It was a frustrating thing to be part of a fairytale. No one really loked at you as an actual person, not even yourself. Honestly, everyone always thought that she was something that she was not. Kraehe thought that she was the enemy, Fakir thought that she was foolish, and Ahiru thought that they were one in the same.

No, none of those things were true. Tutu was a phantom princess of love, but she was not a duck, nor a fool, and she certainly wasn't anyone's enemy.

The prince was the only person that ever saw her for what she was. Inside the story, they had a beautiful romance. They would meet to dance and too talk, she would try her best to assist him when she could. They were both kind hearts, protective hearts. He was her prince and she was his princess.

Her powers had been more than simply dancing. She was able to peer into the hearts of others. She could see all the good inside them, but she was never blind to the bad. She helped others to overcome their darkness so that they would be good. She protected the people's emotions and he prottected their physical selves. She could see that the Raven was one with light only enough to fool and trick others. That was the reason that she abd the prince fought so hard to stop him.

She had not been looking closely enough at her own heart, however, and so she feel in love. A deep and strong love. When told the prince of her love, when she turned to light and dissapeared, she did not truly vanish. She united with the prince's heart and became one with him. That is why the pendant, the heart shard of the prince, had my power. I was part of the prince's heart.

The prince was not the same after shattering his heart. He forgot me. He forgot himself. The one thing he did not forget was the need to protect, he just wasn't certain how to direct that feeling. Even after his feelings returned, he was not, and would never be the same Prince. As long as the prince is happy, however, I do not mind such a thing. As long as I have a place, no matter how small, within his heart, then I am happy. I will always love my prince. I will always protect him.

Everytime Ahiru wore the Prince's heart shard pendant, she was calling on the powers of a phantom. A phantom of love. She had my power, she had my look, but she lacked my knowledge. She lacked my personage. Ahiru was not me. I was very fond of the girl, but we were not the same. She was a duck who was made into a girl, and I was nothing more than the shadow of love in the prince's heart.

That was why she and I could conbine ourselves in such a way. We were both in love with the prince. We were both incomplete.

The prince would not have had me in his heart if he had not loved me. I am no fool. I am no longer the princess that the prince needs. I am no longer the one that he wants to spend his fairy tale with. But I will never forget the fact that once, I was that very person. I will hold it close to me and I will always protect my prince.