I'd Follow You (rewrite)

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or it's characters. This will be a M for dark(ish) themes.


Edward's POV:

My eyes scrunched tightly together as the sunlight streamed in through the gap between the loosely drawn curtains that hung over the one window of my bedroom. Running my tongue over my teeth I could taste a mix of all the drinks and sleep that filled my mouth. My muscles groaned as I moved into a sitting position only to feel them all tighten as the cold hit them as the sheet fell down to my hips. The sheet was yanked to the right suddenly and my eyes followed to see what had caused me to become even colder.

"Fuck!" I hissed as quietly as I could.

Really lowered your standers last night Cullen. Tanya! Really?

After quickly rubbing my face I checked to see if Tanya was really in my bed. She was. My tongue ran over my teeth again and this time I could taste Tanya's signature perfume in my mouth. Groggily I pushed myself off my bed and towards the en-suit to clean myself.

You're going to need more than a shower to get Tanya off you, Cullen.

Deciding that multitasking was the best option I took my toothbrush and toothpaste into the shower and started trying to rid my mouth of the disgusting mixture of tastes and textures that were living in it. The warm water felt like heaven against my skin, maybe because my left half of my body was still all bruised up or maybe it was just because I was washing Tanya off me. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back and enjoyed as the water fell on my face. Blindly my left hand searched for my shower gel, only to find in empty, my hand continued till it found the other shower gel that the shower housed.

Torture yourself, why don't you Edward.

Grimacing as my hands started to work Bella's strawberry smelling body-wash into my skin. I tried not to breath too deeply but it just smelt so good. My body started to react the way I knew it would so I quickly turned the water to cold and gritted my teeth as it woke me up completely and caused me to jerk my whole body meaning the left side of my chest screamed at me in agony. After taking a deep calming breath the shower was turned off and my body was towelled dried.

I didn't want to risk walking naked into my room encase Tanya was awake so I grabbed a pair of pyjama pants that had been thrown in the wash basket that we kept in the bathroom a few days ago and pulled them on before quickly dashing from bathroom to bedroom and bedroom to hall.

Here is some toast Tanya, now could you please leave before my family turns up? To pathetic sounding; I do have a reputation to uphold. Eat this and leave? To harsh, though it is Tanya. I had fun, we should do this again . . . just not any time soon? To much of a blatant lie.

Just as I walked past the front door it swung open and my roomate came rushing through. She crashed into me obviously not knowing I was there, automatically my hands wrapped around her to keep her steady. My body moved with hers as she let out a long sigh before slowly closing the door and turning in my arms to face me.

Her make up from last night was still on her face, she looked like a hung over panda and her hair had been roughly tied into a loose bun which meant that pieces of her fair brown hair had fallen into her heart shaped face. She'd always look beautiful to me; even if her way too short black dress was on backward.

"Fun night?" I joked when she gave me that smile that made me smile back. She made a grumbling noise before softly dragging me towards the kitchen – she had not forgotten my injures and she wasn't going to let me forget them either. She had spent most of yesterday bollocking me for putting too much weight on my chest.

Don't complain Cullen, you love it.

"Not really. Alice and Jasper bailed so I had to play peace keeper between Emmett and Rosalie." Her voice was a little groggy and she kept snapping everyone's names. "Emmett would get mad and go buy more drinks when he saw Rosalie dance with someone but didn't go and talk to her, so she kept doing it. And then Rosalie would want to do a shot every time some girl hit on Emmett . . . I drank a lot last night." she groaned at the end but sent me a thankful smile as I placed a glass of apple juice down on the table next to where she was resting her head.

"So you just got home now because you were with Emmett and Rosalie?" I didn't bother trying to hide my scepticism in my voice. I wished she had been with Emmett and Rosalie but we both knew that she had hooked up with someone.

