NOTE from the PHOENIX: Well folks here is the end of Treason! I'd like to thank everyone who has been reading and reviewing I love you all! Clearly I set myself to turn this into a triology, however, the next story I will be doing will be Star Trek: Black Diamond Dogs. Black Diamond Dogs will be a Salen based story, with some of Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the crew checking in on him. It will be jump forward into the future, Salen will be 22. Hugs!!

Chapter Forty-two

"James Tiberius Kirk, please step forward."

Kirk knew that he shouldn't be nervous, but he was. His stomach hurt more than when he had the Romulan device had been gnawing on it. The next few minutes were going to determine the course of the rest of his life. He glanced at Bones for support and was rewarded by a slight smile from the doctor. Forcing a thin smile of his own Kirk stepped towards the panel of nine men and women who had been charged with deciding his fate.

"This board has reviewed your application for reinstatement into Starfleet." Admiral Jones said in a flat voice. "Under ordinary circumstances we would not be able to allow such a request."

"These haven't exactly been 'ordinary circumstance'." Kirk pointed out.

"No, they are not. Which is why the board has unanimously voted to bring you back into the fleet, Captain Kirk."

"Thank you, Admiral." Kirk said with obvious relief.

"You sound as though you thought we might decide otherwise." Jones said with a slight smirk.

"The thought crossed my mind, Sir."

"It shouldn't have. Starfleet was never interested in losing one of its youngest and yet most decorated Captains."

"You could have fooled me."

"The incident with Admiral Cooly was unfortunate, and I'm afraid that a full blow witch hunt is now under way. Between your situation and the attempts on Commander Spock's life it has become painfully clear to Starfleet and the Federation that we have some internal issues that need to be dealt with immediately. However, Cel'esta and Langlin are proving to be very cooperative in helping us determine who was involved in this conspiracy."

"Langlin? What does he have to do with any of this?" Kirk asked confused. "Isn't he the leader of a radical anti-alien group?"

"He was." Jones nodded. "He was arrested after making an attempt on Admiral Pike's life..."

"You're offering that scumbag a deal?"

"Not at all. During the attempt on Admiral Pike it seems that Langlin had an unexpected encounter with the Admiral's newly adopted son. The Vulcan did something to his mind, and now he can not lie."

"He can't lie?"

"More than that, he has become very talkative. Langlin has been making confession of every crime he and his organization has committed over the past twenty years, including his involvement with Cooly. Of course we have to double verify anything he says since he's on the edge of insanity, but so far all of his 'tips' have proven true."


"Along with the help of the Romulan Cel'esta I think the Federation has a good hold on this whole ordeal. Plus the cloaking device she has provided is of immense value."

"Careful with that one, Admiral, she's a spitfire."

"Noted." Jones chuckled. "Don't worry, Captain, we're not trusting that particular source one hundred percent just yet."

"Um...speaking of 'Captain', do you happen to know which ship I will be serving on?"

"The Enterprise of course."

"The Enterprise?" Kirk replied in surprise. "Captain Spock..."

"Commander Spock," Jones corrected "informed us earlier today that no matter what our decision with you he wished to step down as Captain. Commander Sulu has also informed us that although he wishes to keep his new rank he would prefer to serve as helmsman than First Officer. Unfortunately, that leaves you without a First Officer."

"Spock's leaving Starfleet?!" Kirk exclaimed.

"No," Jones shuffled through some document readers until he came to the one he was looking for and handed it to Kirk. "He has submitted his resume along with his application for request for assignment aboard the Enterprise."

"Wait...I thought you said I was without a First Officer."

"Technically you are. Commander Spock insisted that the application have the written approval of the Captain of the Enterprise, after all that is standard Starfleet procedure. It's the Captain's final decision as to who his First Officer is going to be."

"Of course, leave it to Spock to go through the proper channels." Kirk rolled his eyes as he signed the tablet. "As if I'd turn him down."

"So you accept the request?"

"Aye, Sir."

"Excellent. The Enterprise is currently under repairs and overhaul, Commander Spock is on paternity leave, you are to be on medical leave for at least the next month as well. Upon returning your mission will involve the testing of the new cloaking device."

"Does that mean Cel'esta is going to be on my ship?" Kirk asked with distain.

"I'm afraid so, Captain. She is not only the expert in the device, but she also insisted on the assignment if she was going to give us any further information on Romulus."

