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Summary: After the final battle, Kagome is reverted back into a child and is sent to Naruto's time/world with Kirara. Found by an ANBU member, she's taken to the Hokage and is immediately enrolled into the Shinobi Academy. Now thirteen, best friends with Naruto, and soon to become a Genin, how will Kagome's presence change the outcome of future events to come?

Chapter One

A pair of sapphire eyes turned their attention from the ceiling and toward her calendar to see a big red circled around the date that was supposed to be two days away; the day when she had to take the final exam to graduate from the Shinobi Academy and become an official Genin.

Kagome sighed before giving a slight grunt from Kirara deciding to hop onto her chest and make herself comfortable. After the miko's gaze connected with the Nekomatta's red-orange eyes, she gave a warm smile before petting her neko friend.

Her mind then started to drift to the day she had arrived in Konoha…

It was after the final battle with Naraku and when the jewel became complete that the said jewel had decided to revert her back to when she was five years old before letting it self be absorbed into her body, back in her hip where Mistress Centipede had tore it from.

Her departure from the Sengoku was sudden but Kagome and her friends prepared for it, knowing that it was a possibility of not being able to say goodbye to each other. The only one from her group she wasn't separated from was the nekomatta that was currently starting to doze on her chest. Kagome guessed it was because Sango wanted her Taijya companion to have a good home after deciding to retire and settle down with Miroku.

At her departure, Kagome and Kirara arrived in what seemed to be a forest full of lush green trees. She knew that she wasn't in the Sengoku era or her time because of the feel and cleanness of her surroundings. Because a miko was basically one with every living creature around her, Kagome was able to understand and feel such things about the earth beneath her feet.

After a while of freaking out and whining about her shrinking down to size and having to grow and go through puberty all over again, Kagome, with Kirara at her side, decided to wander around in hopes of finding a town or a village. Some odd hours later, a man who was dressed in black and grey clothing and a traditional animal mask found them. The only thing she could distinguish from the man was that he had almost gravity-defying silver hair.

She and Kirara weren't afraid of him when they felt he wasn't a threat. If he was, he could've killed them easily with her power being reduced almost greatly due to her reverted age.

He asked her name and where her family was, and getting good answers, he picked her up in his arms and jumped from branch to branch, heading toward what was most likely his village. And what a village it was! Konoha, she remembered him calling it, was so huge that it be equivalent to a small town.

After seeing the Hokage, an elderly and sweet man, and answering a few questions, he let her stay in the village. The Hokage had said he had a feeling that she would full of promise and Kirara looked like she would make a wonderful Nin-kin for Kagome.

They gave her, her own apartment and such so that she could live on her own. A couple days after, she was enrolled in the village's Shinobi Academy. Like any person on their first day, Kagome was a bit nervous but got over it as the day carried on. She even made good friends with the class clown, Naruto.

They hung out a lot together and Kagome usually although rarely helped him in his pranks.

During the time she had been with him, Kagome didn't understand why everyone seemed to hate him so much, especially the adults. She had a feeling it had something to do with the demonic energy that usually emitted from the blond.

But she didn't care. She liked Naruto. He was like a more attention hungry version of her Shippó. His antics and the way he behaved were very similar to a kitsune. After first meeting him, she could sense that, aside from his actual aura, there was another that was demonic. She had no idea how that happened, but she guessed that the Sandaime Hokage knew.

Either way it didn't matter to her. The demonic aura was separate entity from Naruto. Not to mention the demon aura was almost dormant, so it wasn't a threat.

Kagome also had a feeling that most of the older villagers hated Naruto because of that demon aura.

Sighing once more, Kagome turned over to her side letting Kirara curl up next to her stomach before turning the light off on her nightstand and falling asleep.


The next day, during class… Kagome couldn't help but sweatdrop from her seat as she saw her friend being tied up, sitting on the floor as Iruka-sensei spoke in a scolding manner, "Listen, Naruto. You failed the last final exam and the one before that. You shouldn't be fooling around like that."

