Remember in 1995 when Michael Jordan came out of retirement and took out a full page ad in the newspaper with only two words?

I'm Back.

Well…this isn't a full page ad, but you've read it right.

I'm back

No, actually…

I'm back, baby! 



"Listen, Bones…I have a confession to make…"

Her eyes widened, but she didn't comment.

Thankful, he tried to smile encouragingly. "You see, Bones…this week…I guess I have been in my own fantasy. That is, everything you've done for me, and to me…Bones, it's been so amazing. But, I uh…" he swallowed and tried to gain the courage he needed. "I uh…I guess I've also had the fantasy that after this week, we'd both admit that this whole week was just a cover for how we really felt about each other. I know…I know that I'm…"

She was flushed now, and her body was tense at his words, but he continued, the clock behind her reading 11:50 PM.

"I'm in love with you, Bones." He admitted, "I have been for a long time. And I've been lying to myself, thinking that being in love with you but not doing anything about it was enough for me. Just having you nearby was enough. But feeling you this week, seeing you and getting to touch you, having your hands on me…Bones…"

Just the thought of it distracted him, and he leaned in to press a kiss against her surprised lips. He knew he'd shocked her, but if this was his last chance, he was going to go for it. All of it.

His lips travelled over her neck, taking claim to what he wanted to be just his. There were other things, over the years, that he'd claimed for himself. Things like the way she let him call her Bones. Or the way her eyes widened when he told her something he'd never told anyone else. That was for him. That was his. Or the way her back stiffened and then curved into his hand every time he placed it there, that was his. And the way she tried not to laugh at one of his jokes, her lips smirking until they blossomed into a full smile. Yeah, baby…that was all for him.

But he also wanted to note the new things that were just for him. The way her nipples pebbled just from his breath. The way her own breath hitched when he nuzzled around her belly button. That was for him, too. The way her thighs parted for him when he cupped her hips. Oh, yes, Bones…all for him.

He removed his hands from her body and slid back up to meet her eyes, knowing that the uncertainty he saw there was reflected in his own eyes, and not caring. "One week, Bones. I want one week to prove to you that we can have both. One week to prove that we can be together, like this, in the real world."

She gasped and whimpered when he brought his hand down to her thigh, pulling her leg over his. "Only one week?"

Even her aroused voice held a challenge, and he smiled, leaning closer to her, "Hey, you got a week, I want a week."

She couldn't help but smile in return and her hand came up to cup his elbow. "I don't know…."

He groaned and leaned into her, letting himself slide through her heat, kissing her neck, "It's so good between us, Bones…everything between us is good." He met her eyes then and brushed her hair from her face. "Let me prove it to you. Let me prove it to both of us that we can do it."

From the corner of his eye, he could see his clock. 11:58. "Bones…."

Her body tensed and then shifted, and she nodded slightly, "Okay…yes."

Booth hitched her thigh higher over his hip, keeping them equal. No one on top, no one on bottom as they faced one another, and he lined himself up to her entrance. He began kissing her on the mouth, pleased when her hands came up to rest on his chest. When they caressed him, he pulled back to look into her eyes.

Just then, his clocks chimed midnight, signaling a new day, a new week, a new moment, and he slid home. "Welcome to reality."



12:01 AM

They both paused, joined together. Booth swept a few stray strands of hair from her face and pressed deeper within her for just an instant before sliding out, then repeating the process. "Thoughts?"

Brennan swallowed and frowned slightly, her hands skittering across his chest, her thighs shifting against his. "Hmmm…what?" she blinked, then opened her eyes up to meet Booth's.

His lips curled up in a half smile and he continued his easy rhythm. "I asked if you had any thoughts about what I just shared. Anything you're thinking about."

Brennan nodded and pulled her lower lip between her teeth before nodding again, sure she must have something to say. "I um…"

Booth hid a smile as he increased his pace infinitesimally, "Yes?"

"I…um, yes…I…" Brennan cleared her throat and nodded. "I confess…mmmm…" her fingers clenched on his biceps, and her eyes drifted shut for just a moment, "I confess that I am having a bit of trouble organizing coherent thoughts at the moment. I'm sure it will pass, however, and…oh…close!" she pressed her face to Booth's chest, her nails raking over his shoulders, her orgasm hovering just out of reach. It took a full minute for her to realize that Booth was shaking. She pulled back a bit when she felt rather than heard laughter from his chest. "Booth?"

He laughed again and rolled over onto his back, clumsily dragging her to lie on top of him. His hands patted her back before coming to rest behind his head as a look of pure satisfaction crossed his face.

"What's so funny, Booth?"

