Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon and I did/do not make/own the Mary Sue Litmus Test. All the stuff here is just what I think. There is no third choice to any of these questions. If you think that the description fits, then add the points, leave a review and I'll get to it.

Yeah, I know it isn't the greatest thing ever. If people review and tell me what can be fixed though, I'll do it right away. I admit, towards the end, my brain ran dry.

8/23/09 Update: I realized that the numbering disappeared on me when I posted this. Also raised point values for unusual Pokemon and canon related questions.

9/11/09 Update: I added the summary questions and changed the rating scale.

9/22/09 Update: I added more 'Love Interest' questions, edited the 'Pokemon' questions, added questions to 'Species/ Transformations', edited questions in 'Family/Childhood', and edited questions in 'Appearances' Also changed the rating scale once again.

4/6/11 Update: I took out the rant I had along with Question 3 of the "Summary" section. Question 4.A.b in 'Species/ Transformations' has been changed to include all Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Games. Also modified questions to fit Pokemon Black and White and added a few questions.

7/5/11 Update: Most notably, I have divided the test up into different chapters. I feel that this way, it makes it easier for me to edit. I also changed the commentary next to the scorings, but otherwise left the scoring unchanged. I have added and changed questions to the 'Character' section.