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Summary: Who could have known that a new pair of shoes would change everything between them?

Chapter 1: OMG SHOES!


Sakura's workday had hardly begun and yet her feet were already throbbing with a crippling pain. As she made her way down the village clinic's hallways, she silently cursed herself for wearing those heels to work that day, despite how much more confident they made her feel.

Nowadays, it was rare for her to wear anything aside from her medicnin uniform and a pair of white flats, something that Ino found absolutely detestable. She had insisted on taking Sakura shopping the night before, stating that if Sakura ever hoped of finding a good husband, she'd have to play up appearance a bit.

"I mean, you're a nurse...Some guys find that look really sexy," Ino had tried pointing out as they passed a row of boutiques.

"Oh, please," Sakura groaned. "Here you are, trying to get me to find a guy - and then you try and get me to acknowledge the weird ones."

"Well hey," Ino shrugged. "As long as you get laid, I don't really care." She leaned down and flicked Sakura's forehead teasingly. "Because you definitely need to."

Sakura grumbled, but as they passed one store in particular, she had found herself lingering in front of the display window. A sleek pair of heels rested on top of a display table in the window. They were black with little bows on the sides, and the heels were about an inch and a half off the ground.

Ino noticed that Sakura wasn't keeping up with her, and turned around and joined her friend. "Ooooh, cute shoes..." she mused.


"Are you going to get them? They'd look good with your uniform..." Ino said.

Sakura mulled over it for a moment, and then sighed in defeat. "Fine, fine...I'll get them...At least I'd have another pair of shoes to wear if a special occasion ever arises."

"THAT'S the right attitude!" Ino applauded her. "That's what I tell myself every time I get a new pair of shoes...I think this one will be my, like, 90th pair." She held up a small shopping bag.

Sakura hurried into the boutique, paid for the shoes, and beamed as she exited the store.

And now, the next day, she was regretting she had ever gotten them. She limped over to the front desk of the clinic, her face contorted in pain.

The receptionist Hana stared at her blankly. "Are...are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, whatever." Sakura groaned. "What's next on my schedule this afternoon?"

Hana handed her a sheet of paper. "Here, so you don't have to keep straining yourself to walk over here and check. Just keep it with you from now on."

Sakura muttered a thanks and limped off, reading her schedule. Hmm...Only 2 more appointments, after 1 cancellation, and she'd be out of here. The next appointment was in about 15 minutes, so she'd have time to grab a quick bagel lunch and --

With her mind so preoccupied, she didn't notice until it was too late that she had collided into something tall and hard. A wall?

No, it couldn't have been a wall. Walls don't trip over you and land on top of you, Sakura found.

"Why, Sakura-chan," came a pleasant, amused voice. "How nice to see you down there."

Sakura jerked. "S-Sensei!?" She then realized that her schedule was lying over her face, denying her any view of the person or thing that was holding her down.

The paper was removed from her face, and there he was - Hatake Kakashi. Straddling her. How decent.

Sakura struggled violently, feeling a blush creep onto her cheeks. "Why are you still on top of me?!" she demanded.

Kakashi slowly rose off of her, and she could tell he was smirking behind that mask of his. "My apologies, I was merely in shock."

Sakura reached up and gripped a nearby chair in order to lift herself from the floor, wincing. "Ughh...Way to go...Why don't you watch where you're walking!?"

"I could ask the same of you," he pointed out, still clutching her schedule.

She scowled and stepped forward to try and snatch it from his hands, only to slip on something and begin to fall forward. Kakashi caught her, and rolled his eyes.

"Are you fit to even be working today? You can hardly stand."

Sakura peered down beneath her feet, and saw a now crushed copy of Icha Icha Violence on the floor. She sighed, and picked it up, offering it to her ex-sensei.

"Ah, there it went," he said pleasantly. He tried to smooth some of the creases out against his chest, and then stuffed it into his back pocket.

"You have absolutely no shame, do you?" Sakura asked him wearily.

"Ehh. Anyway. I gotta go, I have an appointment in a few minutes," Kakashi said. "So I guess I'll just see you some other time?"

"Yeah, that sounds good. Maybe we can have a mini Team 7 reunion," Sakura replied thoughtfully. "All right, see you around." She slowly limped off in the other direction.

