I wanted to try my hand at the Original Series.

You can picture the characters however you want.

They're just going to BEHAVE like the Original Series Characters.

At least mostly cause when you deal with AU and new characters, tweaks happen…just mostly in the parameter of the characters' character, lol.

So enjoy!


"Son of a mother fucking whore!" Cinnamon swore at the top of her lungs as she looked over the assignments she and Mira had received from Star Fleet.

Thirty year-old Cinnamon and twenty-eight year-old Mira Marks were both looking forward to their newest assignments on board the Enterprise—well Mira was anyway. From the outrage in Cinnamon's loud voice, she wasn't exactly the happiest person in the world, and it showed as Mira and Matthew, Cinnamon's five year-old son, entered the room in time to see Cinnamon shake her chestnut brown layered hair and swear again. Mira sighed loudly and covered Matthew's ears as he laughed a little, and Mira shook her own chestnut hair that was in a high ponytail and Cinnamon looked over at them.

"Aunt Mira? Mommy's swearing again." Matthew said.

Mira nodded. "Yes, Matt, I'm aware of that—come on, Spice."

Cinnamon knelt down to Matthew's eye level and handed Mira the papers, Mira bouncing up and down at the thought of being able to be on the Enterprise for her maiden voyage. She was going to be the Navigation's Officer and Cinnamon was going to be one of two Medical Officers, so she figured Cinnamon would be rather happy. However, her outburst had pretty much proven to Mira that Cinnamon was outraged by the outcome and she really wanted to understand why.

"Mommy's sorry, Matty. Why don't you take this and go ahead and go play outside, all right?" Cinnamon asked him, and he nodded and took the remote control for his favorite remote control car and headed out back, Cinnamon turning to Mira. "So you're boyfriend was named the chief medical officer…wanna take a wild stab in the dark and tell me what makes him more qualified?"

Mira shrugged and looked at her older sister. "I dunno maybe they tossed a coin or maybe they appreciated his disgruntled bedside manner—it's better than you're 'maybe you should have thought of that before you turned your brain off' attitude."

Cinnamon gave Mira a look. "He's more qualified because he has a penis, Shiny! And my beside manner is wonderful!"

Mira laughed loudly. "I highly doubt that you were passed over for the position just because you're a woman, Spice. Also…remember what you told the guy who fell out of the tree after climbing up after his cat?"

"That doesn't count!" Cinnamon protested, blowing her bangs out of her face. "He scared the cat up into the tree and then couldn't get himself down properly!"

"I still don't think you should have told him to pull his head out of his ass so he could see where his feet were touching." Mira told her sister, laughing a little at the memory.

Cinnamon threw her hands up into the air and sighed. "The point is that I'm just as qualified as Leonard McCoy and I was passed over! I mean I guess that gives me more time to spend with Matty up there, right?"

Mira made a face and Cinnamon knew that yet another talk from her sister was going to ensue, but it would have to wait because Drea Kelso came bursting into their house excitedly. Drea Kelso had been their best friend since elementary school, and was pretty much a rather gorgeous modern version of Snow White—take her pale skin and her deep black hair. Because of this, her nickname was easy to come up with, and since they all knew each other so well, Drea was always welcome to simply walk into their home.

"So you got your papers too?" Mira asked Drea excitedly. "I'm going to be the Navigation's Officer on the Enterprise and Spice is going to be one of the doctors. What about you, Snow?"

Drea beamed. "I'm actually the head of Security on the…Enterprise! So we all get to go to the same place! What are you going to do about Matt, Spice?"

Cinnamon rolled her eyes. "Well Matty is obviously coming with me, and Jimmy knew that when he assigned us so maybe…maybe the whole chief of medical was a favor."

Mira sighed again. "Shouldn't you leave Matt with Kurt?"

At the name of her ex, Cinnamon made a loud derisive noise and she reached over and pinched Mira hard. Mira made a face as Drea laughed loudly, Matthew looking through the kitchen window and getting excited that his other aunt was there. He hurried inside to her as Mira reached over to smack her sister's arm, and Drea ran her fingers through Matthew's sandy blonde hair and smiled as the little guy hugged the crap out of her legs.

"He is not staying with his father and his father's recyclable women when he can stay with me on the Enterprise." Cinnamon told them all and then knelt down by Matty, who turned and smiled at his mother. "See? I'll show you it's what Matty wants too. Matty, sweetie? Would you rather hang out with Daddy and his strippers and start kindergarten here on Earth, or with Mommy up in space where you can be an astronaut?"

Mira smacked herself in the forehead. "You have a way with words with your son."

Matthew's eyes lit up. "I wanna be with you, Mommy!"

"And you've officially bribed your son." Drea told her with a laugh. "But to be fair I'd rather be an astronaut then hang out with strippers too."

"Then it's settled…three days from now we head out to go and shuttle to the Enterprise to start our five-year mission." Cinnamon said excitedly. "Who wants pizza?"

"Oh! Oh! I do!" Matthew said excitedly, his hand shooting up into the air, and the three adults smiled at him and nodded.

Note: There are a few more characters, this is just the intro. Enjoy!