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The warm light flooded the room, filling it with color as soon as the bubblegum-haired girl flipped the switch. Her heavy lids squinted shut to shield her honey eyes from the sudden brightness. She leaned against the wall for support before stumbling back to her bed, falling back onto the cool sheets.

She sighed in a desperate attempt to release the tension built up inside her body. Nothing. There was no reason for her to be lying awake past three on a Friday night. Easter's activities had hit a record low, and things were going great with Tadase. Yet here she was, wide awake on a weekend.

She rolled onto her stomach and sighed again. She nuzzled the soft blanket with her face, burying it into the sheets. This was unfair. How could her mind be so awake when her body wanted nothing more than to be asleep?

A knock at her balcony door instantly shot her eyes open. Who could possibly be awake at a time like this? She sat up and looked back at the glass door, taking in the navy blue hair and the needy look in the eyes of the boy who stood before her. Of course. But…why did he look so desperate? And why were his kitty ears out?

"Amu~ Amu, let me in!" His voice came out as a whiny moan. He pawed at the glass, desperate to get inside. "Amu~"

She quickly got up and unlocked the door. Anything to keep him quiet. Even if her parents weren't home and Ami was at a sleepover, he was yelling loud enough to wake the neighbors.

"What?!" It came out a whispered yell as Ikuto let himself into the warm room, now free from the cold night air. He grabbed her wrist as he strode past her before flopping himself down onto her bed, pulling her down onto it with him. "Ikuto, if you don't start explaining yourself right now, I swear I'll- mm!"

Her words were cut off as he pulled her down into a kiss. He held the kiss as his hands slid down her body, eventually stopping at her hips. He grabbed them and moved her so that she was now lying on top of him on the bed. The warmth of his body on hers did feel nice, something she would only admit to herself much later on, but even so she pulled away and broke the kiss.

"Ikuto! What are you doing?" Her attempt to keep her voice hushed failed, her question coming out in a muted yell. His hands wrapped around her back, holding her in place as she tried to pull back.

"A-Amu…I'm in heat…I need you." His hands slid down her back until they reached the hem of her shirt, lifting it so they could slide underneath. He pulled her closer, stealing another kiss from her before she had time to react.

"You're…in heat?" Her expression softened as she remembered what he was talking about. He had said something about this before, and that it was going to happen soon. She hadn't taken him seriously when he'd said that earlier, mostly because she thought he was kidding. It was then that she remembered how serious he said that it was, how desperate he became when this happened.

Something hard pressing against her bottom interrupted her thoughts. She looked back between them to see the growing bulge in his pants pressing against her. "I-Ikuto, is that…?"

He gave an emotionless chuckle, the expression on his face unchanging. "You hadn't noticed it before?" His hands stopped dangerously close to her breasts, eliciting a slight gasp from her. "So are you going to help me out or not? I need you."

She glanced away from him, not wanting to look him in the eyes as she considered this. Her bottom lip slid into her mouth, her teeth gently sinking down into it. She looked back into his eyes, still glazed over with lust. "Fine…but just this once, okay? You can't just come back here whenever you please." Her cool and spicy façade had returned.

A weak smile broke the seriousness of his expression. "Thank you." He wasted no time in grabbing her pajama shirt and pulling it over her head. No pesky bra clasp to unhook, just her bare breasts. His hands flew to her chest, molding her still-developing boobs in his warm hands. He lifted his head up to take one in his mouth, still playing with one with his hands.

Amu could feel a familiar burning wetness forming in between her legs. She squirmed uncomfortably, needing to touch herself but not being able to. "I-Ikuto…if you're going to do this, just get it over with already!" He released her nipple from his mouth with a slight popping sound. "Fine."

She hopped off the bed to pull her pajama pants down over her bottom, raising each leg to further rid herself of them. She tossed them elsewhere in the room, forming a pile atop her pants. Ikuto's shirt soon joined this pile, coming off his body the instant she had dismounted him.

She took a deep breath before turning back around. A shirtless Ikuto stroking his now rock-hard cock through his pants wasn't exactly something she had expected, but it didn't really surprise her. The wetness between her legs was almost unbearable now. The raw, aching feeling down in her vagina was killing her. She got back on the bed, climbing on top of him once again, her hairless pussy rubbing against his thighs. She boldly pulled his hand away from his cock, unzipping his pants with her other hand.

