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So, here's Chapter 11. It's from Alice's POV again. (It's just so much fun to write as her.[;)

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I looked up from where my face was pressed in Bella's chest when I heard the sound of a door opening then shutting. I could also faintly hear my mother greeting someone.

"I think Emmett's here," Bella whispered.

I groaned and grabbed Bella's hand, pulling her towards the door where my mother was greeting Emmett and his whore.

"Hey, Alice," Rosalie said icily, "I see you brought your girlfriend."

I nodded stiffly and put my arm possessively around Bella's small waist, holding her tightly to the side of my body. Bella returned the gesture and gave me a gentle squeeze. "Her name is Bella, if you'll recall," I snapped at Rosalie, causing Bella's cheeks to turn to a light shade of pink.

Rosalie flipped her hair, then walked down the hall and into the room she'd be sharing with Emmett. Emmett hugged our mother, grabbed their bags, then followed his 'beloved'.

"She's such a lovely girl, isn't she?" my mother joked.

Bella and I laughed with Esme.

"Mommy, do we have to let Rosalie stay here?" I whined, "You know how much I hate her!"

Esme frowned and put her hands on my shoulders. "Alice, sweetie… Like it or not, Rosalie's family now. I know that none of us, Bella included, like her, but she makes Emmett happy, so we have to put up with her," she said.

"Mom, she doesn't make Emmett happy. The idea of having a baby does," I pointed out, "He has always wanted to be a father."

Esme waved her hand as if to dismiss the subject. I groaned and walked into the living room, throwing myself down on the big, white couch. I felt someone sit beside me, and saw that it was Bella.

"Just don't think about her," Bella advised, "She'll leave you alone if you leave her alone. She's like a bumble-bee."

I couldn't help but laugh at the sound of that. It was much too easy to picture Rosalie with a stinger, wings, and black and yellow stripes. It was quite comical.

The front door opened again and I looked around Bella, only to see my father walking in. A large grin formed on my face and I ran over to him, jumping into his awaiting arms.

This was always something we'd done; even when I was a small child. Now, my father's no body builder, or male model, but he's still pretty muscular and rather hot, for a middle-aged father, anyway.

He swung me around, then set me on my feet and gave me a tight hug. "I've missed you, Ali-Bear," he murmured in my ear. I closed my eyes and inhaled my father's familiar smell; cologne and the smell of a hospital. I'd always loved that smell.

Behind me I heard someone clear their throat, so I turned around and saw my mother with one of her arms around Bella's shoulders. "Alice, aren't' you going to introduce your guest?" my mother prompted.

I pulled Bella up to my side and turned her to face my father. "Isabella Swan, this is my father; Carlisle Cullen. Dad, this is my Bella," I said with a grin on my face.

Bella and my father shook hands formally and smiled at one another. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Bella," my dad said, making Bella blush again. He and my mother went into the kitchen together and started talking quietly. I heard Rosalie's name come up quite often, and a few curse words muttered by my father. Daddy despised Rosalie.


For the next few hours, Bella and I stayed in our room and cuddled on the large, California King bed. It fit us both comfortably, with plenty of room to spare. We'd kiss occasionally, which would, of course, end up with one of us on top of the other with hands caressing, and soft moans filling the room.

There was a gentle knock on the door around five PM, and I immediately got off of Bella.

"Dinner time, ladies," my mother chimed from the other side of the door.

Bella and I fixed our hair, shirts, and bras, then went out to join the rest of the family for dinner.

I sat down and Bella sat beside me. Across from us were Emmett and a very pregnant Rosalie. My parents sat on opposite ends.

"Dig in," Esme said with a grin, "I hope you all like it."

We all did as we were told and began eating the chicken pot-pie that my mother had hand-made from scratch.

No one could cook like my mother.

I placed my hand on Bella's thigh and began to rub it slowly, moving my hand dangerously close to her core. But she showed no reaction. Her face stayed calm as she carried on a conversation with my father about the new healthcare policy that Obama was trying to pass.

Neither of them liked it, and it made me smile. Bella was doing so well with my family.

I glanced across the table only to see Rosalie glaring at me. Her hand was clearly in Emmett's lap, and he was practically panting like a dog. My parents paid no attention to it.

When everyone was done eating, my parents went into their room, as did Emmett and Rosalie. I went into the kitchen, grabbed two ice-cream sandwiches, then went back into the room Bella and I shared. I locked the door and tossed one of the sandwiches to her.

"What do you want to do now?" Bella asked as she unwrapped her ice cream carefully.

I jumped onto the bed beside her and lay down, letting my shirt pull up a bit at the bottom. I shrugged and ripped off the wrapper of my ice-cream, then bit into the end and began chewing.

"We can watch a movie or something," Bella suggested, gesturing to the flat screen TV. I shrugged again then took another bite.

Bella laid down beside me and snuggled into my body. I snuggled back, naturally, and held her tightly. "Tell me your deepest, darkest secret," I said softly.

Bella giggled and ran her hand along the bare skin on my stomach. "What are we, 13? You make it sound like this is a slumber party," she teased.

I giggled then shrugged. "It was just a suggestion. I want to know more about you; Is that such a crime?"

That made her laugh, and she sat up a bit, propping herself up on her elbow. "Um… Well… I guess it'd have to be that, on the first day of classes, I wanted to throw you on the teachers desk and fuck you every way possible," Bella said softly.

My eyes widened and I could feel my stomach flutter. "Oh," I breathed.

Bella blushed a deep red and hid her face behind her hair. "What about you? What's your secret?" she asked.

I took a deep breath and grabbed Bella's hand. I ran her finger along the scar on my stomach slowly. Bella's eyes widened.

"What's that from?" she asked.

"The C-Section I'd gotten when I gave birth to James' baby," I replied with no emotion in my voice.

Well, I guess I knew now how we'd be spending the rest of our evening: asking and answering questions.


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