His eyes crinkled, and he looked to the right for a moment before meeting her eyes and chuckling again. "Let's see…I made the world famous anthropological genius, New York Times bestselling author, with a bullet, forget her thoughts for a moment, hmmm?" he stretched his arms over his head in satisfaction and winked.

Brennan pinched his stomach lightly, and he brought his hands down in a hurry and tangled them with hers. "Hey!"

She just chuckled and shook her head. "Cocky…"

Booth just laughed again and used his abs to sit up and kiss her quickly. Brennan followed him down until his head was once again resting on his pillow. "What are you going to do about it, there, Bones?" he murmured in a low voice designed for moments just like these.

Brennan shrugged a casual shoulder. "You're so smart; why don't you tell me?"

"I think" he began as he smoothed his hands down her back, "that you should finish what you started here tonight."

"But it's morning" she teased, and Booth smiled, leaning up to kiss her again.

"Make love to me, Bones" he whispered against her lips before lying back down against his pillow.

Sliding up so she was sitting on his stomach, Brennan let her hands run over his broad chest, fingers tracing the muscles there. Forgoing the massage oil, she leaned forward, letting her weight shift to her upper body, pressing down with her hands along his shoulders, then stomach.

"Feel good?" she murmured, then paused when Booth didn't answer. Looking down, she realized that his eyes were focused on her breasts, his face a mask of concentration. A smile crossed her lips, and she swayed slightly from side to side, watching as his eyes moved back and forth, his mouth slightly falling open. Pressing her palms to the mattress, she shifted back until her eyes were aligned with Booth's. "Everything okay?"

Busted. Booth blinked, and then laughed, closing his eyes for a moment. "Um, yep…everything's pretty good, Bones."

Brennan slid just a bit further and reached between them to line him up to her body before taking him in to the hilt. "How about now?"

Booth's hips rocked up, adding pressure to his length. "I'd say everything's pretty damn good."

"I'm glad" Brennan smiled and began an easy rhythm, watching his face closely.

Booth closed his eyes tighter and let his hands fall to rest lightly against her waist. This was good, and just right, and exactly as planned. Just like the night before, he'd let her get her pleasure from him, and then once she was satisfied, he'd roll her over and find his own release. And maybe actually keep his eyes open, he smirked.

Brennan saw the slight curl of his lips and her eyes narrowed. She recognized that look. It was the same look he got just as he was about to deliver the evidence to a suspect. I've got you now, the look said.

Well…she'd just see about that.

Rocking her hips in a swivel motion, she began sliding faster, pleased when his hips rose off the mattress even as his fingers clutched her hips. Yes

Booth felt her movements all over his body and his eyes flew open as one particular swivel of her hips coincided with the swirl of her fingertips over his chest. "Hey…wait a minute."

Brennan smiled in victory at the furrow in his brow, "Yes?" she increased her speed again, now not so much moving up and down as she was just rotating her hips against his, feeling him arch into her uncontrollably. "Something wrong?" she teased.

"No…I mean…yes…oh yes…I mean…it's not…I'm not…" he huffed out quick breaths and clenched his jaw against his impending orgasm, "It just feels so good…"

"I believe that is the desired effect" Brennan's lips curved up in a smile that turned into a full fledged grin as his eyes almost crossed in pleasure when she sat up and ran her hands up her stomach toward her breasts, lightly palming their weight in the cups of her hands.

"No…" he shifted and groaned. "I'm… uh, Bones…" he hissed. "I think I'm going to…you know…"

She laughed. "I know that's the desired effect."

He felt really good inside her, and she was enjoying it, but she was really enjoying his loss of control, and his confusion over the fact. Falling forward onto her hands on either side of his shoulders, she rode him hard, bearing down with everything she had, making him powerless to stop.

"But…but…ah…mmmmmm" he bit his bottom lip, his hips matching her rhythm, "La…ladies…mmmmmm…..ah! ah! Ah!" he panted and whimpered. "Ladies first… Aaahhhhhhh, Bones!" He shouted, releasing and reacting so strongly, Brennan had to clamp her thighs to his hips and her fingers to the sheets to keep from being bucked off.

Keeping her rhythm but easing off on the pressure, she continued to move as he came down from ecstasy. Brennan pressed light kisses against his jawline and allowed her upper body to press against his for a sweet moment, enjoying the final shudder that swept through his lean body before she rolled to the side, lying on one arm and watching him.

His eyes were shut, and he sucked in a deep breath. Booth's lips hardened into a straight line, and he turned his face to look at her, his body still unable to move. One eye cracked open, and he looked annoyed. "No fair…"

Brennan laughed in satisfaction and leaned in closer, tugging his arm around her shoulders. "Get used to it. I have more control than you."

"Oh…yeah, right" Booth groused. "I don't think so."

