Chapter 8: Epilogue

Sixteen years later:

Albus Dumbledore had been waiting for this moment since Harry Potter disappeared from Hogwarts all those years ago. The loss of their Savior had sent the masses in a panic. Especially after Amelia Bones had given the Daily Prophet the details as to why the boy had left.

The aftermath over what had happened was still felt today. He personally had been forced to resign most of his positions, retaining only the title Headmaster of Hogwarts. Fudge had been forced to resign after the public called for a vote of no confidence. Amelia was sworn in as Minister in less than twelve hours, a position that she still maintains to this day.

It was she that blocked him from searching for the boy. She refused to let anyone bother him. He had earned the right to be left alone she claimed. So he had to do the search quietly and with very little resources.

The extensive search revealed that Harry had indeed left Britain, but they couldn't determine to where. He had sold all of his properties, except Potter Manor, and stocks that were connected to the Wizarding world. The muggle ones he left alone.

Now he had him. In his research of the failed Ritual, he determined that Harry had to have been engaged to a muggle. There was no other explanation. A search of the records hadn't revealed a marriage license but the couple could have married in another country. He refused to believe that Harry had married in the Wizarding world. Surely such a thing would have been found out by now. No the boy had married a muggle. That marriage had produced a child. A child that was now eleven and magical. He now knew just where to go and deliver the letter personally.

The wards around Potter Manor were as impressive now as they had been when Dumbledore first encountered them. He was surprised to see that he was still keyed to them after all these years. His companion was in awe of the wealth and splendor that the house showed. That quickly changed to jealousy. A quick walk to the door had Dumbledore knocking before the rest arrived to join him.

If Dumbledore hadn't known better, he would have sworn that an eleven year old Harry Potter had opened the door.

"May I help you?"

"Mr. James Harrison Potter?"


"I am Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts. I have a letter of invitation for you to attend our prestigious school."

"No thank you."

"I am afraid that you have no choice young man."

"James, go get your father." said a familiar female voice. Hermione Potter stepped into the spot that her son had just vacated.

"Ms. Granger?"

"Mrs. Potter actually."

Dumbledore was caught off guard. "Interesting. May I inquire for how long?"

"Since before you tried that Betrothal Ritual."

That had Dumbledore reeling. He hadn't even considered the possibility because it had never come to light. He had seriously underestimated these two.

"Then I offer my congratulations on keeping it a secret for so long. I have to admit that I had not considered a Wizarding marriage for Harry."

"That, along with a lot of other things, sir. Now what else can I do for you?"

"I still need to give young James his letter. I am sure that you remember what will be needed before the boy comes to school on September 1st."

"As James stated, he will not be going to Hogwarts."

"Damn right he won't." added another familiar voice.

Harry Potter had entered the room. He was followed by three smaller children that had Dumbledore beaming. Four Potter children would attend his school. He was going to have influence over them for years to come. Now to just tell the parents why they had no other choice.

"As a matter of fact if young Mr. Potter does not attend Hogwarts then you will be breaking the law."

"A law that you forced through before you were removed from the Wizengament." stated Hermione.

"I admit that I helped form the law. But it still remains that as a citizen of Magical Britain, all magical children must attend Hogwarts."

Harry gave a smirk. "If James were a citizen of Britain, then you'd be right."

Dumbledore lost his smile. He didn't like where this was headed. "I fail to understand. He is your son therefore he has to be a citizen of Britain and must attend Hogwarts."

"Hermione and I are now U.S. citizens. James was born after that, in the Untied States. He already attends a magical school there. Sirius starts this fall."

"But he's not eleven yet!" shouted Ron Weasley. He had been shocked to see Hermione standing there. Even more shocked that she had chosen Potter over him and that he had to settle for a second rate wife in Lavendar Brown.

"Salem Academy starts teaching the children when they turn eight. They mix both Wizarding and Muggle academics into their classes."

"Then why are you here. The Book of Names at Hogwarts gave this address for you."

"Because we only use this house for one week a year. We combine Neville's, Harry's, James', and Remus' birthdays into a week long celebration. It's the only time that we come to England. James and Frank are the best of friends."

Dumbledore felt like he had been kicked in the stomach. All his hopes and dreams were flying away where he could never regain them. A thought then entered his mind. Young Frank Longbottom might be the key. If he could influence the boy, then the boy could help him out with James Potter. But another person dashed that thought right out the window.

Neville and Luna Longbottom entered, followed by their three children.

"Don't even think of turning to Frank to help you. He's also going to Salem as Luna and I have been dual citizens for as long as Harry and Hermione. That gives us the right to choose which school our children attend, law or not."

Harry moved Hermione out of the way. "I allowed you in this one time, old man, just so you could see how far your plans have died. Never bother us again or so help me, I'll bury you myself. After you leave you'll never be allowed back in." With that said Harry Potter, Defeater of the Dark Lord, slammed the door shut.

Albus Dumbledore looked at the closed door with a broken heart. He couldn't admit that he was to blame for all that had happened. He said nothing as he lead his companion out of the wards and back to Hogwarts.

Later that night the broken old man died in his sleep, his spirit taking refuge in his school to haunt it until another Potter would come. He was in for a very long wait.