(A/N: I wanted to write some Bessa. This takes place after Nessa becomes governor of Munchkinland. I have this weird idea that Boq lives with Nessa, but I know that doesn't make any sense. I believe it anyways. Don't ruin my dream. Enjoy!)


There were some nights when Nessa was so tired that she would just sleep in her chair.

Boq liked to watch her on those nights. He couldn't explain why he liked seeing the girl he hated so much asleep. It was just…addicting.

He made observations about Nessa—how her head flopped back and how she always had a smile on her face while she slept.

Boq's favorite part of watching Nessa sleep was how innocent she looked. It was hard to believe that a girl who terrorized him while she was awake could look so innocent, so peaceful while sleeping.

It was like there were two different Nessas—one horrible and one gentle.

Boq made sure he was out of the room before Nessa woke up to avoid any awkwardness that was sure to follow.

But he always came back the next time Nessa fell asleep in her chair so he could visit the peaceful Nessa again.

(A/N: I know there are issues people have with Twilight where Edward watches Bella sleep and everyone's like "OMG he's a stalker!" And I don't want people to become stalkers because of this fan fic. So don't be a stalker, okay? Thanks. Reviews are love!)