The blond just turned his head to the side stubbornly with his nose turned up, making an angry tick appear on Iruka's temple before he turned to the class sharply and announced, "We're going to have a review test for the transformation technique! Those who had already passed will have to line up as well!"

At this, the entire classroom, save for Sasuke, and Kagome (she just slapped her forehead in a "Doe!" manner) complained and whined.

After a while with everyone getting in line in front of the classroom, Sakura stepped up to take her test and transforming into a perfect copy of Iruka. Once she had passed, she started jumping around excitedly and asking Sasuke if he saw her 'perfect' transformation.

The Uchiha didn't say anything while ignoring her but stepped up after Iruka called up his name. He too made a perfect transformation of Iruka before going to the back of the line. The Chuunin teacher then called Naruto up.

Ino and Shikamaru complained how it was Naruto's fault that they all had to take the review test, even when they passed it. Naruto stated that he didn't care as he stepped up. Kagome, who was standing next to Naruto in line, made a humph sound that caught Ino and Shikamaru's attention as she said, "Please… Iruka-sensei was gonna make us take a review test before the day was over anyway. So it's not Naruto's entire fault we had to take the test. The ones who already passed were forced from Iruka-sensei's anger."

Naruto then started to channel his chakra before he was engulfed in a puff of smoke. But instead of transforming into Iruka… Kagome held back a laugh when she saw that Naruto transformed into a female eighteen year old version of himself, naked and with two long high pigtails. Streams of steam covered the more private parts of his female form.

The transformation made Iruka look like he had gone into shock before being pushed back by the force of his nosebleed.

After transforming back, Naruto laughed, "How was that? I call it the Oiroke no Jutsu!"

Iruka soon got back onto his feet, twists of tissue stuffed into his nostrils to absorb the blood that was clogging up his nose as he yelled, "You dumb ass! Don't invent stupid skills!"

'Actually… it's not that stupid, if your opponent is a closet pervert and serves as a good destraction.' Kagome thought with a smirk and a mirthful glint in her eye as she added, 'and that gives me an idea… I wonder if any of the girls here are closet pervs…'

"Next, Higurashi Kagome." Iruka called after Naruto stopped playing around and made a copy of Iruka with only one flaw (Like a pointed nose).

"Do your best Kags." Kagome heard Naruto mutter as he went to the back of the line.

The miko-nin smirked toward his back before facing her sensei and asking, "Ne, sensei… before I start, can I try something out first?"

Iruka looked at her curiously before saying, "Do the Test first and then you can test what you have in mind."

"Fair enough." Kagome stated before getting into position for the jutsu. And in a puff of smoke, she made a perfect copy of Iruka before transforming back when Iruka already jotted down a grade for her. After he did so, he asked, "So what did you want to test out?"

At Kagome's mirthful grin that looked so similar to Naruto's when he's thinking of something close to a prank, Iruka started to regret giving her permission to try something out.

After the miko-nin positions her hands in the 'henge' posture, she transformed again in a puff of smoke. As the smoke cleared… there was an eighteen year old male version of her with longer, slightly messy hair, lean muscles, and naked. A stream of mist covered the nether regions while snaking around her legs as she gave a sexy smirk.

Soon after seeing her male form, all the girls in the class (minus Hinata who turned away in embarrassment and blushing badly) screamed in a fan-girl way with hearts in their eyes and drooling.

The guys, minus Naruto (who was laughing his butt off), were shocked that the girl they admired would pull such a stunt that was similar the dead last of their class. Even Sasuke was shocked that his interest would pull something so childish and vulgar.

When Kagome transformed back, she pointed an accusing finger to all the girls in class, yelling, "I knew it! All of you girls who are Sasuke Fans except Hinata-chan are closet perverts!"


Unfortunately, at the end of the day for her stunt, Kagome was forced to clean the Hokage faces that Naruto vandalized with paint… and with the said culprit too.

