Rivieran Nights

[Chapter 1.2 To a New Night]

A/N: I never ever excepted to write about twenty one thousand words for one chapter [Chapter 1.0-1.2] in a short period of time, 2 months? Anyway, this is the third part that was originally suppose to be on Chapter 1.1 but was partitioned when I found out the chapter has about fifteen thousand words.

This SHOULD be the end of Chapter 1. I say should because..... well it just might not be due to the length of the chapter. If this does somehow exceed ten thousand words, then we just might have Chapter 1.3. This is the end of Chapter 1.

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- - - - -

Ein is laying on the ground, exhausted from his fight. Ein and his group defeated the mother wolf, who hunted the group because they were killing her offspring. While the girls distracted the mother, Ein used his World Blade and vanquished the creature. Now he is resting from the attack and from his illness.

"This isn't good." Fia yells out, taking Ein's temperature.

"We should get Ein to that camp site." Serene yells out, flying towards Ein.

"Wh-Why?" Fia yells out, reaching for her medical bag.

"Because.. there's a spring that could cool his overheating body." Serene says, storing the skull and cleaning the amulet with a cloth in the bag.

"Let's go then." Cierra says holding Ein's legs. "Just remember.... he's really heavy with his weapons." as Fia, holding his head, "Let's go Cierra!" the medic says, slowly disappearing behind the trees.

"Squirt, carry his bag." Serene commands Lina, who unhappily replied "Why should I?"

"I can't show everyone where the site is, if I'm behind everyone else." Serene says as she flies in front of Fia and starts to glide towards the site. A dissatisfied Lina carried Ein's "obese" bag, and followed Serene's order.

Rose follows silently behind him, still in awe of Ein's attack.

They arrive at the campsite without any issues. The grass sways back and forth like people at a concert. There is a large waterfall creating a constant sound and on the ground are some rocks and other anomalies like pieces of metal and some burnt wood from a fire. There are also some pink flowers watching the group.

The nearby slimes and other vermin scurries away from Ein who become the new alpha male of the local area. They fear the new leader and left him and his harem with a song of peace and tranquility.

The two set Ein down, on some grass as Fia pulls out her handkerchief and quickly walked to the spring. Cierra watches as Lina made it to the clearing and falls, with the full weight of the backpack on her. The mage runs to the orange sprite and helps her remove the fifty plus pound bag. She lays it down, near Ein, and starts to set up camp.

Serene, after mocking Lina, helps Cierra. By the time, Lina got up, the main tent is ready to be used. She walks towards Fia, who is nursing Ein while Cierra and Serene attempt to make some dinner.

"Hold that in your hand and I'll...." Cierra starts to say.

"I will not be another victim of your fire mishaps especially when we didn't bring any spare clothing." Serene says, putting the meat to her side.

"Oh come on, you should shows that beautiful body to Ein sometime [1 ] Why not make it now?" Cierra says, pointing her staff at Serene.

"G-G-Get that thing away from me." Serene says, pushing and aiming the staff towards Lina, who is watching a bug.

A small fireball flies from Cierra's staff striking Lina. Feeling the burning sensation, Lina screams as she runs and jumps into the waterfall, without any regard to her clothing. Fia gives Cierra the evil eye as Lina jumps out of the shallow pool.

Fia hands Lina the towel and walks up to Cierra.

"What did I tell you about using fire?" Fia scolds Cierra. Serene watches with glee as Ein's coughing ends the brief scolding.

The angel repeatedly coughs and turns with his back away from the girls. He opens his mouth and vomits bloods. The red ooze, freely flows out his mouth, into a puddle. In this mess are some dragon bones. Ein continues to cough as Fia and Cierra rush over to assess the situation. Cierra uses some disposable towels to pick up the mess and burns them, to prevent the other creatures from being attracted to the blood. Cierra watches Fia who takes another temperature reading.

Is he....choking? Fia thinks to herself.

"He's.... getting colder?" Fia says looking up as Cierra.

The older mature person, shoos Fia away as she removes her glove and takes a temperature test to confirm Fia's. Serene watches from a distance, knowing fully well that she would be of no help with medicine and has caused some trouble in the past because of it. So she casually walks up and watches while Lina is still watching a bug.

"Yes.... he strangely enough is getting colder. Maybe his body is trying to stabilize itself after releasing the contents?" Cierra says to Fia.

While they are talking, Ein shivers and pulls the blanket underneath him to cover himself. The angel slowly awakens, as he feels the heat from some hand gravitating to his body. It isn't Fia nor Serene and its... different from what he normally feels.

"Cierra?" Ein says opening his eyes to see Cierra, kneeling down to take his temperature.

"Oh.. well he's awake, we can ask him?" Cierra says to Fia. "Are you umm well?" Cierra asks turning her head towards Ein.

"I'm cold.... and I feel a lot better." Ein says, looking around.

"Do you know why your cold?'" Fia asks, focusing on Ein as well.

"Well... its probably a bounce back effect from the illness. Generally speaking it means I'm ok and the body just needs to rest." Ein says, crawling to his tent like a cat.

Meow [5ö] Rose says to Ein, watching inside the tent. The cat moves to one side of the tent, letting Ein have the rest.

