Yes, I know it's not winter but does anyone really care? If so speak up or forever hold your peace.

The snow fell softly, white petals drifting downward though the still air, vanishing where it touches the ground. The air was a comfortable temperature, the warmth of the room and the sweet smell of vanilla and cinnamon wrapping any occupants in its aura, taking them captive in its lazy, calming embrace. All that was heard was the soft, rhythmic, crackle of fire and the sounds of light breathing. Two figures wrapped together on an overstuffed couch were the only life forms.

Spock gazed sleepily at the fire. He was never big on the whole "winter" experience. Life on Vulcan was always hot and dry. But he found the current arrangement to be quite agreeable. The Vulcan gazed fondly down at his T'hy'la, currently resting quietly, curled in his lap, book opened to some unmarked page forgotten when he fell asleep. A pang of affection for his blond lover coursed through him. Spock will always be taken back by the beauty of his captain, even in sleep. Dirty blond hair mussed, tan skin (how he manages to keep his skin tan while in outer space will always allude him), and vibrant blue eyes framed with gold lashes captivated Spock No matter what he does or how well he hides he always finds his eyes being drawn to this intrepid man, like a moth to the light. Spock caved long ago.

The Vulcan let a small smile grace his lips as he fondly stroked his lover's hair. The man's eyes fluttered before they slowly cracked, electric blue penetrating his gold lashes. "Ummm, that feels niceā€¦" The Starfleet captain murmured sleepily into his companion's chest.

Spock felt his smile grow the tiniest bit at this, not bothering to even try to suppress it. Spock learned early on how inevitable it was. "Did you have a pleasant sleep?"

"Sleep? No! I was just resting my eyes." Kirk insisted while leisurely rubbing his nose into his T'hy'la's chest, slurring his words slightly. Spock kissed the top of his head tenderly. "Oh, jeez! I'm sorry Spock; this can't possibly be comfortable for you!" The captain exclaimed once he gained enough self awareness to notice his position on Spock's lap.

"On the contrary, T'hy'la, I find our current arrangement quite suitable." Spock replied softly.

"Are you sure?" He yawned widely and Spock felt another pang in his heart for the fragile human curled up into him, and he was suddenly frighteningly aware of how fragile he really is. The Vulcan moved his hand from his lover's hair to bring it around his body and pull him closer.


They stayed like that; content just to be with the other.

Soon, Spock felt his captain's breathing even out again and heard a light snore escape his lips. He leaned in close to his lover and whispered delicately into the man's ear, "Sleep well, Jim."

Any crew members who would find themselves in Rec Room 3 would notice their commanding officers and silently excuse themselves, letting the couple have their privacy. The Holo Vid quietly continued snowing in the far corner and the video of a burning fire crackled without any concern for the two men enjoying it. Yes Spock thought winter is indeed quite agreeable.