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Of course you do.


Tap. Tap.

Tap. Tap. Tap.


Hinamori Amu forced herself away from the brink of sleep, her eyes opening slowly as the persitant noise invaded her semi-concious state of mind. Rubbing at an eye and letting out a wide yawn, she pushed herself upright and looked around. The digital clock on her bedside table read 2:02. It wasn't anywhere near time to get up. Everything was still very dark, save for the usual moonlight the streamed through her open window.

Tap, tap.

Now able to place where the noise was coming from, Amu turned to peer over her shoulder and at the window near the foot of her bed. A familiar sillouhette was blocking most of the moonlight, the figure's posture relaxed and at ease as it stood waiting.

Amu clicked on a lamp and threw off her covers before her bare feet met the cold floor and she was already on the move to unlock and open the window.

"Ikuto?" She was surprised at her own voice, how meek and hushed it was. After a moment of thought, she decided it wasn't all that surprising. It was two in the morning, she had just woken up and her throat felt dry. At times like these, she didn't need to sound anything but sleepy. "What're you doing out so late? No, wait." Drowsily, Amu pressed her palm into the side of her head. "Let me change that. What're you doing here so late?"

In response, the boy tilted his head to one side and flicked his gaze to the small green creature hanging off his shoulder.

"Lost and found."

Suu's arms were folded, serving as a pillow as she stared blankly ahead through half-opened eyes which were glazed over with fatigue. It took her a moment to recognize her owner standing in front of her, dimly illuminated by the light of that weak lamp. When she did, the small guardian lazily floated off the boy's shoulder and crossed the threshold into the familiar room.

"Sorry, Amu-chan." She murmered. "I got distracted when you were going home. I saw Mr. Doggy again and went to say hello...but when I turned around you had gone, desu."

"So why didn't you just come home?" Slightly more awake now, Amu reached forward and held out her hands, offering the poor thing a place to collapse.

"I got lost, desu. Mr. Doggy tried to take me home but we only got more lost." Suu gratefully snuggled into her owner's grasp, yawning loudly as she was carried over to her egg, which lay empty by her sisters'. Had it not been so early in the morning, perhaps Amu would've been a little cross at the clumsy Chara for being so careless. But in return, Amu hadn't even noticed her third guardian had gone missing and besides, she was back now, right?

"Sometimes, you're so troublesome, Suu. But nevermind that, you're home now, safe and sound."

"Safe and sound, desu." The little green guardian sleepily repeated her owner's words before she slowly snapped her egg shut.

The redhead smiled and let out a little sigh, before giving the egg a little pat.

She turned to address the boy who'd invited himself into her room and slid the door shut behind him. She chose to ignore the fact that he'd intruded into her room in light for a more positive thought. He'd helped Suu out, even though he didn't need to.

"Thank you." Amu said in honesty, before she was hit with a wave of unease. Right, he'd delivered her guardian safe and sound, he'd let himself in what? Did he not plan to just up and leave? She shifted in the pause after her thanks, feeling akward. The boy seemed to pick up on this, for it didn' take much longer for him to reply.

"It was nothing." Ikuto's voice rang out smooth and cool, his hands in his pockets and his posture eased. The way he looked, casually dressed and hardly a hint of drowsiness about him, lead the middle-schooler to beleive he hadn't slept at all. At least, not that night.

However, Amu was quick to mentally slap that worry out of her. The cat-boy was smirking now, she feared she may have just walked into a trap. Even so, that look of worry that momentarily flashed across her face was the signal the teen had been waiting for.

The game had started.

"Sorry to have woken you." He said, leaning forward with that playful expression fixed on his face. Everything about his tone and posture told the girl he wasn't sorry at all. Waking her had just been a pleasant side-effect of turning in her little lost Guardian Chara. "Anything else I can do for you?" He was closer now, completely oblivious to those little invisible bubbles Amu had dubbed 'Personal Space.'

"No, no." Amu said, lifting her hands and shaking her head. "But it's really late, we should both be sleeping. There's school tomorrow, isn't there?" She decided to leave out the fact that Ikuto only attended school when he felt like it. But after the boy's next move, it seemed as if she could've chosen her words a little better. The boy nodded in agreement, that smile never leaving his face, before swiftly turning 90 degrees and collapsing onto her bed.

"Good idea," he said flatly, "g'night." He was quick to snatch up the covers and tuck himself in, leaving Amu standing out by the window, a dumbfounded expression fixed on her face. She was still for a few seconds, calming the angry outburst that surely would've woken the entire house had she let it loose. She let out a long breath, propped her hands on her hips and grumbled.

