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"Goodbye Amu."


"Amu-Chan you've finally woken up. Thank lord." Mama said.

"Mama where's Ikuto? And Tadase, Rima, Nagi, Yaya, Kukai, Nade? And my chara's?" I asked.

"Who are they Amu-Chan? What are chara's?"

"My friends. They've been my friends since I was 10." I said.

"Amu-Chan you've been asleep since you were 8." I looked down and started to cry.

No way. I've been asleep since I was 8.

"Mama how old am I now?" I asked.

"14." She said looking confused.

"I have to go see Ikuto. He's leaving. I have to go." I said. I got up and started to stagger towards the door.

"Amu-Chan! You shouldn't get up." I opened the door and quickly shut it on my mother. I began to feel light headed but I needed to go see Ikuto. I took a breath in and dashed through the halls of the hospital. I bumped into many people and things, knocking them down, but I finally made it to the door. It slid open and I ran through it.

Ikuto! Ikuto! Ikuto! Ikuto! Please still be there! Please tell me that wasn't all a dream!

"Ma'am, is there someone boarding a flight named Ikuto Tsukiyomi?" The woman looked at the computer and shook her head. I dropped down to the floor and begun to let his violin sink into my ears, while blocking every other sound.

"Ikuto, Ikuto, Ikuto, IKUTO!!!!" His music stopped and I started to cry. People asked me if I was okay and then I heard sirens. I got up and staggered towards the door. I was at the door when I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I turned around and saw him.


"A-Amu?" My tears suddenly stopped and I ran into his arms.

"Ikuto! It really is you!" He rubbed my head and kept saying, "It's alright, it's alright. I won't let you go. Ever. I'm sorry Amu."