Pressing a kiss to his side, Brennan smoothed her hand against his stomach, the muscles there still working as he tried to breathe evenly. "I am afraid the evidence suggests otherwise, Agent Booth."

He groaned and rolled onto his side, flipping her so her back was to him, his large warm hand cupping her hip. "That…besides being fantastic" he kissed her shoulder. "Was just a momentary lapse in what I consider a four year stretch of my amazing control where you're concerned."

Brennan felt pleasure at his words, his all but admitting he'd wanted her from the beginning. "I see…"

"But I'm still not happy with you" he lied, his index finger making tiny circles on the skin of her hip.

"Oh,really?" she asked, feeling twinges of denied arousal rise in her body, "And why is that?"

"First of all, now I'm really tired. And secondly, you didn't come" he murmured against her ear, his finger still maddeningly gentle, the only part of his body moving against hers.

"I didn't go away" she rebutted, and enjoyed the way the mattress shifted at his deep chuckle.

"True…true…" he kissed her shoulder again, and moved his finger against her hipbone, lightly tracing the seam where her thigh met her torso. She shivered hard, and he paused, pleased to have found one of her erogenous zones. He did it again, and then smoothed his hand over her stomach to test out her other leg, pleased when it created the same response, if not a stronger tremble over her body.

Resting his hand flat against the cool skin of her belly, he moved her hair over her shoulder and kissed her upper back right below her neck. Brennan felt the tip of his tongue in a tiny flick between his lips, and she squeezed her eyes shut, holding back a whimper.

The tip of his tongue made another pass at her skin, this time in some sort of pattern. And then another, which was repeated, and then a little line, then, oooh… "What…what are you doing?" she panted.

His index finger tapped against her stomach, then rested with the rest of his hand, "Using my not too tired parts, that's all."

Mmmmm…Brennan shifted, her hips rocking back an inch as he began his series of patterns against the sensitive skin of her back. "No…I mean, what is that pattern? It feels very deliberate…"

His tongue stopped against her skin and his lips pressed against her back once, then again, before he slid his hand lower, letting his index finger sweep down over her welcoming skin. "Maybe you can figure it out this way."

The pad of his finger swirled in some sort of pattern. One, then another one repeated, then a line, then the second one repeated again before starting a new pattern. "I don't know…" she whined, parting her thighs anyways to coax him into a more intimate touch.

Booth chuckled again, and this time she felt it all throughout her form as his whole body was pressed against the back of hers. She felt almost bound, but in a trap of her own design, as she rhythmically shifted back and forth between his strong body and his maddening finger. "Think about it, Bones. Concentrate…"

He paused, and she pulled in a deep breath, closing her eyes in concentration. His first movement curved in and out, and she imagined his finger for a moment. "An S"

"Very good" he praised, scraping his teeth against the bare skin of her pale shoulder. "Next…"

This touch circled its own self, almost entirely, and he repeated the motion. Trying to separate from the pleasure and concentrate on her thoughts, she again imagined what it would look like if he were making the motion in front of her, "An E. Two of them."

"Right again" he murmured, then made a vertical line up before repeating the E formation.

"L" she panted, "And then another…ah…"

"Yes?" he prompted.

"Seeley…" she answered, warming all over when he paused and then began the pattern again, this time with two fingers and a stronger touch.

Oh, he was good. And creative, Brennan realized as she settled into the rhythm he set with his fingers. It wasn't difficult to do, as she anticipated each letter, sliding her body in contrast to his touch. But she gasped and arched forward, when he scraped his teeth against her earlobe and changed his pattern. "What now?"

Brennan bit her bottom lip hard and tried to concentrate, afraid he would stop if she didn't play his game. "Um….hmmm…"

"Pay attention" he whispered and began again. This time a straight line with two swoops. Then two perfect circles, and then…


He chuckled. "Yep, you guessed it…good job, Bones."

"No…I mean…" she clenched her hand on his to hold it in place…oh, right there, and arched hard. "I mean…BOOTH!" her fingernails almost pierced his hand as she shuddered in completion, "Yes…oh, Booth, Booth…oh yes…"

Booth's fingers slowed along with her hips, and he brought both of his hands to wrap around her waist, clasping her hands with his against her stomach.

"That was…" she panted, letting her head fall back against his shoulder.

"Good?" he offered, enjoying the way she turned in his arms to press her lips against his.

"I was going to say effective with male dominated undertones, but yes…" she sighed, "Good works too."

He grinned at her honesty and then laughed, reaching down to pull the sheet over their damp bodies. "Do you want a shirt or something?"

Brennan paused for a moment, "No, I'm okay…as long as you are okay with sleeping in the nude."

Booth kissed the top of her head and laid back against his pillow. "I'm okay with it." If it meant she was going to stay the night, he was more than okay with it.

