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Remus watched as Harry walked off, he felt as if all the strength had been drained from his body. He remained standing out there until darkness fell and the cold drops of rain that started to fall motivated him to go inside. He walked in a dazed state to his private rooms, saying nothing to Sirius as he headed for the bedroom and collapsed on the bed, tear tracks marred his weathered face and not even Moony had anything to say.

Sirius had been concerned when Remus had disappeared for hours, but he knew the man well enough to know that when Remus was gone it usually meant he didn't want to be found. However he knew something was horribly wrong when his lover came back, the first sign was when he said nothing to Sirius's greeting, and then when he headed straight for bed without his usual shower and change into his nightclothes. Sirius quickly followed after Remus wondering what could have possibly put the man into such a state.

Sirius paused at the doorway of their bedroom, his dark eyes scanned the sight before him, tears were leaking down Remus's cheeks, Remus's entire form trembled from his silent sobs, and his broad shoulders which had always inspired strength to Sirius now seemed so weak and vulnerable. He crossed the room and sat down slowly on the bed, unsure of what to say or do. After all, he wasn't known for his compassion, not like Remus, Sirius never had the temperament for dealing with emotions, and when he was forced to, he always had Remus to help him through them, but now the roles were reversed and Sirius hand nothing to say. He settled his hand on Remus's shoulder and shook it gently "Remy? Remy? What happened?" He knew that it had to have something to do with Harry, making the already thick knot of guilt twist in his gut. He knew that it was unfair of him, but he didn't want to end his relationship with Remus, at first he had been with Remus because he was his only tie to a life before Azkaban, however, now he was Remus because he couldn't imagine life without him, Remus was his other half, and he couldn't give that up, not even for Harry.

Remus felt Sirius shake him slightly and let out a soft choking laugh, Sirius was useless when it came to emotional entanglements, Remus looked up and smiled brokenly at his long time lover. Sirius's eyes widen and before Remus had even realized it he was safely bound by Sirius's strong arms, his head cushioned by Sirius's chest. Remus smiled and closed his eyes, pressing against his lover for support, unsure of how he could tell him the news. "Remy?" Sirius asked, Remus took a breath and said "He hates me…truly, he'll never mate with us, hell, I might be lucky if he consents to be in the same room as me." Sirius gave a little growl and tilted Remus's chin to look directly into his eyes "What would make you say that?" Remus looked down sadly and told Sirius everything from the beginning.

Harry watched the storm from the top of the Astronomy Tower, he was unable to sleep, no surprise, but now he had added guilt weighing on his conscience. He knew that he had been very unfair if not cruel to Remus earlier; he knew that he should apologize, tell Remus that that wasn't how he felt at all. Harry's eyes hardened, no, it was for the best if Remus hated him for the cruel words he had said, Remus would never want to mate with someone like Harry after what he had done. Harry shook his head, for the first time he felt the weight of what he had given up crush into him. He knew that he had most likely given up his chance to not only be with someone, or in this case someones, who didn't care about his fame as the 'Boy Wonder' Harry Potter, but he had also given up his chance for a real family. Remus would never talk to him again and when Sirius heard what he had said he was sure that he wouldn't either.

Harry trembled and felt tears prick at his eyes, he felt so truly alone at that moment, but he was scared, he was scared of what mating with Moony would truly mean for him, he was scared of a real relationship, he had never really had his emotions or heart involved with a relationship before, and he wasn't sure if he could handle it if the relationship went sour, and most of all, he was terrified of caring about anyone again after the war, during the war so many people had been killed or tortured simply because Harry liked them. During the Battle of Hogwarts he had seen a Slytherin boy kill a Hufflepuff first year, enraged Harry had asked the boy why he would kill someone who wasn't a threat to him, the boy had given a chilling smile and said it was because Harry had said 'Hi' to her while passing in the hall.

