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Chapter Four

The joints in her shoulders popped as Kagome stretched after waiting for who knows how long with her new team. It had been a couple of hours since their other graduated classmates left with their Jounin teachers and Iruka had already left. Now Kagome, Kirara, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke were sitting around the classroom, waiting for their Jounin who was extremely late, making Naruto really irritable and impatient.

The blond of her group was looking out in the hallway, seeing if their new sensei was coming as Sasuke was sitting at the desk closest to the door with Kirara taking a light catnap on the same surface of the desk and Sakura was leaning against the second desk of the first row. Kagome her self was sitting on the rise at the front of the class, almost falling asleep and doing her best not to fidget to show that she was getting impatient herself, like Naruto.

Because of all the moving around during the Sengoku, in her former life, Kagome got used to moving around all the time from place to place. So she tended to get restless when sitting in one spot for too long unless she was given something to do. With a slight frown, she soon got up and went to the bookshelf to get something to read… or something the keep her brain busy while they continued to wait for their Jounin sensei.

Finding something interesting, she took it off the shelf and made her way back to her spot as Sakura told Naruto to sit down and be still.

Kagome mentally snorted, 'Good luck in trying to make him do so…' before continuing to read the book she got. A Kitsune vessel, like Naruto, gains certain traits from the demon he contains. Including the trait of not being able to sit still when restless and bored, much like Shippó when he was bored and needed something to do rather than sit and do nothing.

Naruto was like a blond, blue-eyed, human version of Shippó with a lot of energy to spend so, knowing from experience from taking care of Shippó, found it best to just let the Uzumaki boy do what he wanted and let him spend that exptra energy.

"But why is the sensei for our team the only one late to meet us? Everyone else left with their new senseis and even Iruka-sensei is gone." Naruto spoke from his place at the door. He wanted to know why they were the only one not with their sensei and he was feeling restless just by staying cooped up in the classroom just waiting.

Sakura had to agree that she was getting impatient too, but was doing her best to relax and be patient like Sasuke. Her brows furrowed, pointing out, "That's not really important."

Kagome raised a brow toward her before going back to her reading, thinking, 'right… you're just as impatient as the rest of us.'

A nose soon caught her and Sakura's attention toward the door as Naruto put up a chair close to the door before stepping up and setting an eraser in the crack of the said door, so that when whoever opened it would get hit by the eraser. It was a beginner's booby trap with a slim chance of a jounin falling for it.

The miko-nin shook her head slightly, not bothering to try and scold Naruto for setting the trap up as Sakura came up to him, asking (demanding) what he was doing. Her demanding voice woke the neko-matta before stretching and moving toward her mistress after jumping off the desk.

In Kagome's eyes, boys will be boys and you can't really stop them from doing what they wanted.

Naruto just grinned before jumping off the chair, saying, "That's what he gets for being late."

"It's going to be your fault if you get in trouble." Sakura scolded, but Kagome could tell she was just itching to see the look on the Jounin's face if he or she falls for the trap while Sasuke felt it was a waste of time in trying to trick an elite ninja.

The black-haired brooding boy even voiced this while Naruto didn't listen.

With a sigh, Kagome spoke, not lifting her eyes from what she was reading as Kirara decided to hop onto her shoulder, "Let him be guys. Boys will be boys. Not much you can do when they set their minds on something." She then lifted her face up in a thoughtful manner before continuing, "Although… this could effect the sensei's first impression on us."

"What do you mean, Kagome?" Naruto asked, having a feeling that what she may say would be important so decided to stay quiet and listen.

The dark haired girl turned to him and replied, "You've heard how first impressions are always important, right? Well… by pulling off a stunt like the trap you put in the door, you may as well be giving us a one-way ticket to hell." At Naruto's still curious face, she continued with clarity, "Meaning, the Jounin holds all of our futures in his hands and has the authority to either like us and be nice about our training or hate us and make our training under him hell on earth. Or even worse… force us to quit being ninja."