"Stupid cat." She reached down and tugged on the end of her covers, trying to pull them off the teen. "It's too early for this. Don't you have mice to chase or something?"

He ignored her and simply kept clutching firmly to the blanket so it could not be removed. It was then that she noticed Yoru, who'd probably entered around the same time Ikuto had, only he'd had the luck to go unseen. He was curled up on top of the blue egg, one eye open as he gave the pinkette a cheeky smile. He stiffened as the girl moved around the bed and towards him, but obviously the small feline wasn't on the top of her priority list. Shrugging off the lack of attention, Yoru simply began to shift his weight back and fourth before he heard some groans of complaint from inside the coloured egg at the motion.

When the blue chara poked her head out to see the cause, she could see nothing out of the norm. Of course, there was Amu still standing at the side of her bed with the shape of Ikuto under the covers, but she didn't find that unusual. Accepting the rocking as some sort of phenomenom, she tucked back into her bed.

It didn't take long for the rocking to start again, as Yoru had clearly started a game of his own to play.

However, this commotion went completely unnoticed by the pinkette by the bed.

"Hey, Ikuto." She prodded him, leaning over the side of the bed in order to reach. He didn't respond. "C'mon, can't you do this some other night, at an earlier time?" Again, silence met her words. She let out a sigh and sat on the very edge of her bed, once again fighting to quell a flare of anger. She didn't find it surprising that the overgrown cat could waltz in, steal her bed and fall asleep in such short time. "Stupid cat," she repeated quietly, "I'm sleepy..."

Just as she was about to rub at her eyes again, a firm grip pulled her down onto the bed. Seconds afterwards, she was gathered up in the older boy's arms. He'd rolled over and now held the pink-haired girl in a tight embrace, holding her to his chest as his breath played at her ear.

"So sleep." He murmured quietly. The girl's heart doubled it's pace.

"H-How can I sleep like this?" Amu demanded, voice shaking as her face began it's gradual colour change into a deep red. She had a sneaking suspicion that the teen was smirking as he tightened his grip. His voice got all the quieter as she felt his lips brush against her ear.

"You'll manage."

Those words prompted her into a bit of a struggle. Nothing too violent, she didn't want to give anyone else in the house any reason to come bursting in. She squirmed just enough to try and loosen his grip so she could sit upright. She was sure of it, her face would've been as red as a tomato by then. Ignoring the heat of her cheeks, she gave a half-hearted push at the boy's arm. At last, he slowly pushed himself up, arching over her as he fixed his gaze on hers.

"Do you really want me to leave?" He asked, all trace of mockery gone from his tone. His eyes were unreadable, giving the girl no hint as to what the proper response would be. She pouted childishly and huffed, asking herself that question again in order to prepare herself to give the right answer. She had a feeling her mind and her heart were thinking two entirely different things. Did she want him to leave?

"Y-yes." Her stutter was her weakness, for that smirk was back in place within the minute and he'd draped himself over her once more, treating her body and warmth like his own personal teddy bear.

"Say it like you mean it, and I will."

She had no doubt that if she could do that, if she could really tell him to leave without faltering, he'd leave in a heartbeat. But...did she want him to?

Struck with an early-morning stroke of genius, she attempted to change the direction of the semi-conversation.

"Why do you want to stay?"

"Because it's cold outside, it's warm in here and I'm too lazy to go all the way back home." Ikuto's response was accented by him turning his head slightly, burying his face in her pillow as he took a breath in. Amu quielty cursed his indirect responses, she was hoping for a much deeper reply. She got the feeling that while the big cat wasn't lying, he wasn't being entirely honest.

The room fell into silence as Amu contemplated the curiosity that was the cat beside her. Whenever he was around, her heartbeat always got faster and there was always this funny feeling in her stomach. She liked being around him – despite his occaisonal pervertedness – and found that despite how much Tadase would insist otherwise, he really wasn't such a bad guy, yet still she couldn't figure out why Tadase loathed him so much. She considered asking the boy next to her, but considering his earlier response to her serious question had been so casual, she didn't think asking him would tell her anything she didn't already know.

She felt her face heating up again, this time from frustration of being so confused. However, the teen at her side interperated as something else. That, or he was just looking for an opportunity to tease her.

"What're you thinking, you perverted kid?" Ikuto had turned his head so his quiet voice was in her ear again. She answered him by squirming a little more.

