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Chapter 1

It was dark in the corridor, which seemed so familiar to him. Only an eerie green light far in the distance gave him any indication of where he was. He knew he'd seen it before, been there before. He kept hearing voices calling to him, telling him to come to them. They seemed so desperate, needy and sad. His heart bled for the souls that were crying out to him. He kept walking slowly and cautiously, trepidation flooded his senses. He knew this place and it was not one he wanted to be in. He just couldn't remember clearly, it was on the tip of his memories, the ones he desperately wanted to forget in the waking hours and dreamt of in the midnight hour. He came to a door and opened it. Suddenly he was standing in a round room with doors circling him. One to his right seemed to draw him; he opened it to find himself looking down on a stone dais which had an archway built upon it. The tattered black curtain that hung from it fluttered from a nonexistent breeze. The voices he kept hearing were calling even stronger to him, pulling him toward the dais. Finally he recognized two of them, his mother and godfather and one he did not know, a man, his father.

"Harry please! Sirius needs you."

"Harry you must get me out of here, I need to get out! I don't belong here and only you can help me."

"Harry, son you can do it, I know you can save him. He doesn't belong here with us."

He reached for the veil…

Harry shot up in bed, sweaty and gasping for breath. It was the third time in as many days that he had that nightmare. Every time he was unable to sleep afterwards. The guilt was becoming unbearable. He felt as if he were going mad, not because he was having dreams, those where common enough for him but because every part of him felt that the dream was real. Yet how could a dream be real? They weren't unless it was a dream that involved Voldemort and he knew this one did not. There was no pain in his scar like all the other dreams Voldemort had sent him. Why would Voldemort want him to rescue the one man that meant the most to him in his teenage years? What purpose would it serve unless he wanted to push Harry through the veil himself? No it was real, he knew and he had no idea what to do about it.

That morning was spent like so many others. Harry got out of bed and washed up before he went downstairs to start breakfast for the Dursleys. Life with them had been surprisingly anticlimactic which suited Harry just fine. Essentially he was ignored unless it was to give him a list of chores that needed to be completed before day's end. Dudley was still on a diet but it had changed to accommodate his training for boxing which meant lots of protein and very little carbohydrates. Petunia insisted they all follow the diet in support of her "sweet little Duddykins". This of course meant Harry put on no weight at all, what with all the manual labour he was doing but on the other hand he had very little weight to lose so he remained the same skinny, awkward teen. The only difference was his eyes; they had a lost look to them that had not been there weeks before.

Breakfast had proceeded as it usually did with the Dursleys chatting with each other and all but ignoring Harry's presence at the table. He was handed a list after he was finished clearing the table and setting the dishes to wash in the washer. So he headed out to start on weeding the front flower beds and that is when it happened.

"Harry please you must help Sirius, he needs you, he needs to be taken out of the veil he does not belong here."

"Oh bloody hell," Harry muttered as a dizzy spell hit him and he had to still himself. He was hearing his mother now when he was awake, without the aid of a dementor.

"Harry trust us you are not mad, you need to get me out please!"

"Sirius," he murmured, "I want to get you back I just don't know how."

"There are people who know about the veil, who can set you on the right path. Find them and seek the knowledge you will need from them. You can do this Harry; we know you can.

"I want to Sirius, I do but I just don't know how…you have to help me. Who do I contact, who can I trust?"

"I can't tell you but you will find them, I know you will."

"You are not being very helpful for a man who so desperately wants to be un-dead you know."

"What can I say; it is my life's ambition or was I guess. Really though Harry, I can't tell you if I could I would but I don't know how. I just know that you are the one to bring me back."

"Sirius you are so lucky I love you, you cheeky bastard."

Harry felt a hand on his shoulder and jumped, thinking that he had really gone mad. It was one thing to hear voices but to feel a hand that was not there… To his great relief Remus Lupin discreetly pulled off his invisibility cloak.

"What's going on Harry?"


"You were holding a conversation with yourself and even in the wizarding world that's not completely socially acceptable behaviour," Remus argued.

"My dreams… I've been having this reoccurring dream, it's my mum and dad, and Sirius calling to me to rescue Sirius, but I just don't know how and now they're calling to me when I'm awake."

"It's alright Harry; you just need time to grieve. Give it time. I'm here if you need me, just get your minders attention and they will contact me if you need anything."