Sasuke and Sakura noted that Kagome did make a point. The jounin who was to be their teacher from this day on had the authority to do what he wished with their future as shinobi, even go so far as to make them quit. At this, Naruto started to get a cold sweat and started to think twice about the booby trap. As he was about to go take the eraser down, their Jounin teacher walked in… fell for the trap.

Everyone was silent before Naruto couldn't help but laugh that a jounin fell for such a trap, completely forgetting the dread he felt about Kagome's explanation.

The said miko-nin, like Kirara, was just too speechless to say anything while she was slightly curious about the way the Jounin's hair looked. Grey, almost silver while it looked like it was gravity defiant…

'Strange… could he be…?' she thought, wondering if this was the shinobi who found her outside Konoha when she arrived as a child in this world.

Sakura, acting like the obedient girl she was, spoke with apology, "Gomen nasai, sensei! I tried to stop him but Naruto-kun wouldn't listen to me…" although, Inner Sakura was dancing around with thumbs up, saying, "YES! Awesome shot!"

Kagome shot her a look that just said 'Yeah right', thinking, 'Please, you didn't even try to do anything to stop him.'

Sasuke had a frown on his face while still in his brooding posture, wondering it this Jounin was really a Jounin at all.

After everyone quieted down, Kakashi completely walked into the classroom and picked up the eraser that had hit him while Kagome went to put up the book she was reading. Once she had taken her place with the group, Kagome and the others waited for Kakashi's thoughts about what he thought of them.

Moments after staring at the eraser, Kakashi's posture changed, making him look like he was thinking while saying, "Hmm… how should I say this… my first impression on you guys is…" he then looked at them, "I hate you." Making their faces fault. Kagome was the first to recover before she flicked Naruto's nose like she did earlier that day, almost hissing to him "One-way ticket to hell."

Kakashi then gave them the order to meet him on the roof of the school before disappearing in a puff of smoke, leaving Team 7 to take the stairs.

After making it to the roof, Kakashi was sitting on the railing as his team took his or her seats on the steps. Sakura was sitting on the second step next to Sasuke, who sat on the top step. On the opposite side of Sasuke, Kagome sat with Naruto sitting in front of her between her legs and her head resting on his shoulder and Kirara sitting on the raven-haired girl's head.

At first glance, if Kakashi didn't know any better, he would've thought that Kagome and Naruto were related because of their blue eyes. Shaking his head, unnoticeably, and suggested to his Genin team, "Why don't we start by introducing ourselves?"

"But what should we say?" Sakura asked.

"Talk about… things you like… things you hate… dreams, hobbies… things like that." Kakashi suggested before Naruto asked him to introduce himself first.

The Jounin then pointed at himself before replying, "Me? I'm Hatake Kakashi. I have no intention of telling you my likes and dislikes." This gained some confused looks, as well as a raised brow from Kagome, before he continued casually, "As for my dreams…" a pregnant pause carried before he finished with a thoughtful look, "I have a few hobbies."

Kagome gave a soft chuckle as Sakura said as looked to Naruto, "All we found out from him was his name." The blond boy nodded in agreement.

"Now, it's your turn." Kakashi then looked to Naruto, asking him to go first.

Naruto did so with excitement, saying, "Uzumaki Naruto. I like cup ramen. But I really like the ramen at Ichiraku that Iruka-sensei buys for me and hanging out with Kagome-chan, along with whenever she helps me to better improve my skills and I can better understand some things." This made Kagome smile as he continued, "I hate the three minutes that I have to wait after I put the hot water on. My hobby is to eat and compare cup ramen flavors. And my dream is to become greater than the Hokages! So that I can make all the villagers recognize my existence!"

'I see… he grew up in an interesting way.' Kakashi thought as he saw the interaction with Naruto and Kagome with the raven-haired girl wrapping her arms around the former's neck and the cat on her head moved to sit on Naruto's lap. His sights then switched over to Sakura, asking her to go next.

With a 'cute' grin, Sakura began, "My name is Hurano Sakura. I like… well the person I like is…" she then started to bashfully make glances at Sasuke who looked like he could care less and wasn't really listening. "And my hobby is…"

'Stalking Sasuke whenever chance I get…' Kagome thought, disguising her laugh as a cough so she wouldn't hear Sakura make a fit but she really couldn't stop the grin on her face as Naruto glanced at her with a raised brow, knowing that she probably thought of something funny.