"I um…" she looked at him, and bit her bottom lip.

"What is it, Bones?"

Booth felt his chest tighten, hoping that she wasn't planning on leaving, but knowing that she very well could be.

"I usually sleep on the right, so…"

Translation, move over, Booth figured, and he sighed dramatically, before, lifting his body with his hands and shoving over to his left. "Picky, picky" he joked, and pinched her thigh gently when she crawled over him to lie on his right.

"Ouch, hey…" she rubbed her skin and swatted his hand away when he tried to help her.

He caught her hand in his and placed it on his shoulder, then leaned in and kissed her, gently, but affectionately. "I love you, Bones"

Leaning over her, he turned off the bedside lamp and pulled the sheet over their bodies once again.

The room was encased in darkness, and just as Booth was about to totally fall asleep, he felt her hand along his chest.

"Booth?" she whispered.

"Yeah, Bones?"

Her fingers fluttered softly against his skin, and then she pulled away. "I'm not ready to say that I love you." She whispered, her voice hesitant but truthful in the darkness.

Booth ran his hand over her thigh and cupped her hip. "That's okay. I just wanted you to know how I felt is all."

She seemed to accept this, and didn't say anything else.


7:15 AM

Booth stretched and groaned at the slight ache in his lower back. He rolled to his left, expecting to be able to grab at his spare pillow like he did every morning, but promptly fell off his bed, falling in a heap to the floor. What the hell?

Pushing himself up, he looked at his bed, and blinked at the reason he'd been so close to the edge of his bed. Bones.

Surprised she hadn't woken up from his loud fall, he used his hands to push up off of the floor, sitting on the side of the bed for a moment.

He was tempted to wake her up with a kiss, but found he wasn't quite ready for her to be awake yet. Because for all of his fantasies involving her, waking up with her next to him neared the top of the list. But this was reality, and he didn't want to pressure her, so he quietly got off the bed, walked over to his dresser, pulled out a fresh pair of boxers and pulled them on followed by a clean tshirt.

And the whole time, she didn't open an eye, but inherently seemed to know that there was more space to take over. Just like she'd been taking over his heart for years, her body shifted more toward the center of the bed, her arm sliding over to where his body had been.

Booth smiled as he made his way to the kitchen, careful to be as quiet as possible as he started the coffee pot. As it brewed, he rifled through his mail from the week, sorting out the bills and setting them by his checkbook for later that afternoon. Padding his way to the front door, he opened it and picked up the newspaper, smiling as he waved toward Mrs. Weatherly from three doors down. It was just like almost every other Sunday morning.



Booth closed his front door and leaned back against it, smiling when he saw his…partner leaning in the doorway leading to the kitchen.

"Hey" he replied, and felt a warmth spread from his chest.

She was wearing one of his white dress shirts, and from the looks of it, nothing else.

"I hope you don't mind, but…it was kind of cold" she swallowed, and motioned toward the shirt.

"I don't mind" Booth answered, pushing off from the door to walk into the kitchen. "Coffee?"

"Actually, I should probably get going" Brennan shrugged and turned to walk back to the bedroom, "I have a lot of things to get done today, so…"

Booth jogged past her and blocked his bedroom doorway with his arm, "Leaving? Bones, what? But, you agreed…to this week. Don't tell me that was a lie. No way was that a lie."

Brennan frowned and stepped under his arm. "It wasn't a lie. I'm doing exactly what we agreed to."

Booth whirled around and watched as she pulled on her jeans, zipping them up under his shirt. "Well then, we must have agreed to different things, because what I agreed to sure as hell didn't include you leaving before breakfast. Typical."

"You said you wanted a week to prove we could have both" Brennan tilted her head to the side in genuine confusion. "We work together and sleep together. Today we aren't working, and we both just woke up…so…I'm not trying to upset you, I guess I just don't understand your rationale."

Booth palmed the back of his neck and sighed. She was right, technically. "Okay, I get it. We're both on the same page, but…also kind of not."

"That makes no sense, Booth" her eyebrows rose as she stood and began unbuttoning his shirt.

Booth walked over to her and stopped her hands from their work. Finishing the job himself, he sat on his bed and pulled her closer to him by the front of the shirt. "Okay…it's just a little misunderstanding, but we can work it out. I thought we'd spend the day together, I guess. You know, just…being together."

Brennan's brow furrowed, "You mean, not working?"

"Yeah, that's what I mean." He paused, considering his next words. "What do you normally do, on a Sunday, if we don't have a case?"

"I work, on a book, or at the lab."

"No, no, Bones" Booth clarified, "I mean, to relax, or…for fun."

"I…I just told you, Booth. I work on a book, or in the lab."

"For fun." Booth repeated. "That's what you to do relax? Work more?"

