Right, hello, back with another story.

This has been going around my head for a while since finishing the game. Epic storyline with good gameplay. But enough with the adverts

This isn't your standard 'sucked into a game' fic. This is a 'sucked into a book within a game' fic if you get what I mean.

Anyway, moving on…

By the way, the way the 'book' starts in game most likely won't match up here, as I don't want to watch one scene 15 times just to get the full title of the empire.


Getting lost in a good book

People always say 'you can get drawn into another world with a book'

I didn't realise they were serious.

Picture the scene: you're helping your brother empty the loft of heavy boxes.

Not much to imagine but that's my current situation. My older brother, James, decided that the loft needed clearing out for some reason…and I got stuck with the job of moving the furthest distance. And these boxes were heavy. I got one such box, carried it off out stepladder, walked into the spare room and fell over, hurting my arm as I hit the ground.

"What was that Craig?" James asked.

"Don't worry, just dropped a box" I answered, getting up and dusting myself off, putting my MP3 back on. "How many more are there up there?"

"That was the last one" he replied. I could hear his footstep up there on the…ceiling. "Just having one last look"

"Ok, be careful"

You know, maybe I should start filling you in. the name's Craig Appleby. I'm a 16 year old boy living in England. I have brown curly (annoyingly) hair and am very tall. Right now, I'm wearing 2 stone bracelets and a pentagram necklace, along with the aforementioned MP3. Clothes wise, I'm wearing Jeans, a black tee-shirt and a leather jacket.

My brother, James, is a 20 year old Jack of all trades with dreams of being an engineer. He has neater black hair and is a little shorter then me. He is currently wearing jeans with a brown shirt.

Both of us are wearing our shoes (My brown boots (don't ask) to his white trainers) to work up there. Finally, after waiting for an age, James reappears, swinging down onto the ladder and closing up the loft. As he turns I noticed something in his hand. A book of some sort.

"Where's you find that?" I asked him. He looked at the book, passing it to me.

"No clue, I thought you'd recognise it" he replied.

I examined the book, holding the book gently. It was an old leather bound book…how do I know? Well, the leather was breaking; the spine was nearly gone; the pages were yellowed and, on the front page, the title and picture was blurred.

"Looks like…'On the Gallian front' by an Irene Koller. 'Based on true events'" I told him, closing the book and passing it back.

"Ever heard of the Gallian front?" he asked, flicking through a few pages.

"Ever heard of Gallia? Outside of games of course" after saying that, I realised that he probably never even looked at the radiant saga of the Fire emblem games (PoR and RD) he shook his head. "Then you know the answer as to the question"

"You could've just said no"

"Technically I could've said yes, as the Gallian front could be referring to Gallia in Fire emblem"

"You know what I mean"

He walked off in a moan, leaving me to pack up the ladder, move the stuff we found to a better spot and root through it for the ladder fixer stuff (James' weight, dispite being lighter then me, had somehow dented it, and I needed to undent it).

"Hey James! Where'd you leave the hammer!?" I shouted down, hearing nothing apart from heavy rain. "James!" still nothing. I dropped what I was doing (dropping the hammer on my foot might I add. Thank god these boots were tough) I walked down the stairs, hearing nothing apart from the rain.

Suddenly the doorbell rang, alerting me to someone at the front door. I looked outside, seeing someone in an old overcoat, brown and with tears in it. I couldn't see the face of this stranger, I just knew that whoever this was wanted to see us.

I grabbed a leather jacket, walking out the door towards the front door (our front door has too much junk in the way to be used really). I looked at the stranger, somehow smiling in the rain.

"May I help you?" I told this person. The figure turned to me, and I made out that it was an old woman, her hair grey and covering her face. I could only just make out brown eyes.

"I'm looking for a Craig Appleby" she told me, her voice sounded weak.

"You're looking at him" I replied, my hair now officially soaked. She stepped up to me, putting a withered hand on my face. I chose not to stop her out of respect for the elderly. She moved her hand over my skin, getting a good feel for my face.I would have stoppedher, but respect for the elderly topped me

"You haven't changed from how I remember you all those years ago" huh.