"She's still making deals? That woman is bad news."

"We trust that you can handle her. Dismissed Captain."

Kirk took a breath to protest further on the idea of Cel'esta being on his ship, but McCoy had snuck up behind him and pulled him away from the council before he could start pressing his luck. Out in the hallway Kirk slung his arm over McCoy's shoulders.

"Bones, I swear that woman is determined to be the death of me."

"I can't believe Starfleet is letting her on the Enterprise."

"Probably because they don't want to deal with her themselves." Kirk huffed. "But you know what? I don't care...I just want my ship back."

"Do you think there is going to be a war with Romulus?"

"I don't know." Kirk admitted. "Let's not worry about any Romulans right now, we've got a brand new Vulcan to go meet."

Bones nodded and the pair made their way to transport. Spock, Uhura, and the new baby were spending the week with Pike. It wasn't a long trip from Starfleet Headquarters to the Admiral's house in the woods. When they got there Salen greeted them at the door with a bright smile.

"A Vulcan who smiles," Bones chuckled "now I have truly seen everything."

"It is not possible to see 'everything', Doctor, the Universe is much too vast." Salen replied. "Besides, you have yet to see Spock's new son."

"He's got you there, Bones." Kirk teased.

"I suppose he does." McCoy admitted to defeat.

"Please, come inside. They are on the back deck with my father."

Kirk stepped inside, amazed by the idea that both Pike and Spock had become fathers.

"You'd better watch out, Jim, you'll be next." Bones poked Kirk in the ribs, having guessed his thoughts.

"Oh no, not me. I don't need any kids."

"Are you kidding? The way you are you've probably already got children all over the galaxy by now."

"No...well none that anyone's told me about anyway."

Bones shook his head sadly as they followed Salen to the back deck. Uhura was in a lounge chair, wrapped up in a mass of warm looking blankets with a smaller heap of blankets cradled gently in her arms. Spock was perched on the edge of the lounge chair, staring at his wife as though trying to memorize the scene.

Pike was in his wheelchair near by. Salen walked up to him and settled down on the deck next to his father. Kirk furrowed his brow slightly at the almost canine behavior of the young Vulcan as he sat loyally on the floor next to Pike. Kirk had been told some of Salen's background, and wondered briefly what the future would hold for him.

"Captain." Spock greeted warmly.

"Starfleet told you their decision already?"

"No. However, the expression on your face did."

"Sounds logical." McCoy smiled.

"Is it that obvious?" Kirk sighed.

"Yes." Spock nodded. "Congratulation, Captain. I trust you accepted my request."

"Actually I thought I'd shop around a little more."

"Very well, if you can find someone more qualified than myself..."

"I'm kidding, Spock, of course you're First Officer, the Enterprise wouldn't have it any other way."

"I will report for duty at the end of my paternity leave."

"Take your time."

"How are you feeling, Uhura?" Bones asked.

"Better than ever."

Spock got to his feet and held his hands out to Uhura. The new mother smiled and offered the tiny child hidden in the folds of a blue blanket to his father. Spock held his son with the greatest care. Kirk and Bones stepped closer to greet the addition to their unusual family.

Spock's son squinted his dark eyes against the morning sun as his father pulled back the blanket to reveal his face. The quarter Vulcan looked far more human that his father. He had light mocha colored skin and an unruly mop of black hair that was slightly curly. His eyebrows were not arched like his fathers, but his ears held sharp points that were distinctly Vulcan.

"He's amazing, Spock." Kirk beamed.

"Thank you."

"So does this little bundle of joy have a name?" Bones asked.

"Indeed." Spock nodded. "Daniel T. Uhura."

"T.?" Kirk questioned.

"Tiberius, of course."

"Of course."

Kirk smiled and reached out to brush Daniel's cheek. He was pleased to hear that Spock had named his son after Commander Daniels. Without the half Chameloid's sacrifice he would have never lived to see his son. The thought of Spock's son growing up without a father the way he had caused Kirk's eyes to brighten with tears.

"Captain?" Spock asked in concern.

"Spock...I would have never forgiven myself if you had died on Romulus, and missed out on this. He deserves a father, you shouldn't have come for me. You put your entire family at risk by coming to get me."

"That is not logical. My family would have been at risk no matter if I had traveled to Romulus or not."

"I don't understand."

"James, blood color does not matter. You are also my family."