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Author's Note: This is not a slash; this is a scared little kid crawling into his parent's bed for the night. It's also Dick getting his own way with Bruce and therefore, funny.


Somebody's Sleeping in my Bed

The grandfather clock in the study had just struck midnight when Bruce Wayne entered the manor from the "basement," it had been a slow night for Batman and Bruce had decided to turn in early.

Bruce had just fallen asleep when he felt nudge. Quickly snapping into batman mode, Bruce became fully alert of his surroundings. Someone (or something) was on his bed. Something small cuddled up next to him. Slowly, carefully Bruce turned on the light.

Beside him was a small, pajama clad figure with jet black hair.

"Dick?" Bruce asked slowly,"Why aren't you in bed?"

Dick startled looked up at his new guardian. "I was scared… and then they were falling… and I thought you were asleep… and you always sleep late… and… Can I sleep with you?" Dick babbled.

Bruce was trying to make sense of everything when he realized exactly what Dick was asking. "What? No!" Bruce said. "No way, not happening." Bruce could imagine what would happen if people found out his ward slept in his bed. None of it was pretty.

Dick wasn't taking "no" for an answer. He couldn't go back to that huge room, with the bed that swallowed him up each night. Giving Bruce the best pleading eyes he could muster, the eight year old begged. "Pleeeeeassssssse?"

With images of the media frenzy still fresh in his mind Bruce remained firm, a first he noted triumphantly. "No."

Dick was shocked; this expression had never not worked before. The fear he had felt just moments ago gripped him. Apparently out of nowhere, Dick began to sob. "I won't go back there, I can't, please don't make me Bruce, please?" A tear escaped Dick's frantic attempts to blink it back and slid down his face.

Bruce, despite himself, looked directly into those big, baby blue eyes. Looking at that pathetic little face, mouth scrunched up, tears streaming down those round cheeks, Bruce felt his heart melt, and knew the battle was lost.

"Alright," he conceded, "but just this once."

Smiling, Dick snuggled next to his guardian and rapidly fell asleep.

Bruce took one more look at that angelic face and, sighing, turned off the light.


Except when Bruce came home the next night he found Dick, hair still damp from his bath, fast asleep on his bed. Bruce attempted to carry the boy to his own bed, but the sleeping kid refused to comply, twitching, rolling his head, and generally making it impossible to transfer him anywhere. Bruce gave up.

After a week, and the realization that Dick had fewer nightmares while sleeping with help at hand, Bruce realized he wasn't having female friends sleep over for awhile. He just hoped the press never got a hold of the fact that his ward slept in his bed.

The End


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