Brennan bristled slightly. "Yes. I enjoy my work, Booth, you know that."

"I know, I know, Bones. I know you do. Trust me, I do know" he answered sincerely, "but, other than that, what else do you enjoy? If you didn't have to do work, if there were no more books to write or dead bodies—"

"—That's highly unlikely" she interrupted, and Booth leaned back on his bed, covering his face with his hands and groaned.

"Just…" he sat up and motioned with exaggeration, "imagine, okay, Bones? God forbid, there is ever a day with no dead bodies, what might you think about doing?"

Brennan felt awkward and hesitant, and didn't enjoy the feeling one bit, "I don't know. I might read some articles, or maybe go for a run, maybe check out a museum or something. Modern art or wine tasting, something like that."

"Okay…okay…" Booth nodded, his brow furrowing a bit at her choices. "I can work with that." He snapped his fingers and nodded. "A run. Let's do it. Let's go for a run, right now."

"What?" Brennan took a step back and motioned down her body, "I'm not even close to dressed appropriately for a run, Booth. This is…this is crazy."

She turned to walk out then, taking off his shirt, and reaching down to pull hers from the floor.

Booth sucked in a sharp breath at the slight sway of her breasts away from her chest, and she paused, then turned toward him as she pulled on her bra and sweater.

"Look, Booth…I think we're not being realistic. Sex is good between us, and we're really great work partners." She swallowed, and Booth felt a spark of hope that maybe, just maybe she didn't really believe what she was saying. "Maybe we should just leave it at that."

She turned then and walked out the door, and for a moment, Booth sat there, stunned. His mind whirled as he tried to remember the conversation he'd had with her the night before, just at midnight. He'd meant everything…everything, but what he'd said was that he'd enjoyed her physically. He'd meant walks in the park and baseball games and just life, but he hadn't said any of that. And he knew with Bones, he had to just say it. Otherwise she wouldn't really know. And maybe all of that was just a fantasy and not actually realistic, like she'd said. He scoffed to himself and pressed his palms to his eyes. Okay, so…it was just time to regroup, that was all.

The click of his front door startled him, and he jumped off the bed. Racing to the door, he opened it quickly and rushed outside, "Bones!" he called and caught her right as she was getting ready to get into her car. "Bones, wait a minute."

She sighed and looked at him, and he didn't miss the hurt in her expression before it shifted to cooler indifference. "Yes?" she replied.

He'd really blown it, but this time, he wasn't going to let it slide. "Listen, Bones. I…" he sighed and watched as she fiddled with her keys, not quite meeting his eyes any more. Ease up, his gut encouraged him. Shrugging casually, he leaned up against the side of her car. "Bones, it's early. I'm going to go inside and read the paper. And I'm going to drink some coffee and probably watch the news. Around 10 o clock, I'm going to go for a run, and when I get back from that, I'm going to take a shower, and go grocery shopping. After that, I'll probably come back here, make some lunch and watch a football game and balance my checkbook. If any of those things sound like things you want to do too, then join me. I'd love it."

He didn't stick around for a response, but just tapped the hood of her car as he turned to walk back to his apartment.


Brennan got into her car, started it, and pulled into traffic as methodically as possible. Trying to stem her thoughts until she was home and in familiar surroundings, she turned up the radio, not really listening, just hoping to drown out everything but noise.

She parked her car in her regular spot, walked the regular path up to her apartment, used the correct key, and entered her apartment, placing the keys in their appropriate spot. Walking quickly over toward her table, she plugged in her laptop, hoping to get a head start on the morning's work to be done.

But she didn't have any new emails to reply to. Standing up and walking into her kitchen, she opened up her cupboard to get her coffee. But when she opened up the tin, it was nearly empty. Hmmm…she'd forgotten about that.

Walking over to the fridge, she eyed the most recent grocery list she'd begun, adding coffee to the list. Tearing the paper from the pad, she examined the list, realizing that it was quite lengthy.

Toilet paper

Birthday gift for Russ


Dryer sheets


Baking soda

Nail polish remover

On down the list she read till she stopped at her most recent entry. Coffee.

Perhaps she should do some grocery shopping today.

Looking outside, she could see the sun already shining. Since she didn't have any emails to respond to, and she had spent time during the past case-less week catching up on work, she supposed she might have time for a run.

But that was all. Then she was going to come back here and work. Alone. If Booth wanted to join her here during the evening for a more intimate setting, he could do that. But she wasn't going to spend the entire day with him. That was not practical at all.


Booth tied up his sneakers and stood up straight stretching out his back muscles and his waist as he turned from side to side. A quick glance at the clock over the stove showed it was 9:59. He opened his door and made his way outside. "I'll wait till 10:03, and if she's not here, I'm leaving" he promised himself. It was one thing to realize you weren't on the same page as someone. It was another thing to keep reading that same page over and over, hoping that person would turn to it.