Harry looked into the golden-hazel eyes of his one time professor, best friend to his parents and godfather and his last true link to all three of them. God help anyone who tried to separate him and that werewolf.

"I'll leave you to your work so your aunt and uncle don't get their knickers in a twist but I'm your minder for the next eight hours so if you need me just call."

Harry just nodded and taking a deep breath went on with weeding the flower beds.

Later that day Harry stretched out on his now to small bed and thought about the dream which was now plaguing him during his waking hours, maybe it really was Sirius and maybe he wasn't going mad like he had first wondered. There had to be some kind of information about the veil somewhere. He knew that if he sent for information or books from Madam Pince or Hermione Dumbledore would get wind and that just wouldn't do. He would have to rely on a different source, Remus might do but he would probably discourage Harry out of concern for his well being. There was nothing for it he'd just have to petition the Department of Mysteries for any information they might be willing to share. It was the only thing he could think of to do and Sirius had told him that he could find the person who would have the information. He had nothing to lose by sending an owl to asking for any research that was available to the public so he went to his desk and pulled out his quill, ink and parchment and then began to write.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am inquiring about an artefact located in the Department of Mysteries. I was curious whether there is any public and/or published information about the veil that is located in The Death Chamber. I know that there is some common knowledge of this veil but I need to have access to it, as it is a matter of utmost importance to me.

Harry Potter

There it was. He had no idea if this would get him a response but it was worth the small effort of writing a short note. He called Hedwig to him and tied the note to her leg.

"Department of Mysteries, girl." She hooted affectionately at his words before flying off for London proper.

He did not expect any answer that same day as it was close to dinner time so he made his way to the kitchen and started setting the table before he was ordered to do so. Dinner was a subdued affair; the Dursley's kept the dinner conversation to a minimum and to themselves, excluding Harry except to ask him to pass something now and again. He asked to be excused when he was done eating and made his way back to his room where, to his surprise, Hedwig was perched on the back of his desk chair with a roll of parchment sealed with blue wax. He opened it cautiously with a pang of excitement as the hope of getting some answers struck him.

Dear Mr. Potter,

I was quite pleasantly surprised to receive your letter before I left the office today. I was good friends with your parents especially your mother as we were study partners in school so I wanted to give it the attention it undoubtedly deserved. I have been informed as to the situation which took place here in the DoM only weeks ago and can guess at your interest about the veil. As this is a delicate matter I thought that trying to relate my research in form of a letter would be irresponsible and not at all helpful as there is much more than any letter could hold. I have published a few works on the veil and studied even fewer. If I am not mistaken you were unfortunate enough to lose a dear one in the battle that took place in The Death Chamber. I have some theories about what the veil does and where it leads to but I have never been able to confirm anything and it remains a mystery for the most part. I have enclosed a list of books that might help you but it is up to you to acquire them. I might tell you that some are to be found in the more, shall we say, shady parts of wizarding London if you catch my drift. The works I have authored are more easily come by in Flourish & Blotts so you might just send a note to them requesting said works. If you have any inquires you wish to make or even incites to my work please feel free to owl me any time.

Humbly yours,

Keegan O'Malley

Head of Research

Death Chamber

Department of Mysteries

Ministry of Magic, Britain

Harry was shocked to say the least; he had not been expecting this kind of response at all. At the most he had been expecting a few paragraphs but this Keegan O'Malley had sent a list of seven sources of information, four of which came from his own hand. Harry wasted no time; he composed a letter to Flourish & Blotts requesting those four works and sent it along with several galleons he kept in his trunk, telling the shop attendant to send the number of books he would be able to purchase with the money he enclosed. For the first time in his life Harry felt like he was actually getting real answers when he asked questions. He also decided this O'Malley bloke wasn't half bad, he might even be the one Sirius was speaking of. He jotted a short "thank you" to be sent once Hedwig returned and hoped he might get a chance to meet this friend of his parents. He might ask Remus about him next time he saw the werewolf.

Harry drifted off shortly after he was done with his correspondence only to be woken up by the same dream. There was a difference this time, the voices were not desperately pleading with him but assuring him he was getting closer. That in itself solidified his resolve to learn about the veil and how to rescue Sirius. For the first time in four nights he was able to return to an undisturbed sleep.

