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Extra 3

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow...

I woke up and could feel the chill in the air. I looked outside, and there was a good 5-7 inches of snow on the ground. My sister must have been up because I heard her shout "SNOW!!!!" from her room. By the time I got dressed, she was busy working on a snowman. Not having anything to do until later, I put on a coat and helped her.

After a while, we had a pretty decent snowman going. When we finished the body, we found some sticks for arms, and my sister somehow accumulated a bunch of random items. Two pieces of coal for the eyes, a button for the nose, and a pipe to go in its mouth. All that was missing was a hat and we'd be following it through town to a catchy music number.

Actually, if that really happened, I'd probably have to have a talk with Koizumi about that.

The snow began getting heavier and my mom called us in. We went back inside and got a cup of hot chocolate. After a while, I checked the news. It said that the snow was only going to get worse. Damn, there goes my date. I called Yuki up and told her I wasn't going to make it, she said that was probably be for the best.

My sister pulled out a game and insisted we play with her. It was Janga, which was not a game I'm very good at. So, naturally, I lost most of the rounds. Damn center block. We went through an assortment of games such as Backgammon, Mouse Trap, Parcheesi, we even found a thing of Monopoly, which is weird because I don't remember us ever having that game. Whatever.

The day went on and pretty soon, the sun was starting to set. I looked outside and the snow had almost reached the windows. My dad started a fire in the fireplace and turned on the TV while my mom passed out hot chocolate. When I saw this, I couldn't help but feel like I was in a Hallmark card. But in a good way.

I grabbed a cup and took a seat. All in all, this was a pretty good day.


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Author's Note: I mostly designed this chapter as a "A Day in the Rain" type thing, so feel free to extend each scene for a ridiculous amount of time, and you should think it's a very nice chapter. And not even a page long! And without dialogue. Til next time. Ja ne