Inside the tent, he curls up into his blanket and sneezes.

"Do you have something warm I can..... drink or hold?" Ein asks.

"Looks like you'll have to do it then." Fia whispers to Cierra's ear.

"Do what?" Cierra responds, cofused about Fia is saying.

"You'll have to keep him warm by sharing your body heat. [1 ]" Fia says attempting to persuade Cierra.

"W-What! why do I have to be the one doing this?" Cierra yells out loud, drawing everyone else's attention.

"Because your the fire witch. Fire can be a warm feeling that relaxes the body." Fia quietly says with her evil eyes.

Cierra realizes that Fia is giving her, the just desserts by sleeping with Ein. While she may have slept with Ein because of her fear of ghosts, she did so with her clothes on. Her face turns bright red as she attempts to stop Fia's plan but with no success/

While Lina watches from a distance, Serene giggles in the background, understanding everything that is unfolding.

"What about dinner?" Cierra asks, using every trick she knows to stop the plan.

"Do you really hate him that much?" Fia whispers back.

"It's not that I don't hate him....but what about you? Don't you like him?" Cierra responds.

"Yes but he likes you more." Fia says while she is biteing her tongue.

And so the lovely matter ends as Fia and an annoyed Cierra sets up dinner. They have some bread with cheese and pinequats and for dessert, some homemade brownies. Like last time, Ein scarves down his meals and instantly returns to bed shivering.

The others set-up their smaller tents and go to bed. Unlike this morning, Ein never has any sleeping issues once the group is on the trip; so everything is back to normal, except for Cierra. Everyone else is in their own tent while Fia supports Cierra by saying "Your just giving him something in advance." She giggles as she returns to her own tent and turns out the lantern. While Ein's tent is big enough to fit everyone, the angel generally leaves a mess of tools around. The smith often stays up in the middle of the night, fixing all their weapon or creating new plans.

Cierra sighs as she enters her master's tent. Since Ein never got the chance to make a mess, the place is mostly empty, clean and spotless. There is a large blanket with some pillows beneath Ein and Rose, who is sleeping next to her master's head. There is also a larger fluffier blanket which lays above Ein's body and above his "bed." Next to Ein's feet is his large yellow backpack. Aside from the missing wooden frame and matress, the scenary looks exactly like Ein's bed at home, with his insignia on his pillow covers.

This is not right. Cierra mutters to herself as she enters. She touches Ein's head and feels the cold flow from his body. Even with the blankets, it seems that he is unable to contain a sufficant amount of heat. Cierra sighs one last time as she starts to disrobe. She lays her intimate clothing and sleepwear to the side, as she slides into his bed. Cierra lays there wondering how and why she got into this situation. She truly did feel sorry for Ein and wants to cure him but it ended up getting very... close.

I mean, its ok if we're sleep with our clothes on, but if we do it like this.... it feels like we.... are husband and wife. Cierra says to herself. A white wedding dress appears in her mind as the witch imagines herself with a boquet, smiling in front of Ein who is in a suit. Her face becomes redder, heating up the surrounding area. The sleepy angel gravitates towards the heat source, coming in contact with the source by rolling. His sneezes fade when he approaches Cierra.

Well at least its just a night.... and he is healing. Cierra says to herself, realizing that the situiaton isn't really as bad as she though it would be. Ein lays their with his back resting next to Cierra's back. The sprite turns and lies face up while Ein says close to her hand. In one minute, she realizes why she is the one sleeping with Ein.

If it weren't for the fact that I was a fire mage, I would probably be very cold right now. Cierra says to herself as she uses some of her mana to heat herself. I guess.... this is how the night will go. She watches the top of the tent and a few bright stars that shines through the green and silver tent. The mage starts to close her droopy eyes as she starts to puts her hand to her chest and converts more of her percious mana to heat.

The starry night twinkles above the group as everyone falls into a restful state. The calm winds blow some stray leaves, while birds and other night time creatures fly around the camp site, in fear of Ein. With the gushing sound of water flowing from a waterfall, Cierra finally closes her eyes.

Suddenly, Ein rolls around and gets on top of Cierra. The witch instantly opens her eyes and sees that Ein is ontop of her. The angel yells out, "I will rock your world.".....

- - - -

Ein is walking on a mountainous area when a rock strikes him. Ein flies up into the air and successfully lands on the ground. He gets back up and notices a plethora of rock creatures all observing his every move. The angel angrily yells out "I will rock your world," while he pulls his drill out of the weapon bag on his bag . Dozens of rock creatures jump into the air as they descend on the rock hero. Using his newly designed fang drill, Ein punches through the creatures with ease. Like rain, the enemies fall from the sky at an alarm rate. Ein dodges some of the golems while he destroys the annoying enemies. During this clash, Ein swings his sword down, creating a dust storm. Quickly the lies down behinds some rocks and pulls out his bow.

He rests his left shoulder as a fleet of birds appeared, holding bags beneath them. With his right hand, Ein starts shooting arrow after arrow, killing the pesky avians that planned to realise ann unknown substance on him. After smiling from the take, the ground crumbles below him. Ein falls

off the platform, and pushes both his hands to the ground to support himself in this land slide. The angel glances around for any more enemies. HE suddenly notices the warmth from the stone as more rocks strike him. One strikes his head, forcing him down to the surface. Ein accidentally kisses the stone tablet and feels the heat.

