Author Note: I have no affiliation with Stephenie Meyer or Twilight in anyway. This is my take on her character Alice's life before the Cullens.

1. Arrival

My parents didn't understand me. They thought I was crazy, even I thought I was crazy some days. I was never wrong though, that should prove something, right? Just because I had visions didn't mean I wasn't normal. The only reason they even knew about my visions anymore was because I felt I was meant to save those people in my visions. Maybe I shouldn't have talked to them about what I saw. I just couldn't help but feel I needed to do something.

We pulled onto a long gravel driveway that led into the dark forest. When we parked and I got out I couldn't help but see the beauty in the ancient stones before me. My dad carried my bags from the car to the front steps. I looked up at the huge wooden doors and sighed.

"It'll be okay sweetie, these people will help you," Mom whispered trying to hide her tears. I turned to her and glared harshly.

"Mary Alice, honestly don't upset your mother any more than you already manage to do on a daily basis. We don't want to put you in here but we have no other choice if you insist on continuing to act like you belong here," Dad interrupted before I could respond to my mother. I hated him; he never loved me and treated me like I wasn't his daughter.

"Mom, I don't need help. I'm fine. I just see things before they happen. Isn't that a good thing? I can…" I trailed off as a vision exploded into my brain. I bent in on myself and wrapped my arms around my waist as I took deep, ragged breaths trying to keep myself calm. The vision was like flashes of images on a screen, I saw a deep foggy forest and myself running and looking behind myself. I felt my panic and I was lost. I slammed into a man and fell on my back staring up at him but I couldn't see his face beyond the thick fog covering the forest floor. Then the image flashed to me lying on the ground writhing in pain and screaming before it cut off and I gasped.

"Mary Alice! Talk to me! Mitchell, DO something!" I barely heard my mother screaming through my panic. This would happen soon; too soon and all because I was being sent here.

"NO! I can't stay here! I'll die if you leave me here! Please Mom, Daddy! Don't leave me here!" I couldn't breathe. The images of myself writhing in pain all alone in the woods kept assaulting me. I grabbed at my mother's sleeve and tried to pull her back to the car. My mother's eyes flew wide as she grabbed back at me and tears ran down her cheeks. I watched the indecision flash in her eyes and then my father's strong arms were pulling me up the stairs.

"Help us! Someone come out here and help us! Rachel, go and have them come out here!" My father called out as I thrashed in his arms. I couldn't be made to stay here. I didn't want to die.

"NO! You can't do this to me! Mother, you don't understand!" I cried out but she was already up the stairs and flinging the huge double doors open.

I continued to scream and pull at my father's grasp with no progress. Two large men in white came bounding down the stairs with my mother behind them crying hysterically. I felt a sharp pinch in my leg and cried out. With one last jerk, I pulled from my father and collapsed on the stairs. The world was spinning and I couldn't think straight. The two men in white pulled me to my feet but I fell limp in they're grasp.

"You'll be sorry," I whispered with the last of my strength as everything went black.

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