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5 Times When Eliot Was Subtle and 1 Time Parker Wasn't

Chapter 1: Cereal

Parker was acting weird…well, weirder than normal. Or at least Eliot thought so. All through the briefing she kept glancing in the direction of the kitchen. But they were very quick looks, never lasting more than a second. The one time her gaze ended up meeting the hitter's and he mouthed "What?" She had frozen and then turned her full attention back to Hardison. Eliot just quirked and eyebrow and did the same. He would talk to her later.

When the meeting was over everyone did their own thing. The happy newlyweds snuck upstairs, trying to be discreet but failing horribly. Hardison typed away at his computer, trying to get as much information as he could on the building they were going to have to break into and Parker slunk off to the kitchen, leaning against the island and staring at the cupboards. Eliot followed her and took up a place next to her, noting the forlorn expression on her face.

"What's up?" he asked and she jumped before turning her gaze to him.

"It's gone," she said sadly before turning back to the cupboards. "It's all gone."

"What's all gone darlin'?" he asked, frowning at the tone of her voice.

"The cereal."

Eliot did a double take. "The cereal?" he asked, making sure he had heard right.

"Yeah," was followed by a sad sigh.

"Why are you so upset that the cereal is gone? Just tell Nate to get more."

"I told him we were out and he said that I could get more, but…"

"But what?" Eliot asked, trying very hard not to laugh.

"I don't know where he got it and he can't remember! I've been all over the city and I can't find it!"

"Oh, well, I'm sorry darlin'," he said. Parker just sighed, nodded and walked away, heading for the door. Once she was gone Eliot hurried over to where Hardison was still sitting, apparently oblivious to the exchange that had just occurred.

"Hey, Hardison, can you do me a favor?" Eliot asked, standing behind the hacker and leaning over his shoulder.


"I need you to find something for me."

"And just what would that be?"

Eliot whispered something in the hacker's ear and Hardison spun around, startling the hitter into jumping back. "Are you serious man?" he exclaimed.

"Just do it Hardison!"

"Any place specific you're looking for this?" the hacker asked, turning back to the computer and starting his work.

"Closest place you can find it," the hitter said, heading over to the door. "Call me when you find it."

"Where are you going?" Hardison called, looking up from the screen.

"I'm going to start looking on my own!" Eliot called. "Just do your thing!"

The door opened and slammed shut when Eliot left and Hardison sighed, rolling his eyes. "This is ridiculous, my skills being used for this…I can hack into the freaking government and he wants me to find a freaking cereal brand. For crying out loud…" he muttered as he typed away.


The next morning when Parker walked in, she was still feeling a bit upset, until, that is, she spotted the island in the kitchen. Sitting there innocently were sixes boxes of cereal, stacked in a pyramid, a bowl filled to the brim and ready with a spoon already waiting for her. She squealed and skipped over, picking up the bowl and noticing the note underneath it. Taking a bite of cereal, she read the scrawl on the piece of paper.


Next time you need more cereal, just give a holler.

There wasn't a signature on the bottom, but the thief knew who it was from. She heard a snore from the couch and skipped over, spotting the hitter, sleeping there, arms thrown across the back of the couch, one leg stretched out in front of him.

Parker grinned and sat down carefully next to him, trying not to wake him up, but his eyes opened up and he looked over at her.

"Thanks for the cereal Eliot!" she said happily. Then, in perfect Parker style, she scooped up some cereal and held it out, offering it to the hitter. He shook his head, grinning, and then took a bite.

"No problem darlin'. No problem at all. Glad to help," he said before closing his eyes again and waiting for the others to get there. Parker just sat next to him and ate her cereal happily, content.

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