"Shut up Edward. Once I woke up I realized I'd made a mistake" That makes two of us then. She snapped at me as she slowly sipped on her drink. I was about to sit down and start drinking my own juice when someone started banging on my door. My family let themselves in and from the suddenly guilty pleading look Bella was sending me, it didn't take a genius to figure out who was at our door.

Sighing I made my way toward the door, making sure to send her a quick glare before opening it. I faintly picked up her groan as I fully opened the door to see who she had spent the night with. After two years of pretending I was a master of hiding my emotions around Bella and her lovers but a huge part of me enjoyed the satisfaction of watching the men she had been with get a look of fear when I open the door.

Her latest conquest was not her normal type. In fact a part of me saw him as a threat. He was smaller than me by quiet a bit but you could tell he worked out at least twice a week. His suite was crumbled looking and he looked like he had just ran up the stairs to my two floored flat. He was also a redhead, and normally Bella didn't go for redheads.

"Can I help you?" I finally asked as calmly as I could, really all I wanted to do was punch his face until it collapsed in on itself. I didn't bother flexing quickly, his eyes were still on the huge bruise that went down my left side and the few random scares that were scattered over my pecks. My patients was started to slip so I quickly snapped fingers in his face causing his head to snap up. For a second his eyes connected with mine and I saw what I always saw; the second of pure fear . . . that was there because my face was blank but my eyes looked like I was ready to murder someone – and I was.

He looked down before standing up to his full height and squiring his shoulders. Without meaning to my right eyebrow slowly started to move higher. Is he trying to intimidate me?

"Does Bella live here?" He finally spoke.

"Yes." I kept my answer short just for the hell of it. It had been a few weeks since anyone had come calling for Bella and I wanted a bit of fun.

"Is she home?" He huffed and tried to look over my shoulder. I moved to block his view and pulled the door closer so he could only see me.

This was a fun part. "Why are you looking for my wife?" My voice was calm and sounded pleasant but if he has sense he would realize the smile on my face was anything but.

I loved watching the blood drain from their faces before they flushed as their minds tried to think of an excuse. Slowly I brought up my ringed hand and twirled the simple gold band on my ring finger before my hand formed a fist.

His mouth opened and closed a few times. Really? This is her type now? He did surprise me when he gave me a once over and closed his eyes for a second before blowing out a large breath and just turning and walking away from my home. Now that had never happened before.

Bewildered I felt myself close the door. Bella's hug brought me back to earth, my hands slowly moved up and down her back until she gave me a thankful smile and moved me towards the kitchen again.

Maybe I'm more intimidating when I'm all bruised up?

"Thanks for that." she beamed at me before grabbing a loaf of bread and filling our huge toaster with eight pieces of toast "Now drink your juice; you still look like shit." She ordered before motioning to my chest. I sent her a quick smile before downing the juice and pulling her onto my lap. Her body felt right against mine but that was something I couldn't dwell on.

The toast popped as the front door opened and Emmett strolled in looking way to clean and merry. His almost seven foot frame moves towards Bella and gives her his normal greeting by kissing her on the top of her head. She smiled at him before giving him four pieces of toast and another two to give to me.

He sits down next to me and passes me the butter without looking me in the eyes. I continue to glare at him until he looks up and tries to work his stupid dimples on me.

"Sorry" He mouthed with a apologetic shrug. My eyes rolled as I took a huge bite of my food. We both knew that I forgave him for taking her out and getting her drunk and then letting her go off with some random man . . . I just didn't like it.

"You just get in Bells?" Emmett asked. My eyes rolled again. His own eyes were looking at her with a look of annoyance. My elbow connected with his arm before she could see how he was looking at her. Emmett huffed at me before facing Bella again, this time with a blank look covering his face.

"Uh yeh. Never again Emmett." Bella spoke sternly but we all knew that next week the same thing would happen.

Emmett grabbed an old newspaper and started to flick through it as Bella started to flick through the book she always keeps in the kitchen. It was mornings like this that made me happy we had such a large kitchen; it was always a full house on a Sunday morning.