To his surprise the next morning brought all four books that he had requested with galleons to spare and with a note of thanks for his order. Starring at the left over money gave him an idea, one that he was sure would not go down well with the Order but he had to try. He went downstairs to start breakfast only to be shocked by a note propped up on a glass of orange juice sitting near a plate of toast and a bowl of fruit. This was peculiar on several levels but most importantly because his aunt never set breakfast out for him and most certainly not this fare due to Dudley's diet. However he was not one to look a gift horse in the mouth and sat down to eat. The note read as such:


We have gone on a short trip, Dudley as you know is participating in a boxing competition this summer and was elected to go to Brighton for the week so we decided to make it a family vacation at the last minute. I have, despite Vernon's better judgment, decided to let you stay in the house rather then send you off to Mrs. Figg's house. I suggest you don't do anything to make me regret this decision and make sure you keep up on your regular chores.

Aunt Petunia

Harry thought he had died then gone to heaven, the house all to himself for an entire week! He was sure he would be able to pull off his plan now. All he had to do was keep his minder off his scent for a bit. A little yard work and other chores then back inside the house like every other day would do it then he could sneak off down a few streets with his invisibility cloak and he was all set to catch the Knight Bus. So that is exactly what he did.

The trip to London didn't seem too long. He had made sure to nick a hat from Dudley's room to hide his scar and set off with wand and vault key on hand. Now all he needed to do was make a withdrawal from his vault and head down to Knockturn Alley. It struck him as he was standing in line to speak to a goblin that he really didn't know anything about his financial situation and as the only remaining Potter it might be advantageous to take stock of his holdings so that he might know better how to budget for the remainder of his time as a student. He had no means of income and did not fancy going broke before he could even get a job to replenish his savings. This occupied his mind right up until he reached the goblin teller.

"Hello I'd like to make a withdrawal please but before I do I was wondering if I could speak with an account manager?"

"Certainly, key please."

Harry handed the goblin his key and waited for him to return with an account manager. He blanched when he saw said goblin leading, of all people, Bill Weasley to the counter. Bill was wearing an expression of shock and amusement mingled with only a little bit of frustration. Harry swallowed hard before he greeted Bill.

"Hiya Bill, fancy meeting you here," he said sheepishly.

"Mr. Potter this is Bill Weasley, he is personally responsible for your account and he will show you to his office."

"Thank you."

Harry followed Bill into a small office off the main floor of Gringott's hoping against all hope that he would not be ratted out for leaving Privet Drive on his own.

"Well Harry I had no idea I'd be graced with a visit from you when I got out of bed this morning." Bill sat down and gestured for Harry to follow suit. He did.

"Well I had no idea I'd be paying you a visit, imagine my surprise." Harry got the distinct impression that Bill might just go easy on him but tried not to cling too desperately to that hope.

"So Harry what can I do for you?"

"Well to be honest Bill I have no idea about my finances and I felt it might be advantageous for me to find out where things stand."

"I can assure you Harry you are in no threat of going bankrupt any time soon. Why I'd venture to guess that you are on par with the Malfoy family when it comes to wealth if you are not wealthier then they are. But surely that could not be the only reason you decided to ditch your minders for the day to come to Diagon Alley."

"You mean to tell me I'm as rich as ferret boy?"

"You didn't know?"

"Of course not! I mean I know I have a lot of gold in my vault but I didn't know it even remotely equalled that amount."

"Don't you mean vaults, Harry? I always wondered why a kid with as much money as you've got lets his muggle relatives dress him in their son's cast-offs."

"You mean I have more then one vault?"

"Of course Harry, didn't the Headmaster tell you?"

"No," was all that Harry managed for an answer.

"Well we'd better do something about this! You can't be heir to the Potter legacy and not know what it entails! What the bloody hell was Dumbledore thinking not telling you? Wait here I'll get your files." Harry waited until Bill came back with a big stack of parchment. "Here is a list of all your fluid monetary assets and the businesses you hold stock in, and these parchments are lists of all the properties you own as well as the actual deeds. Looks like you have a nice little cottage in Bath and another on the coast if Ireland as well as the large Manor house at Godric's Hollow."

"I thought my parents' home there was destroyed."