Harry curled up in his high spot, it was true that while he was scared of all these things, the other part was that he didn't feel as if he was worth it , Remus was in a happy relationship with Sirius, how could he ruin that relationship for his own selfish need? He shook his head, Moony had tried to win him over by talking of a threesome, but if that had been the case why hadn't Sirius said anything yet? The storm picked up around him, thunder flashed in the distance quickly followed by lightning, but Harry hadn't noticed, his mind lost in the darkness of his own thoughts.

Remus had just finished telling Sirius all that had happened while he and Moony had talked to Harry, and what Harry had said as he headed back to the castle. Sirius's face was drawn in thought as he stroked his fingers through Remus's hair soothing his lover before he turned and kissed Remus softly "I think it's time that we stop being so nice and go get the pup and show him his place with us once and for all, we both know that he has a Hero Complex the size of London, he can't be trusted to take what he wants, we just have to make sure he gets it." Remus smiled up at Sirius, feeling relief flood through him as he returned the kiss passionately "And that's why I love you." He murmured.

Of course the two lovers soon found out that their words were easier said than done. They first went to Gryffindor Tower, but found that the rooms were empty, they tried the Hall and Library as well, but neither place revealed their young mate. Remus was becoming concerned "Where could he be?" He wondered out loud. Sirius paused a moment before smacking his hand against his head "Of course! Are we Marauders or not Remy?" He shook his head smiling as he pulled out a blank piece of paper, which was the original Marauder's map. He pulled out his wand and said "I solemnly swear I'm up to no good." He winked at Remus as the map appeared, both men looked at it for a moment before their eyes widened in concern. "The Astronomy Tower? In this weather!" Remus gasped, Sirius growled and said "The pup's trying to get himself killed!" Moony awoke in the back of Remus's mind and he growled lowly "If the weather doesn't kill him…I will!"

Harry had long since lost track of time, it could have been hours or days, it mattered little to him. His bright green eyes were dark with thought, he had ensured that Remus and Sirius would be happy together, but now that he had given up the one thing that he had truly wanted he couldn't see the point in continuing. His dark locks were plastered to his face, his clothing was soaking as well, making it hard to move, but he had remained curled into the ball, not that it was preserving much warmth, however Harry couldn't find the strength to care all that much. It was at that moment that the doors to the Astronomy Tower slammed open and he was faced with two furious Marauders.

Remus and Sirius opened the doors with a bang and looked around barely managing to spot Harry in the darkness due to the storm and his position. "Harry! What are you doing out here in this weather? Please come in we need to talk to you…" Remus started off speaking confidently but with concern, however when Harry gave no acknowledgment to their presence he felt a shiver go up his spine he cast a side glance to Sirius who looked just as concerned. "Harry? We really need to talk to you? So please come in for a minute….okay?" Sirius said wondering if Harry might have fallen asleep, though, that was too strange to even imagine.

However, Harry proved that he was indeed awake and aware of what they were saying. He stood up, having been seated on the ledge this only raised the concern that Remus and Sirius had for the whole situation. "Harry…" Remus growled lowly, his eyes turning gold as Moony edged towards the surface. Harry turned and looked at them with blank eyes. "I believe we've said everything that needed to be said earlier today at the Lake Remus and Moony, and I've made my choice. I want you and Sirius to be happy, I don't want to be a burden any more…I don't want any more people dying because of me!" He cried, his words being echoed by a flash of lightning.

Sirius took a hesitant step forward his eyes watching Harry very carefully "Harry…come down from there, not everything that we have to say was said at the Lake, because I wasn't there to tell you how I feel." His words were meant to reassure Harry, however, they seemed to have the opposite effect as Harry gave them a sad smile and said "Don't worry Sirius, I won't take your happiness from you, I'm a lot of things, but, even I'm not that selfish and cruel." He looked away from them and up at the storm filled sky, "I didn't mean to cause alarm, I just wanted some time to myself…to think." And it was true, he had only wanted to think, and the Astronomy Tower always gave him peace. He smiled sadly at them again, and was about to say something more when a clap of thunder echoed across the sky that was so powerful that it sent out tangible waves, and Harry gave a gasp as felt his heels slip on the rock wall beneath his feat. His eyes widened as he made the mistake of automatically stepping back to correct his footing and stepping over the ledge, his green eyes were wide in shock as his mouth opened in a silent scream and he went over the edge.

