Author's Notes: Hey everybody, before you start reading I'd like to say a few things. First off I dont own anything Burst Angel related other wise the show would have been longer and the ending would be a little less sad. Second the idea for this Fanfic came from a friend of mine after we watched the OVA dvd and the Character Design special, which I believe is the original design for all the characters rather than it being a promo for the second season of Burst Angel thats most likely never going to come. And Third, I did enjoy writing this reguardless of how bad my writting is (in my opinion). So like the discription says Blaze Angel is an alternate version of Burst Angel so dont be too harsh on it.

And finally, I'm not certain what type of gun Meg uses because it does look like a cross between a Desert Eagle and an open Chamber Revolver (if there is one)...I did read somewhere though that her gun is technically a .50 caliber revolver and I happen to believe that after looking at pictures of said gun. But for discriptive purposes I'm calling it a cross between a Desert Eagle and Revolver and in later chapters it will be refered to as a .50 caliber revolver. Anyway now that thats out of the way please enjoy.

It was hot, the heat was so extreme you could see it coming off the ground in waves but that didn't seem to bother the cargo train that barreled its way through the expansive desert. Moments later an explosion destroyed the peace as a pillar of flame shot up from the train. Somewhere in the distance cigarette ash dropped, onto the road that ran beside the train, as a young woman no older than eighteen stood flicking away what was left of the cigarette she had been smoking. She smiled to herself, her job was complete and as an added bonus she'd get to meet her employer this time. The red head turned, done admiring her handy work, she hopped onto a Harley ridding off into the distance.


Megumi or Meg as she preferred to be called sighed as she recalled her first mission for Bai-lan, it had been quick it only took a few hours to set a few bombs on the tail of a RAPT cargo train and watch them explode; the reward for that easy job was a stable home and job as a mercenary for Bai-lan, to top it all off she even got her own Cy-bot. Meg looked herself over in the mirror; she was dressed in a red jacket, and tight, black, leather pants that any normal mercenary would hate wearing. A pair of goggles around her neck and hidden under the long coat tails of her jacket was a gun holster which she kept her single customized ,half Desert Eagle half Revolver, in she smirked as she zipped her jacket up just enough so you couldn't see the orange and white tank top she wore underneath, while turning to leave her room her stomach let out a loud groan of protest, any seriousness the girl had was lost "I guess the mission briefing can wait until after lunch" she chuckled as she made her way towards the dinning hall.

Her home or what she was calling home at the moment was an air based combat ship known as the Elizabeth which was manned with a small crew of fifty. She'd been living in the air ship for a little over three months now and it still puzzled her why such a huge ship didn't have a bigger staff, but it wasn't her job to think about such things, she'd been hired to fight, thinking over how the ship worked wasn't in her pay check so why concern herself with it?

The dinning hall wasn't very big but it served its purpose well it could seat the majority of the crew comfortably with at least a table in between groups of people eating together. After securing a plate of food from the buffet Meg made her way over to one of the back tables of the nearly empty room and seated herself there and began eating her lunch alone and without interruption.

"Hey there," a timid voice addressed Meg causing her to look up at the person who called for her attention.

"Hi." she answered back almost monotone, the young man standing before her looked no older than her and was dressed in chef like clothing.

"I saw you try some of the curry, how did it taste?" he asked his voice shaking with nervousness. Meg looked down at her plate and then back up at the teen in front of her and back to the plate a small smirk on her face. She stood and handed him the spoon she was using.

"Here, how about you try it?" she proposed as she walked past him towards the exit. The brown haired boy looked down at the empty plate and noticed a folded piece of paper he opened it and read the little note on it "Note to self: tell Kyohei he made wonderful curry!" Kyohei smiled to himself.

"Wow she's good", the ever timid chef slid the note into his pocket and picked up the plate Meg had been eating from and walked off to the kitchen to clean it.


Meg rested her hands behind her head as she walked towards the bridge of the ship for briefing on her next assignment. "I wonder if Sei'll be mad at me for coming late?" she pondered the idea and frowned "Yeah she'll be mad" Meg walked a little less cheerily down the metallic black and silver halls of the Elizabeth as she prepared herself for one of Sei's lectures on the importance of being on time.

