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After the long and strenuous process of whisking Ikuto back upstairs, preparing breakfast, and sending Ami off to a friend's house for the day, Amu sighed in exhaustion as she brought a plate for Ikuto upstairs. With the house to themselves, she could deal with him as she needed to without the fear of anyone listening in. She opened her bedroom door, watching his ears perk up as a very cat-like expression crossed his features at the sight of food. She thrusted out the plate to him unceremoniously. "Here. Wouldn't have taken as long as it did if a certain someone didn't interrupt me."

"Itadakimasu!" he said, grabbing the plate and tearing off a piece of the omelette before tossing it into his mouth. He was about to tear off another piece before he was interrupted by the pink-haired girl still standing in front of him.

"Ne, at least eat it like a person." She tossed silverware bundled in a napkin into his lap.

He regained his composure, unwrapping the napkin and taking out a fork before digging in again.

It was fascinating watching him eat. He certainly had the bottomless-pit of a stomach characteristic of young men such as himself, but had his own uniquely cool composure. Even so, his excitement showed through his catlike attributes, his ears twitching periodically as his tail flicked back and forth in delight. She couldn't help but smile at the sight as she sat down next to him on the bed. "Hey, what's with the cat-ears lately? Seems like you've been chara-changed since you came here."

Ikuto gulped down the last of the omelette. Carefully setting down the plate on a nearby table, he answered. "Didn't I tell you, Amu-chan? I'm in heat. More accurately, Yoru's in heat."

Her arms folded across her chest as she rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I got that. Why the ears, though?"

His hand came up, stroking one of the soft cat ears as his other arm wrapped around her. "You've seen the way I've been acting. I can't help myself around you."

"Like that's any different from norma-mm!" Her snide remark was quickly cut off with a kiss. He teased her with his tongue before pulling away and leaving her hanging.

He leaned back on the bed as his usual nonchalant expression returned. "Now imagine is Yoru was like that around other people's dreams..."

She lied down next to him, letting his arm snake around her to pull her closer to his body. Her gaze turned to her eggs, all still asleep in their basket on the end table next to them. "You mean he would...?" A nod of confirmation from the man next to her confirmed her suspicions as her voice trailed off.

"I can't let him out around other peoples' charas when he's in heat. I couldn't live with myself knowing that he'd traumatized someone else's future self that way..."

Amu considered the implications. What would happen if one of her charas were violated that way? Would they close up into X-eggs, or would she grow up feeling the effects of it? Ikuto, of course, wasn't the awful guy she'd made him out to be at first, but the more she got to know him, especially seeing this protective side of him, the more admiration she held for him. She wouldn't exactly call his using it as an excuse to sleep with her noble, but the fact that he was preventing the corruption of others' dreams this way did earn him some respect in her eyes. She couldn't even imagine having to handle that kind of responsibility. Her innate curiosity that always seemed to cause trouble began to surface once more as she snuggling into his arms. "What's it like, Ikuto? To be in heat like that?"

A spark flashed in his eyes as an idea started to form. He turned his head to her, keeping his expression calm. "Do you play with yourself, Amu?"

And there came the inevitable regret. She could feel her entire face flush as she struggled to hold on to an answer. "W-Wh-What kind of a question is that? I mean, I- I..." Her expression quickly turned into a scowl as his steadfast expression broke, her face burning brighter as his smirk took over. "Th-That's not funny, you know."

His arms tightened around her, pulling her into a complete embrace. His lips pecked her on the cheek, feeling their warmth. "Not even when you're alone at night, thinking of me?"

She huffed at him, not wanting to justify the question with a response. All she could think of were those nights under the covers once everyone was asleep, her hand finding its way down her pajama pants, her fingers touching and rubbing between her legs as the area grew hotter and wetter. Her other hand would cover her mouth, muffling her moans of pleasure and delight. 'Oh, Ikuto...'