"Eddie? Eddie are you here?" Tanya's voice hit us a few seconds before she stumbled into the kitchen pulling her dress on to cover her properly. If that's what you call properly, I can see her nipples. Urck. Bella's head whipped to my direction and she placed her book down a little too calmly for my likely. Emmett coughed to hide his giggle before he slowly flicked the page of the newspaper over and pretended to read it – his stupid ass smirk gave him away.

"Eddie . . . what is Tanya doing in my kitchen?" Bella asked through clenched teeth and a small smile.

"Oh! You must be Eddie's sister. You did say you had a sister last night, right?" Tanya's second question was directed toward me. Tanya was the towns slut . . . she just didn't know any of the woman in it . . . unless you believe the rumours about her and Lauren Newton.

"Yeh, I have a sister but -" I started before being interrupted by Bella.

"I'm his wife. Now do I need to feed your ass before I kick you out or are you going to leave on your own?We will have a full kitchen in a few minutes . . . " Bella asked pleasantly as she twirled her ring and pointing towards hers and then mine before picking up her book and flicking back to where she had left it.

Emmett who had been busy getting more toast dropped a plate of eight pieces on the table before shooting me a "really?" look. Tanya's eyes landed on the plate and I just knew she was going to say something stupid.

"Eddie, you lied to me!" She screeched but never let me answer. "And you have children!" Tanya spat the last word and my own head lolled backwards and my hands rubbed my face. Edward you brought this on yourself. You dick. I heard Emmett curse as Bella slammed her book down.

Peering through my fingers I saw the look my wife was giving me. I was in the shit. I wanted to blame Tanya, it was sort of an innocent guess . . . but it only added salt in the wounds. Standing up I sent my very pissed off wife an apologetic smile before dragging Tanya towards the front door.

"You need to leave now." My voice sounded cold and a part of me felt bad; Tanya didn't know, only a few people did. It wasn't her fault. I could hear her babbling some crap about doing it again when my wife was out of town but I was concentrating on ignoring the looks my baby sister and her husband were sending me as they exited the lift I forced Tanya into.

"CALL ME!" Tanya's slightly hysterical voice croaked as the lift closed and started to go down.

"What the hell was that?" Alice giggled as she let herself into my house. Jasper punched me in my good shoulder and sent me a "what the fuck?" look. Yeh, I know! Deciding that facing Bella at this moment in time would be a bad idea I just stood and listened to the chatter from the kitchen, once Emmett asked where I was I closed the door slightly only to have it pushed back at me as Rosalie came barrelling it.

"There was some totally fucktard crying in the lift . . . is having sex with you that bad Edward?" Rosalie giggled before winking at me and kissing my cheek and tying her blonde hair up.

No one else noticed her deep breath before she walked into the kitchen or the fake smile she planted on knowing that Emmett would be in there. My brother-in-law is an idiot for letting the one person who understood him fully slip away . . . not that I'm any better. Emmett thought Rosalie was cheating on him and just dumped her straight away; it took weeks to find out why. No one had actually told Rosalie the reason because we all know it would break her heart completely.

Reaching the kitchen just in time to listen to Alice and Jasper say their excuse for bailing the night before reminded me once again that I had spent the night with another woman and my wife had spent the night with another man. Normally when I'm not working Bella stays at home with me and we do the typical "best friends things" but last night she was all dressed up and ready to go out by the time I had got back from my dad's house.

"Why are you so dressed up? Got a hot date?" I forced a chuckle onto the end. Please say no. Please say no.

For a split second Bella looked at me and her smile slipped before a bigger one jumped onto her face.

"I'm going out with everyone. You coming?" Her voice sounded on edge almost like she didn't want me to go. Did I want to spend the night watching her dance with other men? Hell no! Was I going to torture myself more than normal and go? Not a chance in hell!

"Nope. I need to order some stuff and do stuff." That sounded pathetic but hopefully she's buy it. Her brown eyes looked me over before a scowl jumped onto her face.

