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"YOU WHERE WHAT?" Tsunade Yelled as she looked at me.

"I was married. His name was Kyo Akira. He was the first person I meet at sands that was not family. He help me a lot…" I said as I thought back


It was another sunny day in Sands and it's been a mouth since Sakura had left her old home. She walked around the village and smiled as she saw small children playing. She was still hurt for what had happen and had thought about suicide more then once. she walked to the far end of the village where there was nothing but sandy cliffs. She looked out and thought back to all that had happen. She thought of her village the one where she grow up in and thought of as her home, she thought of all the things that the villagers had said to her…

'You almost lose one of the most ninja of our village you so stupid!! Can't you do your job right?"

"What kind of medic are you??"

"Why don't you just die? We don't need useless people like you here."

'Just die'

They had said so many hurtful things. Tears came from her eyes and she thought she had done her best she had saved his life in the end, but they did not see that. None of them. As she cried she went to the edge of the cliff she close her eyes and step followed and she fell she was waiting for more pain but, it never came she felt something that was holding her arm. She open her eyes as she did she looked up to see who was holding her arm.

"Hold on" the man said. As he pulled her up once she was out of danger she was on the grown looking at the man in front of her. He looked tired but smiled at her.

"Are you ok?" he asked

"You should have let me die." Sakura said as she turn always from him

"HEY DON'T SAY THAT, NO MATTER HOW BAD LIFE IS THAT IS NO RESON TO GIVE UP!!" He yelled but Sakura didn't say anything.

"What your name?" he asked


"I'm Kyo Akira if you want to talk about something, am here it's better to talk about things then just keening them locked up and giving up hope." he said as he looked at her with a cute smile. Sakura looked at him and saw that he was will built and very handsome, he had short black missy hair with dark green eyes. His skin was darker then she was use to but he looked sweet and gentle, he hands looked hard but at the same time sofa. He looked kind as will. And so she told him…

Six mounts later

Everything was going will for the both of them they both cared for each other very much and finally Kyo asked Sakura out. Even thought he was five years older then Sakura, Pain and Sasori allowed them to see each other since he make their little sister happy. And so they would see each other everyday and after mission as will. Six more mounts went by and it became a year since they had meet and a year and a mouth since Sakura had come to sands. She had made a new home and she was happy. On the anniversary on the day they meet Kyo took her where they first meet and that's where he had saved her from herself. There they had a picnic and that day Kyo had asked Sakura to marry him. Sakura of course had said yes. 3 mouths later Sakura was getting walked down the aisle by her 2 brother on each side of her. While Gaara marred them.

A year and a half later.

It was sunset and Sakura and Kyo where eating Sakura was now 17 and a half. They both had a good life together so far. And Kyo thought was about time you stared a family.

"Sakura what do you think of kids?" he asked Sakura looked up in surprised

"Um I like the idea of them. They bring happiness to a person in the most dark moments. Why do you asked?" she asked as she eat her supper.

"I think we should start a family Sakura. I would love a daughter with pink hair and green eyes. One that would carry on you beauty." he said as he stood up and bend down by Sakura who smiled at him and she touch his face.

"And I would love a son that is just like you." she said Kyo laughed a little as he stood up and left her off her chair.

"Then why don't we start?" he asked as Sakura giggled

"I think that a good idea" she said kissed his lips. But before Kyo could carry her to their room, there was a knock on the door,

"I be right back love" Kyo said as he got the door and came back moments later with a scroll.

I have a mission Sakura. I have to go right always and I be back in a week." he said a little said as he looked at his pink haired wife.

"Ahh Kyo I'll miss you" she said. "I don't know if I will have any mission this week, but if you come back and am not here I will make it up to you when I come back from what ever mission I might have.' Sakura said as she kissed her husband.

"I go pack." he said

"I'll help you." Sakura told him as they walked to their room. Sakura watch as her husband walked out of the house but before he kissed her.

"I love you my cherry blossom." he smiled as she kissed him once more

"I love you too my anata." she said as he walked out of the house. She did not know it would be the last time she would see him walk out..

A week and a half later.

It was a busy night in the hospital. And Sakura was working late. Kyo had not come home from his mission and she was starting to worry. He and his team always back on the deadline of the missions. She walked to her office and did some papers. After a year in sands Sakura become head of the hospital and was the best out of all of them. She had learned more and more as she studied. She liked her rankings in sands and would not change it. Gaara would also make it easy for her to stay home once in a while.

