Chapter 6: Hi-Tech Help

Time was certainly running out for a certain Batman as Technus was on a rampage in Gotham, and Danny fighting Gentleman Ghost. Batman took a spare Bat Helicopter he had lying around in the Batcave and immediately headed back to Amity Park. About a few minutes later, he had arrived on the scene as it was lunch time where a certain Mr. Launcer noticed the Batman had returned this time in a helicopter.

"Oh no you don't, super hero or not, you're going to have to explain to me how a certain Danny Fenton isn't back in school!" shouted Mr. Launcer.

"I'm actually supervising him in a special assignment at my Batcave" said Batman, "I need the assistance of his friend known as Tucker."

"The Foley boy?!" cried Mr. Launcer to which he fainted.

"I guess that means I'm excused" said Tucker.

"Say, can I come along?" asked Sam.

"Friend of the ghost boy?" asked Batman.

"Yep" replied Sam.

"Going to need all the help I can get then" replied Batman.

As Sam and Tucker got onto the Bat Helicopter and took off with poor Mr. Launcer on the ground unconscious, Danny was still having trouble fighting Gentleman Ghost who was a bit ticked off that the bank money wasn't going to be any value to him. Poor Danny was pinned against the vault where the money was behind held.

"I can't believe that YOU made the money I seek worthless!" cried Gentleman Ghost, "I'm going to enjoy tearing you apart boy!"

"That's what you think" said Danny.

Danny then gave Gentleman Ghost a good punch, sending him crashing against a table making it break in half. As Gentleman Ghost dusted himself off, Danny charged right at him, and gave one good punch knocking his top hat off of his head.

"Really, now is that the way to treat a gentleman?" asked Gentleman Ghost as he picked up his hat, "you're going to have to learn some manners boy, and I'm just the ghost to do that."

Suddenly a burst of energy was fired from Gentleman Ghost's cane, sending Danny straight out of the vault and onto the lobbying area of the bank. Gentleman Ghost immediately walked right out of the vault and where Danny was.

"You made a big mistake in going against someone you do not know how powerful he truly is" said Gentleman Ghost.

"Well, I faced a lot of villains in my time, and having you on the list won't be any different" said Danny.

"Really now" laughed Gentleman Ghost, "let's see if you can handle this!"

A red ray from his cane immediately appeared, and it zapped right at Danny sending him right outside the bank itself. Gentleman Ghost simply dusted himself off as he headed outside. As he was busy fighting Danny, the Bat Helicopter arrived back in Gotham.

"Danny, he's in trouble!" cried Sam.

"It's Gentleman Ghost, I don't think you're ready to face him" replied Batman.

"Not with this I'm not" replied Sam as she put on the Specter Deflector belt.

As Batman lets her go, Sam immediately came right to the aid of Danny.

"What's this I see here, a friend perhaps or some other significance?" asked Gentleman Ghost, "No matter, she'll be no threat to me, as how you are not a threat to me."

As Gentleman Ghost fired from his cane again, the Specter Deflector worked its charm and instead deflected back right at Gentleman Ghost giving him a taste of his own medicine.

"This, this can't be!" cried Gentleman Ghost.

"Oh, it is, so long as I'm wearing this" said Sam.

"Fools, you think together you can defeat me?" laughed Gentleman Ghost.

"Let me rough him up a bit before we suck him in a special Fenton thermos" said Danny.

Meanwhile as Danny was taking down Gentleman Ghost, Batman ordered Tucker to find one of the most damaging computer viruses on the Internet.

"You want me to do what?" asked Tucker.

"Just do it, I'm saving it for Technus" replied Batman.

"Technus, here?!" cried Tucker.

"Just do as you're told" sighed Batman.

As Tucker managed to search the Internet for the deadly computer virus, he eventually came across it and downloaded it into his PDA.

"Good, now hand me the infected PDA of yours" said Batman.

"Aw come on, this is my fourth PDA this month!" cried Tucker as he reluctantly gave up the PDA to Batman.

Batman fly the Bat Helicopter closer to the rampaging Technus who had gotten larger than before. Technus was absorbing all the money from the hi-tech banks in Gotham in one sweep without much of a challenge. While Technus concentrated on one bank, this gave time for Batman to fly the Bat Helicopter a bit closer and threw the infected PDA right onto Technus which he began to absorb.

"Say, I feel funny" said Technus to which as he turned around he noticed Batman and Tucker in the Bat Helicopter hovering right over him.

"Oh, it's you, and the ghost boy's friend" said Technus, "no matter, I'm going to enjoy smashing you into pieces and knocking you right out of the sky!"

"I don't think so" replied Batman.

Suddenly the virus began to work its charm on poor Technus to which pieces of technology he had absorbed to create his mech suit began falling down to the ground and Technus back into his usual ghost form.

"Ah, nuts!" cried Technus to which Batman used a Fenton thermos and sucked him right into it.

Meanwhile back between the battle with Danny and Gentleman Ghost. Danny was finally getting the upper hand against Gentleman Ghost, giving him several good punches, and also using his freeze breath on his cane preventing him from being able to use it. Finally, he knocked him out with one punch.

"Ha, so you managed to beat me, bravo how are you going to be able to take me in?" laughed Gentleman Ghost.

"Easy, with this" replied Sam as she sucked poor Gentleman Ghost into the special Fenton thermos just in the nick of time as Batman arrived.

"Thanks" said Batman as he took the thermos that held Gentleman Ghost, "I better get you three back to school."

As Batman eventually took the three back to school, Mr. Launcer was in the principal's office with the parents of Sam, Tucker and even Danny.

"I want action taken here, students skipped their classes today!" roared Mr. Launcer.

"Well, they better have a good reason why they missed school" said Maddie.

"Actually, I will be able to fill that in" said Batman as he came into the scene with the three missing students to which Mr. Launcer fainted again.

While Batman was explaining to why Danny, Tucker and Sam were out, Batman had already handed over the special thermos which housed Gentleman Ghost to Gotham authorities where he was given a special cramped, small cell in the Arkham Asylum.

"Soon, soon once I get out of this cramped can of soup I shall have my revenge not only on Batman, but also on this Danny Phantom" laughed Gentleman Ghost.