"Fine. Suite yourself Edward. I'll text you later on so you won't have to worry about staying up." That was code for: I'm going to have sex with someone and don't want you ringing me in the middle of it.

She left pretty soon after but not before kissing my cheek and letting me hold her for a little longer than your meant to hold your roommate.

Throughout the morning Bella became angrier before she finally snapped and stormed upstairs mumbling to herself. Emmett wanted to go apologize knowing that part of the reason she was so mad was due to him and Rosalie – once again we were all playing the "Keeping Emmett from saying something really stupid and making Rosalie kill him" game. KMFSRSAMRKH for short.

"Sit down. I'll go." I told him as I slowly dragged my body upstairs.

Perk of living with the love of you life who doesn't know she is the love of your life: Get to see her naked. Con of living with the love of your life who doesn't know she is the love of your life: Get to see her naked.

Slowly my body moved into the bedroom onto to come to a halt when I almost slammed into Bella only covered in a towel. She seemed to be in an almost trance as she looked at our bed with her head cocked to the left. Her hair was hiding her face from me.

"What's up Bella?" I asked slowly as I waved my hand in front of her face. Her head snapped up but she didn't look at me she just turned and beckoned me to follow her as she entered the bathroom. Heaven and Hell.

Forcing myself to sit on the bathroom counter and to not touch her is one of the hardest things I ever have to do. Forget my job, I should get paid for this shit. I kept my eyes on her face as she took of the towel and stepped into the water from the shower.

Do not look down. Do it, just a peak. You are a gentleman, Esme would be disappointed in you. She's your wife: look at her, claim her as your own. She doesn't want you that way Edward. . . . You have a point.

Fucking morals.

"Edward?" Bella asked as she went to grab her shower-gel. My eyes stayed on the shelf that housed my empty bottle and our shampoos.


She paused before speaking but her voice was firm when she spoke. "You know you said you'd divorce me only if I meet Mr. Right? Do you ever want to take that back?"

NO! "No!" My own voice has risen in volume. I quickly breathed in and out before continuing. "Why would you think that? I love yo-our cooking, why wouldn't I want to be married to you?" Smooth Edward. Real smooth.

She let out a chuckle before stepping out and wrapping herself in the towel again. I looked her dead in the face when she came to stand in between my legs and wrapped her arms around me. Not caring that she was wet from her shower I embraced her quickly but firmly.

"So as soon as I meet Mr. Right, you'll divorce me?" she asked again. I gave her a tight smile at best.

Nope. Sorry sugar tits but hell no. "Of course." I almost sounded convincing.

The rest of the morning went smoothly, Bella seemed a little off but I guessed she was still pissed at me for what Tanya had said. Rosalie had tried to talk to Emmett but Alice had dragged her shopping and they had only just returned and were in the middle of a rant about some woman who wore purple and green (I don't know why they were so upset about it) when Bella squealed and rushed off with her phone.

Jasper was checking out the bruises on my chest when Bella came back downstairs in a completely new outfit. Jasper pinched me when he noticed my scowl.

"Why?" I snapped before pushing my hands away and pulling my wife beater down and hissing when I brush nearly all the cuts.

"To stop you getting your ass handed to you." He hissed back before turning to face Bella.

Bella and Jasper were far from close. They would take a bullet for each other no doubt but they haven't seen eye to eye since we were all kids.

"You're very dressed up. You look nice though." He quickly added when he saw the look she shot him.

"I'm going on a date." Bella answered proudly. It took most of my concentration to stop my face become a sneer, I could feel my right eye twitching though.

"A date?" Emmett asked the same question I wanted to ask. Neither of us did dates, we did one night stands.

Her blue dress twirled when she walked towards the kitchen. She had heels on. She never wore heels for me . . . that's because you never took her on a date, dickward. Alice and Rosalie nudged each other before walking to the kitchen with confused looks on their faces.

