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Moonlit Escapades

Harry sighed, for the first time he felt at perfect ease, and in the way his life had been up to this current point it was a very rare experience for him. He felt the cool evening air brush against his bare chest, his nipples hardened at the soft touch but the rest of him was flush with excitement. The war was over, he had defeated Voldemort, and was staying at Hogwarts until the remaining Death Eaters were captured and persecuted, but for now it was summer, the students were home, and he had Hogwarts all to himself except for a few teachers who remained year round.

So for one rare moment in the young Savior's life he was completely alone, and he planned to take full advantage of it. He stripped off his loose sleeping pants, leaving his body bare to bask in the moonlight as he dove into the nearby Hogwarts Lake. He laughed as he splashed in the water looking for all the world like a water Faye enjoying the evening's moonlight.

The young Savior may have thought that he was alone, but in reality he never was. Dark eyes were watching him from the shadows of the nearby trees. Long dark hair helped curtain the figure's face as they watched the young boy…no…young man act as the child he never got to be. Amber eyes joined him in the darkness, glowing in the light of the moon; wildness was evident, helped by the fact that the full moon was only a few days away. His wolf was clawing to the survice at the sight of the beautiful creature he so longed to take as his mate.

Sirius turned and embraced Remus he could sense that he was straining against his wolf's need to mate. "Not yet Moony, not yet, it's too soon." He soothed as he stroked his fingers through Remus's dusty colored hair. "Shh…shhh just give him a little more time…look at him, he's free for the first time in years." This seemed to have an effect, Moony retreated at least for another few days and Remus came to the surface. His face still filled with need and desire, but there was also understanding and sympathy mixed in. Sirius sighed, he was glad that they had evaded a major disaster; he could only hope that their luck would hold until after the coming full moon.

Remus turned and buried his face in the warmth of Siri's neck "Siri…" he whimpered softly, his tongue licked against the rugged skin eliciting an eager moan from Sirius "Rem…" he paused and stroked his fingers through his hair "Yes…I know…you want him…you need him, but give him this time… he needs it." Remus nodded and buried his face into Sirius's strong chest "Yes…" he whispered, a growl seemed to echo with the word, as if Moony too was giving his consent for their 'cub' to have more time.

The two men continued to watch the young future mate, the sexual tension was always there, just under the surface, but now they had an understanding between themselves and each other. Both were warmed in each other's arms as the cub played freely in the water, a beautiful sight as his emerald eyes flashed in the moonlight.

Night of the Full-Moon

Remus gave one last look at Sirius before the change took him. Sirius had wanted to go with him, and let another order member watch Harry for the night so that he could be with him, but Remus had said no, Moony wouldn't feel satisfied with anyone else watching his mate and would search him out to do the job himself, however in the light of the full moon Remus would have little sway over his werewolf side, and was afraid to risk a possible disaster, which would threaten his future relationship. So off into the darkness of the Forbidden Forest he dashed, unable to keep his control for another second.

Sirius watched as his lover charged off alone. He felt his heart stir with longing, Padfoot wanted to join him under the cool full moon, but he knew that he had an important mission that he had to follow through on. HE had to keep the young mate safe and sound. He knew that Harry was aware of the fact that he was being watched, but had probably realized that the watch was minimum and discreet. He wandered up to the Library knowing that lately Harry had been frequently those hallowed halls of knowledge; he was stopped as a young order member ran quickly past him and then paused before looking at Sirius with the face of one who was in fear for their lives. "Harry's gone…" he whispered.

Moony paused in his tracks, his body bathed in a mixture of shadows and moonlight as all senses went on high alert. His mate was missing, as a werewolf he was able to keep perfect track of his mate's placement, and it was as simple as his mate was safely tucked away inside the castle one minute and then gone the next. The werewolf growled lowly, he would have to make it clear to his mate that he should stay where he belonged. He felt a little struggle from his annoying human side that side was far too soft; he had allowed such lax care of their mate only because he thought that the human knew best on how to keep their mate safe without stifling him, and now he was missing. He gave a long howl as he turned back towards the castle his feet pounding the earth into submission as he dashed toward the fortress.

Harry giggled at his own cleverness, really sometimes it was amazing how much Hermione had rubbed off on him. He had known that he was being guarded, and though it was a 'relaxed' form of guarding it still grated on the young hero's nerves to be constantly observed even by his 'special' people like Remus and Sirius. He had made a doppelganger of himself and timed it to go off at midnight, by then he was far away from Hogwarts, and was actually down in Hogsmeade dancing with a very attractive wizard who was only about ten years his senior. He smiled as the man pulled him close the man's sturdy hips grated against Harry's tight ass making shivers of pleasure go through the young man, he must have whimpered because the man pulled him closer and nibbled on the Savior's ear purring dark promises into it as he pulled Harry into a secluded corner.

Moony had followed his senses, ignoring the false sense of 'Harry' that was in the castle, he knew it was fake, his mate was really down in Hogsmeade, and even from this distance the werewolf could smell the scent of another all over his mate. This pushed him to the edge Moony was trying desperately to not lose control, something that his human side was telling him would be a huge mistake. If he lost control and drove his mate away or even hurt him then the werewolf would never forgive itself, however it was getting harder and harder for him to remember why he couldn't just simply go in and claim his mate so that all could see that the willful cub was HIS, albeit his, Remus's, possibly Black's mate, but the werewolf was the only one that was close enough to claim that bond.

Harry moaned as the man led him out of the club and onto the mostly quiet street. He tried to stifle the sounds he was making, but it was very difficult when the man's tongue would stroke against him, urging more of his little moans and sighs out, pushing him up against the wall of a nearby alley, Harry decided that anyone who had a problem with the noises they were making needed to go get laid.

Moony's vision was bathed in red when he saw the position that his mate was in with the other man, it mattered little to the mad werewolf that Harry had no idea that he had two very eager mates, if you counted Remus and Moony separate beings, waiting for him, all that mattered to him was that his mate was currently fraternizing with another, and quite willingly from the looks of it all.

Harry was panting eagerly when the man started to remove his skin tight shirt from the inside of his pants, his legs spreading on their own as he was suddenly faced with cold night air where the once burning body was. His cloudy green eyes slowly opened and he felt all arousal drain from him as he saw Moony viciously growling at the older man. The man hadn't been bitten merely pushed away…to the end of the alley. Harry had no idea why Moony was acting this way, he figured that Remus might see him as his cub, and as such be a little protective of him. He went over on his knees like Remus taught him and made calming noises as he stroked the riled werewolves' fur. "Moony…moony its okay…I'm okay you're okay….it's all okay." He buried his face into the scruffy fur, knowing that this was something that the werewolf reacted to very positively.

Moony didn't calm down all the way, but his hackles slowly lowered and he turned his face and nuzzled Harry's neck, nothing that was new, however this time there was the addition of some not so friendly nipping that luckily didn't draw any blood. Still Harry pulled back, nervous at this change in behavior and soon n found himself forced fully onto the ground by the were wolf, his cheek pressing into the cold alley ground as the werewolf growled darkly above him.

At this current point in time Sirius was frantically looking about the castle for anyone who might have seen Harry leave, the Doppelganger was a good idea, but it had been unsteady at first, so there were times when 'Harry' had vanished cluing everyone into what had happened. He figured that if Harry was strong enough to make a full working doppelganger, that he might have just aperated away from Hogwarts, and if that was the case then he had no idea where Harry was, and on the night of the full moon that was a very badly thing indeed.

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