Ein quickly opens his eyes as he realizes that the stone is warm. As he breaks free from the kiss, he sees a flustered Cierra, with a completely, tomato, red face. The angel sees that she is panting as he looks down. Both shoulders push on the ground as he rolls off her the surprised fire mage.

The angel quickly rolls to one side, as he wonders how and why Cierra is in his bed without her sleeping attire. He is befuddled as Cierra learns first hand, why Ein SHOULD sometimes sleep alone. With an overactive imagination, Ein moves, rolls and possibly say things in his sleep that could be misinterpreted. Thinking that he should apologize and explain the situation, Ein starts to turn himself to face the red mage.

Before the angle could do anythings, he feels Cierra's warm hands as she grabs Ein and pulls him towards her. The warmth slowly fills Ein's body as he attempts to peel himself away. With his failed attempt, Cierra strengthens her hands with more magic, hoping that this would "cure" Ein. Caught with her hands, he feels the flow of heat from her curves travel to his back into his body. It is an awkward situation for Ein, stuck in bed with a close friend in a strange situation that he never imagined.

"Wh-why are you doing this?" Ein asks the bold witch.

"What.... do you mean?" the witch whispers back into his ear.

Her warm dry breath tickles Ein's ears as he sneezes. "I'm fine." Ein replies back.

"No your not." Cierra responses tightening her grip.

"The reason why I'm sneezing now is because I'm allergic to those pink flowers, Ein says pointing to the shadows of the plants.

"Then why did you vomit?" Cierra asks back, wary of Ein's responses.

"That was because of that attack. When I executed that attack, I exhausted all of my energy so..... I passed out. My stomach wasn't finished digesting everything so what you saw was the reminiscences of my lunch." Ein explains to Cierra.

"Even so you're still freezing so I'm staying. Plus I'm not going out their naked." Cierra whispers back to Ein.

The angel realizes that no matter what he would say, Cierra is determined to stay and watch over his health, thanks to Fia's order.

Note to self: The girls are overprotective of my health Choking on some dragon bone, being allergic of the flowers and having a decrease in body temperature, due to the bones, seems to get a lot of attention. Not that I dislike it though. Ein stays to himself as he closes his eyes. Ein takes a deep breath before he attempts to resume his slumber.

The night continues as time pushes the sun further and further from the horizon. Ein however would soon wake up again.

When the moon climbs to its zenith, Ein's eyes opens.

Wa-what. Is there something wrong. Ein says to himself as he looks around. The angel is still in his green and silver tent with his E logo on the sides. Cierra has rolled away from Ein and is now resting near her clothing, with her back turned towards him. The angel looks up, sees the sky and realizes why he always wakes up at this time.

Geez... I think I'm use to waking up at this time. [4ô] I don't know if my body just wants some alone time or some fresh air but I always wake up around this time. The angel says to himself as he quietly crawls out of his tent. Before he even does that he quietly goes over to Cierra and feels her smooth back. Its very hot.

Once outside, the smith stands up and stretches as he feels the cold wind brush up against his warm body.

Cierra must be good at warming people. Ein says to himself as the angel takes his first step. Avoiding the leaves and other noisy foliage, Ein walks up to the nearby waterfall. The sound excites the smith's ear and the mist tickles his body. The angel looks up and enjoys the majestic power and beautiful scenery, knowing that he would not be able to visit anytime soon.. The flowing sounds soothe the angel's body and reminds him that there is a larger, unexplored world outside of Elendia.

A strong vibration flows beneath the angel's feet as he hears some unidentifiable sounds. The source seems to be from behind.

Someone .... or something must be coming. The angel says to himself.

- - Night - -

[It must be.... Fia?]

It must be Fia. Ein says to himself while he watching the everlasting falls.

"Ein?" a calm voice says out loud.

"Yes I'm here Fia." Ein shouts back, listening to the footsteps.

"Can I sit here?" the polite sprite asks, when she is only a few feet away.

"Of course." Ein says, looking at Fia.

The angel watches as the green sprite carefully sits down without leaving any wrinkles. As if on cue, she starts asking questions.

"Why are you up this late?" a concerned Fia asks.

"Well....I like to take breaks from time to time, so I sometimes wake up this late." Ein explains while Ein is captivated at the falls.

The healer raises her hand and places one hand on Ein's face and the other on hers.

"Your still cold." Fia says, returning her hands back to her sides.

"I guess so." Ein says turning to Fia. What he didn't realize is that their faces are only a few inches away. "Umm..." Ein says turning his face away. "W-Why are you this close?"

"Is that a problem?" Fia asks in a sincere voice.

"Its not that..... its just really strange when I see you right next to me. Its like your invading my personal bubble."

"But... "Fia starts to says as she starts to hug Ein. "Its the only way I can keep you warm. " the green sprite says, moving and closing her hand around the smith's.

"Erm.... what about the others?" Ein says out loud in a concerned tone.