Booth looked up quickly to see his partner walking toward him, her body covered like he'd never seen before. Sure, he knew she worked out. She had to, with that body, but…seeing Bones here, in jogging clothes was a change. A good change, though…

"Heya, Bones" he cleared his throat in an attempt to sound casual, "Ready?"

"Sure." She shrugged. "I've never run around here before, I don't think. Are we going on a trail, or…"

Booth grinned. "Follow me."

He drove them actually for a bit, and they were both silent until they reached a local high school.

"Are we running the track or something?" Brennan asked him, and Booth smiled.

"No, there's a great cross country course, and I have permission to run it, so…sound good?"

Brennan nodded. "Sure, let's do it."

As they started jogging the path, once again silence overtook them, but it wasn't awkward at all. Brennan knew Booth took his body seriously, he was literally walking proof of that, but still, she'd never really seen him in motion like this. His body was fluid and yet totally in controlled. It really was quite impressive. "Do you have a lot of shopping to do?" she asked, hoping to distract herself from the way his t-shirt clung to his upper body.

Booth looked at her in surprise. "Um, not too much. Just a few things." He looked straight ahead and then asked as casually as he could. "You?"

"A few things."

Booth couldn't help the grin that crossed his face, and he let her move ahead of him around a curve, just so she wouldn't see the excitement he didn't have the energy to contain. He admired the long legs and the way she could keep up with him on a run. She just matched him step for step, in almost every area of his life, and he loved it. He loved her.

Catching up to her, he nudged her with his elbow, then wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her close for a quick hug while they were both still running. She lost her balance a bit, but then shoved him away, laughing. He laughed to, and they settled back side, by side.

"I have to get a birthday gift for Russ, and I wondered if maybe you'd like to help me pick something out" she mentioned, and he looked at her quickly.

"Yeah, sure" he shrugged casually, "That sounds good. What do you have in mind."

She winced, "I really have no idea."

They were approaching a hill that would take their energy, but Booth knew they'd make it up on the downward slope all the way back to the parking lot. "What did you get him last year?"

"Money" Brennan admitted. "And the year before that, too. I always say I'll get him a gift, but then I can never think of anything, so I just send cash."

Booth's eyebrows rose, but he tried to play it off. "Hey, cash is good. People like that."

Brennan chuckled. "Even I know that's not a great gift. But maybe today we can get something that will be good."

"You can count on it, Bones" he assured her, and then paused, once they reached the top of the hill.

Brennan noticed he'd stopped, and so she did the same, watching him. "Everything okay?"

Booth turned toward her with a glint in his eye, "See that tree, over there?'

Brennan shielded the morning sun from her eyes and nodded. "Yes, I see it. The SUV is just past it."

Booth grinned. "Last one there has to make lunch. How about it?"

Brennan's eyes widened and she nodded, but didn't answer, just started running with all her might.

Booth laughed and ran after her. "Hey, I didn't say go."

"Too bad" She called over her shoulder and picked up her pace. "I'm going to win, Booth"

"I don't think so, Bones!" he raced after her, catching up to her quickly. They both ran with all their might, both sort of laughing and yet also dead set on winning. Both had the tree in sight, and stayed the course, not paying much attention to the other one.

Just as Brennan reached the tree, she turned to brag to Booth and saw he was there too. They touched at the same time, then looked at one another, and laughed, sucking in huge gulps of air.

"A tie…I can't believe it" Booth panted, leaning over to stretch out his waist.

Brennan sat down on the ground, pulling in air and stretching her muscles as well, "You are a worthy opponent, Booth"

He sat down next to her and nudged her shoulder with his. But her equilibrium was slightly off from the run, and she tipped over. Booth laughed and then slid over to her, and laid down, almost all the way on top of her.

They smiled at one another, and it felt new and yet very familiar when Booth reached up to pull a leaf from her hair. "So are you, Bones" he whispered, and leaned down to press a kiss against her lips. She returned it gently, smoothing her hands around his damp neck, enjoying the feel of his skin against hers.

He pulled back for a moment, and all Brennan could see was his kind face against the backdrop of a bright blue sky. "Let's get out of here" he smiled, and she nodded.

He stood up and offered her a hand, not surprised when she didn't take it. Then they walked back to the SUV, and when she was pulling her seatbelt on, she looked over to him. "So, shopping now?"

He grinned and started the SUV, "Well, I am pretty sure I mentioned I was going to take a shower first." Looking in the rearview mirror for a moment, he spared a glance toward her, and saw the way she smiled. "And as you know, there's room for two in there."

She looked at him, and he winked. Brennan just shook her head and laughed.


