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"Emmett! Flipping hell! Hurry up!" I called up the stairs, impatient. I already had my two suitcases in the Jeep and I was the girl! What the hell could he be getting up there?!

"Geez, Bells! I was just packing extra underwear!" He boomed back, making the house vibrate a little.

"Why would you need that? Planning on peeing yourself any time soon!?" I screamed, becoming more and more restless as time went on. I wanted to get the good camping spot! The one near the stages and toilets! I would not be walking 2 miles to go to the loo at night! I could get raped!

Finally, Emmett came bouncing down the stairs carrying three large bags over his shoulder, pushing past me, swinging the bags back to knock me over. He turned around quickly after he heard my yelp and flashed an apologetic grin.

"Sorry, Bellsey," he smiled, before dropping the bags and pulling me up again. My brother may be a goof sometimes, but he is a gentleman. He picked up his bags again and threw them in the back of the trunk. We had more than enough room back there, the wrangler was huge. Emmett had to get the biggest car going, of course.

"Let's hit the road!" he grinned, closing the boot and hitting it twice. I grinned back. One of the things we had in common; we had dimples. We got them off Charlie, although he didn't smile much, when he did the little round dimples would always show.

"Dad, we're going now!" I called to him, checking my backpack for everything. Charlie came out quickly to hug us and to tell us goodbye.

"Right, Kids. You know the rules. No alcohol, no smoking. Emmett, don't let Bella leave your sight. Bella, if anyone creepy-"

"Dad!" I interrupted, "We've gone through this, and it'll be fine honestly. Plus, who would come near me when I got a bro like this?" I giggled, shoving Emmett a little bit, he didn't move, which proved my point.

"Yes, well…okay then. Just, be safe, okay? I love you both, have fun now!" Charlie hugged us again before stepping back and letting us get in the car.

I waved out of the window as we speeded down the street, Charlie getting smaller and smaller until…

"Woo! FINALLY!" Emmett screamed, slamming the speed up to a good 60 miles per hour. "I GOT MY FREEDOM!" he chanted, making up a song and thus making my ears ring.

We were only, what? Just leaving and I had a headache already. When the song finished I thanked the heavens above.

"So, Bells, you wanna play a game?" Emmett grinned excitedly, turning onto the freeway.

"No, Emmett. I really just wanna read this book," I told him, not meeting his gaze in case he had that lethal puppy expression on. I bit my lip; I could feel that look burning a hole in my shoulder.

"Bella," Emmett whimpered and I turned to look at him, immediately regretting it. Sure enough, that poor, poor puppy face was planted there and I could feel my hardness slipping. My mind somehow went to the kids in Africa and the little ponies that were dying and…I cracked.

"Fine…what do you want to play?" I muttered, banging my head on the window, punishing myself, whilst Emmett cheered and revved his horn happily.

"Okay! How about…the car plate game?" He suggested, tilting his head towards me, without taking his eyes off of the road.

"Um, Emmett, If you haven't realised, there isn't any car's surrounding us. We're taking a shortcut remember? To get the good tent space." I muttered, looking at the clear road ahead of me, trying to state the obvious.

"Well…I didn't know that." he said defensively. I just rolled my eyes and turned back to the book, reciting the play in my head. "Aw, come on, Bella! You said we could play a game!" he whined.

"Fine! Guess what I'm thinking?" I asked him, imagining a penny in my head. When we were little, Emmett loved guessing games 'Tested my intelligence' he always said. It only made me roll my eyes more.

"Okay! Does it…breathe?" he asked, turning a corner to a deserted road.

"No, it doesn't breath," I giggled, opening a window to cool myself down slightly. After about twenty questions, Emmett began to get frustrated.

"Can you do something with it?" He asked, narrowing his eyes, concentrating.

"Well, you can't technically do anything without it," I shrugged, giving more and more away. We had been playing this game for two hours straight, we were probably almost there.

"Oh! I got it! Money!" Emmett shouted, making my wince.

"It was a penny, but I'll give it too you," I muttered, rubbing my forehead which was banging by this point. I closed my eyes for a few minutes before I felt a shove on my shoulder.

