AUTHORS' NOTE: This story is Co-written by KyleenaCloud1790, MiraStelloc, and myself. A special thanks to Rosemary Stevens who wrote the book series that's mentioned. Also, This is your Language and theme warning. There's a reason this fic is rated 'M':


"I swear Tyler, you fucking cheat!" Charlotte cried.

"Coco, some of us are impressionable youth." Rae reprimanded her.

"This is the twelfth fucking game in a row I've lost and he's won!" Charlotte exclaimed.

"Some of us are just born lucky." Tyler smirked as he raked in the pile of skittles, shockers, sweetarts, and the big money: 100 grands.

"Yeah, and some of us are cheaters." Leena muttered. "Give me back my 100 grand!"

Tyler gave them all looks. "Hey! I won this all fair and square! If anyone's cheating, it's you three!"

"How? When we're losing?" Rae asked.

Tyler shrugged. "Care for another game?"

"We're all practically out of candy, you moron." Leena scoffed.

"Gay men can't play poker!" Charlotte exclaimed

"Number one, I'm not gay, and number two, who says gay men can't play poker? Where's that written?"

"Well duh, it's unwritten. Everyone knows that. You're supposed to sit back and let the real men clean you out!" Charlotte told him.

"In case you guys haven't noticed…you're all chicks."

"I'm more of a real man then you'll ever be Mr. Flaming Homo." Charlotte muttered.

"Guys, keep it down! I hear Filch. He's in the hallway." Rae whispered.

"How can you be sure it's him?" Leena asked in a hushed whispered.

"He's muttering about whipping people." Rae rolled her eyes.

"Yup. That's Filch." They all mumbled in unison, laughing.

"I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm going to keep the rest of my candy…and if it wasn't for me living in the muggle world with my mother, none of you would've ever tasted any of these." Rae said.

"I wanted to clean you guys out of all your candy." Tyler frowned.

Charlotte jumped at him, and the two of them got into a hair pulling contest.

"Tyler, are you sure you're not gay? You fight like a girl." Leena pointed out, but then joined Charlotte in fighting him.

"Quick, Rae! Collect the candy in your bag!" They cried. "We'll hold him off!"

Rae grinned and she stuck her bag up to the table, and swept all the candy into it.

Tyler screamed.

"No, that's mine! I won it!"

"RUN RAE! RUN!" They cried. "He's getting loose!"

Rae burst out of the room of requirement running as fast as she could as Tyler pelted out almost immediately, Charlotte and Leena right behind him trying to trip him up. Rae turned a corner, tripped, skidded down the hall and ran right into Professor Dumbledore. Tyler, Charlotte, and Leena turned the corner, and stopped dead in their tracks.

"Good evening, Professor Dumbledore." All four said in unison, as Rae picked herself up off the floor.

"What are a Gryffindor, A Hufflepuff, A Ravenclaw, and a Slytherin doing out, together, after curfew?" He asked coolly.

Charlotte walked forward and helped Rae brush herself off. "We were just engaging in a little poker?" She asked tentatively.

"As the daughter of the minister, you should know better."

"I know, but they're my friends. After curfew is the only time we can really hang out together, without interference."

"I suggest you return to your house dormitories, and go to sleep."

"Yes, Professor." Tyler said, walking up and trying to tug Rae's book bag of candy off of her shoulder.

"Tyler, let go of my bag before I kick you in the shin." She muttered low enough, she hoped, that Professor Dumbledore's retreating figure couldn't hear.

"But those are my winnings." He whined.

"If you care to remember, I spent thirty dollars on this candy, which I could have used to buy all four and the Beau Brummell books I love. We'll all share this candy gradually, okay?"

Tyler nodded reluctantly.

"Atta boy, Mr. Flaming Homo." Charlotte clapped him on the back.

"I hate you." He muttered.

"No you don't. You love us." Leena retorted.

Tyler laughed. "You're right. I do."


"Okay everyone, ante up or I'm not dealing to your sorry asses." Thirteen year old Charlotte Fudge said, looking like a card shark in a black visor and sunglasses.

Twelve year old Rae Lands, who was big blinds, tossed in two skittles, followed by the small blinds, twelve year old Tyler Matthews, who tossed in one.

"Leena stop eating your money." Tyler commanded.

"I'm sorry! It's just so tasty!" An eleven year old Leena Trask cried.

"Are you seriously telling us you've never had this stuff before?" Rae asked and Leena nodded. "Man, where are you from? I'll have to remember to bring some on the side next time for us all to snack on…though it'll give us a doozie of a stomachache if we eat too much."

"Newest juicy tidbit…Parentage." Tyler said, grinning mischievously.

"I don't understand" Leena said, her mouth full of a 100 grand.

"Every round we share a fun tidbit about ourselves. Everything from favorite stuffed animal to apparently—" Charlotte sneered. "—Parentage. I'm not going first. Screw you Tyler. I hate my dad."

Everyone looked at Rae.

"I learned to never go first in anything. Why don't you go first Tyler, since you brought it up?" Rae asked innocently.

Tyler shrugged.

"I'm a pureblood. Born and raised in the Wizarding world. My father works in the Department of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts, and my mother's a healer at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries." Tyler stated proudly.

Charlotte nodded appreciatively. "At least you know both your parents. My Dad is the minister of magic, and my muggle mother died in childbirth. I never knew her."

Rae patted Charlotte's arm. "I'm in a similar boat. I never knew my wizard Father. I live in the muggle world, with my muggle mother who's a helluva lawyer."

"You're dad is dead too?" Leena looked like she was going to cry.

Rae raised her eyebrows. "When did I say that? He's in prison. He basically knocked my mom up and got shipped off to Azkaban."

"At least your parents wanted you. My mom got me as a business deal. I wish she'd have taken me with her." Charlotte sighed.

"But then you wouldn't be here with us." Tyler reasoned.

Charlotte shrugged. "So Leena, what about your parents?"

"I think my parents are dead. I'm not sure." She mumbled.

"How can you not be sure?" Tyler asked.

"I'm adopted. All I know is that my parents were muggle. I've never had any contact with my biological parents, so I don't know what happened to them."

They all shared a consoling group hug, and started playing poker, Tyler slapping Leena's hand every time she tried to eat a piece of her candy.

"Seriously Leena, stop it. You're going to make yourself sick and short-stacked." He told her.