"And my dream is to…" at the pink-haired girl's fan-girl squeal, Kagome thought dramatically in a cutesy mental tone, 'My dream is to marry my beloved Sasuke-kun and become his bride.'

Kakashi just ignored the squealing she made and asked her with what looked like a bored expression, "And? What do you hate?"

With a mood swing quicker than a becoming mother and with vigor, Sakura answered, "Naruto and Higurashi!"

While Naruto was both shocked and hurt, Kagome just rolled her eyes before patting Naruto on the head, wordlessly telling him through the action that everything was be okay.

The grey-haired Jounin just sighed as he mentally deducted, 'Most girls Sakura's age are more interested in boys than in Shinobi training…' his sights then moved to Sasuke and gave him the go ahead to introduce himself as Sakura looked to him excitedly.

"Uchiha Sasuke. There are many things that I hate, and there aren't a lot of things that I like. Of course… there's one thing I'm interested in." The black-haired boy made a subtle glance toward Kagome that didn't go unnoticed by Kakashi before he continued, "but I do have an ambition that I have no intention to leave as just a dream." As he said this, his look grew dark and hateful but also determined, "the revival of my clan and… to kill a certain man."

Everyone was silent, aside from the birds that chirped, caught up in his or her thoughts about what the young Uchiha said.

'Okay… I was very wrong. He's hell-bent and out for blood… with a LOT of issues.' Kagome thought, slightly tense and guarded as she looked at Sasuke from the corner of her eye and Naruto felt a cold chill run through him, hoping that Sasuke wasn't referring to him. Sakura… well, after hearing that, I think you can guess her thoughts.

Kakashi's brow furrowed, his thoughts and theories confirmed about Sasuke's desire and out for blood of one individual.

After the uneasiness cleared away, Kakashi turned to Kagome, "Last, how about you?"

Kagome turned her blue eyes to Kakashi almost confusedly before answering, "Oh! Yeah… Higurashi Kagome. And in Naruto's lap is my animal familiar, Kirara. There are a lot of things I like. Too long of a list to name but hanging out with Naruto and polishing my skills as best I can is a couple. The few things I dislike are…" Kagome paused for a moment, "… obsessive stalking fan girls, guys who think revenge is all that matters, spiders, worms, and times when Naruto doesn't learn to never play a prank on me that involves dying my hair or scaring the crap out of me." At this, Naruto laughed sheepishly before wincing when Kagome pinched his cheek.

"Well… do you have any dreams? Hobbies?" Kakashi asked, actually pretty curious about his fourth member.

Kagome looked thoughtful for a moment after releasing Naruto's cheek from her grasp before replying, "Hobbies… there's art, reading up on Jutsus and other subjects, and train with Naruto and Kirara. As for dreams… I don't know… I guess help Naruto realize his own… and do what I can to protect the village."

'Hell, my true dream is to get my REAL body back somehow!' Kagome internally whined, her chibi self almost to the brink of tears.

The Jounin had a feeling that Kagome would be unsure about her dreams, but her answer was good enough since he was told that the young girl never had a desire to be a ninja in the beginning when she was first enrolled into the academy but gradually started to get interested.

He then announced, "Alright, you four all have unique personalities. I like that. Starting tomorrow, we'll begin a mission."

Naruto made an enthusiastic salute, asking excitedly, "Yes, sir! What kind of mission is it?"

"First, we're going to do something that the five of us can do." Kakashi said, gaining excited askance from Naruto and curious eyes from the others before he answered them, "Survival Training."

Kagome and Sakura raised curious brows as Naruto squinted his eyes in confusion. Sakura then asked, "Why are we going to train when it's a mission?" She then pointed out, stating the obvious; "We had plenty of training at the academy."

"It's no ordinary training, is it?" Kagome asked as she stared straight into Kakashi's eyes from her place as she petted Kirara's fur when the Neko-matta switched places again and started to relax on her shoulder.