"Yeh. I thought it would be nice way to spend the night before I go see mom." Bella called back from the kitchen. Emmett froze before looking at me for an explanation. I was just as confused as him.

She could have at least told me she was going to fucking Florida. Letting out a frustrated growl I stomped into the kitchen, Alice and Rosalie left as soon as they saw me and turned to hide in the living room.

"First of all, since when do you go on dates? And second why didn't you tell me that you were going to Florida?" I snapped as soon as we were alone. My voice started to become louder near the end but I really didn't fucking care.

"I go dates because I want to get away from you and this fucked up marriage! I want to meet a nice guy and not watch as he runs away when I say "Actually I'm married". I want to make love with someone and not just some cheap fuck. You know what, fuck you Edward! Who to hell do you think you are getting all angry because I want to go see my mom!" She bellowed at me before trying to shove me away.

"You haven't been to see your mom since we lost the baby Isabella! And I think I'm your fucking husband you demented bitch! Stop feeling so sorry for yourself. Do you think I want this! Do you think I want to be stuck in this mother fucking cycle all my life!" I heard myself bellow back at her before my own words went through my head.

"Shit. Bella, I didn't . . . fuck I'm sorry."

I lurched forward to try and reach her before she made a run for the door. I stopped when she locked her tear clouded brown eyes with mine.

"I just want to be loved Edward." her voice was so faint and broke multiple times. Her words hit me and my body froze and slowly started sink into the nearest chair.

Nothing was really making sense anymore. One second there were loud noises and then the next there was silence. Bella was staying, Bella was leaving. I was being screamed at, I was being ignored. It was light, it was dark.

But I love you.


Bella's POV. (5 years later)

To say I hated the woman in front of me would be just about right. I didn't loath her yet, but she was ruining my perfect mood.

"No. Is this a joke Mike? Tell me this is a joke because there is no way this could be happening to me." Karen Newton stated as she shot a glare my way. Karen was very good at keeping a smile in place though.

There was a click and a flash as Karen gave Mike a tight hug before grasping my left hand and glaring at the ring that had been given to an hour earlier.

"Mother, we love each other. Can you not just be happy for me?" Mike sighed as he posed for another photo. The fake smile on my face was starting to crack with each second.

"We will be talking about this later." Karen warned before pulling me into a ridiculously tight hug for a woman who was just skin and bone. Her hissing breath curdled around my ear before she moved away and shot another quick glare at my ring.

"Mr Newton! Mr Newton! How did you propose?" Some random reporter screamed from the near constant stalkers that Mrs Newton enjoyed the company of so much.

Mike's arm slid around my waist and I couldn't stop the real smile that slithered onto my face when he placed a kiss on my head. It had been hard getting used to the followers of the Newton family but over time I just learned to ignore them.

"When are we going to meet her family?" Someone else asked.


The night passed in stages. Pictures been taken. Uncomfortable meal. Freaking out in the bathroom. Trying to hide my freaking out from Mike. Rushing into the car.

"Do you think we should tell them together?" Mike asked as he played with my hand. He was still looking at the window with a content smile on his face.


"Your parents, do you think we should tell them together?"

"NO. I mean, I haven't been home in a long time and they really don't do change well. Would you mind if I tell them on my own first?" I was begging. Not going to lie, I was even trying to flutter my eyelashes.

"Oh I can never say no to you. I am going to have to meet them some time before the wedding Isabella." Mike chuckled before placing a kiss on my head and letting me out at my apartment.

Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. One last minute journey to Forks. One Isabella having a panic attack after saying goodbye to her fiance. One panic attack as soon as I was on the move. Fuck this shit.

The whole time I was making my way back to Forks my heart was in my stomach. My head felt like someone had punched it – over and over. Taking a calming deep breath I answered my phone as I pulled to the side of the road.

"Some best friend you are. No message saying "I'm engaged!", no I have to find out with everyone else when the devil Newton made a public statement. Where the hell are you anyway?" Angela complained at me. I felt a bitter smile slide onto my face as I answered her.

