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Meg shivered; climbing through an air duct during the middle of summer when even the evil scientist had the air conditioning on was terrible "I hate this place already" Meg sighed to herself and then looked down at the holographic map that had been downloaded onto her watch, she was just above the back hallway of the laboratory, exactly where she wanted to be. She looked through the metal air vent as two guards passed underneath.

"So what do you think of the food here?" A tall man garbed in black with an M16, Meg assumed this man was a guard.

"It's terrible, it tastes worse than that crap they serve in prison!" a man dressed similarly answered back, Meg held back a grunt of annoyance RAPT hired criminals when it was their job to put the criminals in jail. The pair continued their conversation; their voices soon fading from Meg's hearing.

The gunslinger counted backwards from ten before removing the vent's cover and climbing out into the white washed hallways of Laboratory C50X. Meg once again checked her map before proceeding down the hall to find the door to the closed off portion of the lab. After a few minutes Meg came across a solid black door with the words Project: Genocide Angel printed across it in big, bold yellow letters. She looked at the door looking for any sort of lock system, seeing none she reached for the red button on a side panel beside the door and pressed it. The door gave a hiss of protest as it slid to one side granting Meg entrance to the inner workings of the laboratory.

Almost as soon as Meg crossed the threshold into project Genocide Angel, the hairs on the back of her neck stood up, there was something sinister in the air, or maybe it was just the pungent smell of cleaning supplies but something about the place set her on edge. She proceeded deeper into the depths of the laboratory her boots clicking lightly on the metallic floor. A scream ripped through the air, Meg fought back her own startled yelp quickly drawing her gun out of fear at whatever caused that scream.

After a few seconds the gunslinger proceeded forward around the corner her eyes widening as she entered an expansive room that looked like something out of a alien movie, three large test tubes that gave off a greenish glow took up most of the room, each with its own control console and monitoring system. Faint beeping coming from each, Meg walked over to the first test tube her gun still raised and ready to fire at will. After a few moments of examining the glowing tank she looked at the console and began to analyze the data on the screen "Hey Amy?" she scrolled down the page and continued reading "I think I found what I'm looking for."

Once again static buzzed before Amy's voice could be heard,"Good upload the documents on that drive I gave you." the gunslinger hastily reached into her jacket and pulled out the drive and plugged it into the appropriate slot. While she waited for it to load the information she walked over and checked the other tanks, the second was completely empty only containing a few floating medical probes Meg grimaced feeling bad for whatever had been in that tank. The third tank was different, it was covered in condensation that prevented her from seeing inside, Meg ran a gloved hand over the surface of the cool tank and jumped back in horror at the floating head inside, its black eyes gazed at her seemingly boring into her soul. "Meg the download is done" Meg jumped slightly the spell the head cast over her broken, she turned back to go to the first console but stopped in her tracks.

A white haired woman stood in front of her, long braids sticking out from the side of her head like she had used too much hair gel, a smirk plastered on her face as she looked at Meg.

"I see someone finally snuck in here, I get to have some fun". Meg narrowed her eyes and drew her gun with lightning speed "Ha, that's going to be useless" Meg remained still, analyzing the situation, and getting prepared to counter attack. In the blink of an eye her opponent was gone, the gunslinger remained unperturbed, she'd seen plenty of her bounties use cloaking devices and every time they'd give themselves away by taunting her.

A flash of white, Meg instinctively jerked to the side, and she found herself stumbling back as a red welt appeared on her cheek, a slightly sadistic voice sounded behind her "Great job I was aiming for your eye-" before anything else could be said Meg whirled around and fired a couple of shots, both became embedded in the glowing tank.

"Oh nice try" the voice taunted again, this time Meg didn't move but slowly turned, another white flash this one catching her completely off guard barely having time to throw up a guard as something rammed into her stomach knocking the wind out of her. Thinking fast she gripped on to it with one hand while she unloaded half of her remaining clip with her other. In the next second she was knocked to the floor, her enemy standing above her with a few bullet wounds. "You bitch!" Meg quickly rolled out of the way as a black heel cracked the ground where her head previously was. The gunslinger hopped up and fired a couple more shots off, grazing the arm of her enemy,

"Not so fun anymore is it?" Meg scoffed backing up and grabbing the drive from the console and slipping it into her pocket.

"Ha the fun has only begun!" her opponent once again disappeared but this time Meg noticed that she could see their outline as they ran closer.

"So its not cloaking its just speed, but she's still incredibly fast with wounds" Meg ducked under the punch that was thrown at her, and dodged a roundhouse kick, then countering with her own. The white haired woman caught it with ease before pulling her forward by the ankle and elbowing her in the stomach. Meg once again found herself winded, she fell to one knee trying to catch her breath, before she could fully recover a foot slammed into the side of her head knocking her a good meter across the room, her vision darkened for a few seconds as her opponent walked closer, once again smirking at her.

"Maria your needed at the training area!" a voice boomed over the intercom. the white haired woman frowned.

"Oh well I guess I don't get to finish having fun with you" she looked down to were Meg once was only to find that the red head had disappeared.


Meg gunned it toward the exit of the facility, sirens going off as red flashing lights went off, the gunslinger easily made her way towards the exit of the laboratory only having to kill ten guards and wound five; she reloaded her gun as she pushed open the door to the lab, firing at the two guards that were faced the other way, she took a few moments to enjoy the night air before making her way back to the hole she had cut into the fence a little over an hour ago, and going through it.

"Amy, mission accomplished, I'm on my way to the pick up point!" she didn't need to yell but after sneaking around and almost not escaping she was dying to talk loudly.

"Meg no need to yell, I could hear you across the room." instead of Amy's high pitched voice, the gunslinger heard Sei's more ladylike voice over her ear piece.

"Sorry." she replied with a little less pep in her voice, the ear piece crackled as Sei sighed,

"Just get to the pick up location and we'll discuss your findings."

Meg's eyebrow rose "Discuss the findings? As in, I'm going to be doing a follow up mission?"

"Possibly, so far based on what Amy's looked at this is bigger than just a few biochemical weapons." Meg slowed down to find her motorcycle, before long she was speeding down the road towards the only dock on the island, which also doubled as the pick up point.

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