"You're right. It's not." Kakashi had a strange undertone that sounded sneaky, making Kagome wonder what he was planning for them.

Naruto broke the silence that seemed almost take effect by asking, "Then, what kind of training is it?"

Kakashi's shoulders started to shake as he gave a hearty chuckle that sounded… strangely nice to Kagome's ears, almost making her blush at the thought before Sakura asked, "Hey, what's so funny, sensei?"

The Jounin answered with a chuckle and smile in his voice, "Well, if I say this, I'm sure you four are going to be surprised." To answer Naruto's curious sound, Kakashi continued with an almost dark and serious look while he rested his hand against the right side of his face, "Out of the twenty-eight graduates, only nine to ten are going to become Genin. The rest will just be sent back to the academy. In other words, this training is going to be a very hard test with the dropout rate of 66 percent."

Various surprised looks made their way to the Genins' faces, except for Kagome who just gave a bit of an interested look before Kakashi said that he told them they would be surprised.

Naruto was the first to recover before yelling almost outraged, "No way! I went through hell to graduate… then what was the final exam for?!"

"That? That was just to pick out who were qualified to become Genin."


Kagome thought about this and felt that it was logical. Much like how a Shogun picks out his most skilled warriors for battle… 'I think that sounds right…'

"Anyways, I'm going to determine whether you pass or fail this test at the training grounds tomorrow. Bring all necessary ninja equipment and arrive at 5am!" Kagome's widened when Kakashi announced the time to meet. The miko-nin didn't do well when it came to rising before the sun.

She can rise WITH it but not BEFORE it. It was one of her habits she gained from traveling with a slave driving hanyou who was always too impatient for his own good. The look on her face didn't go unnoticed by Kakashi as he gauged everyone else's reaction to what was just said. The mentally younger soon held looks of determination before Kakashi dismissed them.

But he stopped them while giving them a bit of a forewarning, "Oh, yeah! And don't eat any breakfast… unless you want to puke it up."

'YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!' Kagome thought while the others gained a sense of dread.


Snoring could be heard as Naruto continued to sleep and Kagome stayed up a little longer, thinking about why Kakashi seemed familiar to her… what he was planning to do with this training test of his. One thing was certain though…

She sure as hell wasn't going to miss breakfast and try working while low on fuel. Also… she might not even arrive at the exact appointed time they were supposed to meet, if Kakashi, earlier today, coming to meet them late was any indication… then he most likely might be late to meet them tomorrow morning. If not… well, she'll accept any punishment he might have in mind for her being late.

Kagome sighed before stretching, making her way from her futon to the window to let Kirara in from her nightly hunt. Once the two-tailed cat was in, Kagome then made her way to where Naruto was sleeping. She shook her head when she saw the blonde's limbs sprawled everywhere and uncovered before grabbing of hold of his covers and pulling them over Naruto's form as he stirred a little but went back to sleep.

Once she was certain that Naruto would stay covered for the night, Kagome turned out the light and went to get what rest she could with Kirara snuggling under the covers with her.

Even when was time for Naruto and Kagome to wake up, the latter didn't bother getting up and Naruto was too tired to even bother waking Kagome up as he got ready and left without breakfast.


At exactly 5am, three of the members of Team 7 met at the appointed training ground- two of them still half asleep while the third was wide awake. Sakura gave a halfhearted and tired good morning which Naruto returned more tiredly while almost sleepwalking.

Sasuke who was the only one wide-awake, looked around and noticed that they were one teammate short and asked, "Where's Kagome?"

"Well, she's right-" Naruto started groggily pointing to his side, but stopped when he noticed his female friend not there next to him. He then looked around muttering, "I thought she was right behind me…"

"Naruto! I thought Higurashi lived with you!" Sakura said crankily, still trying to get the sleep out of her eyes.

"She still does but I thought she would've woken up and get here before me… or at least be with to make sure I didn't fall asleep on the way here." Naruto replied. In reality, he really did thought Kagome would wake up before him so he didn't bother to check Kagome's bed and see if she was still asleep with Kirara. And so, left his friend behind to sleep in.