Iruka had been shocked that she had pulled such a stunt and asked who taught it to her. He most like thought that Naruto taught but… that wasn't really right. It was really Kagome who taught him the jutsu. It had happened after Kagome was taught the "henge no jutsu" and wanted to see her teen body when she got home. She did the jutsu perfectly with a pajama set on. That was when Naruto came in through her bedroom window while still in her teen form. He thought that it was cool that she was able to make an adult form of herself and asked if she could teach him to transform into an adult version of himself.

After five days of many tries, he was able to do so and Kagome had to admit that Naruto was really good looking as an adult with lean muscles, messy spiky golden hair and these really nice crystal blue eyes. Hell, she nearly fainted from her heart skipping a beat at the sight of him.

Then one day, Kagome wondered what she would look like as a boy and tried it out with satisfying results. Soon after seeing her male transformation, Naruto started to try out transforming into a female version of his self. His first try had gone so wrong with getting his female form out of proportion that Kagome just HAD to help him without him getting ideas of sneaking into an adult bookstore and get in trouble in the end by picking up any nudie magazines.

Within a week of that, the Oiroke no Jutsu was created with Naruto just taking away the clothing part. Kagome told Iruka this while also saying that she was curious as to how her female classmates would react and to see if they were closet perverts. Now here she was with Naruto, cleaning up a mess that wasn't even made by her. Beside her, Naruto was cursing as he scrubbed away the red paint he used along side her as Iruka watched them with a careful eye and Kirara was sitting next to him.

Kagome was taking the punishment pretty well… even though she would prefer cleaning the classroom rather than the paint on the Hokage Mountain. She'll admit it was her own fault for letting her curiosity get the best of her. So she wasn't going to complain. "I won't let you two go home until all the Hokage faces are spotless!" Iruka announced with a stern face and his arms crossed in a firm manner.

A bit ticked, Naruto yelled, "Who cares? It's not like anybody's waiting for us at home!" He went back to scrubbing, as Kagome looked at him from the corner of her eye before she did the same. That was another thing that brought her and Naruto to become friends, the two of them lived alone and grew up alone even though Kagome still had her family despite they were worlds or eras away.

Iruka stared at the two with a slight frown, knowing that what Naruto said about them not having anyone waiting for them at home was true. He had already known about Naruto's past but all he knew about Kagome was that she first came to Konoha after being found by Hatake Kakashi when he was still in ANBU member. What he had from the Hokage, Kagome was separated from her family. And when she said, "They're not in the same plain of existence as me." He and many others assumed that they were dead.

Kagome was a sweet girl who had a lot of potential to become a strong Kunoichi and was very observant and mature for her age. And she was a hard worker for someone who started out with no real desire to become a shinobi. Not to mention she got along with almost everyone but seemed to be more connected with Naruto more than anyone and also hung out with him more.

After a few moments of silence and staring at his two students, Iruka called their attention and offered that if they cleaned the Hokage faces really good then he would treat them to ramen. This made Naruto excited as he started to scrub the paint of more feverishly. Kagome giggled at her friend's mood change from the mere mention of ramen and replied to Iruka, "Alright Sensei! We'll have it finished by tonight before dinner."

And that's exactly what they did. By the time the sun started to set, they were finished cleaning all the paint off the Hokage faces. By the time they made it to the Ichiraku Ramen shop, it was already dark with the three eating their orders of ramen and the owner gave Kirara a small but good sized slab of salmon.

As Kagome ate her mild curry flavored ramen and Kirara ate next to her with a happy and blissful purr, Iruka asked why Naruto vandalized the Hokage faces.

"You do know who the Hokage are, right?"

"Of course I do!" Naruto answered with a mouth full. After drinking down the broth and setting his bowl down when he was done, he continued, "Those who carry the name of Hokage are the village's number one ninja, right?" Looking up with a serious face he mentioned, "And the Yondaime was the hero who protected the village from the Kyuubi twelve years ago."

