Three friends gathered around the table to celebrate what could have marked one year of RFR. Had it not been for summer arrangements, the show would have gone on. Ray, Robbie, and Lily sat within different sections of the table. Soda cans, a baggage of chips, and various junk food lied on there. It was approximately 4:15 P.M as time went by.

"Guys, do you think it might have been best if we had broadcasted it? Even with our fifteen minutes of fame?" Robbie asked in a skeptical manner.

"I would rather appreciate it more unless our missing crew mate was around," Ray said in reference to Travis Strong's departure from Roscoe. It's only been a few months since they last heard of him. Not a single person associated with the boy known of his spiked up hair had responded to him.

"Ray's right, we almost forgot about Travis." Lily sighed. For most of their entirety as friends, she and Travis were known for their on and off romance. One moment they were nothing more than buddies, the second they fall under deep passion. "What have we done to him?"

"For all we could put as a fact is that he left in good terms," Robbie commented. "Shouldn't we broadcast it again?"

"I don't see how it could hurt. Then again it could be a big mistake than Lily tripping on stage." The moment Ray spurred that out, Lily's response was a stiff punch to her friend's arm.

"Maybe we could talk about what we did for our summer vacation," Robbie said. "So, do you care to talk about your adventures in 'No Man's Land'?"

"Fine," Lily said grimly. "A couple of weeks ago Parker and I performed at a gig during a mall tour. Apparently someone in the crowd threw a lid can on my head when I stepped on stage. Since I was ticked off, I didn't realize until I fell and injured my knee." She scrunched out her jeans unveiling a minor scar on her knee. Ray and Robbie looked rather disgusted.

"I didn't think someone had the nerve to screw you over like that," Robbie exclaimed.

"If only I was there that night, I would have that on tape," Ray said. "But I wouldn't, like sell it so the entire local district would see it. There's too much going on in the world these days."

Lily grabbed a bag of an already opened potato chip. As she reached inside the bag, she realized there were hardly any. "Congratulations, you have won a medal for eating every single chip out of this bag."

"Was the sarcasm really necessary?" Ray replied. "Sorry if I spoiled your little fun."

Lily sighed once more. "If that kiss didn't mean anything, why am I wasting time here?"

"Would you two stop? Even if things have gone back to the way it was before, it doesn't mean we've fallen apart." Robbie said sarcastically. He placed his head on his forehead clearly in frustration.

"Well we didn't mean it personally," Ray said. "We're always going to have our differences. We have been there and importantly of all, we've done that."

"Come on Robbie don't take this the wrong way. It'll be only a matter of time before you make that decision." Lily remarked following her friend's comment.

"If we can only hold on for a bit then maybe we could figure something out," Robbie said. "How's your whole comedy routine, Ray?"

He sighed. "It's more of bashing someone than actual jokes not taking them personally. It started off great and all, but it started dwindling down afterwards."

The three turned towards the broadcast station. It was their place where initially the crew would switch on the air to their weekly show. However arrangements played a role which pulled RFR off the air. They headed over to their stations removing the leftover dusts covering their panels.

"Gosh, you don't think anyone would know how to get on the air," Ray wondered. "I mean not now unless any day of the week."

"If you mean by the way you reek, maybe you should have showered before we got here," Lily said. She picked up the microphone, raising it towards her mouth. Prior she grabbed her electric six-string guitar."You're listening to RFR, from Roscoe to Moscow, bringing you the best Indie Rock music has to offer!"

"You just took those words out of my mouth. Now that's what I call line infringement." Ray acknowledged of her take. "Aw come on, at least have some fun."

Lily collapses on the chair. It was minimally irrational in a way but then again it was the way Ray was. "Well knowing you I suppose I should re-work on that?"

"This is going to be awhile," Robbie said shaking his head. The sound of a cell phone rang as they all paused. Ray reaches inside the bag as he responded.

"Yeah," he said. "You can't be serious. Sorry but Lily's not available right now. If you want to leave a message, just..."

Lily walked up to him. Simply snatching the phone away from Ray, she interrupts. "Sorry, he's at it with my new cell phone. So what is the problem....Okay.....You're kidding me right? I can't wait....Alright....I'll meet you there...bah-bye."

"I'm assuming its Parker, correct am undo?" Ray took into assumption.

"You know if I hadn't notice that, I probably would be very suspicious. I guess I better get going." Lily grabbed her book bag lying below the rack. Prior she closed the cover of her pink trimmed cell phone.

"Lily, where are you going?" Robbie asked.

"Let's just say I've got some personal things to take care of," She said before heading out.

"I wonder what's the rush?" Ray reacted from the sudden emergency. "Aw well at least I have you around."