Inside, despite she was still a little tired, Inner Sakura was cackling, 'Ha! Higurashi is so gonna get in trouble when Kakashi-sensei sees that she's late after he arrives. She could even ultimately fail the test, then I can have Sasuke-kun all to myself!'

Hours soon passed as they waited with the sun rising higher into the blue sky, and there was still no sign of either Kakashi or Kagome.

Sometime after 9am, Kagome arrived looking wide-awake and ready to take whatever came her way with Kirara waking by her side looking chipper. After giving a bright good morning, Sakura hounded on her as she stood, "You're late, Higurashi! When sensei finds out-"

But she was cut off when Kagome looked her in the eye and asked, "Haruno… do you even see or sense Kakashi-sensei anywhere?" When the green-eyed girl gave no answered, Kagome continued, "See… I'm not really late if sensei isn't here before me. If it were the other way around, then I would be in deep shit with him biting my head off about being on time. So for once… relax. He'll probably be here sometime before lunch and won't even bother to ask what time each of us arrived."

Kirara gave a mew of agreement, wagging her two tails.

The miko-nin was actually relieved to find that Kakashi wasn't there yet. She had woken up about an hour and a half after Naruto left the apartment and took a quick shower before doing the rest of her morning ritual. Kagome would've made it to the training grounds earlier but, out of habit, made breakfast for herself and Kirara that were of last night's leftovers.

Like she thought the night before… there was no way she was training or fighting on an empty stomach.

Sasuke and Naruto (who was now full awake) saw a point in that as Sakura was almost shaking with anger as she watched the dark haired girl sit next to Naruto. After a while, she just made a huff and turned her back to Kagome with her arms crossed even though Kagome look unaffected by this action as she continued to talk with Naruto, making plans on what to have for supper that night… even though Kagome ruled out Ramen before the blonde could even suggested it.

More time had passed after that with all of Team 7 continuing to wait while Kirara was nearby, looking like she was playing with a butterfly before Kakashi made his presence known- proving Kagome right that he arrive before noon, lunchtime.

Naruto and Sakura got to their feet quickly, yelling with angry glares, "YOU'RE LATE!" as Sasuke just gave a slight glare of his own and Kagome was coming out of her meditative trance. Sakura and Naruto's yelling disturbed her while almost surprising Kirara out of her wits before hissing at them both.

In a convincing voice, Kakashi gave on of his trademark excuses, "Well, a black cat crossed my path so…" but he didn't finish when he noticed none of them seemed to be buying it as they continued to look at him, unconvinced. Clearing his throat, Kakashi suggested they move on before walking up to one of the posts that were set on the training grounds and set a timer on the post in the middle, saying, "Alarm set at 12pm." Setting the timer, he continued bringing out three bells, the sound making Kirara's ears twitch in excitement, "Today's topic is to get one of these bells from me. Whoever can't, will have no lunch."

"EH!" Came Naruto's almost high-pitched voice, shocked at the cruelty of not being able to eat if you failed. Kagome muttered, asking him to calm down as Kakashi continued to explain as he pointed to the wooden posts, "I'm going to tie you there and eat lunch in front of you."

Kagome had to hold back her laughs when she heard the loud growls and grumbles of her teammates stomachs, as they now realized why their sensei didn't want them to eat breakfast. But couldn't help but feel proud that she and Kirara decided to eat against the Jounin's orders. Of course, she and her feline friend didn't let this show, not wanting Kakashi to catch onto them in disobeying one of his orders.

"But wait, why are there only three bells when there's four of us?" Sakura asked, finding something off about this.

Kagome wondered about this too, but decided to listen before making any possible theories as Kakashi seemingly smiled at them, answering, "Since there's only two bells, at least one of you will have to be tied to the post. That person will fail since he failed to complete the mission and go back to the academy. It might just be one or all four."

The child miko turning kunoichi furrowed her brows when hearing this, thinking something doesn't fit. 'Three out of one… three bells for three members while the fourth takes the fall and is left behind… there's gotta more than Kakashi is letting on.'