About 10 minutes later, she was trying to hobble as quickly as possible down the same hallway towards her appointment. "Shit, shit, shit, that bagel was good but SHITTT, now I'm late..." She reached the door, and knocked lightly.

"I'm decent," came a voice. Sakura's brow furrowed. No...that would be too coincidental... She pulled the door open and sure enough, there was Kakashi, sitting unceremoniously on top of the examination table.

"Again?" he asked, eyes smirking. "Twice in one day - this must be fate."

Sakura flushed, and shut the door behind herself. "So...erm, let's make this as quick as possible. What are you here for?"

Kakashi folded his legs pretzel-style, and yawned. "Ehh. I had a bad cough a couple days ago, and Iruka forced me to get it checked out so he would know for sure that I'm not 'spraying him with my contagious germs' every time I cough around him."

Sakura's eyebrows rose. "All right, then. Put your legs down, and take off your vest, please." She washed her hands quickly, and withdrew her stethoscope from her uniform pocket.

Kakashi emerged from beneath his vest, and tossed the garment to the side. He ruffled his hair, which was disheveled from removing his vest, and asked hesitantly, "Do I..have to remove my mask?"

She lifted the edge of his shirt. "It'd be a good idea so I could check your throat...Now breathe."

He took in a deep breath, then exhaled it quickly. "Fine..."

After checking the sounds of his lungs from all angles, Sakura pulled away, and removed the stethoscope. "All right, mask down. Your lungs sound pretty clear."

Kakashi made a noise of discontentment, but reluctantly tugged down the fabric of his mask, millimeter by millimeter. Sakura found herself holding her breath in anticipation, and mentally slapped herself.

"Please," she told him. "I don't have all day."

He groaned, and yanked it down the rest of the way.

And Sakura couldn't stop herself from staring. Perhaps half of it was the fact that she had never seen her ex-sensei mask-less before, but the fact that he was so fucking handsome had to have had a huge role in her mindless gaping as well. For the first time, she saw his lips curl upwards into a sly smirk.

"I thought you said you didn't have all day," he said mockingly.

She cleared her throat and attempted to regain her composure, but the task was unthinkably hard. All she wanted to do was plant herself right there all day and just stare at him. His perfectly straight nose, his pale and lean lips, and those two handsome dimples in his cheeks... She shook her head briefly to try and get another image in her mind. Something nice - like a mewing kittycat. Yes, that'd be perfect. She bit her lip, and pulled out a tongue depressor.

"Can you open your mouth and say 'ahh' for me?" she requested.

"Sure, why not." He opened his mouth, and she slid the tongue depresser in, and peered in with a mini flashlight.

"Hm. No redness or sign of anything out of the ordinary." She pulled the depresser out and tossed it in the garbage. "You seem perfectly healthy, really. It says the nurse who was in here before checked your temperature and it read normal...so I guess whatever sort of cough you had must have gone away and not been anything big."

"Hm. That's a relief. I was worried you'd prescribe me something vile to take," Kakashi said, making a face.

Sakura shook her head, and washed her hands again. "By the way...you can put your mask back on."

"Way ahead of you." She turned around and saw that, within those few seconds, he had managed to get both his mask and vest on again.

"So..." Kakashi hopped down from the table. "You mentioned a mini reunion, are you still interested in that or have you had enough of me from today?"

"As long as it doesn't involve me paying for everything, then I don't see why not," she replied as she dried her hands off.

"Hn. All right, perhaps Naruto and I will stop by at your place this week." There was a long bout of silence as he looked her over, and pointed at her shoes.

"Those look painful, to say the least. I never pegged you as a fancy footwear sort of woman."

"I'm not," Sakura said with a groan. "And these shoes are absolutely killing me."

"Well, they look good on you," he commented with a shrug. After a small pause, he added, "Perhaps you should wear them more often." He lingered for a moment, winked at her, and then left the room.

"...Bye!" Sakura called after him, her voice giving out. Her heart was...fluttering. And she was fairly sure there was a suspicious heat resonating from her cheeks. She slapped her forehead.

Then again, being complimented by a handsome man...no matter if he was her ex-sensei or not, it made her feel a little bit...giddy. The weariness that she had dragged with each step in these painful shoes felt a bit lifted, and she gazed down at her shoes adoringly. Perhaps it wasn't a mistake getting them...

She hurried out of the room and down the hall to enter her next appointment, noticing a slight bounce in her step.


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