"Excuse me?" I replied, backing up. "I don't think I've ever met you before"

"Oh…then I guess I have the wrong person…"

"Not being rude, but maybe you have the wrong decade; I was born 16 years ago"

"My apologies then…I just thought that I had found…an old friend"

"Sorry to ruin your hopes Miss…"

"It's alright…I mainly thought it due to your builds"


"He was built as a shock trooper as well"

"Shock trooper?"

"Goodbye, Craig"

The old lady walked away slowly, the rain pouring down her coat. I watched her, wondering what she meant. She stopped just beyond my hedge, looking at me.

"This makes me wonder who that 'James' was" she told me.

"James? What's he got to do with this?"

"James was Craig's brother…he was a wise one, caring too, if a bit big headed and bossy"

"What are you on about? Where did…'we' meet?"

"Ever heard of the country of Gallia?"

She then walked off in the rain, leaving me gob smacked and wondering what she was on about. I looked at the door, seeing a small package leaning against it. I picked it up, seeing a note attached to it. I wandered back into the house, leaving the package on the worktop and reading the note.

Read carefully, as this note could save your life.

In Gallia…no, in Europa, where Gallia and other countries exist, just about everything relies on Ragnite.

Lights, tanks, cars, mortar rounds, medicine, anything. Powered, fuelled, propelled by Ragnite.

Good luck.

What the hell is that supposed to mean? I screw the note up, dropping it and kicking it into the bin. That was a waste of time, this is England in Europe, not Gallia in Europa…hell where is Europa?

I looked into the conservatory, seeing the back door wide open. I walked over there; closing the door and seeing the book open on the table. James had it, so why isn't he putting it somewhere good. Well, seeing as though he isn't reading it…I sat down on a chair, holding the book carefully in my hands and reading the text.

The year was 1935 EC. The continent of Europa was divided mainly between two super powers.

A loosely allied group of nations in the west formed the Federation.

While the Empire was the super power in the east.

These two groups, along with the rest of the world, relied on a precious mineral, known as Ragnite, for their survival.

As such, the empire launched an attack on the federation, winning battle after battle, taking town after town.

This resulted in the beginning of the 2nd Europan war (2EW). Even with most of its army busy fighting the Federation, the greedy eye of the Empire turned its gaze away from the Federation.

It turned upon Gallia, a peaceful principality by the sea. Beneath its soil lay vast amounts of Ragnite, as yet untapped. It stood a stance of Neutrality, with no proper standing army. Instead, every civilian took a year in military education.

This tale of war, of love, of despair and of courage begins in the border town of Bruhl, where five young men and women are starting their tale in this war.

Welkin Gunther, James Appleby, Alicia Malchiot, Isara Gunther and Craig Appleby.

Hang on, why is my name in there? As I started thinking about the book, which still looked like a normal book, it suddenly set ablaze with blue fire. I dropped the book, standing up and backing away suddenly, the book still burning. Somehow, it was cold, and the book didn't burn at all.

"Ok, now I'm starting to think I'm crazy" I say to myself, scratching my neck. "This has gotta be some cheap trick" I reach over to grab the book, this time touching it and finding no feeling to the flames. "Easy"

Well, that's what I thought. Suddenly the flames jump up my arm, spreading throughout my gloving and my skin. I try to wave it off, even doing the old 'stop drop and roll' with nothing happen. I stand back up, looking at the flames, panic setting in.

"What the hell is going on!?" I shout, the flames building up and getting brighter and brighter until it was a white light. This was too much to see in. I covered my eyes to avoid being blinded. I didn't know what the hell was going on, but I didn't like one bit.

And then, was James alright?

Since then that one question has appeared in my head just about every day.

Is James alright?

We're brothers; I have to keep him safe as he'll do the same for me

If I had known what would've have happened if I read that book…well, I might not have read it.

Then again, I always wanted an adventure.

Prologue down. Next up I might have some people OOC, but I'll try not to, ok.

It's just Welkin and his animal interested nature does throw me off sometimes.