They managed to get inside and get naked and into the shower in pretty quick time. And Booth laughed as she reached behind him for his body wash, quickly running her hands up and down his chest. He retaliated by getting some for himself and rubbing it over her back. "You're going to smell like me, Bones" he grinned, and pulled her close by the waist. "Sexy…"

His eyebrows waggled, and she slapped at his arm, turning away from him. She could feel his penis stirring against her back, but Booth just sprayed her with the water and then himself before scrubbing his hair with shampoo. Brennan did the same, and they rinsed their heads, and that was that. Booth turned off the water and handed her a towel, pulling down another one for himself. It was a little awkward as they stood there, drying off, especially when Brennan realized that her regular clothes were still in her car.

"I'll get them, Bones" Booth offered, and she watched as he pulled on a pair of shorts and raced out to her car.

He was back in record time, and she smiled, "Thank you"

"You're welcome" he smiled back. "We'd better get shopping, I'm starving."

Brennan just laughed and pushed him out of the bathroom while she got changed.


They picked out their groceries separately, and then met up at the cashier's station before taking their bags out to the SUV. Then Booth drove them to a Best Buy and promptly walked Brennan over toward the televisions. "This is what Russ wants. I can guarantee it."

Brennan's eyebrows rose. "Are you sure?"

Booth nodded. "Bones…it's what every man wants. It's what every woman wants too, she just doesn't know it."

Brennan rolled her eyes, and motioned for a clerk to come assist them. "I'll take three of these large ones, please."

"Whoa…" Booth held up his hands. "Bones…three TVs? That is one hell of a birthday present."

"They're not all for Russ" she explained, "Obviously. That would be impractical. One is for him" she smiled to the clerk, and handed him her credit card. "And one is for you" she added simply, not making a fuss as she walked up to the front of the store.

Booth stood, stunned for a moment.

"Booth…are you okay?" she turned, her face innocent and curious.

He blinked twice and nodded. "Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. I mean…yeah…Bones…you don't…I mean, wow…I don't even know what to say."

She smiled shyly, "I thought it would be a nice gesture. You did say every man wants one. And you are a man, so…it only makes sense."

Booth chuckled to himself. Leave it to her to get him a dream TV because it 'made sense'.

He laughed again as he followed her out of the store, clicking to unlock the trunk of his truck. "Wait" he paused. "You bought three TVs, though." He was almost sure of it.

This time, she did pause, and flush a bit, and he narrowed his eyes. "Bones…who is the third TV for?"

Brennan pursed her lips and crossed her arms in front of her chest. Booth recognized that look. It was the same look she had just when she was about to admit that he was right about something, "Bones?"

She huffed out a breath. "It's for me, okay? For my apartment." She turned away from him, but he caught her arm and spun her back around.

"That's nice, Bones…I think it's great that you want a TV." He grinned. "You're evolving"

"Yeah right," she snorted. "It's not even for me, it's…" her voice trailed off, and she looked away, a flush on her cheeks.

"Then…who's it for, hmmm?"

Brennan rolled her eyes, but met his. "Well, I figure I should have one, since you're going to be at my apartment some, right?" she looked down to her shoes, "More than…usual?"

Booth knew what she meant, even if she wasn't saying it out loud. She meant that she knew what HE meant. What he meant by being together and giving this thing between them a real shot.

"Sure, sure, Bones" he played it off with a smile. "But I really think it's because you really, really, want this TV. I'm telling you…all women want this TV."

Brennan rolled her eyes and made her way to the passenger seat, glad that conversation was over.

Booth started the SUV, and turned toward her. "My place, or yours?"

Brennan started and froze. "Um…either one, I guess. I don't know."

Booth wanted to make her as comfortable as possible, so he shrugged and put the SUV in reverse. "Yours it is."


They drove back to her place, and Booth and the doorman helped bring her new TV up to her apartment. While Booth set and hooked it up, Brennan started making lunch in the kitchen.

After a few moments, Booth called her into the living room, practically giddy. "Bones…check this picture out, yeah? Baby…it is so fine."

Brennan laughed in disbelief. "You act like you are talking about a woman, Booth."

He just turned to her and grinned. "I love women, and I love TV." He laughed and turned back to the TV, using the remote to turn the channel until he found what he was looking for. "Nice…nice, nice, nice…Bones, this is going to be awesome."

Brennan finished putting their tacos together, his beef, hers tofu, and walked into the living room. "Football?"

Booth turned toward her with a huge smile. "Oh yeah…"

Brennan handed him his plate and a beer and then walked into the kitchen for her own food. Footbal?


For the next several hours, Brennan sat on a chair while Booth watched football on television. Just when she thought it might be over, another game would come on, and Booth would grin like he'd won the lottery, and turn to her as if she should feel the same way.

