Author Note: I have no affiliation with Stephenie Meyer or Twilight in anyway. This is my take on her character Alice's life before the Cullens.

12. New Life

"We fed off of animals instead of humans. We don't want to live as monsters. Animal blood does not fully satisfy but it is sufficient. I am truly fascinated by you. You see the future, I've never heard of such a thing. Edward can read minds and I know that Aro can as well by touch, but never a prophet. How unique. So tell me, how do these visions of yours work?" Carlisle asked me with extreme curiousity.

"Well, I'm not sure really. I can recall past visions but I don't know if I can call new ones because I haven't tried. Now when we came in the original meeting wasn't like I saw it because I was over excited and I frightened you all by tell you how much I knew. I think that the future isn't set in stone but it changes," I tried to explain all I had determined in the past few weeks. "Aro, yes Jasper told me about the Volturi."

"Nothing to worry about unless you break a law really," Rosalie sneered. I had a feeling she didn't like me yet.

"So we can stay right? I mean I already see that you will say yes but I still figure it's polite to ask," I laughed as Carlisle and Esme smiled at Jasper and I.

"You two make yourselves at home. You can have whichever room you would like," Esme said ushering us up the stairs. I walked along the hallway straight to the room I knew that Jasper and I would be staying in.

"Do you think that Edward will mind terribly if we take his room?" I asked Esme. She smiled at me.

"He won't at all. He's very much the gentleman and would be glad to help the two of you settle in with us," Esme assured me. I laughed knowing that was not the case. Jasper looked down at me with a puzzled expression and I shook my head.

"Well just pack up his things so the two of you can get comfortable in here," Esme left for a moment but quickly reappeared with some boxes and began to pack up all the belongings in the room. She shooed Jasper and I away while she worked.

"Go look around, find Carlisle and talk to him some more. He'd love to hear about you two. He loves all things new and unique. The talents the two of you posses will be of great interest," Esme said. Jasper was taken aback by her comment as I knew he would be. We hadn't mentioned his talent.

"Jasper, she's very intuitive. You couldn't tell by looking at them that we had frightened them. She just assumed you had a talent as well. Esme, Jasper can control emotional atmospheres and that is why Rosalie didn't attack us," I said matter-of-factly.

"I wouldn't say I can control them, I can influence them," Jasper said shyly. He hadn't spoken much since we arrived and he refused to leave my side.

"All the same, you will like Carlisle. You should go find him. He's in his office. Its downstairs across from the kitchen," I said sending Jasper away. He refused at first but once he tasted my mood he did as I said.

"Alice, could you help me carry these to the garage please. Edward and Emmett will be home tomorrow morning and we can figure out where to put Edward then," I smiled knowing they would be home that night but didn't say anything. I picked up two of the boxes and followed Esme to the garage.

"So you can't remember anything about your change?" Esme asked me casually.

"No, I was alone when I woke up. I don't even know how long I've been changed honestly. I don't really know if my name is even Alice. I found this note next to me on the ground upon waking and I just assumed it was for me," I explained. I wasn't worried about it anymore though. I rather enjoyed things as they were.

"You poor thing, Carlisle was all of our creators so we've been together for a long while. Maybe we'll take you out hunting tomorrow so you can see what it's like to live as we do. I do so hope you can adapt," Esme said cheerfully.

"Don't worry, we'll be around as long as you'll have us," I smiled at her knowing the love for her was already growing within me. Jasper and I took our small bags up to the room we would be calling our own and made ourselves comfortable. Jasper was still a little on edge but his talk with Carlisle did a lot to calm him and bring him some piece of mind. As we sat on the bed talking about the people who would soon become our family I smiled as I heard the booming laugh curl around the entire house. Jasper sat up straight but I pulled him back down to sit beside me.

"That's just Emmett, he and Edward are home early," I told him. Jasper smiled at me and hugged me.

"You are incredible," he whispered to me. I heard the door slam shut and the sound of Emmett's voice glided up the stairs.

"Rose, I'm home!" he called out.

"Yes, I know. We heard you laughing. What was so funny anyway?" Rosalie asked in her usual snide way.

"Nothing really, Esme, why are all of my things in the garage?" Edward asked and I giggled. "We have guests?"

I took Jasper's hand and we bounded down the stairs and came to a halt in front of Edward. He stared at us with a bewildered expression.

Hi, I'm Alice. This is Jasper. Sorry we took your room but yours had the best view and Esme told us to make ourselves at home. I thought to Edward knowing that he would hear me. I also showed him my life for the past few weeks. I reveled in the fact that his eyes went wide as he stared at me.

"Hi Alice, Jasper… so you had to pick MY room?" he asked with an annoyed expression. I laughed at him and sent him more pictures of the future I had seen. His face blanched as the confusion sparked in his eyes. "What is going on? You're thoughts are insane and I can't get a good read on you. Your mind is flying from one thing to the next so quickly I barely see one thing before the next thing starts," he complained.

"Don't be so rude Edward; you're going to love me!" I cried giving him a hug. He looked up at Jasper with the same confused expression.

"I haven't quite figured her out either. She's easy to fall in love with though it only took me two minutes," Jasper sighed and I danced into his arms. Edward stared at me for a long moment and then turned to Esme.

"So where am I supposed to stay then?" he asked her. I laughed at him again and reveled in my happiness.

I hope you all enjoyed my story. It was my first one and I've already got an idea for a second. I know it was kind of short but I thought that if I put too much in it then the main idea of the story would be diluted. I had a good time writting this story and I want to thank those of you who took the time to give me a review. I don't think I would have finished it if I didn't get any good feedback.