I have been getting a lot of flames lately on this story.

First of all the summary said Xander fans beware so I think it's fair too say if you don't like Xander-bashing you shouldn't of read it. Duh!

For all those of you who said Buffy was being selfish when she ran away think about what she must have been feeling. She had to send the love of her life to hell knowing he was suffering every minute of every day. knowing one of her best friends withheld information from her that could have stopped it. Even if Buffy was wrong which I personally don't think she was, when she got back instead of maybe thinking about what she has been through they ambush her. The only one that wasn't in the wrong was Willow because instead trying to make Buffy feel bad she just told Buffy how she felt. Her mother had no right to comment on anything her daughter did because she told Buffy and I quote: if you walk out that door don't even think about coming back. They all just expected Buffy to kill the man she loved then go on business as usual. She's 17 the entire world on her shoulders, I would like to see how well you would handle it.