a/n: High School's a bitch with homework and memories. Hope you enjoy this chapter.


After I ate some of the slices of the watermelon Mayu cut a few days ago, I went into our room and changed into my usual outfit: A brown, short-sleeved hoodie over a black undershirt with ripped pants. I opened on the drawers in our desk and pulled out a white paper bag. I looked inside; the roll was still there. I was worried Mayu had found it and would throw it out before demanding answers from me. Thank god she didn't...right?

As I head to the front door, I placed the bag into one of the old handbags my mother used to make and left the door, before locking it. I walked down the street into a deserted park, the kids away at school. She didn't call or sent a message yet, so I decided to sit down onto the bench waiting for her. I placed the bag next to me, knowing it will be safe nearby. As I sat on the bench, I felt the cold air blowing through the my short hair, calming me down a bit. Throughout the deserted park, I see clouds of mist spreading throughout the park with not very much sunlight beaming through, giving the park its eerie appearance. I liked the sight of it though...I don't know why but it makes me feel...calm.

"Hey, little girl." I heard a male voice behind me. I turned my head and saw two boys around my age coming toward me. They looked familiar....

Oh, now I remember. They were those two "bad" boys from school. Looks like they ditched again.

"What you doing here?" I heard the other guy say. "Shouldn't you be at school right now?"

I didn't say anything.

"Hey Jun, isn't she one of those Amakura twins?"

"I believe so....where's your clone, Amakura?"

I looked up and saw the two guys looking at me with weird grins, their teeth showing. It sickens me.

"Psh," I stood away and walked away a bit from the bench, the bag in my hand. "Buzz off and go make out somewhere, you two."

I stopped as soon my face almost met with the one with the spiky hair with his shirt uniform a little open. "Why won't you make out with me?" He isn't suggesting what I think he's suggesting, is he? I think he was when he grabbed my face and took a good long stare at it with his nasty eyes. Disgusting. "Hey Taro! You should look at this face, its a pretty one!"

"Hold her still..." A quiet voice muttered behind me. I looked behind and saw that guy, whom I'm guessing is Taro, coming toward me with his arms open. Probably going to attempt to get me and make me his woman. How nice...

Something suddenly came over me and before I knew it, I gave Jun, that guy apparently hitting on me, a good punch to his gut. Hearing him moan in pain felt like an angel's voice to me. The other guy tried to grab me from behind but when he tried to, his face met with my boot. He, too, fell to the ground, moaning in pain and his face was buried in his hands. I gave a quick grin and kicked that guy, Jun, in the stomach not once, but twice. It felt so good....The moans....their suffering....oh god, I can listen to this for hours...

Wait! What am I saying?! Oh my god...What did I just do?! I looked over at the two guys: That guy I kicked in the face managed to get up and help his friend up. I gasped as I saw the blood dripping down his nose. The other guy managed to get up, still groaning in pain from the impacts on his stomach. As soon as he got up, the two made a run for it. Shi-!!

"Wait!!!" I called out, though I had doubts they would listen. "I'm sorry!! Come back!!"

They didn't listen and continued running. Soon after, they disappeared from my sight, filling me with guilt and fear. I almost felt tears coming to my eyes. I injured two very stupid but innocent guys just for my amusement....I'm becoming like HER now...

Speaking of her, I heard my phone beeping again and checked who it was from. It was her again...

Hey Mio~

Why don't you come by today at our usual hiding place?

With that piece of that snake on that corpse's arm?

Kay, thanks bye~

-Kurosawa ^o^

I remained silent for a second shortly before leaving the deserted park, the bag still in my clutch.


"Ahh.....hello Mio..." Her narrow dark eyes underneath her long bangs were filled with sadistic joy. Her nasty voice disgusts me everytime I hear it. I looked at her face, all twisted with Sadism.....it makes me sick.

I had to say something or else those people, looked like she did something to them again, would punish me for not speaking. "Hello...." I held up the paper bag from the hand bag in front of Kurosawa. "Here's the thing you wanted boss." I looked away as she grabbed the bag away from my hands, not wanting to see her face. I could hear loud laughter echoing throughout the dark alleyway as she received the bag. I stayed quiet at the laughter but I managed to let out a small mutter. "I hope... you're happy..."

She stopped laughing and looked at me again. "Of course I'm happy, young Mio...." I felt her pale, thin fingers touching my chin. I nearly barfed for the love of god...

"You know, looking at your face reminds me of myself.."

My eyes turned into dinner plates. I would never EVER become a sick bitch like her. The thought of me hurting someone for fun ran through my young mind. I wanted it out so much...

So I tried to slap it away.


"I WILL NEVER BE LIKE YOU!!" I screamed at Kurosawa as she held a hand to the hand-print of her face as she stood there in shock. She was so pale so you could notice it easily. Her goons apparently didn't like it since they appeared to jump me for hurting their precious leader.

"Don't hurt her..." I heard Kurosawa say, her eyes still underneath her bangs. Her dogs immediately obeyed her and stood still. Underneath those bangs, I noticed small tears appearing in her eyes. The slap I gave her was pretty hard so I knew it I feel guilty for some reason...

As much I didn't want to say it, I said it. "I'm sorry."

I felt her tear-stained eyes glaring at me through her bangs. "Don't be." I heard her hiss at me as she walked away, her dogs following her. As I stood there looking at the group, I heard loud sobs coming from Kurosawa. I remembered something: She was still young; around the same age as me maybe. She was still a little girl. From what I heard, she was forced to become big boss a few years ago after her father, the former leader, and sister died. I understand why she became like this....I still hate her though because of all the pain she causes everyone in this god-damned gang and everyone related to it. I hated her especially because she would threaten to kill the one thing that keeps me alive and working for her.

My sister.