"Bella! We're here!" Emmett exclaimed, jiggling my shoulder excitedly. My eyes snapped open and I grinned widely. There was a ton of people with tents, caravans, guitars and children. It was my type of scenery.

"Oh Emmett! Look! There's the stage!" I squealed, pointing to the large stage where my favourite band will be playing soon.

"I know! Okay, we better do our tent quickly so we can look around more. We have to get acquainted if were going to be spending the next 4 weeks here." He grinned, loving this.

"Okay…oh look! There's a spot there, quick Emmett DRIVE, there's an old couple wanted that space!" I shouted pointing to the closest spot. We all looked at each other dangerously. We were either getting this space, or tackling the old people. We were even distances, the space in the middle of us.

Emmett swerved to face sideways, blocking the old peoples driving space and parked neatly in the large square of grass, revving the horn loudly. We whooped and high fived each other.

"Way to go, my brother!" I cried happily. This was probably the best space we were getting. I turned and stuck my tongue out at the old couple, who were starting to turn, tutting to each other.

I hopped out of the car and opened the boot, passing Emmett the tent.

"You're the guy; you start to set it up." I commanded, taking out my suitcase.

"Oh no, you don't away with it that easily. You're helping too buddy," he told me, grabbing my arm and dragging me to wear the tent was semi going to be.

I started to bend down, but I couldn't since Emmett had a death-grip on my sleeve.

"Emmett," I hissed, trying to pull up my shirt to stop people seeing my chest. "Let go! What are you staring at?" I asked, standing back up, following his gaze.

The people opposite our tent were starting to get out of their large tent and back to the car. The man was tall, lean and slim, but you could still the muscles stick out from under his white shirt. He had honey blonde hair and ice blue eyes. He seemed to be calling back to the other person who was coming out. She was literally the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life, model beautiful. She also had honey blonde hair, which cascaded down her back little curls here and there, and darker blue eyes. She had a hand on her hip and the other pointing at the man, accusingly. They were so obviously twins, by their looks and behavior, it made me laugh.

I looked at Emmett ad giggled, he had his mouth opened wide and his brown eyes were glazed over. I wiped on his chin, faking dribble and wiped it on his shirt, Emmett immediately closed his mouth.

"Come on, Emmett. Stop looking at the pretty girl and help me with this!" I giggled, bending down to get everything out. Emmett puffed out his chest and flexed his muscles, moving robotically to help me.

He took the tent and held it up, trying to get the corners to stay down, but it was getting a bit windy.

"Bella, pass the hammer!" He called to me, even though I was right next to him. I rolled my eyes and got out the hammer. I handed it to him and went back to finding 'Piece B' and connecting it to 'Hole X'.

"Is this Swedish?" I murmured to the paper, looking at the funny language. I stood up and went over to Emmett.

"Hey Emmett-" I started to ask,

"No, NO!" He shouted, pointing to the lose nail, sending the tent flying into the air and heading towards the huge fields. I screamed in shock.

We started to run down the dirt road and towards the flying tent. Emmett grabbed my legs and set me on his shoulders, I started to wobble a bit and fell off, grabbing the tent in the process.

"EMMETT! HELP!" I screamed, curling up to save damage to my body. I closed my eyes tight, waiting for the pain…but it never came. I slowly opened my eyes to face my brothers brown ones, grinning easily. I was lying on Emmett's chest at a funny angle, the tenting covering half of us.

"Told you I would always catch you sis," he chuckled, pushing me off of him, and standing up. He held out his hand and pulled me up, making me groan.

People around us started cheering and revving their horns, I felt my cheeks flush with colour, while Emmett held up the tent as a trophy.

"Oh sweet, Jesus," I moaned, walking quickly back to our square. I looked over at our attractive neighbours to find them both in hysterics. I winced and just went back to putting the pieces together, hiding in shame.

"Wow, did you see that Bells?! Everyone knows us now!" He laughed, putting the tent back in place.

"That's great," I said sarcastically. "At least we got the tent back," I muttered, finally finding piece 'X'.