"Not entirely Harry, the small cottage some distance from main manor house was but not the manor house itself. Has no one ever taken you there?" Bill asked incredulously.

"No Bill, honestly this is the first I've heard of it, not even Sirius or Remus told me."

Bill looked pensively at Harry; he was having difficulty comprehending what he was hearing from the young man sitting before him. All these years his little brother had ranted and raved about how jealous he was of his best friend who had so much money when said best friend had no idea what he had. He didn't understand how the adults in Harry's life could have been so neglectful of their charge and his affairs. Well if it was up to him that would stop today, luckily it was, as Harry's account manager.

"Listen Harry, I'm going to go out on a limb here today and help you get things in order, and I don't just mean financially. You are a wealthy young man and even though you are not the age of majority you are the head of your household and as such you've a responsibility to set a good example for both the household and family name. I've a bit of personal time I can take and as it is still relatively early I would like to spend the rest of the day helping you do just that. What do you say?"

"Uh sure Bill but what exactly would all that involve?"

"A number of things Harry but most importantly you are going to get some respectable clothes, muggle and wizarding. Your family was known for it's acceptance of all things muggle and as such it was not uncommon that they dressed the part but they also understood and cherished their magical heritage. So our first stop is the closest muggle shopping centre."

"Well then let's get to it! Won't I need to take some money out first?"

"Not to worry Harry, I've a credit card that works in the Muggle world and an ever-full money bag for here in the Wizarding world for you, let me go get them."

Harry waited patiently, thanking the powers that be for their mercy. Bill was not long and they set off shortly after Bill had informed his boss that he was taking some personal time to assist his client. The goblin must have been in a generous mood because he told Bill to write it off as off site work hours and to save his personal time for another day. Anything to make our clients happy he had admonished. Very un-goblin-like.

Harry and Bill left Diagon Alley and made thier way to the nearest shopping centre. Harry had rarely been shopping and the few times he had gone it was to accompany his aunt and cousin and he had never got anything new on these trips. It was a bit of a culture shock to actually buy his own clothes and ones that fit to boot.

Bill had to explain the sizes to him and show him what was in style. Harry figured it was best to get such advice from a bloke who knew how to be cool than trying and puzzle it all out on his own or god forbid asking one of the sales clerks, they would think he was barmy. Within a few hours Harry ended up with a new and very complete wardrobe. They had picked out jeans and dress slacks, trainers, Dr. Martin boots and loafers. He had pullovers in all the colours he liked, not the dull, faded colours of Dudley's old clothes but deep and vibrant shades that didn't make him look so nondescript and unkempt. The collared shirts were crisp and fit well. He even got a suit on the off chance he might have need of it and Bill also introduced Harry to the world of logo t-shirts. They picked out comfortable workout clothes for Harry to fly in and pyjamas that fit as well. Harry changed into a pair of jeans and his new boots and a blue t-shirt with a vintage motorcycle on it. Bill also took him to an electronics store and picked out a portable CD player for him which he promised to charm to work on magic instead of batteries. A little trick they refuse to teach at Hogwarts for fear that the students would get distracted form their homework. They also picked up several popular music CD's that Bill thought Harry would enjoy. Bands that Harry had heard Dudley and his friends talk about such as Pearl Jam, Garbage, Soundgarden, Weezer, Beastie Boys, Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead and a number of other rock bands that Harry thought were much better then the Weird Sisters. The other plus side to having Bill around was that he could shrink all of the bags so they didn't have such a heavy load.

"Harry when was the last time you got your hair cut?"

"Ha you're one to talk Bill! Actually it's been ages. Last time my aunt shaved all of it off except for my fringe, she didn't want my scar showing. Funny thing is that I went to bed dreading the way I'd get the mickey taken out of me but the next morning it was all back."

"Really? You might tell Tonks that story Harry. But are you very adverse to the idea of a new hair cut?"

"Well not really, I never thought about it I guess. If it was one I liked I don't think I'd mind so much."

"Well then that will be our next stop."