He smirked again, reading her all too well despite her cool and spicy exterior. "It's a lot like that. Your mind losing focus, those feelings intensifying between your legs, until all you can think about is relieving it. Your body craves it, your loins getting hotter and hotter until all you need, all that even matters, is someone's touch. You start to ache, the frustration builds, until you can't help but do whatever it takes to alleviate your desires. Do you ever feel that, Amu-chan?"

This time, try as she might, she couldn't quite bring herself to look as frustrated as she tried to. His words were staring to turn her on, though she refused to admit it to herself. "Maybe, sometimes I...I can't help myself..." She was looking right into his eyes, watching him smile back at her.

"It's a lot like that, only much, much worse."

She almost felt kinda sorry for him. It must be unbearable having to feel that way all the time whenever he went into heat. How bad could it possibly be? With one more glance at her eggs, she had a little idea of her own. "Ikuto, if you wanted...maybe I could try?"

His eyes widened like saucers. Every image he'd ever had of her begging for his touch started racing through his mind. "You mean...changing with Yoru?" It was a risky idea, especially with her eggs sitting there out in the open like that. He could feel the stirrings of a huge wave of heat coming on.

She looked at him coyly, her cheeks pink. "Yeah, I mean, if you want to."

He gazed at her, taking in her beauty. Her curious golden eyes, her bubblegum hair just slightly disheveled, her golden skin reflecting off the morning sun's light, all coming together in an image of perfection. In one move, he was off the bed, the basket of her eggs in his hand, carefully setting them in her closet before slamming the door shut. He sat her up on the bed, tenderly kissing her despite her confused expression. "Alright. I'll let you. But you have to promise to trust me, okay?"

Her lips met his with another kiss. "Always."

He smiled back, letting his fingers entwine with hers. He leaned in, kissing her for a few tense moments, before pulling back, his hands working at his belt. "You're going to need to take everything off."

She looked at him a bit shocked. "What? Why?"

By this time, his belt was completely undone, hanging at the sides of his zipper as he worked at undoing that, too. "It's a cute little outfit. You don't want to end up tearing it off, would you?" With his pants completely undone, he reached inside, pulling his erection through the hole in his boxers. He was already almost seven inches long, and not even fully hard yet.

A shadow of doubt crossed her mind, but she had promised to trust him. "Alright, fine." Ikuto stroked his cock as she pulled her shirt over her head, feeling it grow and stiffen in his hand. By the time she'd removed her skirt and panties, a bead of precum had already spilled over the head. This was definitely going to be one of the strongest heat waves he'd ever felt, which was saying quite a bit. He just hoped she could handle it. She now sat next to him on the edge of the bed, her complete nakedness contrasting the fact that he was still almost entirely clothed. At this realization, he got up, pulling off his shirt before moving onto removing his pants. This was going to get messy.

"Are you ready, Amu-chan?"

She smiled at him and nodded tentatively. "Yeah."

He took one last look at her gorgeous body, taking it all in before releasing Yoru. The kitten chara was disheveled and a bit red in the face, seemingly overcome with arousal. As he started to say something, Ikuto spoke up. "Yoru, you're going to change with Amu just for a little bit, okay? Just until this wave is over."

"Where is she, nya? This is going to be a really, really intense one, nya~" His paws couldn't keep themselves from rubbing between his legs as he spotted her on the bed. She smiled back at him, poking him on the nose before letting him sit on her hand to bring him closer to her chest.

"C'mere, you naughty kitty." With that, he disappeared between her breasts. Pink cat ears popped up from her head, a matching pink tail sprouting from her back. "Chara chang-ah!"

Her legs spread open, her body leaning down to see what was happening. Her completely hairless lower lips were turning pink, swelling even more that usual. She could see her fluids starting to pour out of her, making her pink, puffy slit glisten with her clear juices. Her arousal was completely taking over, her body moving on its own. She was on all fours on her bed, offering her soaking pussy to the man before her. Even more hot fluid came out and dripped onto the bed. She barely managed to speak between gasps. "I-Ikuto! What's happening to me?"