"It seems they don't want to take responsibility. Cierra somehow returned to her tent and you were all alone, weren't you?" the guardian beast says to her master.

I thought she was still in my tent.. Ein says to himself.

"I guess so..." The angel lyingly says.

"Do you want to sleep in my tent then?" Fia says, while she is still holding onto Ein's hand.

Why do I always have to be stuck in these type of situations. The angel yells to himself.

"If.... you accept me." the angel says, knowing that it is FUTILE to rescind Fia's aid.

The sprite lets go and stands up. She gives Ein a hand and helps him up. The two silently walk, hand in hand to the smaller green tent. The angel decides to enter first and crawls into the tent. The tidy, somewhat empty tent didn't phase the Craft Knight, since the smith knows that, out of the four Fia would be the most organized. The wingless angel rests his hand on one of the two green pillows while the green sprite crawls into the tent. She lays down next to the angel without a second thought as she pulls her blanket to cover both of them.

Did she plan this out beforehand. Ein thinks to himself, wondering if this is a trap.

"Good night." the guardian beast whispers to Ein.

"Good night." the craft knights says back to Fia.

I think she's overprotective of me..... It is as if she's treating me like a child. are the last thoughts Ein had before he closes his eyes. As he escapes reality and heads to dream land, Fia slides a bit closer.

[It must be Lina!]

It must be Lina, the only other person who wakes up this late. Ein says to himself.

"Ein? What are you doing this late?" the hungry sprite says, holding a candy bar.

"What!? Are you eating?" the angel says watching the orange sprite voraciously eat the sweetened pinekquat leather bar.

"Pinequat fruit bar." the sprite says, running up the angel.

"Are you always up this late?" a concerned Craft Knight asks.

"Lina sometimes wakes up because she is hungry." the sprite says, finishing her bar.

"I see." the angel says looking back into the waterfall.

"Why are you here?" the curious young sprite asks looking in the same direction Ein is facing. The sprite glances around at the lake and waterfall scenery.

"I .... always seem to wake up this late to enjoy the fresh air. Once you make lots of weapons, the air gets dirty so I sometimes get some fresh air this air." the angel says taking in a full breath of air.

The sprite, without asking, hugs the warm angel. The wingless individual doesn't fight back and feels the heat from the young child. There they stand until Ein he's some snoring.

I guess this must happen a lot. The master says, breaking Lina's grasp and carrying her. Once in Lina's tent, the smith gently sets down his guardian beast onto her flower pillow. Tears appear on her eyes as he starts to leave.

Fine. I'll stay here a few minutes and comfort her. The angel says, resting his head on another pillow. Just.... a few minutes.... The angel mutters to himself as he closes his eyes.

[It must be.... Serene]

"It must be Serene." Ein says to himself. Who else would be comfortable me in the night sky.

"You caught me." Serene says revealing herself from a nearby bush, rather than her tent.

"Wh-What are you doing there? [3╬]" Ein says in a annoyed, surprised manner.

"I was going to ask you the same thing." Serene says, crawling out of the bush. She stands up on her two feets and watchs the angel.

"Well... I was enjoying the night sky." Ein says looking back at the waterfall.

"So I see, but why are you up at this time? Can't you enjoy the view in the morning?" Serene asks.

"Its.... hard to explain. Its just a thing I do everyday like showering and eating." Ein explains to the questioning arc.

"When did you start?"

"Well I was making some weapons I still didn't want to go to sleep. So I went outside with my weapons and started swinging them. There were some demons so I had some fun..." Ein starts to say.

"Why didn't you tell me about this? I'd love to take out my anger on demons and have fun doing it! [1 ]" Serene interrupts the angel.

"Erm.... you never asked. That and your.... a heavy sleeper. [4ô]" Ein says, looking at Serene with a annoyed face.

"Oh.... ha ha. About that..." Serene says in a light, humorous tone.

Ein sighs as he turns back to the falls, giving the arc a chance to think.

The dark blue arc came up with an idea.

"Why don't you try to wake me when I'm asleep then? [1 ]" The arc suggests the angel.

"Because you would get grumpy, yell at me and create a strange misunderstand[4ô]." the cautious hero said, looking back at Serene's lonely eyes.

"I promise I'm not going to do that." Serene said, holding her right parallel to her body to form an oath.

"Fine." the angel says, knowing that it would be easier just to accept the matter and ignore her.

While the tired angel looks at the waterfalls, the delighted arc returns to her tent and tells Ein "Wake me up in twenty minutes." With each passing second, he grows more tired and drowsy. After an unknown amount of time, he walks to the blue tent and pushes the cover aside.

"Serene." the weary angel, said gently pushing Serene's head back and forth.

The angel did not see the arc but instead saw a blue body pillow in her place. In his mind, Serene's tent is his tent with lots of equipment on either side. The angel crawls in the tent, as his body continues to play mind tricks. Once inside, he pulls a large fluffy pillow underneath the body pillow'shead and puts it under his. His eyes slowly closes as he sleeps with a body pillow called Serene in the same bed.

"Ouch" the arc says as her head drops to the ground. The blue sprite opens her eyes and looks around. She felt something warm, rubbing up against her back. Serene turns around and see Ein sleeping like an angel. Ein's third guardian beast, nudges his back but alas nothing would wake him up. From pokes and prods to pinches, the angel would not wake up from his slumber.

