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"Why are we here, Maria?"

"You know why, querido. We will fight for the city." A smirk. "Why do you ask stupid questions?" A patronizing look at the Major had a muscle in his jaw twitching wildly. Uh-oh.

"The only thing that is stupid 'round here is you, Mistress." His emphasis and sarcastic jibe at her self-styled title left no room for doubt on his feelings of her and the situation. Maria looked shocked a split second before she slapped our Major so hard his head turned.

A growl so sinister, so threatening it had the newborns falling to their knees in fear and submission sounded out into the night. I watched as my brother turned his head, ever so slowly, back to face Maria; the look on his face had me dropping to my knees with the rest of them.

There was nothing left of my Major, my brother. He was the animal inside, the violent, vengeful, bloodthirsty animal; and all of us knew it.

I wanted to see Izzy, make sure she wasn't rethinking her and the most alpha-motherfucker around these parts. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that every vampire in the vicinity apart from the Twisted Sisters had their heads down and to the side, exposing their jugular to the Alpha Warlord that was radiating rage so strong a few even whimpered. Lucy and Nettie had dropped to their knees and mimicked the rest of us, and Maria cowered away from him but didn't drop to the floor; too stupid and proud to follow her goddamn instincts.

"Do not forget yourself, Mistress Maria." Alpha Warlord hissed out, mocking her in all of his menace.

The slight to her authority had Maria's pride once again causing her to react without thought to the jeopardy she was putting herself in.

"You forget yourself, Major! I am your Master, I am-" Her words were cut off by Jasper's hand slowly, but surely crushing her windpipe. He snarled in her face and her knees finally buckled beneath her.

"You have never been MY Master." His words sent a shiver through us all. ".That."

I saw the infinitesimal tightening of his grip on her throat and I began to panic. It wasn't supposed to end like this, she wasn't supposed to die today! It would ruin everything, I was still missing something, I still needed to wait for something, even if I wasn't sure what it was, or who it was.

Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!

Calm down! Bella's voice was firm, commanding and comforting all rolled in one. I heard a tell-tale echo and realized that She sent that to our Alpha as well. I tried to do as she told, slowly calming down, a process that sped up when Maria's throat was released.

"Mistress," Alpha Warlord's tone was mocking but still very threatening. "Your orders are to attack the city?"

Maria massaged her throat and half-glared, half- whimpered in fear before she answered.

"Yes." It seemed more of a question than anything else. Alpha Warlord smirked.

"You would have us all die then?"

Maria straightened up a bit and put on her proud face, the idiot that she was.

"I would have you all fight for what should belong to us!"

"If it is your wish, than by all means, Mistress, lead us. I will have no part in leading my troops into a suicide mission." He stepped back, a frighteningly calm expression on his face. Maria stared at him in shock. The subtle wording about the troops being his was lost on her reeling mind.

She had relied on Jasper to lead any and all missions. She had become accustomed to barking the occasional order at 'her' army from a relatively safe distance while watching the actual massacring take place; that was when she bothered to show up at all.

She could fight, there was no doubt about that, but since Jasper had proved to be such a worthy General she had focused her efforts on creating a powerful army by changing promising humans. Her forte was now mind fucking the troops and allowing her greed to grow rampant.

"You will disobey me?" Maria's whisper was heard by all, and the uncertainty in her voice was plain as day.

"No. I will fight. But make no mistake, if you decide to attack Alphonso on this night, you will not be running away with your sisters. You will fight like you expect all of us to fight. To the death." A growl ripped from his throat at his proclamation and there was no doubt in anyone's mind that he would make sure that the Twisted sisters stayed on the battlefield, come hell or high water.

The rage rolling off of the Alpha Warlord was still palpable, but it was now mixed in with a dose of fear and menace. Smart mother fucker. Give the bitch a nudge in the right direction.

"Get up!" Maria suddenly turned around and snapped at her still kneeled and submissive sisters. A smirk grew on my face as I noticed their hesitant and fearful glances at Jasper before they followed her command.

She grabbed them both by the hair when it was obvious they were still scared shitless and hauled them to their feet, only to push them in front of her in a clear command to run a bit for a private conference.

