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Chapter Fifteen - Cleaning Up.

The basement was spotless by the time the women got back, I could hear them come in the front door as I moved a few things around, making sure everything was where it started out. Esme liked everything to be in place once business was over with and I'd never disappointed her before, I wasn't about to start now.

This entire mess would be over within a few days, once Demetri had done his part of the deal and everything was out of the way and there was no way to even think that Tyler was anywhere near this fucking house since he came asking for the loan.

I heard Harry and Renesmee argue as usual and run about above me, with Rose's voice following behind them telling them to behave. Her attempts to calm them down were normally futile, but she would never give up.

The basement door opened and I listened as one of them came down the stairs, it was Bella, of course. She smiled at me as she sort of skipped down the stairs.

"Hey, sweetie," she said as she glided over to me, wrapping her arms around my waist, "the place looks good, you wouldn't even know it's been occupied by that low-life for the past few days." She smiled up at me and gave me a quick kiss. "Is outside dealt with?"

"I'm not sure, Emmett and Jasper were going to clean it up, I believe."

"Okay, well, Rose went out to check if Emmett was out there anyway, I'm sure she'll fill me in when she gets back inside."

"Where are the children?"

"With Alice," she smiled, "in the living room. Esme is putting Cassandra in her crib; she fell asleep when we were out."

"Well, I'm all done here," I looked around the room once more, triple checking everything was in order before we climbed the stairs and locked the door behind us. Bella took my hand and we walked down the hallway and into the living room. Alice was sitting on the floor with her legs crossed under her, Roxanne was beside her, holding onto her mother's tiny leg as she looked up at me and Bella as we entered the room. Alice smiled at us and waved the two of us into the room.

Harry and Renesmee were fighting over the remote, as usual, right in front of the television.

Renesmee spotted us and wailed out to me, "Daddy! 'Arry won't let me choose the channel, it's my turn," she moaned and stomped her foot a little.

"'Dward, it's not her turn, she had it 'ast, I wanna watch my show!" Harry pouted as he tugged on the half of the remote he was holding onto.

"Tell you what," I said as I moved over to them and held out my hand for the remote, "Why don't we let Roxanne choose?"

They both looked at me like I had grown two heads and then glanced over at Roxanne, who was now trying to bury her head into Alice's side.

"But she's a baby; she watches baby shows." Harry complained.

Bella laughed from behind me, she moved around me and took a seat on the sofa, watching intently.

"Well, it looks like we are all going to watch baby shows this afternoon." I said firmly and they handed me the remote with glum looks on their faces, they stomped over to their chairs and flung themselves down.

I chuckled as I heard Renesmee say, "Wouldn't 'ave to if you 'ust let me 'oose."

I handed the remote to Alice and she grinned at me before flipping through the channels trying to find something that normally had Roxanne in giggles.

"You'll never believe who we saw when we were out," Alice said as she stopped on a station and put the remote on the floor beside her, "Jessica and Lauren."

She smirked up at me.

"They just about ran a mile when they saw us, well Jessica did, Lauren seemed content to play on the swings. Jessica is not looking too happy though, I've been hearing they all got evicted and are living with Mike's mom. Funny thing is, Mike's been around to the bank to try and get the store back; Bree was telling me." Bree was Alice's friend at the bank, I don't even know how they met, but I'm pretty sure she has a child the same age as Roxanne. "They refused him, of course. What with his bad luck with money, they just don't trust him."

She took a breath as Roxanne shuffled slightly, still holding onto her mother.

"Which is weird, you said that Mike told you he got the money to pay us back from a loan from the bank, but Bree said they've never given him one. He did ask, around the time he owed us, but since they already seized his store, they knew there was no way he was going to keep up with the payments. I'm just saying, maybe you should try and find out where he did get that money from, we don't want any trouble traced back to us."

I nodded, she was right, I'd have to sort that out. Another thing to add to my growing list of things to do. At least this Tyler business was almost over.