Serene, like Ein succumbs to [torpid] [tiredness] and closes her eyes. One second later, she opens them again, realizing that Ein, a boy, is in her bed. With a red face full of energy, her mind drifted into a lewder, perverted territory. Many things came into her mind, but she miraculously ignored them. The arc came to a simple conclusion and acted on it

She pulls the pillow half way from the angel and puts it under her hand. Inches away from her master's head , she turns her back against Ein, in hopes that the new position will calm her mind. She closes her eyes and goes to sleep, believing that nothing "bad" will happen.

[It must be Cierra....]

It must be Cierra. Ein says to himself, as he continues to observe the falls.

The scarlet witch quietly approaches the blissful person.

"Ein?" Cierra yells out, attempting to confirm the individual.

"Yes?" Ein says with his back still turned to Cierra.

"What are you doing here? [3╬] You should be sleeping...." Cierra says as she stops herself from saying "...with me."

"I'm enjoying the nights." Ein says, finally turning himself around. Cierra is in her normally dress minus her witch hat and red gloves. She looks shorter and different without her hat. Her long, silky, red hair flows in a breeze with a near full moon behind her. In short the fire mage looks like a completely different person.

Cierra, without asking, raises her hand and places it on Ein's forehead. Ein reluctantly moves away while the mage places another hand on her forehead to check his temperature.

"Your back to normal." Cierra says, removing her somewhat pale hands off the angel's face.

Ein sighs, as he crumbles at the though of explaining everything to Cierra. It would make sense but.... the girls care for me too much and I don't think they would even believe me. Ein says to himself. He is planning on either telling the girls why he was sick or telling them nothing. In the end, the angel irresolutely chooses not to explain.

"Ein?" Cierra says in her calm voice, noticing that the angel is starring into the moon.

"Oh sorry." Ein says as Cierra's voice frees him from the trance. "I was just thinking too much." The angel turns himself to Cierra curious face and then to the waterfall that relaxes him.

"....Do you mind if I join you?" Cierra asks, taking a few step towards Ein.

"Oh sorry... its just that the sound of the water soothe me and puts me in a peaceful trance. Anyway, yes you can join me." Ein says, turning his head towards the witch. He watches the mage walk without any sign of tiredness.

"So.... do you do this often?" Cierra asks, looking up at the angel on his sturdy rock.

"Do what?" the confused angel responds.

"Wake up this late?" the mage explains herself.

"Oh..... [4ô]. This is a strange habit I'm got into." Ein quietly says to the scarlet witch. "You see I.... I have been outside a few times before when I was making my weapons. At that time, I finished my weapons but couldn't got to sleep. So I decided to go outside for some fresh air... and now its a habit."

"I see." the curious spellcaster says. Her hand cautiously moved and grabs Ein's hand. The angel opens his hand and lets her hold it. The smith feels the warmth of his guardian beast flow into him.

"So.... why were you sleeping with me?" the angel asks, curious about what the girls had said.

"That...." Cierra says turning away from the angel. "That was.... Well... I was just worried about you and I... decided to make sure you... would be safe at night."

"I thought it was Fia telling you to do that." Ein says, unsure if what he had heard was a dream or a reality.

"Oh.... that was... a suggestion... and I decided to do it." Cierra says, fumbling with her words.

"Anyway.... I'll be going to sleep. You don't have to watch over me anymore so you can enjoy your own bed." Ein says, letting go of Cierra's hand. The angel takes only one step before Cierra grabs his arm.

"But.... do you still need my help?" a concerned Cierra says, looking up at her master.

"Erm....I" Ein starts to say.

This is not good. Ein says to himself. If I reject her offer.... she would probably think I don't like her.... At the same time if I accept.... it will be another weird night with yet another person sleeping in my bed. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Ein though to himself. His indecisive mind fluttered between yes and no. In the end, the smith is unable to choose.

The angel sighs and answers irresolutely "I'm.... not sure." The equivocal angel decides to let her make the decision and silent walks away from Cierra back into his tent.

"It is your decision." Ein yells back to Cierra, who is watching the angel's every move.. "If you like your tent, then you can stay in it. If you think I'll be sick... join me then."

I can't believe I said that. Ein says to himself while he closes teh tent "door."

Ein slides back into his warm tent. He looks up at the top of the tent, before he turns off the light and goes to sleep, leaving Cierra with the choice.

Although.... I think I know that's going to happen anyway. [4ô] The wingless, hero thought to himself as he closes his heavy eyes.

[It must be Rose....]

It must be Rose. Ein says to himself.

EIN! the cat familiar said, appearing from his tent.

"Why were you silent, during the whole trip?" Ein quietly says to the cat.

Well... I was surprised.... by your skill. You have improved quite a bit since we last met. [5ö] Not only that but you have a more successful life ahead of you The cat starts to say to Ein. The angel could only see her green eyes as her body blends into the shadows.

"Successful life?" Ein responds back, confused by what his feline says. The dense angel watches as the cat's eyes get closer.