"Even knowing that much, why did you…?" Kagome asked, curious as to why her friend pulled such a prank earlier that day during school.

Naruto grinned at Kagome as he answered with confidence and determination; "I'm going to receive the name of Hokage one day and become greater than the previous Hokages! Then, I'm going to make everyone in the village recognize my existence." Kagome softly smiled at that dream. Naruto had told it to her many times in the past and wanted to make that dream come true because he wanted the village to acknowledge him without him having to pull pranks, no matter how fun the pranks were.

After Iruka slurped the rest of the noodle into him mouth, Naruto asked, "By the way, sensei, I have a favor to ask."

Iruka raised a brow, "You want another bowl?"

Naruto then started to pull of his Kit charm in acting innocent before putting his hands together and asked, "No. Can I put on that Konoha hitai-ate?"(I think that's out you spell the forehead protector in Japanese… correct me if I'm wrong) Iruka then refused Naruto his request before telling him the purpose of the hitai-ate, what it symbolized and that Naruto will have to wait until tomorrow to get his.

"STINGY!" Naruto cried out before pouting, making Kagome giggle a bit before drinking the broth of her ramen.

Their sensei just laughed, asking, "Is that why you took your goggles off?"

As Naruto requested for seconds, Iruka made a shocked sound as Kagome laughed. After they were done eating, Kagome offered Naruto to stay at her place so that she could help him study for the final exam tomorrow. But even though he didn't want to study, Naruto followed her to her apartment so that she could help him practice and review for their final exam.

Iruka smiled as the pair of blue-eyed friends left with Kirara taking one last bite from her salmon before catching up with her mistress and climbing up into her shoulder. Before they left with promises to see their sensei tomorrow, Kagome paid for her ramen and Kirara's salmon, despite that Iruka said that it was his treat.

The Chuunin teacher couldn't help but noticed that out of everyone in the village, Kagome was the only one who Naruto seemed to listen to and accepted help from when it came to his Shinobi studies.

Despite that Kagome, at first, wasn't really interested in becoming a shinobi, she was an excellent student who wasn't afraid to try new things if it meant taking her one step closer to becoming stronger than she used to. He could also tell that the young girl wasn't afraid to test any new jutsus she had in mind. Sometimes he could see that she seemed far more mature than any of his students, including Uchiha Sasuke. With a jounin, Sarutobi Asuma's help, Iruka was able to get an idea on how old Kagome's mentality may be.

The results they got from a certain test, even Asuma was surprised by them but not as much as Iruka.

The young girl's mentality was equivalent to that of an adolescent in her late teens, maybe even older with how shockingly observant she could be. And that alone made her formidable, despite her strength and chakra level especially when she seemed to almost know what you were thinking.

And the way the young girl with the two-tailed cat acted around the hyperactive blond was like the way an older sister would act around her younger brother or something similar.

Iruka could see that Naruto treasured Kagome because she was the only friend he ever made. Not to mention the first to really actually care about his existence and saw him as family.

Yes, he could see that they were family even beyond the concept of blood.

As the two disappeared in the night crowd, Iruka silently wished them luck in being able to pass the Final exam to become official ninjas.


After an almost all-nighter with Kagome helping him review over the techniques they might have to perform for the final exam, the day for the said exam came quicker than they would've liked. Not to mention Kagome and Naruto still looked half asleep when they entered the classroom and were yawning every now and then. Especially when they decided to come to class early.

They were soon wide-awake after, cruelly enough, Iruka had to use a scare tactic on both of them. The poor things were scared out of their wits but from Kagome… it wasn't really such a good idea because instincts kicked in and made her go on the defensive wielding a very well taken care of, sharp Kunai, ready to kill.

What Iruka did to scare them was using a fake but still realistic looking spider. And because the raven-haired girl was almost just absolutely terrified of the eight legged creatures, Iruka was certain her terrified screams would scare awake Naruto who was more tired than her and would be caught off guard.