However, I really didn't want to drag Mike back into our lives, but if he was bringing trouble to our door there was no way around it. I would have to find out where he got that money from and who he now indebted to.

Luckily it wouldn't take me too long; there were only a few people around who would be willing to hand out that much money in one go.

"When is your appointment?" Bella's voice cut through my thoughts, she was looking over at Alice and waiting from a response.

"Tomorrow afternoon, I was actually wondering if you would watch Roxanne for me while me and Jasper are at the doctors?"

"No problem," Bella said smoothly and smiled at her niece, "Sally and Aro have asked if I'd keep an eye on Jane and Alec tomorrow as well, so Roxanne will keep me sane while they are running about and Cassandra is sleeping." she turned to face me slightly, "Is it tomorrow that Rose is taking Harry and Renesmee to the cinema?"


"That's good, because I'm sure I heard Esme saying the contractors start work tomorrow and that'll mean you and Emmett can finish up business with Demetri everything will be calm again in a few days."

I fucking hope so.

With Tyler, Renee and now Mike again messing with the flow of things I was beginning to get pissed off with everything that needed to be done. Fuck, that reminded me that I needed to give Ben a call to see how things were progressing with the restraining order against Bella's mother. Chances are it was filled, Ben worked at a speed that even impressed me, but Renee probably didn't have a clue yet.

I was actually surprised that she wasn't back again, Charlie must have become very good at keeping his ex-wife at bay, that or she was cooking up a storm. Knowing Renee it would be the latter.

I heard Cassandra's distant cries flowing through the house and out of the baby monitor on the table in front of us. Bella sighed and pushed herself up from her seat, "I'll see to her, she's probably just hungry."

She kissed me on the cheek as she left the room.

"I'm thinking about moving." Alice's voice trickled into my mind.

"What?" I looked at her, confused slightly.

"Not anytime soon, but me and Jasper were thinking about asking mom to call the contractors and talk to them about building a house of our own, close by, on some of the empty land this family owns."

"Why?" She chuckled slightly.

"This house is getting slightly crowded, as huge as it is. I love it, but when this baby is born," she placed her hand on her belly that was only sticking out a tiny bit from its usual flat position, "it's going to get even more crowded. So me and Jasper thought a place down the road wouldn't be so bad."

I smiled, "Okay."

"Plus, all that shopping that will need to be done, it fills me with joy at the very thought." She grinned.

There was a slight pause before the pair of us burst into laughter. Harry, Renesmee and Roxanne looked away from the television to stare at us in wonder, it didn't take them too long to fix their gazes back on the television.

"You realize that mom is going to throw a fit?"

"I know, I'm just waiting for the right moment to tell her, I need her contacts anyway, about building the place, so I'll need to be careful of when I spring the news on her."

"Make sure she isn't carrying anything breakable when you tell her."

"Can someone get the door," Esme called from the kitchen.

I smirked slightly and pushed myself up from the sofa. Renesmee and Harry were asleep in their chairs, Roxanne was crawling about on the floor playing with the toys Jasper had brought through when he and Emmett had finished cleaning up outside.

She was trying to fit a toy truck into her mouth while Alice watched with a small smile on her lips.

Aro and Sally had returned from their day out, Sally was sitting next to Alice on the floor, while Aro and Carlisle were making plans to go play golf before they went back to Italy. Alec and Jane had disappeared as soon as they got in the door, both were screaming at each other and we hadn't heard from them since.

The doorbell rang again as I was halfway across the lobby.

"Bloody impatient bastards." I muttered. No one seemed to grasp the concept that sometimes it takes a bit longer to get to the door.

I swung the door open and glared at what was on the other side.

"What part of 'stay the fuck away' don't you get?" I asked as I held onto the side of the door.

Renee scowled as she jutted her chin out at me, determination on her face. "I want to see them," she said before trying to barge past me, I grabbed onto her arm and pulled her back. She winced slightly as I pushed her out of the door and back onto the front steps.

"Get out," I growled as I towered over her.