"I think one man called you superwoman," he was still laughing about it, making my cheeks blush harder.

"Yes, that's great Em. But I really don't want to be reminded of this." I pleaded with him, my cheeks going redder and redder. Emmett sighed and put one arm around my shoulder, squeezing it lightly.

"Well I think it's pretty cool. Whoa, look at that space! It's reserved! Is that a Volvo? Whoa, tight car. Not the type you bring to camping…" He murmured to himself, looking at the largest space nearby. Damn, that is lucky, we should have reserved.

First, a little pixie girl got out of the car and danced towards the boot, opening it to reveal 5 suitcases. She was short and petite, about 4'12, and had short, jet black hair, which spiked out in every direction; she also had green eyes with specs out brown in them.

Then, he came out, grinning as well.

He was tall, about 6'1 and was muscular, you could see the muscles rippling through his shirt. He had a strong jaw set, which held a beautiful crooked grin in the middle of it. He had the most amazing bronze hair which was styled messy, almost as if it wasn't styled at all and it glistened in the setting sun. But, his eyes are what captured me the most. The eyes were the most sparkling set of green I had ever seen. I didn't know how to describe it. It was too green to be Jade, too light to be emerald; too clear to be army…it was god-like.

"Humana, Humana…" I spluttered out, eyes wide, heart pounding, palms sweating.

"Did you seriously just do that? I thought girls only do that on T.V?" Emmett laughed, following my gaze, eyes lighting up when he saw, "Bella! Look! It's like a penny!" He shouted pointing that the boy, heads turning our way, including the penny, as I was now calling him. He seemed confused at first, and then his lips twitched up to a small smile.

"Okay…Emmett." I told him quietly, "You are going to take your hand down, and we are going to turn around, very slowly…go," I commanded and Emmett followed, both of us turning around at the same time.

"What's the mission," Emmett staged whispered, huddling me in.

"To finish the tent without drawing freaking attention. I think we are known here for Superwoman and Penny pointer." I growled at him, but he just burst out laughing.

"Right, lets get going Superwoman," He chuckled, "You know, that can be our superhero names, I kinda like penny pointer," He grinned, hammering the last nail to the ground. "Right, Bella. I need you to crawl in and start putting the pieces in the slots, to hold the tent up." He told me, handing me the large poles.

I sighed and got on my knees, sinking into the squishy mud. I groaned and slid under the large tent, surrounded by darkness.

Soon, later our tent was finished. Emmett and I stood in front of our tent with our arms crossed and proud expressions on our faces.

"We did good, sis." He nudged my shoulder in appreciation. I pushed him onto the mud.

"I know, bro. But, that's what you get for making me crawl through that crap." I laughed, tying my hair up into a ponytail. Emmett was up in a flash and had me in a headlock, like I was expecting. But, from what I have learned from self defence, I turned slightly and kicked him where the sun definitely doesn't shine.

Emmett groaned and fell back to the floor again, face first. I smirked and started walking towards the minute mart, Emmett not far behind me.

"Okay, what do we need?" I asked him, still walking forwards. "I was thinking a load of crap and that we just get a cheeseburger or something, I really don't want to eat healthy today," I said, picking out my money. I started to turn around, "What do you think?" I asked someone who definitely wasn't Emmett.

"I'm sorry; I think you've got me mistaken for someone else." I heard the velvety voice say, I spun around quickly to face penny boy. Oh…shit.

"Oh!" I looked behind him to see Emmett just getting up, "I'm so sorry, you probably didn't want to hear how unhealthy I am," I blushed ferociously.

Penny boy chuckled quietly.

"It's fine, honesty. My sister and I haven't got any healthier options, but she packed the crap into a separate bag, like she needs it." He smiled at me. I laughed lightly at him, while Emmett caught up.

"Hi! You're penny boy!" Emmett grinned at him, thrusting his hand out. I rolled my eyes at my brother, looking at Penny boy shyly.

"Most people call me Edward, but it's nice to meet you…" He said waiting for a name.