Look at you. You have beautiful four guardians beasts with you. When we were separated, you have no one but me. It seems that you've changed for the better. You swordsman skills have improved dramatically and you've sharpened your instincts. You have become everything that you wanted to be and some. The feline with a white bow on her tail says to Ein.

"Yeah.... I guess your right." Ein responds, agreeing with what his familiar says.

So.... how did you meet them? The curious cat says looking up at her master with her glowing green eyes.

"About that...." Ein says, turning away with a slight red face.

Come on. I'm your familiar. Its not like I'm going to tell anyone. Well... I can't really say much and no one would beleive me. Rose says jumping up and down to get Ein's attention.

"Fine." Ein says as he kneels down to Rose's level.

The cat jumps to one side of the angel as he whispers his story into her ear.

"I met Fia and Lina when we got separated. I was teleported into a large tree and fell off of it. After falling a few hundred feet, I landed with a scratch, thanks to a lucky amulet. Fia and Lina found me and healed me. I heard they were going on a journey so I joined them to repay that debt. We headed to Lacrima Castle, which is where I met Serene. When we came, another grim angel called Malice, wanted to kill all the arcs. I saved Serene and ever since then, she stayed with the group.

A few weeks after that trip, the four of us headed towards Nelde Ruins. A day in, we met Cierra who wanted to join us in the exploration of the ruins. At the top, we took down the accursed and..." Ein explains to Rose.

That's how you met me. Rose says back to Ein.

"Yep. Cierra saw something and she found you and that's that." Ein says, finishing his explanation.

I see. Well that explains a lot. Rose says.

"Anyway I'm tired now, from explaining everything, so I'm going back to sleep." the angel says, standing back up and taking a few steps to his tent.

With a lewd clumsy scarlet witch called Cierra. [5ö] Ein's familiar says following her master.

"Look, its because I'm sick. That why she's doing it. Even thought it feels weird... its not an awful experience" the angel responds back to Rose.

Of course its not. Your getting experience sleeping with other people. Odds are you'll probably be doing that a lot more often. [1 ] Rose warmly says to the angel

"What!? Why?" the angel says out loud, turning to his cat.

You really think this is going to be the end of it? If Cierra can sleep with you...... then the other girls can get jealous and decided to 'join' unannounced. And if that keeps up.... well you'll be hearing more than just wedding bells Rose explains to Ein.

"Erm... your right." Ein quietly says to Rose, as his mind drifts away into the messy future.

Why... didn't I think about that.... This is going to get messy and ugly.... Well, assuming that Rose's statement is true and that the girls DO get jealous, this... will not end WELL. If that is true... its going to be some weird nights. Probably some I'll never forget... Ein says to himself as he enters the tent.

The angel went to sleep with that heavy thought in his mind.

[It must be... ghosts?]

It must be some spiritual force attempting to contact some living lifeforms. The angel says to himself as turns around.

There, about a feet from his face, is a blue fire that is floating a few feet above his head and is saying "Ein."

The angel ignores the sound and continues to enjoy the view. As the sounds grow louder, he ignores then and watches the beauty of nature.

Slowly, it repeat his name, echoing in a creepy ghost tone, behind his back. The sound becomes stronger as more fires appear behind his back. A red, yellowish-orange and green fire appear less than six inches from the angel.

Ein turns around and notice that they form a circular arc shape. The spirits don't move and continue to repeat the name. Suddenly, Ein notices a burning hand appear at his shoulder height. The green hand approaches the angel.

The wingless person, swings his hand and destroys the hand but watch as more hands approach him. The one strikes becomes an endless flailing session sthe angel swings his arms to stop the fire. The voices become louder as the deperate angel attempts to stop the fires from making contact. His name echoes louder and louder, as the hands more faster and faster. Ein slides away from them, quickly reaching to the edge of his stone chair. Suddenly one giant green hand appears out of nowhere. Unlike its baby brethren, it cannot be destroyed by a simple slice.

The angle punches and uses his hand techniques to stop the giant menace but nothing works. His last attempt fails as the hand touches and burns his head. And then....

Ein opens his eyes. In front of him, he sees the same serene waterfalls. His voice did not echo endlessly as he turns around, still sitting on the rock.

"Ein!" a voice says as he sees four people behind him. He looks up and sees his familiars all staring with angry expressions on their faces. Like his dream, Ein slides a bit back for some "comfort" distance.

"Hello?" the angel says, rubbing his eyes to check if this is a dream. The figures kept their expressions, as he comes to the conclusion that this is not a dream. This is a nightmare.

"What are you doing here? [3╬]" Fia says, looking down at the angel.

"What are you all doing here?" the surprised hero responds, with a look of disbelief.

"We were going to ask you the same thing!" Serene yells out, revealing herself from the darkness.

"Umm.... I was just enjoying the night sky." Ein admits, while he turns around to see if the waterfall is still there.

"Enjoying?" a confused but still angry Cierra says, revealing herself with a small fire. Ein notices Lina with a sleep expression behind the trio.

"Well it gets tiring when your making lots of weapons." the smith says looking back at the girls. "So I take a break and well... that's why I keep waking up at this late."

"Why can't you just be a normal person and take a break while your making your weapons?" Serene says, wondering why Ein likes to be different.