Taking out the stupid fake arachnid he had confiscated from one of his students earlier in the year, Iruka walked up to both of them with a blank expression. As soon he was in front of Kagome who was nodding off a little but didn't acknowledge his presence yet, the Chuunin dangled the bug prop in front of Kagome's face before calling her name.

With a sleepy grunt that sounded cute to most of the guys in the class before opening her eyes groggily… a scream soon erupted from her throat, which sure enough got Naruto up in hysterics wondering what had his friend so scared. The class laughs carried through the class before they abruptly stopped when they witnessed Kagome take out a kunai and threw it at the fake spider and impaled it to the wall at the front of the class.

The action also seemed to have made Naruto halt in his hysterics with a wide-eyed shocked look from how quick Kagome reacted and threw her kunai. At Kagome's terrified face, Iruka mentally beat himself for forgetting that his student had a great underlying fear of spiders.


At first he thought it was because, like most girls, it was a natural fear. But unlike most of the girls of his class who would squeal before crying out "Kill it! Kill it!", Kagome would just freeze up before shake uncontrollably. Many knew that her fear ran deeply, most likely from a past experience before she came to live in Konoha. The only difference now and the first time they found out about her fear was, back then Kagome's flight or fight response would choose flight, backing her into a corner while crying from being so deathly scared and shaking uncontrollably. And now that she was well trained with Shuriken and Kunai, her response would be to fight. Iruka also noticed that even though she still shook like a leaf in a strong breeze, she wasn't crying as she tried calming herself down with Naruto saying that it was okay and there was nothing to worry about.

After Iruka deeply apologized for scaring her so badly truthfully telling her that he had forgotten how intense her fear of spiders were, a couple of the girl in the class who were deeply devoted Sasuke fans (except Ino and Sakura) started to make snide remarks about how pathetic she was to scared of some measly spiders while gaining a few glares from the guys, as well as Ino, Sakura, and Hinata who thought, 'You guys were no different from her when you started your first year at the academy.'

The said girls soon stopped at the dark look that appeared in Kagome eyes, making them shake slightly from fright.

That look the Higurashi girl gave them seemed like she could pierce into their souls. It also showed that she had been through more than anyone could possibly imagine and was lucky enough to live through it. The utmost devoted Sasuke fans held their tongues before turning their gazes to the front, both embarrassed and frightened at the same time. Not wanting to feel the wrath that Kagome could no doubt do to them. It wasn't her skills or strength that scared them, no, it was the way she could be so terrifyingly observant and KNOW just what they're feeling and sometimes thinking.

That, above all else, was what made them steer clear from her.

Iruka then took his place in front of the classroom after apologizing one more time. Ino, who was sitting right behind the miko, leaned over her desk and rested a hand on Kagome's shoulder, asking if she was really okay. Despite that Ino was a Sasuke fan her self, she never shared a resentment for Kagome like the others all because she seemed to be able to get along with the Uchiha boy a bit and gained respect from him because she often paid her respects to the Uchiha District. Not to mention, Kagome was a good customer of the Yamanaka Florist Shop- buying flowers for the deceased clan's district or some other part of Konoha that had a passing.

Aside from all of that, Ino liked Kagome. She was a good friend and was knowledgeable on medicinal herbs and their properties. The young Yamanaka felt connected to her because of that.

Kagome reassured the blond haired girl that she was fine and just a bit shaken, telling that her shinobi training had helped her overcome her fear somewhat. Once everyone had calmed down and Iruka was sure Kagome was back to her normal self, he announced, "Alright, guys. We will now start the final exam. If your name is called, come to the classroom next door. The subject will be the Bunshin no Jutsu."

Kagome and Naruto stiffened at hearing what the subject for the exam was. Well, Kagome stiffened. Naruto looked like he was close to having a panic.