"Emmett! And this is my sister, Bella," he gestured to me and I gave a little lame wave.

"Well, it was nice to meet you Emmett and Bella, but I really have to get going, Alice is probably blowing the toaster or something," he laughed, waved and began to jog away from us.

"Come on sis, let's get some crap!" He cheered excitedly, ushering me into the store.

We came out with every unhealthy thing imaginable: Marshmallows, chocolate, candy, popcorn, corndogs, lucky charms, peanut butter, jelly beans, the list goes on…

We stored the food in the mini fridge and set up a small campfire outside our tent.

"Bella," Emmett whined, "How can we roast marshmallows? Hm, maybe we can find a stick off the floor? Rust it up a bit? Like boy scouts!" He said, thoughtful. I recoiled in disgust.

"I am not putting my mouth near a stick! Do you even have the faintest idea where it's been? A dog could have peed on it! No, no, no! I am going to find us some proper marshmallow sticks." I said determined and set off round the campus, going to all the sanitary tents. You tend to stay away from the ones that are singing Mariah Carey.

When no one had the goods, there were only two tents left. Penny boys and the pretty blondes. I went for the safest option: Pretty blondes.

I peered inside the large tent and saw the blonde girl sitting at the table with a pack of cards out.

"Um, excuse me?" I asked, getting her attention. Her head snapped to mine and she smiled slightly at me.

"Yes?" she asked, putting her cards down.

"You wouldn't, I mean could you lend us some marshmallow sticks?" I asked, nervously. The blonde girl got up and reached into a pack, pulling two out.

"Here, keep them. Hi, I'm Rose," She put out her hand and I shook it warmly, "And, my brother is Jasper, he should be around here somewhere," she waved her hand vaguely.

"Hey, I'm Bella, and my brother is Emmett, he's a doof." I smiled, my dimples crinkling.

"Yeah…I saw your little performance, superwoman…" she giggled as I blushed, "You can really jump far," she praised me.

"Err, thanks, that really wasn't supposed to happen," I mumbled as she laughed louder.

"Well, I better get going, thanks for the sticks," I smiled at her before turning around and bumping into something hard. "Oops, sorry!" I apologized quickly, before running off, leaving confused Jasper and an amused Rosalie behind.

I walked back to our tent and plopped in one of the foldable chairs and handed Emmett a stick, putting a marshmallow on mine smugly.

"Oh, whatever." Emmett muttered, thrusting his stick near the fire, waiting for it to melt. I laughed and put mine in too.

"Hey do you remember the last time we went camping?" I asked, giggling slightly as Emmett groaned.

"Oh, don't remind. That squirrel had it out for me! Plus, you weren't that much better. You do remember our little fishing trip right?" He grinned, tapping my shoulder as my eyes widened. "How you-" I slapped a hand over his mouth as he laughed into it.

We finished our marshmallows and called it a night, walking to our separate pods and zipping up the tent door.

I was nearing sleep when I heard scurrying around my tent. My eyes popped open and I sat up. I looked around and saw the eyes of a demon. I sucked in a breath and screamed at the top of my lungs.

"PENNY POINTER! THERE'S A DEMON!" I screeched, trying to get out of the pod, pulling the zipper quickly and rolling out, Emmett diving into my bed with a huge flashlight.

I stood on the plastic chair, curling myself up standing. I waited a few seconds before I heard another scream and a large shadow hopping on the other chair.

"What is it?!" I shrieked, flashing towards the tent.

"It's…a…a squirrel," Emmett stuttered, terrified. I shook with silent laughter before realising: who would get it?!

"Well go get it then!" I told him.

"No! You get it!" He shouted, jumping up and down in the chair.

"No! You're the guy!" I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air.

"So?!" He moaned, "I don't wanna Bella! I'm scared of squirrels!" He mumbled, pouting at me.

"Fine. But I'm not sleeping in there. I sure hope you don't snore." I muttered, stalking to his pod and plopping on his bed.

"Night, Superwoman," Emmett sighed, turning to his left.

"Goodnight, penny pointer," I grumbled, finally falling asleep.

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