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Hmm...what's this? This must be what life is! YAY!

I blinked and adjusted my eyes to this new life. Looking up, I saw two very tall, um..Irkens? Yes, thats it! Irkens! My head felt funny. It felt like things were rolling around in there. I tilted my head and listened to some objects roll around in there.

Oooh..pretty music! lalalalala!

I looked up once agian and saw the tall, red and purple Irkens. Immediatley remembering my purpose, I looked at my new master, a very, very small irken with flaming red eyes. This very small irken seemed even smaller standing next to the Almighty tallest. I bet we'll be best friends!

Then, my own eyes flashed an anrgy red, as I stated "Gir, reporting for duty."

"What does the "G" stand for?" my master asked curiously.

"I don't know." I said as I let my tongue hang out of my mouth and my eyes returned to it orginal teal blue coloring.

Hmmm.... master does not look pleased with this answer. I know! I'll show him that song I made up earlier by drumming my skull!

"Wheeeeeehoooo!" I sang as I beat my skull rapidly.

My master turned away from me. He then asked the Almighty Tallest, "Um...Is it supposed to be stupid?"

The two very tall Irkens exchanged a look. Finally, Purple spoke. "Its not stupid, its...advanced."

My master's leaders then cackled, while I began to stand on my head.

Master looked at me, then slapped himself in the face.


Stopping what I was doing, I stood at attention and faced my master.

"Ready the ship!" master commanded me.

Eyes once again an angry red, I simply stated, " Yes master!" and did master's bidding.

Once master met me at the launch sight, he got inside the ship and began to fly it to the quardinates I put in. We were deep space now. The stars were so... SHINY! And I was excited as ever to please master and fullfill our seemed excited too.

"Our mission begins now. Let us begin to reign doom upon the filthy, doomed heads of our doomed enemies."

"I'm gonna sing the doom song now! DOOM DOOM DOOMY DOOM!" I sang unable to contain my excitement to be on a mission. In fact, I was so excited I didn't stop singing until six moths later.

My drooling master asked me to please stop singing. I did not listen to master. Just as he was about to rip out my vioce box, We made it to a planet called EARTH! YAY!

Certainly, with master, we will destroy this planet-ooh look! PIGGY! WHEEEE!