They found an upscale salon and Harry was presented with several pictures that he could choose a style from. Bill encouraged him to go shorter and lose the fringe. He argued that if Harry didn't act self-conscious about his scar people would be quicker to ignore it. Harry could see the logic in the argument and decided to go for it thinking that if he didn't like it he could buy a few muggle caps. It turned out that he did like the new cut and they styled it in such a way that his naturally messy hair looked like it was meant to be that way. He mused that it was a bit like Tonks' wild spikes just manlier and not so bright. Bill joked that all he needed was some leather cuffs with spikes and a matching collar or coloured streaks and he'd fit right in at a muggle rock concert. It seemed funny to Harry that Bill, a pure blood wizard, had more exposure to the muggle world then he did, even though he had been raised in it.

With that bit done Bill led Harry to the magical equivalent of an Optometrist and was able to get an eye exam set for later that afternoon. By then both of their stomachs were growling so they set off for a curry place that they had seen before their stop at the Diagon Alley eye healer.

"So Harry what do you think so far?"

"Pretty amazing! It fells good to be out in public without people staring at me and pointing and whispering. The new clothes don't hurt either and surprisingly I really like my hair this way," Harry answered.

"All that Boy-Who-Lived rot really gets t'you doesn't it?"

"Yeah, I just want to be normal like Ron, Seamus, Dean or Neville but no matter where I am its one extreme or the other. I doubt I'll ever have a normal life."

"It can't be as bad as all that can it?"

"Trust me Bill it is, and then some."

They finished their curry and made their way back to the healer's for Harry's appointment. The healer was a bit put out that Harry's relatives had not renewed his muggle prescription and told him to go straight to a one hour place and get new lenses; he also wrote an order for corrective potion that could be picked up at the apothecary if he no longer wanted spectacles. That was their next stop. Harry was quite used to having glasses but they had been cumbersome during Quidditch and altogether a major inconvenience at times. Since that was the case they went back to the Mecca of wizarding London and strode into the Apothecary. The potion was not ready but they were told it would take less then an hour to mix and administer.

Bill and Harry waited until the potion was ready. All the while Bill told Harry about the Muggle bands he knew of and of his flat that was not to far from Diagon Alley. Harry realized that Arthur Weasley's obsession with all things muggle had been passed on to his oldest soon but fortunately Bill was not as eccentric about it all and was actually able to explain the internet and cell phones, things Harry had only ever heard of.

Finally the potion was ready and was administered to Harry's eyes. He felt a sharp burst of pain but when he opened them he could see clearer then he ever had before. They strolled along Diagon Alley and stopped at Quality Quidditch Supplies so Harry could get a practice snitch and more broom polish.

"Bill, have you ever been to Knockturn Alley?"

"Yes Harry, why do you ask?" Bill looked at him suspiciously.

Harry cleared his throat and answered, "Well you see I'm working on this project and I made an inquiry to one of the departments at the Ministry for information but some of the books that were suggested are a bit, how shall I say this, questionable and not available here in Diagon Alley. I was just wondering if maybe you might be willing to go with me, you know to keep an eye out so there is no trouble?" Harry didn't want to give up too much information and hoped he was not making a mistake by trusting Bill but if by some chance Bill said yes and did not tell anyone in the Order he might actually succeed in saving Sirius. It was well worth the risk in Harry's eyes and if worse came to worst he had the books O'Malley wrote and that was a start.

"Harry, against my better judgment I'm going to say yes but not before we get you and me in a disguise."

"Right Bill, no arguments here! Last thing I need is the Daily Prophet getting wind that I was skulking around a dark wizards hang out."

"Okay here's the plan, we will head over to Madam Malkin's and get you your wizard wardrobe like we were planning then with the aid of a few glamours we'll be ready. We can pick up those books then its back home with you, sound good?"

"Yeah Bill that'll work."

They entered Madam Malkin's and Harry was fitted for a comprehensive wizard's wardrobe, complete with size adjustment spells on his school robes and casual robes for outside of Hogwarts. He also got a few sets of dress robes for occasions that would require them.

Harry slipped one of his casual robes over his muggle clothes and Bill magically covered Harry's scar, changed his hair and eye colour before he did the same to himself as well as magicking away all his freckles. Harry had never felt so nervous in his life. If they were caught they would most likely be handed over to Voldemort himself knowing the sort that frequented Knockturn Alley. They slipped into the first bookstore they saw and Harry presented the list of books he had yet to purchase. The shopkeeper led him and Bill to a back corner where he proceeded to pull out the books for Harry. They were paid for quickly and the two men left just as quietly as they came.