"In Forks."

There was three beats of silence before I could hear her let out a low whistle.

"I'd forgotten about that." she admitted. You and me both. She must have guessed what I was going to say because she continued speaking. "Well good luck. I don't really think there is a saying for this sort of thing so I'm going to make one up . . . To marry the one you love, get rid of the glove."

I snorted.

"That doesn't even make sense. But thank you for your words of wisdom. I shall now go . . . get rid of the glove." Chuckling we said our goodbyes as I started the car up again.

My body was on automatic. Forks hadn't really changed. I avoided the part of town my dad lived in and headed straight to the graveyard that was on the outskirts of town. Part of me expected to step into a horror movie as soon as the car door clicked shut but it was a clear day and everything was calm. And it made me feel edgy.

Feeling the gravel through the shoes I wondered around until I found the ridiculously large gravestone that I honestly thought looked a little bit tacky – but that was what she had wanted. Looking down it was very clear that no one had been here in over a year. Brushing away an old cigarette butt I tried to think over a reason for her wanting to be left to rest in Forks.

"You hated Forks mom." I stated as I ran my fingers over her name.

Renee Dwyer. Apart from her name there wasn't really anything else on the grave. No beloved mother, no loving wife, not even a best friend.

"So I'm getting married again. He's a great guy, you would have liked him. He has a real job as well, I know that -" I stopped myself from going on a rant about stuff I was no longer involved with. "Sorry I haven't been to see you, you can thank Edward for me being here now. I know how much that fact must irate you. God you hated him." Chuckling I pushed myself away from her grave. Talking about Edward only reminded me about why I was back here.

"I've got to go and sort all the stuff out. I'll come and see you again before I leave tomorrow." I felt pathetic mumbling to a block of stone. Sighing I made my way back to my car.

It had started to become almost misty as I got closer and closer to my old home. Hardly anything had changed in five years and it was unsettling. Pulling up at the entrance of my old building it was even more disconcerting to find that there was no car in the space that I used to park in. I pulled in and quickly got out the car. A part of me thought my car would blow up the second I entered the spot.

"You can't park there!" A gruff voice yelled from the entrance of the park that was next to the apartment block. Huffing I turned to see who was the fucking space monitor.

"Listen! I'm going to be te-" my words cut off when I realized that Jasper Hale was stood in front of me with squinted eyes and a confused expression on his face. As he stormed towards me all I could really concentrate on was that his hair was really short now. He had always been the type to just let it grow.

"Aren't you a sight for saw eyes." He actually chuckled at me once we were stood next to each other. It pissed me off that he seemed so at ease when all I wanted to do was crawl back into my car and hide.

"Yeh, well." I cleared my throat before speaking again, in hope that my voice would sound slightly more normal. "So, how are you then?" I asked pathetically as my eyes met with his quickly. His blue eyes seemed happy to see me; but I knew that was a lie. He chuckled before answering.

"I'm not too bad, I'm going to guess and say you're doing good." His eyes shot to my ring before his eyebrows pushed together and he gave me a hesitant smile.

Stop being a bitch to him, he's trying to be nice . . . for once. Let it go, it was a long time ago!

Letting myself smile fully at Jasper was one of the strangest moments in my life. I could feel my cheeks getting a little warm with my blush that was caused when his eyes widened.

"Yeh, I'm doing good."

"Are you in town long?" He suddenly rushed out before he shuffled uncomfortable – this was new for both of us. "It's just I know that everyone would like to see you, plus I think Alice would kill me if she found out that I saw you and she didn't." He laughed but he looked a little bit too scared at the thought, my own laughter shocked both of us.

Guilt swam around me as soon as Alice was mentioned. I hadn't talked to my best friend and sister-in-law in four years. Looking down I noticed the ring on his hand and nodded towards it.