He smiled, one hand still stroking himself as he approached her quivering pussy. He put one hand one her ass to hold her steady. "This, my dear, is heat. This is what it feels like to truly need another's touch. Do you need my touch, Amu?" He punctuated the question by flicking her soaking wet clit. She cried out in need as he examined his finger, now slick with her juices from just that brief touch.

"Yes! I need it so bad! Ah!" She yelped in pleasure as he bent over, pinching her clit between his thumb and finger and rolling it in between them. More of her aromatic wetness spilled out, wetting his hand as he toyed with her jewel. His tongue delved into her, going in big, slow circles, tracing every inch of her slit. She let out moan after loud moan of pleasure, unable to control her voice or her hips. He pulled back, letting his other hand come up to her pussy, easily sliding in his finger. In and out it slid, each time pulling out more of her juices. He doubled his pace as his tongue found her clit, rapidly flicking it hard and fast as he rolled the little pearl between his fingers.

Amu cried out in pleasure. She was right on the edge, so close to cumming, but she just couldn't. The pleasure was absolutely overwhelming. More juices poured out of her still, her pussy begging for release. Even as Ikuto sped up his ministrations, adding another finger into her to stroke her tight insides as he licked and flicked her dripping clit, it was as if her body was refusing to cum. "Please Ikuto, please baby, fuck me. I need your cock, I need it inside me so bad."

He doubled his pace, making her kitty ache even more for release as she cried out in unbearable pleasure before pulling away. He got up on the bed, sitting up on his knees behind her, holding onto her ass. He took his boner into his hand, rubbing her pearl with it before prodding the head at her entrance. "Is this what you want, Amu? You want me to put my dick into your pussy?"

Her hips moved on their own, wetting the head of his cock with her hot juices, desperately trying to push it inside her. "Yes, baby! Please, I need it!"

His hand grabbed the base of his dick, rubbing the tip up and down along her dripping slit. "And then what, Amu? Did you want me to slide it in and out? Did you want to feel me fill your hole with my cock?" His teasing was merciless now, stroking her clit with his tip, feeling her wetness leaking out onto him.

"Yes! Oh god, Ikuto, please just fuck me! Stick your fat cock in my pussy and fuck me!" She could feel her lower lips throbbing in frustration as he position the head of his cock between them.

"If you insist, Amu-chan." With that, his hands grabbed her hips. In one motion, he pulled her soaked, throbbing pussy onto his massive dick, burying his pole to the hilt.

She felt it. Oh god, did she feel it. The orgasm hit her immediately. Her walls squeezed around his enormous, rock hard boner, tighter than they ever had. She froze, feeling the liquid rushing out of her, pouring out between her legs. His pole pulled out of her. The scream escaped her throat. His hands kept their firm grip on her hips, letting her squirting pussy release onto his huge dick, covering it with her clear juices. Wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over her, her entire pussy contracting with every jet of cum she released. Her hands gripped the sheets tightly as her entire body trembled. Her kitty forcefully shot out onto the huge pole that was now being held against it, making her cum spray everywhere. The orgasm finally began to subside as he pushed the enormous head of his dick into her pussy once more.

"Do you need more, Amu-chan? Did you need more of my cock?"

All she could do was nod, her cat ears following the motion. He easily slid the rest of the way into her, burying himself to the hilt. His thrusts were shallow, hitting her everywhere she needed to be, but oh so fast. He couldn't believe how incredibly wet she was, or how much cum she'd squirted onto his magnificent body. He noted this as he hammered into her hot, tight hole, her cum acting as an amazing lube. His hands slid down her body, grabbing hold of her breasts as his hips moved on their own. His pace quickened as he took in the view of his love giving herself to him on all fours.

Amu could already feel herself getting close again. It was as if her body just couldn't get enough of his meat. That combined with his shallow, quick thrusts was making her pussy feel as needy as it ever had.