"You can't stop me from seeing them; they are my grandchildren." She was getting despite now, Charlie had obviously told her to stay away until he could sort something out with Bella, it was the sort of thing he would do, but it seemed Renee couldn't resist being a pain in my ass and just had to come over for one last attempt at getting her grandkids.

"You really have any idea do you, you really don't get how much my wife hates you. She never wants to see you again, but she's already told you that, have you managed to forget already? Oh, and I'd imagine you're in very big trouble for breaking the restraining order my lawyer filed against you. This family is quick at getting what we want and we want you out of our lives, it would be fucking fantastic if you just left, for your own sake."

"Are you threatening me?" She asked incredulously, as though she didn't expect it.

"You can count on it."

For a moment she looked genuinely scared, but then it disappeared behind a carefully built mask she had perfected over the years. "You can't hurt me, my daughter won't stand for it."

"You're delusional if you think Bella would care. She'd probably be the one wielding the axe. You hurt her when you tried to take Renesmee away, you hurt her and pissed her off all at the same time. And you know what you did to me? You just made me angry and when I get angry I get creative, do you really want me to get creative with you?"

The fear was back.

"Now get the fuck away from my house and away from my family, because the worst that will happen if you do is you will be punished by law for breaking the restraining order. I won't bother telling you what the worst will be if you stay any longer on my doorstep, because I think you already have an idea in your head about that."

"This isn't over," she growled as she stepped away from me and moved back to her car.

"Oh, it is." I said as I swung the door shut with a deafening thud.

"Don't slam doors in this house, whoever that was." Esme's voice carried from the kitchen again. I chuckled softly and went through to see her, "Ah, I should have known. You realize that you slam more doors than Emmett does, don't you."

"No," I said as I picked up an apple from the fruit bowl on the middle of the island counter, "but the fact you do makes me smile."

"I know more than you think." She grinned.

"You scare me, mother."

She laughed and shook her head slightly, "I should hope so, how else do you think I managed to keep some control in this house when you were younger?"

"Simple, you bought our love and our good behavior." I smirked, "With cookies and other baked goods."

She rolled her eyes and turned back to the mixing bowl in front of her. I walked around the island to give her a quick kiss on the forehead before heading back out into the lobby and up the stairs.

On the second floor landing Jane had Alec in a head lock and seemed to be refusing to let go of him. I looked at them strangely as they fought, they didn't seem to notice my presence, or at least they weren't bothered to acknowledge it.

"I swear, you piece of shit, I'm going to kill you in your sleep one day." Jane spat.

"Like you actually could," Alec chocked out.

"Fucking bring it on!"

I ignored them as best I could as I continued up the stairs, they would be best of friends again in a few minutes, there wasn't really any need to get in the way; they'd only end up taking it out on me.

As much as I loved having Sally and Aro stay with us, I wished they'd left their children with one of Aro's brothers in Italy. Sometimes they just got on my nerves, having teenagers around a lot of the time was just something I wasn't used to and it was fucking doing my head in.

I could hear their argument continue as I walked down the hallway towards my bedroom and rolled my eyes. Sally's voice joined them; she must have heard them from downstairs, and she quickly got them to shut up.

I heard the stomping of feet and the slamming of doors briefly before there was silence once again.

Bella was lying on the sofa in our room, with Cassandra lying belly down on her chest, fast asleep. I smiled as Bella noticed me and lifted her finger to her lips, telling me to move as quietly as I could. I padded over to the sofa as softly as I could and bent down to give her a quick kiss.

"When did she fall asleep?" I whispered.

"Just a few minutes ago," Bella hummed softly, "she was just needing a change.

"Do you want me to put her back in her crib?"

"No, just leave her here," Bella smiled as she looked down at our youngest daughter. She looked so peaceful, her small fists resting on my wife's collarbones, with her feet barely reaching Bella's belly.

"Okay, I'll be in the music room if you need me." I bent down for another kiss and softly walked back over to the door, closing it silently behind me.


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