Bill decided to ride with Harry on the Knight Bus and conveniently show up with a letter from the Twins that he'd planned to deliver during his next scheduled minding of 4 Privet Drive anyway. Harry snuck back in the way he left, under the invisibility cloak through the back door. Bill rang the bell just as he pulled it off and Harry let him in. They proceeded to Harry's bedroom and Bill unstrung all of Harry's new things.

"Thanks Bill, I owe you big time. I don't suppose that you'll keep this to yourself will you?"

"This time Harry but next time you want to make a trip check with Remus, Tonks or I, we'd be happy to take you out. Dumbledore doesn't understand what it's like for a lad your age to be cooped up all summer long. As long as you have an adult with you you're in good shape." He turned to go then stopped. "Harry you wouldn't mind telling me what those books are for would you. They contain some really heavy stuff, spell work, rituals and the like."

Harry paused before answering. "I wanted some information about the veil in The Death Chamber at the DoM. I got some books by mail recommended by the author, nice bloke, knew my mum and dad I guess. Anyway he recommended those as books he's studied so I wanted to get them."

"Who is this guy? I wouldn't trust just anyone Harry, not everyone working at the Ministry is on the side of light."

"I know Bill, trust me I know…his name's O'Malley, Keegan O'Malley. Do you know him?"

"Yeah I know him, very reputable in the wizarding world, best known for his research of ancient artefacts; in fact many of the tombs I cracked had stuff he's studied. You were lucky this time Harry he's a light wizard but do me a favour; if you want information let me find it or better yet Remus, that wolf is a walking encyclopaedia of all things wizard and most things muggle."

"Fair enough Bill, I'll do that."

It was rather late when Bill left but Harry knew he would not sleep until he cracked at least one of the books about the veil so he picked up the first O'Malley wrote and settled in for a good bit of studying. He did not notice that Bill stopped to chat with the lanky, graying wizard outside of 4 Privet Drive.

"Remus I'm worried about Harry."

"So am I Bill. He's been having dreams of his parents and Sirius. You know I respect Albus but sometimes I wonder if he's dealing with Harry correctly. For all the years I've known him he's almost seemed lost and shutting him away like this with relatives that hate him… I just think sometimes that the protection he receives by staying here is not worth the harm those people have done him."

"I agree. Did you know he knew nothing of Potter Manor, he didn't even know the extent of his family's wealth. Did you never tell him?"

"In a word, no but in all honesty I thought Albus had. I assumed he was told everything when he came to Hogwarts but then again he always seemed in awe when I talked about his parents. I never once thought it was because he truly knew nothing about them."

"He needs to know though. Damn what has Albus been thinking! Well in case you didn't know the muggles are out of town this week so we can come and go as we please in terms of visiting Harry. It might be good for him. I'll see if I can bring Ron and Ginny by tomorrow or something."

"That might be a good idea. It will keep him occupied. I don't want him getting any hair brained ideas about leaving without one of his minders with him. That, in itself, would be pushing our luck with Albus."

"Well we're too late for that."

"What do you mean?"

"Let's just say that I almost had a coronary when a goblin led me to one of my clients this morning and said client happened to be the one and only Harry Potter. He snuck out under his invisibility cloak and took the Knight Bus all the way to London proper."

"This is bad Bill; Tonks was on duty this morning. She's going to kill him for giving her the slip."

"You're right; she's not going to take too kindly to that. Besides she's going to be sorry she missed the shopping and the new hair cut." Bill laughed.

"So that's what you two did all day?"

"Among other things, yeah. He didn't even know how much money he has. He thought his school vault was his only vault. I could not in good conscience not help him spend some of it now could I? Besides it was about time the boy got some clothes that actually fit him and he was in desperate need of new glasses."

"I agree with you. I think I might go pay our young charge a visit."

"Good idea Remus, you might want to talk to him about Sirius, I don't think he's taking his death very well."

"He's been having dreams. I worry that all the rot he's gone through is really starting to break him. I think Sirius' death was the last straw. He told me yesterday he's been hearing the voices from his dreams when he's awake now."

"Do you think it's You-Know-Who?"

"Honestly I have no clue but my gut is telling me no. I think it's psychological. I think he feels a great deal of guilt for what happened at the Ministry and these dreams are how it's manifesting itself. He might feel that if he can get Sirius back the guilt and loss he's felt because of his death will go away but there is no way to get him back."