"Married the pixie then?" I joked before shaking my head at myself. I was not here to make up for lost time. A smile jumped on my face when I saw Jasper beam as he nodded.

"Though, your ring sure does put the one I bought for her in the shadows. It's a . . . it's one big ring that's on your finger." The hesitation made it obvious that was not what he had wanted to say. I fought the urge to take the ring off. As I nodded the level of uncomfortableness increased again.

"Urm, congratulations and all that jazz. I hope he makes you happy." I couldn't find anything sarcastic in his voice and part of me wished he was going to be a dick about the whole thing.

"He does."

He looked at his gold watch that my dad had given him when he turned eighteen before cursing and sending me an apologetic smile.

"I've got to go I'm meant to be picking up Peter." He rushed out before practically jumping at me and wrapping his arms around me and giving me a hug. I froze. He released me before starting to walk away, though he kept looking at me.


"Oh! He's our son . . . he'd really like to meet his aunty Bella. I'll see you around?" He questioned as if he hadn't just dropped a bomb on me.

"I'm an aunty?" I heard myself whisper. My eyes started to burn and my throat tightened around itself. How much had I missed out on?

"Bella! Will I see you around?" Jasper spoke louder than before. Obviously my brand new guilt trip had been ignoring him.

"I was planning on leaving by tomorrow." I mumbled but now I wasn't so sure. Jasper seemed to be able to sense this but didn't say anything about it instead he just smiled at me.

"See you soon Bella." He beamed at me again and my confusion was starting to bubble again. Why is he being so nice to me? He started to walk away with a wave before turning around and said the one thing that made my mouth drop open. "You're my favorite sister-in-law, by the way."

So I said the only thing I could think of.

"I'm your only sister-in-law, you idiot." But I found myself laughing towards the end. He beamed before shrugging and waving again. My own hand started to wave before I noticed and clenched it shut.

The heavens opened and rain started to dance around as it hit the floor. Looking up the apartment building seemed to be looming over me almost like it was going to swallow me whole. Sighing, my ringed hand went to push my hair out my face. Looking at the ring I reminded myself why I was here to begin with.

Lets get this over with. Yeh, cause this is going to be so easy Bella.

Walking into the building I noticed that it had all been made to look more up to date but there was still no doorman or security. You would have to be off your head to try and rob anyone in this building though. Walking towards the lift I could feel my brain trying to ignore all the memories – good and bad.

I spent the whole time in the lift arguing with myself: should I leave the ring on or should I take it off? When the lift dinged I nearly jumped a foot in the air. The doors seemed to stay shut for too long, they seemed to open slower than they ever used to. Before stepping out I looked around the lift to see that it was now all mirrored walls with a gold handrail around the middle – that was new.

There was only one door on this floor. Two potted plants either side of it. My eyes fell on the small welcome mat that had been a joke Christmas gift off Emmett. It looked so worm out. And just like that I was outside my old door. My phone started to ring but I ended the call without looking to see who it was. Gently I twisted the handle of the door and frowned when it started to open. Why the hell is the door open? Anyone could just walk in. Why do you care?

My body locked at the door clicked closed behind me. I had walked into the same house as the one I left. My eyes scanned the kitchen to the living room to the never used storeroom near the stairs. Apart from a few odds and ends and the fact that it was a little messy it was a carbon copy of the day that I left.

Stumbling forward noises from upstairs caused me to halt once again. I was freaking out because it just seemed too easy for me to do this. I was nervous but I wanted this to be over, I wanted to marry Mike and have a happily ever after.

Slowly I made my way up the stairs and towards the bedroom, hopefully he's alone or this is going to be all kinds of awkward.

"Hey girl that Edward is having sex with. I hope you don't mind but I need to borrow him for a minute so he can sign our divorce papers but once that is done you can go back to your sex." I really don't think that would go down well.

The door opened before I reached it and automatically my right hand went to rip the ring off my left. It was just about to come off when the voice I had missed the most stopped me.

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