"Well... I don't want to leave a half-finished sword at the furnace. You know how hard it is to resume the process!?[3╬] Furthermore, a weapon created that way won't be as pure or as powerful. It doesn't make any sense to make weapons that way." an agitated angel lectures to the girls. "Let me get an example then."

The angel leaves his sitting spot and runs to his tent. In a few moments, he reveals himself with two different long swords.

"This is the completed one." Ein says, holding his long sword in his left hand forward.

The blade looks like any other weapon, with its usual gloss shine. The weapon looks like it came from a store or was made by a professional.

"And this... wasn't made in one session." The angel says revealing, the otehrweapon in his right hand.

"The overall shape isn't perfect. The sides of the sword are lumpy and uneven. The color is a darker shade of silver and the edges are duller. While the yellow handles are identical, the blades look like they came from different makers. "See?" Ein asks the girls.

"Why do you even have that sword?" Cierra says, wondering why someone would have a poorly made weapon during times of hostility.

"I figured you would all ask me by some point and these weapons make great arrows." Ein exclaims.

"Lina is here." the small, organe sprite, says as she rubs her eyes.

The angel sighs as pangs of exhaustion bite his body. He attempts to keep his same smiling facial expression as he walks into his tent. "Nite." the angel says, as his smile disappears.

He closes his eyes as he hears someone talk

I hope what whatever their planning doesn't involve me. The angel says to himself as he closes his eyes. Knowing them.... it probably will.

- - - - -

"I... sorta feel bad for Ein." Fia says as she realizes how busy Ein is.

"Well.... he is one of the few that can make weapoooooons." Cierra says while yawning.

"I.... should give him a massage." Serene says as she walks towards the tent.

"To a sleeping person? I guess... I'll help?" Fia says follows suit

"Lina wants to help." Lina says.

"I don't want to be the only one left." Cierra says as Ein's tent becomes awfully hot and crowded.

"Meow" Rose says.

Well I guess Ein will have lots of company, even in his sleep. [5ö]

[It must be... a monster!?]

It can't be a monster. Ein says to himself as he turns around.

A large howl screeches from a large wolf. It seems that Ein is right..

The angel quickly runs into his tent to look for his sword. The angel sits on something hot while he unzips his bag. The angel pulls his sword out of his weapon satchel and zips it back up.

"EIN!" someone yells out as the angel crawls out of his tent.

The smith ignores the calls as he rushes with his blade in his hand.

"DIEEEEEEEE!" the angel screams out.

The creature howls in pain and more of its brethren appears.

"Ein!" a scarlet witch says in her skimpy sleepwear. "What are you doing!?[3╬] "

"There's a monster here!" Ein says, glancing back at the mage.

Bathed by the moon light, the beautiful witch looks like completely different person. Ein stops a moment, before he continues his assault. The other girls slowly awaken as the sounds of metals and howling fill the air.

"Return from wence thy came." the angel yells out, as the last creature disappears from reality. Beads of sweat appears on his forehead

The tired, exhausted, angel looks in front of him as the army of vermin vanishes. Replaced by nothing, the angel stabs his blade into the earth for support as the other's arrive.

"Where are the monsters?" Fia asks in her green pajamas.

"I... destroyed them." the angel says, walking towards his tent. The casual green clothing would be the last thing Ein would see. Before he even makes it, the smith passes out.

While that is happening, a large slime creature jumps into the air.

Serene flies up and slashes the green gelanetous create, splitting in two.

"Let this fire melt thy enemy..." Cierra chants as a "liquid" of fire flows from the tip of her staff. The red fire flies at the pieces and melt the green slime into nothingness.

The scarlet witch, all dressed for action, looks at the angel.

"Serene could you help me." Fia says, walking to Ein's feet. The arc and the healer, picks up the heavy sleeper and moves him to his tent.

"What's the plan now?" Lina says while yawning. The sleepy yellow sprite, in her pajamas, gives a cursory glance around for some monsters.

"I think we should look around for some more monsters or at least have someone stationed." The mature mage says.

Out of the four she, is the only one that's actually awake and active, thanks to Ein. The mage waits while the others return.

"So whaaaaaats the plan now." a yawning Fia asks.

"I think someone should stay on guard while the others sleep. Then we can rotate people." Cierra says, looking around for any signs of creatures.

"Ok... ok." a sleepy Serene says, walking to a rock that is close to Ein's tent. on

"I'll sit here and watch for an hour and I'll wake someone else..." Serene says, sitting the rock and putting her reaper on the ground.

The others agree to this and return to their own tents. The mage returns to her portable adobe and closes her eyes.

It is a few hours later when the dark blue sky, starts to lighten up. Cierra opens her eyes and wonders why no one has awakened her yet. She leaves her tent and looks at the guard spot. There is no one there except for the rock. Cierra curiously walks and looks into the other girls' tents.

Besides their small bags, the places are void of sprites. So she pulls one of the covers of the angel's tents and see everyone, in their sleeping garmentswhile Ein is snuggling the others. The now angry sprite jumps in and joins the sleeping/guarding party while the angel enjoys his nightmare.