"HARRY!" Remus cried as he saw the boy start to fall Sirius wasn't even aware that he had moved until he held Harry's small hand within his own "Hold on Harry…." He gasped, the boy was soaked making it hard to hold on and his clothing was only weighing him down. Harry looked up at him, his eyes blind with fear as he whimpered, Sirius started to pull him up when he felt himself starting to follow Harry over the edge. Luckily Moony had decided that he had had enough of the entire situation and took over Remus, pulling both Harry and Sirius back onto the safety of the tower balcony. Growling he looked at the stunned Harry and picked him up, easily throwing Harry over his shoulder and storming down to their private chambers. Sirius looked after for a moment, once again surprised at the difference between Remus and Moony, he then realized exactly what was going to happen and gave a happy little shout, knowing that Moony was getting down to business and Sirius didn't want to miss out on anything. He licked his lips; by the time the sun rose Harry would have no doubt about his place in their lives.

Moony threw down the soaking wet boy onto the large soft bed, glancing at Sirius out of the corner of his eye he smiled and heard the door click shut. He began to strip off Remus's clothes, the action was mimicked by Sirius as Harry continued to watch them both blankly "Now pup, since words aren't doing the job we're just going to have to show you that we want you in our lives and we aren't taking no for an answer, by morning, you'll be lucky if you can still move." Harry blinked slowly as understanding dawned on him "No…you and Sirius…I don't want to ruin your relationship…" Sirius had appeared on his other side and kissed his neck softly "Ruin our relationship? We've been waiting for you." Harry opened his mouth to say more, but soon found it difficult to speak with Remus's tender lips on his own as Moony's eyes narrowed hungrily and looked over his wet form. "First…let's take care of business and get these wet clothes off of you, we wouldn't want you to get a cold after all." Moony chuckled darkly making a shiver of pleasure and almost terror race through Harry. Harry wondered if he would even survive the night.

He was bare before he was fully aware it had happened, his lithe pale form was bathed in a flash of lightning as Moony pressed against his left and Sirius was on his right. Harry trembled as Remus's fingers gently caressed his muscled chest and found his hardening nipples. Moony gave a growl of pleasure as Remus twisted them slowly making Harry whimper at the strange sensations coursing through him. Moony came down and captured Harry's soft lips once again, his tongue forcing it's way in as Sirius slid down Harry's body and began to work on his growing erection.

Sirius smirked as he looked at Harry's erection, of course he wanted to taste Harry's sweet lips, but he wouldn't argue with the job he has been assigned. He looked up watching his lover's kiss passionately he felt his own lust continue to grow and he leaned over Harry's lower body nipping and sucking at the boys inner thighs, making Harry whimper and beg wordlessly into Moony's mouth. Sirius smiled as his tongue soothed the love bites stroking its way up to Harry's sack he licked it slowly and then finally reached the base of Harry's cock. He gave it a teasing lick before changing his pace and sucking the entire cock into his mouth in one go. Harry arched off the bed at this action his eyes wide as he trembled in pleasure, gasping as he tried to form words "Sirius! Remus! Moon…y!" he breathlessly called as Remus's tender hand cupped his cheek and his mouth was taken by Moony once again.

Moony was in heaven as he watched his little mate become lost in pleasure beneath him. Remus was tenderly caressing the boy, sending shivers through the young body as Sirius pushed the boy ever closer to the edge as he did so. Harry whimpered up at him, drawing Moony's attention away from the delicious sight before him. Moony chuckled as he gripped the boy by his hair "Not so feisty now are you pup?" He growled He chuckled as he whispered softly in Harry's ear "Cum." Harry's eyes widened at the gruff command, and then softened as he obeyed, his body arching as a flash of lightning outlined his form while Sirius sucked him dry.

Moony was sure he had never seen anything more erotic than his youngest mate's body dancing in the light of the storm as he came into his pack mate's mouth. Moony's eyes were burning amber as Remus's body gently pulled the limp boy into their lap; Sirius was licking his lips hungrily "He's delicious." He purred leaning down he used his talented tongue to prepare Harry's hole, knowing that Moony and Remus couldn't hold back much longer.