"You seem to be working through it well."

"Well I had twelve years without Sirius and when he escaped I was just grateful

I had what time we did. I had no delusions that one or both of us would not die in this war. I miss him terribly but I think I was a bit more prepared than Harry was. I remember the first war I know we will lose close friends and loved ones. Harry on the other hand is young and inexperienced. He's lost so much already that the idea of losing more might just be too hard for him."

"Go talk to him Remus, he needs you. You are the last link to his parents and from the looks of things Albus has not bothered to tell him anything."

"I will. I just can't believe Albus never told him anything! What was he thinking?"

"I don't know mate but I say we pick up the slack eh?"

"Yeah. You get home now; I'll go talk to him."

With that Bill Apparated back into his flat and Remus made for the front door of the Dursley's.

"Bill… Oh Remus it's you! What're you doing here?"

"What can't an old wolf visit his pup?" He laughed at the surprised yet curious face Harry was giving him."

"Of course you can, come in."

"Don't be angry Harry but Bill told me about your little day trip." He looked at Harry with stern eyes.

"I knew it was too good to be true. You're going to tell Professor Dumbledore aren't you?"

"I think we can make a deal Harry, if you want to go somewhere let me know and I'll take you. I understand you can't be expected to stay here all the time but be wise about it and you'll get much more freedom."

"What are you saying Remus? Does everyone think I'm such a baby that I can't look out for myself. Is that why you all insist on minding me, because I'm too stupid?"

"Harry calm yourself! That is not why we are looking out for you and you know it! We want you to stay safe and you have people who are on your side in this, who think having you stuck in this house is doing you little to no good. Now if you learn how to play your cards right you will have more freedom but if you pull an attitude with everyone who cares you are not going to get any help from us, got it?" Harry had the good sense to look chastised and opted to bring his temper under control.

Remus didn't think Harry did have it under control. The boy was having guilt induced dreams and hearing the voices of his dead parents when awake. He had to help Harry, he knew that much but he didn't know how.

"You realize Harry that you can't bring him back, don't you?"

"How do you know unless we try?"

"We, Harry?"

"What, you don't want Sirius back?"

"Well if it were at all possible then yes I would do anything in my power to bring him back but he's dead and you can't bring back the dead no matter what others tell you."

"But Remus he didn't die! He was stunned and fell beyond the veil. He never died and that's why my mum and dad keep telling me he doesn't belong where he is. He was never supposed to die!"

"Harry I think you are just not dealing with this properly. You need to understand that Sirius is gone and there is nothing we can do about it."

"You're wrong! Just… here come to my room and look at what I've been researching then tell me there is no chance."

"Fine Harry," Remus said with the intent of humouring Harry for a bit.

Harry led Remus up to his room and put the book he had been reading in his hand, anxiously watching as Remus' eyes scanned the pages, narrowing and widening as he read. If this would not convince him nothing would. The veil was a portal to the land of the dead that much was known but it did not cause death. If someone was called from the other side there was a chance they could find their way back but it was a matter of finding out how to call the person. O'Malley had only found a partial copy of the ritual that could be used to accomplish it. It looked like dark magic to Harry but it was worth it if it meant getting Sirius back.

"Harry this is some very strong magic, even if we found the remainder of the ritual I don't know if you or I have the knowledge to actually accomplish it."

"What about Bill or this O'Malley bloke, surely they could help us."

"I don't know Harry… why don't you wait a few days. Let me look into it, there might be something at headquarters or at Hogwarts. I can't make any promises but I think you are on to something. I'll talk to Bill and even this Keegan fellow, I think I remember him from Hogwarts; he was in Ravenclaw if I remember correctly. All right Harry I'm off Kingsley is taking the next shift in a few minutes and you need to get some sleep, you have a big day tomorrow."

"I do? What's happening?"

"Never you mind, you'll find out in the morning."

Harry reluctantly went to bed after Remus left. He had no idea how he was expected to sleep at the prospect of having a surprise the next day and Remus actually taking him seriously when he told him about the veil. Harry did not take into account, however, the fact that he had a very full day that day and was still not caught up on sleep even if he had a full night the night before so he fell asleep soon after his head hit the pillow.