- - - - -

A/N:I forgot to add that World Blade is a weapon I invisioned and created. It does not exist in either game and, as far as I can tell, can't be created in SNSC. However, one can wield a katana and a long sword as seperate weapons so it sorta exists although it would lack the special attack.

And yes, finally, the chapter is finally over. What started as seven thousands words has ended as twenty thousands plus words. Don't except an update soon since I'll be working on April Fool's Day in Riviera now. Odds are I'm going to speed up the process by removing some events, external to the actual story, since the group hasn't gotten to Tetyth in 4.... 5 updates and probably will not for at least another chapter or by the pace they should be there in 2 updates, assuming that my writing doesn't go overboard. Reviews are espeically appricated :)

I'm going to say this once LAST TIME. Read the Data before sending questions and other comments which have already been answered. Espeically if one is bored or curious, that part has important information.

[General Data]

Yes the sleeping in bed "scenes" do show how close/attached a guardian beast can be with their owner. The series do not specifically state where guardian beasts sleep, so I assume its with their master or with their own bed. Sometimes a lack of information, bathrooms, is a good thing but other times, it may leave the player wondering how characters live in RPGs.

Insane love trust? This is one of the strange things that could ONLY exist by combining both Riviera and Summon Night. In Riviera, Ein tries to save the world and, in the process "courts" the girls. This shows his strength and love and his strategic planning but their isn't a strong bond of trust, since their following Ein to save the world and they don't know him for a long period of time. Therefore they see him as an almightly angel leader. Furthermore, they know him as a peeper. (Note: some of Ein's actions influence their trust and that can fluxitate. In rarer cases, they may not even trust him at all.)

In Summon Night, the reverse is true. The Guardian Beast and Craft Knight have an unbreakable platonic bound because a strong bond is needed to create powerful weapons. Therefore, each side MUST trust the other and guide each other, not as leader and followers, but as partners. Without this link, no decent weapons can be made, thus showing the importantance of equality. While they are NOT equals, from gameplay, they do offer hints and guide the main character so the leadership role is shared.

(Note: Both Guardian Beast and Craft Knight depend on each other strengthening their bond and trust. They are equals sharing a common goal of saving the world, see SNSC2. Furthermore the main character saves the guardian beast who repays him/her by creating their first weapon and eventually more due to Story Line Events.)

By combining both sides of the equation, the impossible, until possibly late game, BECOMES possible. With trusts, bonds and love, the girls are willing to go further to aid the poor sick angel who is both a protective peer and a smart leader.

The night time events, for the sake of story telling, will appear every few chapters or so, unless there is a boss fight that stretches for a few additional chapters. Remember however, that no time passes in Riviera the Promised Land except for the one fated night, so players have no clue on how long a "chapter" actually takes. (Note: I'm going under the assumption that each sub-chapter takes exactly one day.) Time does pass in the Summon Night Series and the gameplay is divided into days and night respectively. Nights are relatively short in comparison to days, so the sub chapters in Riviera could be called days in Summon Night.

Riviera/Summon Night [Data]

Riviera [Data]


Malice- She is another Grim Angel that introduces herself in Chapter 2, when she was killing the arc. The player sees her trying to kill of the last arc Serene. Ein intercepts her attack and saves the arc. The now angry angel, notices the diviner and flees. Much like Ledah and Ein, she herself has a diviner. Much like Ledah she has wings which implies that gave up something else to create her weapon. (Note: In a late part ,in the game, the player can acquire both Ledah's and Malice's diviner as a "super" weapon. These items are one-shot, as in they break after one use, diviners that can apparently be used by Ein.)

Summon Night [Data]

Humor- From pranks to funny comments, the game's dialogue is much more "livlier" than a standard RPG or book. Because of that, there will probably be pranks and other funny situations, every so often (maybe not entirely true in SNSC 1). There are serious moments, espeically towards the end and critical junction but they are balanced by the [lighthearted] moments.

Null Gender Humor- Probably one of the strange things that happen in SNSC , that particially explain why Cierra slept with Ein, is that the gender of the main character is generally IGNORED for ALL EVENTS.

For example, there is a part in SNSC2 where the main character has to "woo" over a sea creature. Regardless if the charcter is male or female, the player has the option to make the character attempt his/her wooing. In either case, the attempt fails and the main character is forced to. Another example is in SNSC when the player gets Sugar as their guardian beast. She wants to kiss the main character even if MC is a girl.

This shows how funny/bizarre/[insert adjective here] the game can yet. Yet it is this wackiness that makes players continue the story, just to get to the ending. Think of it as a book that people don't want to stop reading until they get to the end, except now its a game. (Personally, I feel that my desciption for this doesn't do it justice.)


MC- From this point on MC refers to the main character in the SNSC Series which could be either a boy or a girl.


Waterfall Night (SNSC3)- For those people that have played the Summon Night Swordcraft Story three, they would have recognized the similar waterfall night. Much like the other SNSC games, the main character can only be with one person rather than a group or be attacked. The only difference between the game and this story is that the group, in SNSC3, didn't camp next to the waterfall.

Waterfall Night (SNSC2)- There is a waterfall night area in SNSC2 as well. Unlike 3, it always involves the same person and the main character never did camp out.


Guardian beasts before women