"….And thus being late can cause multiply issues with a goods exchange or could be the difference between catching your target or him getting away!" Sei, Meg's employer, concluded her speech and glared at Meg who was in the process of reaching into her jacket for a cigarette "Megumi! I have already told you smoking is not permitted on the bridge" Sei snatched the box from Meg's hand "You can have them back after the briefing!" Meg scowled and grumbled something unintelligible while crossing her arms over her chest. The older woman turned her back ignoring Meg and walked over to a black screen "Now, these past few months we've been on a few anti-RAPT missions that include destroying smuggling trades, rescuing missing persons and stealing valuable data used in the creation of various biological weapons" as Sei talked details from all of those missions appeared on the screen in front of her.

It was a well known fact around the bigger crime organizations that RAPT or the New Tokyo Police Force was a corrupt group of arrogant police men and Politian that only wanted domination over Tokyo, that had only been established after anarchy took over Tokyo due to government collapse. While the general public was glad someone had stepped in to police the criminals they also turned a blind eye to police brutality making it much easier for RAPT to take over, but lately RAPT had begun drug trades, kidnapping for ransom and had employed the help of mad scientist to create bio-weapons to try and completely over take Tokyo. That's where Bai-lan stepped in, Bai-lan came from China seeing the unstable state of Tokyo, the group wanted to help rebuild Tokyo to its former glory, doing so would benefit them greatly not only would they establish some sort of trade agreement but they would also have a whole city indebt to them that they could call on in times of need.

"Now, your mission today is to sneak into another RAPT laboratory and steal information on a project called 'Genocide Angel', Amy will provide you with the information on how to get inside and where to look" Sei turned and addressed the brunette in the pilot's seat. Amy, a fourteen year old school girl, was the tech specialist of the team and also the pilot of the Elizabeth both jobs were fundamental to the organization, helping them move from place to place and go undetected during assignments.

"As you can see," Amy's girly voice began as a blue print of RAPT Laboratory C50X appeared on the screen "The main entry way is on the west side and will be stationed by at least two guards, so you'll have to sneak in through this duct here on the north side," the map zoomed in to show the air duct, "once inside make your way down the corridor towards the east side of the building…." Meg sighed as the girl droned on and on about where she would need to go, none of this was particularly important after the briefing was over Meg would get a map and be sent on her way with tech support from Amy.

"Do you understand your objective Meg?" Sei's voice pulled Meg's attention back to the briefing.

"Yeah I got it." she responded adding a half hearted salute afterwards.


Hours later they arrived at the drop zone and a small incline lowered from the airship allowing Meg's Motorcycle to ride down it until she touched down on the road. "Lets get this started" taking one hand off the handle bar of her bike she reached up pressing a button on the small communication device in her ear. "Amy can you hear me?" there was a crackle of static.

"Loud and clear, we dropped you about twenty miles from the facility, when you get within a mile you need to turn off your lights to avoid detection" Meg nodded an affirmative knowing that the Elizabeth had at least one camera trained on her.

Meg watched her surroundings carefully she had gotten within the one mile range of the facility and had ditched her bike a few feet away in the thick shrubbery of the forest that surround the place. Now only a huge barb wire fence that surrounded RAPT Laboratory C50X stood in between her and information on the Genocide Angel project, she reached into her pocket and drew out a small laser pointer Amy had given her, the small hand held device was a new age chain cutter. The young mercenary made easy work of the chain barrier by cutting a small hole only big enough for her to crawl through. After crawling through the hole, Meg located the air duct she was suppose to go through, it was only two feet off the ground and was a two by two foot opening. The gunslinger scowled "This is just a little too easy, normally security would be a little heavier if it held important secrets…" Amy's voice spoke through the communicator mirroring Meg's thoughts.

"Should I proceed?"

"We wont know for certain if this is a trap until we go in." Sei's voice answered, Meg hesitated for a moment, her employer was unexpectedly not worried about the potential for her number one gun fighter to be caught in a trap, either Sei really wanted that information or she had a lot of faith in Meg to get the job done, trap or no trap Meg would have to go in and so she removed the grate over the air duct and climbed in. Now the hard part started…..

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