His manhood sprang out of its confines and into the warm air. Her eyes widened at the sight of it. How was something this big supposed to fit inside her? She was no stranger to masturbating, even occasionally using a dildo that she had (accidentally) stolen from a shady store she had passed, but she wasn't sure that he would even make it into her.

She grabbed it out of curiosity. It was warm in her hand, soft on the outside but so hard when she squeezed it. She started stroking it up and down, slowly teasing him. It twitched in her hand as it swelled up even further. "A-Amu, you said yourself we had to get this over with, please…"

She looked back up at him, snapping out of her temporary daze. "Yeah," she said, a slight blush now painting her cheeks. "So, how do we…?" He flipped her over onto her back so that he was now on top of her, dominating her. She gasped as she felt his huge cock poke at her creamy little hole. It pushed inside her, stretching her as the head made its way in.

They both moaned in relief as he pushed himself all the way into her. She could feel him filling her up, his dick moving and twitching inside of her. He held her gaze as he pulled himself out nearly all the way, moaning again as he pushed himself back in. Her hands wrapped themselves around his neck as her legs came around his, locking him in place.

He took this as an invitation to start slamming himself into her. His thrusts were controlled, trying to go slow to hold out as long as possible. She threw her head back onto her pillow and groaned in relief. She had never had something this big and warm inside of her before, and she began to meet his thrusts with her own. This only drove him to shove himself into her tiny little hole even faster.

Ikuto growled in the back of his throat as he grabbed onto her hips and gave a few hard, powerful thrusts into her before speeding up again. His face clenched up with sexual frustration. "Ohhh…oh god, Amu…Ohhh my god…you feel so good…please don't stop, please…" he purred as he continued humping her tight little pussy with his massive cock. She was surprised at the amount of noise he was making, at the words escaping his lips, but they only made her even hotter, making even more juice squirt out of her hole.

He could feel her walls start to tighten around him, but he didn't care. He just needed to cum inside her hot, tight folds. "Ohhh," he mewled as he picked up speed, moaning and grunting with every thrust. Amu, on the other hand, could hardly even breath as he continued at an almost inhuman pace. All she could manage was to stare up at him, her mouth hanging open with pleasure, as he drilled into her, her cunt tightening around him.

"I-Ikuto…I'm gonna, I'm gonna cum…oh my god…" She screamed as she started squirting her juices all over him, her pussy squeezing his huge cock as she covered it with her cum. Her grip on him tightened as she screamed again. He kept up his pace, pumping himself into her contracting pussy. She moaned into his ear as she ground herself against his giant dick, needing to cum again.

His cat ears twitched, his stamina finally beginning to run out. "God, Amu…I need you…Ohhh, ohhh my god, ooh…Ah! Ohh, Amu…" He kept grunting with every thrust, his lusty noises getting louder and louder. He was now yelling out his need as Amu held on to him for dear life. His moans filled the empty house, echoing throughout the rooms. His grip tightened on her as he humped another orgasm out of her.

Her eyes shut in orgasmic bliss as she screamed again, her volume finally matching his. Her walls squeezed him so tightly that he almost had to stop. He was so close, though, that nothing on earth could stop him from pumping into her tiny little hole. He screamed as she clamped down on his dick, no longer caring about anyone hearing them. He grabbed her hips and pounded into her with an animalistic force. His adorable features clenched up in frustration as his massive dick began twitching uncontrollably inside of her.

"Oh god, please Amu! I need…I need to cum!" He thrust into her as fast as he could, pounding her little hole until it numbed. He could feel himself twitching inside her as his balls slapped against her bottom. Another grunt escaped his lips before he started screaming. He threw his head back as his balls twitched, his cock head swelling up. A flood of hot cum escaped his dick, filling her up as he continued to scream. Another shot just as big as the first hit her in the back of the womb, filling her up. He rested his head next to hers as he continued cumming inside of her. His moans filled her ear as he thrusted shallowly into her, his cum spilling out between them and onto her bed.

"Oh! Oh god yes! Oh my fucking god yes!" His words filled the room as he slumped forward onto Amu. His arms wrapped around her back as he continued filling her up, the excess squirting out onto him. Amu soon went limp in his arms, spent from a third orgasm. He moaned as his shots gradually got slower. He rolled off of her and onto the bed beside her, keeping his softening penis inside her. One more shot of cum and he was finished.

They simultaneously sighed with relief. He looked into her honeycomb eyes before leaning forward and planting a soft, sweet kiss on her lips. This one was different from before, free of need or lust, but still just as passionate. "Amu…thank you," he whispered to her as she closed her eyes and fell asleep.


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