Now, call me smart, but I still didn't want to run the risk of Alpha Warlord still hanging around so I waited a bit before rising. I consulted my strange little gift and when I got nothing, I still wasn't sure what the fuck to do. Alpha Warlord Jasper was one motherfucker I knew I never wanted to tangle with.

A movement from the corner of my eye had me worried with a quickness. Izzy rising slowly, face blank and hands at her sides. No growl sounded out into the deepening night so with a slowness that rivaled a human, I rose to stand, pretending for all the world that I wasn't worried that my brother was five steps away from viewing me as a threat and killing my pretty ass.

I felt like whistlin' a jaunty tune and stickin' my hands in my pockets to play nonchalant. So I did.

A giggle was muffled quickly, followed by a deep throated chuckle. Izzy and my brother took my asinine, possibly suicidal actions as a tension release and I thanked fuck that I was still wearing my head where I liked it, above my wonderfully broad shoulders.

Slowly the rest of the newborns began to rise, wary and confused, but aware that their instincts were no longer demanding their submissiveness in the face of the Alpha Warlord. Their Major was back. They broke ranks tentatively and milled around almost casually after a minute.

Whatever conference was being held by Maria and her dumb as nails sister's was taking longer than it should have and I could see Jasper gettin' antsy.

I decided to see if my strange little gift could give me some fuckin' insight. Scenarios flashed in my head, all felt wrong and inconclusive. I was so absorbed that I failed to spot my baby sister drift to my side until she placed her hand on my arm.

A sudden low growl had every newborn snapping to attention, but Jasper's eyes were trained on Izzy's hand on my –very nicely muscled, if I do say so myself- arm. It didn't take a fuckin' genius to figure out what my brother's problem was.

Green may have been the color of his eyes while he was a human- according to a pansy ass conversation we had once, I swear they don't happen often- but at the moment I could swear he was wearing that color as a vampire more and more often when Izzy was involved.

Izzy dropped her hand, only to cross her arms in annoyance. That didn't help much, as it only served to create more cleavage in her already ample chest area causing the lust around the newborns to spike. Fuck me, I even snuck a peek, what with her button-up being unbuttoned just right… And holy hell, that was my adopted sister.

I could feel the jealousy and anger, mixed with frustration as Jasper accidently lost control of his gift but it was quickly replaced with Izzy's brand of calm.

A single eyebrow rose on Izzy's impassive face as she stared at her mate. Then slowly a smirk emerged on her pretty face. I wanted to laugh, but I knew she wouldn't take kindly to me laughing at how whipped she already had my brother. After all he was her mate, and the instinct to defend a mate was not something to incite.

Plus, she was standing too close to me. I couldn't get away from her fists if I let loose my manly giggles at the expense of my big, brooding brother. Some other time, I reasoned to myself.

"Fall in!" Jasper cried out, having heard the sounds of Maria rejoining us.

By the time Maria, Lucy and Nettie were standing in front of us, we all had assumed our usual formations and looked ever the obedient army. Blank faces and postures that were just waiting for the word to fight.

Maria wore a scowl the size of Texas as she glared at Jasper and then at all of us. Whatever the conclusion was from their little gossip session had the cunt looking like she had been suckin' on a nasty ass pussy.

"We will be heading back to camp for the time being. More recruits are needed to accomplish our goal." With that she turned tail and ran, clearly skipping camp in favor of finding some grub to cool her temper and probably burning throat.

Bitch was pisssssed.

Lucy and Nettie gave each other a glance that did not go unnoticed by Jasper, Izzy or I, before they took off into the night.

This was almost anti-climatic. I kicked a pebble away from me as I shuffled my feet with my pent up energy.

Wait, what the fuck was I thinking?

We had avoided a suicide mission, put Maria in her place and got a free pass to relax for a few days. All good things in my book.

But fuck if I wasn't raring to go. I needed a fight, or a fuck. A fuck…hmmm… the possibilities…

Without conscious thought I turned around and began running back to camp. The goofy grin and slight drool on my face from my fantasies would later be used as ammunition against me by Izzy.

I didn't mind the jokes at my expense.


Well, fuck, at least it was better than getting my dick ripped off.

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