Harry looked up dazedly at Moony the aftershocks of his first orgasm still coursing through him. He trembled and closed his eyes as he felt Sirius's hot tongue bathing his entrance, and he knew what would be coming next. He felt Remus gently tilt his head up as Moony growled darkly "Keep your eyes open pup, we're your mates and one way or another you're going to accept that." Just as he finished saying that Sirius pulled his mouth away from Harry's hole and looked at Moony hungrily "He's ready."

Moony and Sirius changed positions. Harry was forced onto his stomach, though pillows were laid under him so that his ass was positioned higher than the rest of his body. Moony came up behind him growling as he looked over his youngest mate so submissive before him, Remus gently rubbed their hard aching cock against Harry's entrance making him whimper in anticipation. Sirius was now at the boy's front and smiled as he cupped Harry's face and kissed him softly, his tongue stealing inside as Remus quickly lubed his cock. "Now Harry, time to return the favor." Sirius murmured as Remus slowly entered Harry.

Harry's eyes widened at the strange fullness in his entrance, however, he couldn't find that he disliked it especially with Remus's tender hands caressing his body and Sirius reassuring him with kisses, even Moony helped take the pain away by telling Harry how good it would feel once he was fully inside of him and taking his mate.

Sirius broke the kiss and leaned back pushing his almost purple cock against Harry's lips "Do your best pup." He said when he saw Harry's nervous look. Harry nodded and opened his mouth, taking it in he moaned at the flavor, Sirius persistently pushed more into his mouth, but at a slow pace so that Harry could adjust. Sirius and Moony's eyes connected over Harry's form, their cocks filling him completely at the same time as the two shared a quick but deep kiss over Harry's head.

Harry moaned, his entire body was so completely full that it ached. He thought that it was all when Remus and Sirius began to move, his tongue instinctively wrapped around Sirius's erection, caressing it as he closed his eyes and arched his ass higher into the air so that Remus could go deeper. He felt almost fanglike teeth nip at his ear "What did I say about closing your eyes?" Harry whimpered and nodded as he opened them, the movement's of the cocks picking up making him pant to keep up with them.

Sirius looked down at the glowing green eyes of his young mate, lighting flashed again and he saw all the beautiful twists and angles of Harry's body fully, he knew he was reaching his limit as Harry started to suckle on his cock, doing to Sirius what he could remember having done to him, Sirius cast a glance to Moony, wanting to cum at the same time. Moony was gritting his teeth and nodding, the feeling of his young tight mate beneath him for the first time was wearing on them, their thrusts pick up in speed, making Harry's muffled moans become louder and more clear, it was with a roll of thunder that their cries of completion echoed with, all three forms falling together as the lighting flash bathed them in light and then returned them to darkness.

Harry woke up the next morning blinking slowly. He yawned and turned to his side nuzzling into the form next to him. It was then that he paused and looked up into the warm eyes of Remus "Morning pup." Harry blushed, remembering all that had happened the night before making Remus laughed as he leaned down and tenderly kissed Harry "It's done, we're mated and there's no going back so the best thing to do is get over it and accept it." Harry looked away shyly and nodded, shaking his head he could remember that just a few nights ago he was planning on losing his virginity to a complete stranger, and now he had a total of two practically three mates. He shook his head, it was too early in the morning to be thinking that hard and he smiled as he lay back against Remus's chest.

Remus smiled down at his mate and kissed him once again Harry smiled and started to squirm playfully when a hand spanked his ass. "Stop it…too early…sleep. " Sirius mumbled from somewhere under the sheets. Harry simply laughed harder and said "I thought I was the one who wouldn't move in the morning? Maybe your age is catching up with you." There was silence and then a growl as Sirius tackled him "I'll show you pup!" Remus and Moony smiled as they looked down at their mates. 'Everything worked out just fine.' They thought snuggling under the covers to go back to sleep.

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