Sure, last night they practiced that jutsu the most because it was Naruto's worst Jutsu. Before Kagome's reviewing last night, he was only able to make one that was completely useless. After last night, he's able to make the average of 3 to 4 but the results were the same as when he could only summon one. And Kagome, even though she could do the jutsu no problem when practicing, her nervousness about tests sometimes makes her lose her concentration on how much chakra she should use and usually ends up making less or far more than the recommended amount of replicas. And when she makes too many, she usually ends up tiring herself because of the stress and everything comes crashing down on her.

Sometime later, after the blue-eyed duo gave each other encouragement and reassurance of passing, Kagome was called up. She made her way to the next classroom over where Iruka and another sensei, Mizuki were sitting. She gave a nervous smile to Iruka, already over the fake spider incident he pulled to wake her and Naruto up. But when looking at Mizuki…

The miko-nin didn't know but for some reason, she never could bring herself to trust the white-haired man. She always had some sort of feeling that he was plotting something evil. And she never did like the way he looked at her when she used her henge no jutsu to change into her adult self… like the time she did so to get something from a high shelf she couldn't reach on one of her trips to the grocery store.

After getting what she needed, she felt Mizuki staring at her like a predator would to his prey.

She immediately transformed back looking at him with a frown, gaining a surprised look from him when he realized she only used a jutsu to look older and taller. The bastard also looked like he was going to approach her or something before she transformed back. The damned Touji was a freakin' pervert and a cheater! The bastard was ENGAGED for god's sake!

Ignoring Mizuki for the sake of taking her final, Kagome set her hands in the common position and concentrated on her chakra flow. Calling out the Jutsu's name, she was surrounded by a puff of smoke. When the smoke cleared, Kagome hesitantly took a peak to see how many replicas she made and what was their condition.

Much to her surprise, she had made five replicas and looked to be in perfect condition. Although, she felt a bit drained, she did her best not to show it. Iruka was impressed that Kagome was able to make two more than the recommended about of replicas and without getting tired, from what he could see.

He smiled proudly at her before announcing that she graduated and held out the Hitai-ate that she rightfully earned and a slip that showed the date and time to meet for when she will be put into a Genin team. After undoing her jutsu, she excitedly walked out of the classroom and down the hall to wait outside the school while tying her new hitai-ate around the crown of her head. The metal part with Konoha's insignia engraved on it, barely covered by her dark bangs.

While outside, she waited for Naruto as most of the kids played, waited for their parents, or were with their parents getting praises and promises of having their favorite dinner dish or dessert made when they got home.

Seeing all the families together almost made her homesick, wishing that her mother, Jí-chan, and her brother, Souta were here with her to see her. But she pushed those feelings down, knowing that it won't help anything. But she did hope that they were doing well and weren't worrying about her too much after not coming home for who knows how long. From under the tree that had a swing hanging from one of its branches, Kagome sat waiting for the hyper blond to come meet her while hoping with all her soul that Naruto finally passed and became an official ninja like he dreamed.

Kagome's face lit up when she saw Naruto walking towards her. Her expression faltered a bit at feeling and seeing how sad he looked. Once he was standing in front of her, she asked him where his hitai-ate was. Naruto lifted his head up to stare at Kagome's eyes before answering with a defeated sigh, "I didn't get one… I didn't graduate." He then made his way to sit on the swing.

"But… you worked so hard and we stayed up almost all night working on that jutsu. What happened?" Kagome didn't understand. Naruto worked so hard last night to get the Bunshin no Jutsu right. Even to the point where he almost exhausted his chakra reserves. Sighing once more, Naruto explained, "Even though I made the recommended amount of three replicas… they didn't pass me because my replicas were basically useless." A part of Naruto felt like he not only failed himself, but he also failed Kagome because she went out of her way to help him study the techniques that would most likely their final exam. She was so patient with him and so helpful… yet he failed her by not being able to pass and graduate.

Feeling a pair of thin but femininely lithe arms wrap around him, he turned slightly to see Kagome also resting her head on his shoulder, saying that everything will turn out all right somehow.

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