Max, Fang and Iggy= 16. Nudge=13. Gazzy=10. Angel: 8.

Max's POV

We had been captured by the School.

I don't know how! I had just fallen asleep after giving Iggy second watch. Then I wake up to find myself cuffed to a metal bed in a white room.

I also don't know how they got past Iggy. I mean, the dude has the best ears.

"Good morning." A whitecoat chirped, walking into the room. I struggled to lift my head. The whitecoat, who was a man, started pushing my bed out the door.

We passed through a large, white hallway and entered another room.

I saw the flock also cuffed to metal beds. They were unconscious.

"Hi, Max." Jeb was half sitting on Angel's bed.

"What did you do to them?" I growled, trying hard to break free.

"I suppose you're wondering how we got past Iggy." Jeb said. Obviously ignoring me. "Well, we created a new hybrid lately. We call them Chameleons. They can turn invisible and not be

sensed. Amazing, isn't it."

"But, you're my dad!" I said.

"Listen, Maximum." Jeb turned serious. "You're here because we need your help."

"With what?" I spat.

"You know the Erasers. Well, were are suspecting that they are plotting against us."

"But, they practically have no other thoughts than, kill." I said.

"There are hundreds of them. Enough to take over the world. Enough to kill people. Anyone who stands in their way." Jeb leaned closer to me. The other whitecoat had walked out of the


I looked hopelessly at Fang's unconscious body.

"What did you to the flock?" I asked.

"We injected the same thing that I'm about to inject in you now.

"Fine. I'll help." I sighed.

"Perfect." Jeb smiled and took out a needle from his pocket.

Immediately, my alarms went off and I started trying to break free.

"W-what's that for?" I stammered.

"We need someone who can predict the future." Jeb explained. "It's a rare, rare power, and many experiments have died trying to get it. And I figured out how to. It couldn't be achieved

by inserting DNA into people. If the mind already knows everything, it'll be forced to feed on a new source of information. The future." Jeb had a twinkle in his eyes. I realized he was crazy.

"I don't know everything." I reasoned.

"The Voice does." Jeb said.

"I hadn't heard from it when I turned fifteen." I said.

"That's because I stopped doing the Voice. I fueled my mind with information, and as soon as I am finished, I'll return it to your mind. You'll know everything." Jeb said. "We do not like to

waste time, so while I am dealing with the Voice, you'll learn something that you only experienced once."

"A normal life?" I said sarcastically.

"Exactly." Jeb said. My confident smile faltered, and then I was lost.

"But I don't want one." I said, my wrists hurting from trying to get away.

"Not exactly a normal life. You'll have your wings and your powers. It's too complicated to explain. But once you wake up, you'll see."

"I don't want to!" I shouted. I squirmed as Jeb came closer. He easily caught hold of my arm.

"I don't want to forget Fang." I whispered, tears coming to my eyes.

Jeb looked sympathetic, but he stuck the needle into my arm anyway.

The next chapter will take place three years after this happened. So in the next one the flock's ages will be:

Max, Fang, Iggy=19

P.S. That little theory Jeb made? Eh, it's fake. I made it up, since I couldn't think of anything else.