After Kakashi said that they were free to use any weapons we packed- Shuriken, Kunai, etc.- and that they have to come at him like they want to kill him, Sakura protested, "but that's too dangerous, Sensei! You could get hurt!"

Both Kagome and Kirara rolled their eyes before the human of the pair looked to the pink-haired and said, "Come on, Haruno, think about it- four beginning Genin with a two-tailed cat against one seasoned Jounin. Not to mention, the life of a Shinobi is an occupation that usually requires you to put your life on the line and be ready to take a life if necessary."

Before Sakura could make a retort but Naruto cut in, saying with a grin, "Kagome, come one! He couldn't even dodge that chalk eraser!"

"And… how can you dodge something that doesn't feel life threatening, Naruto?" Kagome asked her blond friend before Kakashi pointed out, "In society, those who don't have many abilities tend to complain more. Just ignore the guy with the lowest score."

Kagome cursed when she saw that Naruto had heard that, hoped beyond hope that he wouldn't take the bait.

As Kakashi was giving instruction on when he'll give the word for them to start, Naruto got angrier and angrier as what Kakashi said and how he was always called 'dead-last'. With his anger at its peak, Naruto drew a kunai and charged at Kakashi with Kagome yelling to him to not to attack.

But it was too late. Naruto didn't hear her and Kakashi moved too fast for him, holding the kunai that was still in the blonde's hand to the back of the said boy's head as the Jounin held the young Genin in place as he told him, "Don't get too hasty. I didn't say 'start; yet."

Although, during the distraction Naruto gave when he charged at their sensei, Kagome instinctively ordered Kirara to transform into her larger form without the others noticing and Kirara, on her own, made a move to encase her teeth around one of Kakashi's legs before she spoke, "Not so fast, sensei." Kagome's voice sounded much colder and very protective. Her aura darkened, showing that was ready to shed blood if need be. "Release him, or I'll give Kirara the go ahead to tear your leg clean off and make sure you retire from being a Ninja for good."

To make a point, Kirara clenched her jaw slightly making her smaller sharp teeth pinch Kakashi's skin and making him turn his attention to the now huge cat that now had his leg trapped in it's powerful looking jaws.

This surprised Sasuke and Sakura as much as it surprised their sensei, never once thinking that Kagome's familiar could grow larger in size and look more ferocious than the cute and fluffy kitten they were used to seeing.

Kakashi turned his surprised gaze to the dark haired girl of the team, remembering what the Hokage said about not taking her too lightly. Aside from her observant skills, he wondered if the Hokage meant this as well. He gave a chuckled before letting Naruto go and felt Kirara retract her teeth.

Everyone watched as flames engulfed her form, growing smaller. When the flames disappeared, the Kirara everyone was used to seeing before the mentioned feline gave a mew and made her way to her mistress' side.

'No way… Higurashi's cat could do such a thing? It was even as fast as Kakashi to get behind him…' Sakura thought before glancing at Kagome, asking herself, 'What else is Higurashi capable of?' Just thinking about it scared Sakura a little…

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. He was surprised at how fast a Jounin could be but more so with Kagome's control (trust and loyalty, really) over Kirara, who could become a larger and frightening animal that seemed like it could be almost in league with a Jounin's speed. It made his view about Kagome change into a new light, thinking that there's a chance that she may not slow him down as much as he thought she would.

Naruto wasn't the least bit surprised. He had seen Kirara's larger form plenty of times in the past year. He even got the chance to ride in her whenever Kagome went to fly so to clear her head a bit. At first, when the cat first changed forms in front of him, he was a bit scared but Kagome assured him that Kirara was harmless to those she trusted and saw as a friend.

Kakashi looked at the Genin he was assigned to teach before saying, a bit impressed, "It looks like you have the will to kill me now." He then chuckled, "I think I can finally start to like you four, including the cat." Making Kirara mew in glee before he announced, "We're going to start."

After the Jounin gave the go, Team 7 split up and took cover and to hide within the foliage the training grounds provided.

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