Cody wanders the halls of the arena during training, heading back to the locker room and trying to understand just what is going on with Ted. Seriously, he wants Ted to fuck him, and at this point he doesn't see anything wrong with that.

Does Ted not want him? Is that what this is all about? He hasn't spoken to the older man since that night and Cody is desperately missing him.

His train of thought is interrupted when Hunter blocks his view of the rest of the hall, and Cody jumps before realizing who it is and putting on a tough façade.

"Before you run screaming or hit me I just have to tell you something, kid," Hunter starts, noticing Cody looking warily at him, "And I know you have no reason to trust me, but . . . just hear me out okay?"

Cody just remains silent, trying to keep a stoic look on his face.

"I went to talk to Ric," he observes the younger man flinch, "and he told me what he did you."

Cody can't believe it, "B-b-but . . . why?"

Hunter cringes at the memory of the older man's attitude, "He thought I wouldn't care, I guess; saying it like he was so proud of what he'd done. But it doesn't matter. I just wanted to say I'm sorry. Sorry I hurt you; that I didn't believe you."

"Well . . ." Cody looks thoughtful, "Thanks, I guess. And . . . I kind of understand. That's a part of the reason why Ted didn't tell Randy that he had done it."

Hunter nods, "That makes sense; why he blew up the way he did. But really, I just wanted you to know that you don't have to worry about me."

"Thanks, man. I'll . . . see ya around?"

"Yeah, see ya kid."

Cody continues along, smiling a bit, feeling better and better all the time. An angry Hunter is just one more thing that Cody is glad that he doesn't have to worry about. It's been a while since his last night terror and the only thing that has brought him down is this thing with Ted.

He finally gets to the locker room and his smile fades a bit when he sees Ted and Evan looking at something that Evan has in a cardboard box on his lap. They're both smiling and Ted looks so relaxed; so unlike their last time together.

"Cody, look what I got Randy for his birthday!"

Evan looks so excited, and Cody can't help but move towards the two to peek into the box. The sight inside returns the grin back to his face.

"Do you think he'll like it?" Evan asks nervously.

"He'll love it," Ted interjects, stepping around Evan's legs to embrace Cody from behind.

He whispers, "I'm sorry, Baby. We'll talk, okay?"

Cody nods, relieved that him and Ted are going to be able to communicate. He really wants to know what the problem is, but he would feel uneasy pushing Ted to tell him. Now knowing they are on good terms, Cody turns his attention back to Evan.

"When are you going to give it to him?"

Evan frowns, "Him and John were supposed to meet us here ten minutes ago."

The two aforementioned men walk in at that moment, fresh out of a workout, and joking with each other.

The smallest man jumps to his feet, carefully cradling the box in his hands, and approaches Randy.

"I got you a birthday present."

"Really?" Randy raises and eyebrow after using a towel to wipe sweat from his face. That was sweet of Evan, considering they have only been dating a little while. He looks down in the box that Evan is holding in his outstretched hands and practically beams.

Inside is a small, orange tabby kitten, sleeping quietly, curled into a little ball.

Randy reaches a large hand, as big as the cat itself, to pet it and it stirs. Opening one green blearily, it just looks at him before nuzzling its face into his palm.

"It's adorable, Ev. Thank you so much," Randy leans over the box and pecks the younger man on the lips, "I always wanted a pet."

"Yeah," Evan flushes red from the praise, "Cats can be left alone for a while so I figured it be a good pet cause we're on the road, and he was just so cute I couldn't leave him at the shelter."

John almost squeals like a little girl and scoops the kitten out of the box when he hears what they are talking about. He cradles it in his big hands and makes strange cooing noises at it while the other men watch amusedly.

"So what's his name?" Randy pulls Evan towards him, causing the younger man to drop the box and he collides with Randy's firm chest. He sighs contentedly and they just hold onto each other.

"He doesn't have one yet," Evan looks a little hesitant, "I figured we could pick one . . . together."

"Sounds good to me Baby," Randy leans in for another kiss, this time a much deeper one. They are totally engrossed with one another until Ted lets out a meaningful cough.

They part, Randy with a smug smile and Evan with flushed cheeks.

"So, what should we call him?"

"Well," Evan stares at the cat, then giggles, "He looks like Stephen."

Randy turns to look at the cat and even John stops his weird noises to examine the cat more closely.

"That Sheamus guy?" John asks, "From ECW?"

"Uh huh."

"You want to call him Sheamus?" Randy looks down at Evan with a questioning look.

"Only if you want to."

"Well I like it," Randy chuckles as the cat swipes at John's nose, "It seems to fit him."

Evan and Randy continue to smile at each other and look into each other's eyes, while John, Cody, and Ted try not to stare at them to obviously.

"Hey," Randy suddenly quips, "Do you think you guys could keep an eye on Sheamus for a little while? Just smuggle him into the hotel room or something?"

Cody snatches the tiny thing from John before he never gives it back and it mews at him happily, "Sure, but why?"

Randy hefts Evan up and drapes him over his shoulder, laughing out when the younger man protests, "Because I'm taking Ev here back to the hotel and I am going to do unspeakable things to him."

He pats Evan on the backside gently and grabs his own bag before carrying his squirming boyfriend from the room, a lust filled smile on the smaller man's face.

"I don't understand how ithat/i happened," John gestures towards the door, indicating the couple with a shake of his head.

"Why question it?" Ted scratches the kitten under the chin in Cody's hands and it purrs appreciatively, "It's a good thing."

John nods in agreement, "I know, it's just . . . life is so weird."

At that moment, Cody's cell rings, bringing the men out of their deep thoughts about their lives. He passes the kitten off to Ted, who holds him gingerly as if he might break him, then checks his caller ID.

"Hi Mom!"

John and Ted keep quiet, as not to interrupt the conversation.

"Yeah, I know we have some time. I'll definitely come home to visit."

"I miss Dad too. It'll be good to see everyone."

"You want Ted to come also?" He looks up at the older man and they share a confused look, "He'll probably want to go see his family."

"Oh, okay. I'll tell him. Okay Mom."

Ted and John have no idea what Cody's mother is saying to him, but he seems to be getting more and more distressed.

"You don't have to – seriously I don't need – I can't – Fine."

"Yeah. Love you. Bye."

Cody hits the end button and drops the phone back on his bag, before sinking down onto a bench and letting his head fall in his hands.

Ted hands the wriggling Sheamus back to John now and sits down next to Cody, wrapping and arm around the younger man's shoulders.

"What's going on?"

Cody lets his hands fall and looks to Ted at his side, "You're parents are going away so my parents want you to come to visit with me in two weeks."

"We'll that's not that bad," Ted frowns, "Unless you don't want me to go."

"That's not it at all. I want you to . . . but my mom told me something else."

"What was it?" John asks eagerly and both older men look at him expectantly, waiting for an answer.

Cody grabs his hair in frustration, "She has a girl that she wants me to meet; the daughter of a friend."

Ted's jaw drops to the floor, but John just scoffs, "So tell her you're taken."

Cody and Ted both shoot him nasty looks and recoils, trying to shield himself with the miniscule cat, "Fine, don't. What iare/i you going to do?"

The couple share a look. They have absolutely no idea.