Sosuke Loves Ponyo

Chapter 6

Here are Chapter 5's in-jokes:

Fujimoto and Gran Mamare's plan to restore Ponyo's magical abilities only when she is teaching or protecting any offspring she and Sosuke would one day have was inspired by a storyline in the 1994-1996 Disney animated television series Gargoyles.

In this storyline, Puck (the trickster from the Shakespeare play A Midsummer Night's Dream) has been stripped of his powers by the Fairy King, Oberon. Lord Oberon later reinstated Puck's powers—but only when he would use them to protect or teach Alexander, the son of two of Gargoyles' lead human characters.

The name of the composition that played as the groomsmen and bridesmaids arrived at the altar for Sosuke and Ponyo's wedding—The Wolf Girl and the Samuraiis (at least as far as the "Wolf Girl" is concerned) a reference to Studio Ghibli's 1997 classic Mononoke-hime (Princess Mononoke).

Onward and upward now, to Ponyo and Sosuke's reception and the beginning of their new lives together...

In a hotel banquet hall, loved ones of Sosuke and Ponyo sat and waited for the guests of honor. In a room just off of the banquet hall, Sosuke and Ponyo talked.

"I cannot believe it, Sosuke—we're married now," Ponyo said. "Yeah, it's amazing, ain't it, Ponyo?" Sosuke said. "We'll be together for the rest of our lives." "And beyond, if the Maker wills it," Ponyo said before she kissed Sosuke.

A knock on the side room door interrupted any reply Sosuke would have given. "Sosuke-san, Brunhilda-san, we are ready for you," Curtis said.

"We'll be right there, Curtis-san," Sosuke said. Then, turning back to Ponyo, he added, "Let's go greet our adoring friends and family."

Out in the hall, the lights fell and a spotlight came on, aimed at the doors into the hall. An announcer came over the hall's P.A. system and said, "Let us all welcome the honored bride and groom—Sosuke and Brunhilda Endoh!"

The doors opened, revealing Sosuke and Ponyo. They bowed at the applauding family and friends, then took their seats at the head table.

"Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy yourselves and have fun," Sosuke said. "By the way—there's no fish on the menu," Ponyo said. "We don't eat fish...but there's plenty of ham!"

The gathered audience chuckled, for it was well-documented that Ponyo's favorite food was ham, dating back to when she and Sosuke first met.

The reception seemed to go by in a blur for Ponyo and Sosuke. Suddenly, the clock struck 9:00 PM-an hour before Ponyo and Sosuke were to board a flight for their honeymoon getaway in Ireland. So, Ponyo and Sosuke hurried up to their suites to change into wardrobes suitable for travel.

As they approached the limo which would take them to Narita Airport, Ponyo and Sosuke were met by Curtis.

"Ponyo-san, Sosuke-san, I was asked to give you this," he said, handing Sosuke an envelope. "A friend and huge fan wanted you to have this."

Sosuke opened the envelope. Inside was a letter and a smaller envelope.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Endoh,

I am really happy for you. Please accept this small token of my esteem.

Séan Paul

Ponyo opened the smaller envelope and revealed a certificate, which read:

On behalf of the Friends of the Borrowers Club, congratulations on your wedding.

Please accept this all-expenses-paid hotel stay.

Present this certificate to the clerk.

"Thanks for this, Bill," Ponyo said in English to Curtis. "Enjoy yourselves in Dublin," Curtis said. Sosuke shot a sly look at Ponyo, then turned back to Curtis as Ponyo got in the limo. "Oh, believe me, Curtis-san, we will indeed," he said before he too got in the limo.


Ponyo had been feeling sick all that day while she recorded songs for her next album. On a lark, she headed to a nearby doctor's office.

"Endoh-san, what a surprise," Dr. Yonebayashi said. "What brings you to my humble little office?" "I have been feeling sick all day, Yonebayashi-sensei," Ponyo said. "I need you to give me the works, so I can find out what's wrong with me."

"Sure thing, Endoh-san," Dr. Yonebayashi said. "Follow me into my office, and we can get started."

As the examination continued, Ponyo began to get a suspicious feeling—she was starting to realize what was going on. Then, Dr. Yonebayashi made it official.

"Endoh-san, you're pregnant."

Next time, there is going to be a new fish in the sea, so to speak.

Until our final meeting...

::To Be Concluded::