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The shy blonde girl had only managed a few words before she'd been cut off, but Willow suddenly found her the most interesting thing in the room.

The girl tries to talk again, and one of the wannabe witches hushes the circle, "Yeah? Tara? Guys, quiet. Do you have a suggestion?"

The girl looks around nervously and shakes her head. Willow keeps watching her while the wannabes start rambling again. The girl slowly brings her head up, her blue eyes meeting Willow's. The world seems to shift a tiny bit. It feels like when she got her first spell right, and that tiny triumph meant her world would never be the same again. There's an energy about this girl. Perhaps she's a real witch, Willow thinks hopefully.

Willow allows her mind to linger over the hesitant smile, dipped head, and soft stuttering voice as she goes to meet Buffy. As she replays the scene, she realizes the girl's name.

"Tara," she murmurs under breath, a smile forming.