and said that the keyboardist's bandages could come off in a few days.

Still, Elle was afraid of the results.

Would Dr. Teeth's face still be the same perfect, round, green face he'd had? Or would the glass had caused serious effects, making him look alot like a serious X-Men reject?

Well, the days between April 15 and April 20 seemed to have been longer because everyone was anticipating the results of all Amine Cullen and Miriyu Henry had been able to do for the keyboardist but eventually it had come around. That day, Kermit said that until their lead musician came home, no one but the first group that had gone to see him the day of the accident could go and see what the results were so when the big day came not only were the Electric Mayhem's remaining members, Elle, Kermit, Pepe, and Alex worried but Dr. Teeth, Miriyu, Amine, and Sylvin as well.

When Amine had cut the end of the bandages and let them fall on their own, Elle squeezed her eyes shut because she didn't want to see the results. But when she heard a familiar scream of horror she couldn't help but open her eyes and upon seeing what made Nagini scream, she screamed herself.

"What's wrong?" Dr. Teeth asked, confused as to what made the girls scream. He looked at Amine and Miriyu, who were backing away in horror. "Amine, Miriyu, seriously."

But Amine and Miriyu were to horrified and shocked for either of them to hand him a mirror.

Finally Dr. Teeth got so fed up that he was practically a blur as he rushed to the bathroom.

When he gazed into his reflection's wide, frantic eyes he saw what everyone was screaming at.

"Sacre bleu..." he muttered, placing a hand on one side of his face.

Two-thirds of what Elle had silently hoped for was accurate. His face was still the same round, green one that they all remembered but instead of it being perfect and flawless(no one really counted his beard as something that didn't make his face perfect because even when he was little and didn't have his facial hair, he was still--unknown to him--destined to have a beard like his father's and the huge scar he got from that chainsaw attack they had looked at so many times they'd considered it a beauty mark), horrifying scars--more vicious than the one that started at the top of his left eye and ended at the right underside of his chin--laidened his face.

There were so many that the huge one looked like just an unridable blemish.