Fang's POV

The next morning, Max was still sleeping by 10:00am. She looked tired, so I didn't wake her up.

I walked in the kitchen and got out some eggs and bacon. I started cooking.

"Oh, you can cook too?" Someone said behind me.

"Morning." I said. The pan sizzled as I poured the oil for the eggs.

"I can't." Max said.

"Who cooked?" I asked.

"Destiny." Max nodded, then observed breakfast from under my arm. I cracked the egg open.

"Scrambled or sunny side up?" I asked.

"Sunny side up, please." Max answered.

I nodded. I heard shuffling behind me as Max set the table.

"Why'd you wake up? You could have just kept sleeping." I told her.

"Nah." Max said. I used the spatula to place the egg onto a plate. I started working on the next one. After that, I made the bacon.

About twenty minutes later, we were eating silently.

"Did you have fun last night?" Max finally asked.

I nodded, blushing slightly from the memory of dancing with her.

"Jessica asked if we were getting together." She said quietly.

I almost choked on bacon. "Did we look like it?"

"I guess so." Max studied her food. She looked, I don't know, disappointed.

Oh, crap.

"It's a possibility." I added, standing up. I was finished. I started washing my plate at the sink. I dried them, then put them back in the cabinet.

"I'm gonna go fl---get some fresh air." I said. I mentally hit myself. I'd almost said fly.

"Okay." Max nodded. She didn't seem suspicious or anything. Exhaling quietly, I walked out of our house. I ran to the backyard, snapped my wings out, and soon, I was in the air.

Max's POV

What had he meant, it was a possibility?

"He likes me?" I thought out loud after he had gone. I looked at the empty seat in front of me, and an image of Fang eating came up.

He acted like he liked me. Did I like him?

I pondered about this as I stood up and started pacing. It was a habit.

"He's a friend." I decided. "I'm going to go and fly." I added for no one in particular. I grabbed my IPod and headed for the door.

Outside was quiet. Everyone would still be sleeping after staying up late last night.

I let out my wings and did a running takeoff.

Once I was high in the air, I looked around. It seemed empty, except for a raven in the distance.

I started making circles. I put the earphones in my ears and clipped the IPod onto my jeans. It started playing Love Song, by Taylor Swift. I narrowed my eyes and put it on shuffle. I

clicked Next. The next song that came up was My Life Would Suck Without You, by Kelly Clarkson. Suddenly angry, I pressed Next again.

The next song was Halo, by Beyonce. After that, You Light Up My Life, by Debbie Boone.

Growling, I chose to a random Linkin Park song. Finally at peace, I resumed flying.

Sometime later, my eyes drifted shut, and I was in such a peaceful state that I would have fallen asleep. But I didn't.

Instead, I crashed into this brick wall.

I rubbed my face and looked up. No, it wasn't a brick wall. It was just Fang. Wait…Fang?

I glanced behind him.

Were those…wings?!





"F-Fang?" I stuttered.

"Max?" Fang asked incredulously.

"You-you have wings!" I gasped, feeling more shocked than I was ever in my whole life.

Guess what happened next? Go ahead, guess. I'll wait….okay, waiting's over. Here's what happened: I fainted.


I woke up on a couch with a wet, warm towel on my forehead. Fang was sitting beside my feet.

"I'm not sick." I muttered, throwing the towel off.

I shut my eyes, trying to asses what just happened.

I went flying, bumped into Fang, found out he had wings…

"You have wings!" I gasped again.

I almost fainted again, but thank god I didn't.

"I was hoping you'd forget what you just saw, but yeah." Fang rubbed the back of his neck.

"You have wings." I repeated for the third time.

"And so do you." Fang said.

"You have wings." I said again. "And I have wings. We…the same…"

For the first time in my whole life, I was speechless. I always had a snappy come back, but this…this…

"You have wings!" I cried out, for the fifth time.

"I get it!" Fang said.

"You want to explain?" I asked shakily.

Fang seemed cautious, but then seemed to remember that I had wings too. "Not much, really." He confessed. "I woke up with them."

"M-me too." I said, still trembling.

Fang's eyes widened the slightest bit, and then he pulled me into a hug.

It would have been weird for anyone, I guess. Hugging someone you barely knew. But after finding out Fang had wings, it explained so much.

Why he was so cautious.

Why, three years ago, a mysterious boy enrolled in the same high school as me, with no records or not background.

"Look, keep this a secret?" I looked up at Fang. He nodded, back to his silent self.

Inside, my mind was spinning. Fang had wings. Angel and Gazzy had wings, too. Who else?

I was dying to ask Fang if he had seen Angel and Gazzy's wings. But on that day, when he woke up, he seemed so lost and confused. He acted like he hadn't remembered anything.

And finding out that his room mate was a winged bird kid like him was probably enough for a day.