"Don't you think we've had enough football for one day?" she asked at one point, around 8 PM.

"What?" Booth laughed. "Good one, Bones."

She frowned and stood up, annoyed by his behavior, turning to walk to the kitchen.

"Hey, Bones…while you're up, grab me another beer, will you?" Booth called, not even looking in her direction.

Brennan pulled open the fridge forcefully and grabbed a beer from the side, walking into the living room, and holding it out in Booth's direction. "Thanks, Bones" he said, but never looked at her. "The table's fine."

Beyond annoyed and now pissed, Brennan set the beer down as calmly as she could and walked down the hall to her bedroom. What was going on?

She flopped onto her bed and covered her face with her hands. Okay, this had to stop. She was an adult woman. She didn't need a man around. She didn't even want a man around all the time, even if it was Booth. So why was she all of a sudden acting…jealous?

Was that it? Was she jealous of a game?

Now annoyed with herself, she rolled off of her bed and walked back to her kitchen, pulling her laptop out of its bag and onto the table. And after a few minutes, she was engrossed in the work she'd planned to do that day.


11 PM

Brennan re-checked her last note and highlighted it with her cursor, and then jumped when she felt a kiss on the side of her neck.

"Relax, Bones" Booth laughed and picked her up from her chair, pulling her around to face him. "It's just me,"

His smile was wide and he cupped her face and kissed her quickly, "Playoffs, Bones. The Eagles are going to the playoffs!" He kissed her again, tasting faintly of beer.

Brennan meant to shove him away, but when she pressed her hands against his chest, he wrapped his around hers and pulled her even closer, his hands moving down to cup her bottom. "Bones…" he pulled away and smiled into her eyes, "This has been the best day, don't you think?" he turned and looked at her computer. "But you missed the football game." He frowned. "I'm sorry that happened."

Brennan let out a laugh. "That's okay… I don't even really like—"

But her words were cut off as he caught her mouth in another kiss. "Mmmm…" he slid his tongue between her lips and pinned her hips up against the kitchen counter.

Caught up in a storm of feeling, Brennan quickly began to pull his tshirt over his head. He followed suit with hers, and soon, Brennan found herself picked up off the floor, her legs around Booth's waist as he pinned her up against her refrigerator. Her bra came off quickly, and Booth stared at her for a moment before meeting her eyes.

An unidentifiable emotion arced between them, and he leaned down and kissed her flesh, tugging lightly on her nipples with his lips and fingers.

"Mmmm…" she squeezed his hips tighter with her thighs and arched against him when he pressed his body against hers.

This was fast and out of control, and Booth was so…

"Baby, you're so gorgeous…I want you…please say you want me, please, Bones" he rasped in her ear.

Even though she never would have thought she could be, she was aroused by just his words and his kisses, so aroused that she slid her hands between them and started to unbutton the fasten on his shorts. "I want you"

Booth slapped her hands away and finished the job and began unbuttoning Brennan's jeans, sliding them down her hips before wedging his hand between her thighs.

"Oh, Booth!" she panted.

"Feel good?" he grinned, letting his own pants fall to his knees, grabbing hers and shoving them all the way off her legs. He hitched her up again, and in one thrust, buried himself in her heat, tossing his head back at the sensation.

"Yes, of course it feels good" she answered, stunned at his behavior.

He paused for a moment, and then slid deeper, rubbing against her clit in the process, and just like that, she exploded into a thousand pieces. A thousand sparks of pleasure emanating from somewhere deep inside.

Her head fell forward onto his shoulder and she scraped her nails up and down his back. "Oh my…that's…that's the fastest I've ever…oh…oh my…"

Booth laughed and wrapped her around him, carrying her easily back to her bed, where he laid her down, and fell on top over her, smoothly entering her body again. "Best day ever sex, round two…coming right up…"

Brennan groaned in pleasure and pulled him down to kiss his neck, his shoulders, his chest, anything she could reach. Her hands slid down his back to his ass, and she grabbed ahold of it, pushing him into her, relishing in the way his lost his rhythm and began moving faster within her.

"Bones…baby, you're so hot. So good…" he chanted, over and over in time with his thrusts.

Brennan arched her back as she careened toward another climax, this one faster and more intense as Booth was simultaneously reaching his perfect moment, his length warming and expanding for one final moment within her, and then throbbing in time with the beat of her pulse.

Booth collapsed onto her, and then rolled off, her hair against her neck a sticky weight. Brennan reached up to wipe it away, and then let her fingers flutter to her side, totally spent.

Booth wasn't any better as he heaved in deep breaths, his hand running up and down her thigh.

And Brennan had just one single thought as sleep overtook her. Football wasn't so great. But after football sex?



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