Ikuto felt her slippery pussy getting hotter and hotter around his boner. The searing heat only served to bring him dangerously close to the edge. He squeezed her boobs in his hands, listening to her moans of pleasure as he fucked her needy opening. Suddenly, he could feel her squeezing around him in a vice-like grip. He felt some precum spurt out into her opening as he tried desperately to hold in his cum.

"I-Ikuto! Pull out! I-I need to squirt! I need to squirt again!"

He quickly grabbed his pole at the base and pulled it out of her just in time, jacking it off hard with his hand while he watched her. Her pussy shot out her juices hard at him as he stroked himself to her. They soaked him as she cried out in pleasure, her body shaking as her lover pleasured himself. The squirts rushing out of her stopped just as quickly as they had come, and he wasted no time with pushing himself back into her still-contracting pussy.

She moaned in relief. She loved having him back inside her, where he belonged. His hands slid back down to grab her breasts once again, but this time he didn't bother with the quick, shallow thrusts; she felt him fucking her hard, his enormous dick sliding almost all the way out before hammering back into her waiting pussy, the head hitting her deep inside, over and over again. She'd never been fucked this hard before, but her needy pussy still wanted more, feeling as if it still wasn't enough. "Harder, baby, do me harder! Pump me, please, screw me, do me faster, harder!" She couldn't even believe she was hearing the words coming out of her own mouth, but she felt like she'd never needed something so badly in her life.

Obeying her, he grabbed her hips and pulled her back forcefully onto his dick. He fucked her hard like this, slamming her pussy onto him, using her juices as a lube. He felt her tightening around his thick cock, making even more of his precum squirt out.

"Oh god, Ikuto, it's so good! I love your dick! My pussy loves it so much! Oh god, I'm gonna- Ah, I'm gonna-!" She moaned loud, her pussy contracting around and squeezing his cock, wave after wave of pleasure washing over her.

Ikuto didn't dare let up his hard, fast pace. He was so close to the edge, trying desperately to hold on. Her squeezing pussy was milking his precum out, and he felt it flooding out of the tip of his cock. "Baby, I'm gonna cum, you're gonna make me cum!"

"No! Keep going, I need it so bad! Hold it in, don't you dare cum yet! I need your dick so bad!"

With that, he kept his pace, but tried desperately to hold in his cum. She wasn't squeezing him anymore, but she felt so hot and wet and tight around his dick. His grip on her hips tightened and his body tensed up, his dick straining to hold in the load that was begging to explode inside her. The fact that she was now grinding against it in an attempt to feel even more of it didn't help matters, either.

"Ikuto, pull out again! I'm gonna squirt again, I'm gonna squirt all over your dick!"

"I-I cant...I'm gonna cum inside you, Amu! Ah, I'm cumming!"

He couldn't even finish the sentence before he exploded inside her. His whole dick twitched and throbbed as it shot out his cum into her tightening pussy. He heard her cry out underneath him as she reached her peak as well. All at once, she was squirting all over him from her tiny hole, his cock violently hammering into her as he emptied his load inside. He pulled out, stroking himself hard and letting his dick fire onto her opening, thick strands of cum covering the mound of flesh as it sprayed her juices out onto him. His thumb toyed with her clit as his other hand kept jacking him off, aiming his last few shots of cum to cover her amazing ass. Amu yelped in pleasure and squirted even harder before slowing down herself, her vagina still throbbing in orgasm. From all fours, she collapsed forward onto the bed, bringing Ikuto down on top of her.

She turned to see him, her golden eyes meeting his. They were opened wide, her cat ears pressed back from the shock of what just happened. She opened her mouth to say something before he quieted her with a kiss. It was soft and gentle, greatly contrasting with the incredible roughness he'd just given her. He pulled away, taking in the sight of her. "How was that, koneko-chan?"

"Wha...how do you...every YEAR?" she managed to pant out.

He couldn't help but chuckle at the kitten-like innocence of the girl underneath him. He lifted up her chin for another quick kiss. "Yes, koneko-chan. Not easy to control, is it? But don't worry; only one more week to go!"

With that, she collapsed back onto the bed.

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