"Sakura we need you in room 4,5, and 6" on of the nurse said as she came in. Sakura nodded and went to the room to find a man. She was the only doctor there tonight since the other doctor took off on a mission but the nurse know what to do and it was find if they only had one doctor. She healed the first two men fast and when she saw who it was she almost cried out right there and then. There in the bed badly hurt was KYO! She quickly went to his side. He had many deep cutes and it seemed like he was poisoned as will. He opened his eyes to see Sakura and he smiled.

"Saku." he said as Sakura stared to heal him.

"Save your strength Kyo you need it." she told him as he worked as fast as she could the nurse help with all they could until it got to the positioned, she did studies and she then looked at the nurse.

"GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!DON'T LET ANYONE COME IN HERE. I want you all to go and take those clothes off and burn them at once. Also wash your hands. Then go to Pain and Sasori and tell them to check the other 2 Anbu." She yelled at them and they did as they where told.

"Man Kyo you got yourself in real mess." she said with tears in her eyes.

"I know am sorry but you did marry me" he said with a smile as Sakura worked

"Yes and I would never take that back." she said smiling. "Can you tell me what happen?" she asked and he nodded

"We where coming back and I was in a hurry since I wanted to stat on that family, we where talking about before I left. But we where attacked and we had to fight. I fault this big guy from sounds. He did a number on me but I did too. He hit me with something I don't know was it was and poisoned me I was not paying action. Am sorry love." he said once more as Sakura did her best to find a way to cure the position.

"Don't worry your be ok."

"Sakura, please take care of yourself and I hope one day you can find someone else to love. Please don't take this too hard I just can't hold on anymore. I been fighting this is for days now only so I could see you one last time. Saku. I love you and always where. The day I meet you was the day I found that Angle do live among us the living. They are the ones in more pain than anyone, but I guess I could somewhat heal you and you brighten my life. Next time we meet will be when you are old, and you would have a full life of happiness with someone else, but I will always be there you just won't see me there."

"KYO please hold on am almost done." she cried

"When you get sick because of this please don't give up. Don't ever give up." and with that he closed his eyes but not before he said his last "I love you…" Pain and Sasori came in to find Sakura crying, they went over as Sasori held his sister and Pain took what was left of the poisoned and covered Kyo he wrote down a few things before he went to check his sister who made t hem drink the cure that she had just finished making but never got to give it to Kyo. They took it know this type of poisoned.

"Sakura come on we have to take you home before the effects of the poisoned go onto you, we need to make such you are ok." Pain said as he picked Sakura up and cared her home as she cried.

Sakura had gotten sick for being so close to the poisoned for too long. It made her sick to the point that her hair had turn white as snow and her green eyes had got to a white over them. She would have died, if it where not for her family and friends being there by her side the whole time. Once better she went to see Kyo in the graveyard. There she cried with Albern at her side. For the time he and Sakura had known each other they had become close friends. Kyo had saved his younger brother as will and they both could talk about how much Kyo did for them…

End of flash back.

Tsunade looked at Sakura and gave her a hug. "Oh Sakura am so sorry." she said

"Ya since then I haven't dated anyone else, I mean I kissed Deidera today for a dear but that different I know him a 2 years he like brother and I know no matter what there could never be anything but friendship with us or any other guy. I know and then Itachi kissed me I feel like. I don't know like am betraying him for not tell anyone I was married in the first place… Oh I don't know I just hate it when other guys to come close to me. It's not right. AND I HATE THE UCHIHIAS." she yelled the last part. Tsunade smiled at her student.

"Sakura I know how you feel but please don't worry about it anymore ok, I know you are stronger and you can hander them, and I will get them to work faster so you don't have to be there too long, but really I don't think Itachi would have the guts to do something like that to a girl.

"Well she dose have a fan club back home from all ages… Kyo was one luck devil." Albern told Tsunade who just smiled at him. She could tell that he was a dear friend by the way Sakura let that slide. But before Sakura could say anything Shizune came in running but by now Sakura tears where dry and she looked up.

"Tsunade we need you in the hospital!!" she yelled Tsunade looked at Sakura and smiled

"I think we can start with you medic test right now." she said as Sakura nodded

"OK but Albern I need you to tell the others that I will be in the hospital ok" he nodded and left after Sakura told him where the others where.