"I'm not a perverted kid! Besides, you're the one that invited yourself into my bed."

"You've yet to kick me out."

"N-no! I told you to leave!"

"And I told you that I would if you really wanted me to."


"Still not very convincing."

"Gah! You're such a pain!" Amu squeezed her eyes shut and pouted, letting out a loud sigh.

"You wouldn't have it otherwise."

That was it, he was thuroughly abusing her lack of certainty, and the girl decided it was time to turn the tables. She struggled a little harder, rolling over and dragging the boy with her. She'd meant to drop him off the side of the bed, but her witty plan had backfired. They both hit the floor, her fall broken by the teen beneath her until he quickly rolled over, poised on his hands and knees directly overtop of her.

There was a heartbeat of silence, before his eyes narrowed and that famed smirk made a re-appearance.

"Deja vu."

"Amu-chan? Is everything alright?" Amu turned her head in unison with the blue-haired boy, looking in alarm towards her door. Her mother's voice was greeted with a rushed reply.

"I'm fine!" She called back quickly. "Just fell out of bed." She shot a glare at Ikuto, trying to will him off of her and tell him to hide – or leave, whatever worked. He simply kept that sly smile in place and lowered himself closer, causing the girl's temperature to rise dramatically and her face go impossibly redder.

"Oh. Okay, as long as you're alright." The pinkette held her breath for a few agonizing seconds, waiting until the footsteps of her mother retreating to bed vanished completely.

"Ugh. Ikuto, why do you do this to me?"

"Because you interest me."

"Y-yeah, but can't I interest you at some other time of day?"

"Of course, but it's usually far more entertaining at this hour. Tell me, does Tadase ever get this...intimate with you?" He was still on top of her, having long since trapped her gaze within his. He rested his forehead on hers, still smirking at her obvious unease at this closeness.

"W-why are you bringing him up?"

"Spurr of the moment."

Amu knew she didn't have to answer that question of his. He already knew. Tadase was far too polite - or timid - to ever do something this rash. In one way, it was kind of cute how the blonde king respected her enough to take things at her pace, but in another...she kind of liked Ikuto's attention. It meant, in some small way, that she was the object of complete interest to someone for at least some amount of time.

It was just a (happy?) coincidence that the someone also happened to be rather good-looking.

"Perverted thoughts again, Amu?"


"Again with the stutter. You're a horrible liar." As Ikuto spoke, the girl forced herself to shut her eyes and tear her gaze away from his hypnotizing stare. She would not be pulled into it again! She had school tomorrow, she needed her sleep and this lousy cat was being no help whatsoever.

"Alright!" She planted both hands firmly on his chest and pushed him up. Granted with space to move, Amu slid out from under him and stood up. "You can stay!" She pointed at him, holding two fingers up. "On two conditions!"


"One! You're not allowed to keep me awake!"


"Two! Don't let yourself get caught!"

"That's it?"

"Yes, that's it." The girl gave a curt nod and jumped back into bed, pulling the blankets up to her chin. Seconds later, she felt that familiar weight on the bed. "W-What are you doing?"

"You said those were your conditions. Nowhere did you say I had to sleep on the floor."

Amu moved her head forward in order to smack it off the wall to scold herself for being so easily tricked. She decided not to argue it and simply muttered an angry goodnight, choosing again to ignore that quiet chuckle of victory from the cat.

Surprisingly enough, it took her only a few moments for her to nod off.

Maybe it was because she was so warm.

Maybe that warmth was because, possibly out of possesive desire, the teen behind her had scooted forward and once again wrapped his arms around her. She was so small in comparison as the older boy's body had curled around hers, but she'd been too far gone into sleep to muster up the will to push him off. Even if she did have the energy, she wasn't entirely sure pushing him off is what she would've done.

Amu awoke to the sound of Ran bursting out of her egg with a happy 'good morning' cheer. Suu was next to awaken, Miki being the last and looking rather cross. Yoru's game had gone on well into the night and it was clear by the way the artistic girl floated slowly out of her egg that she had barely slept at all.

"Wake up, Amu-chan, Wake-up, Amu-chan!" Ran cheered, dancing overtop of the lump in the bed. After a moment's pause, she noticed that the lump was unusually large. "Amu-chan, have you gained weight?" She reached up and pulled back the covers, surprised to be greeted with a head of blue hair, unlike the pink hair she'd been expecting. "I-I-Ikuto!" She squealed loudly, the last of the three guardian characters to notice.

"Oh, so he decided to stay the night, desu?" Suu hummed as she idly went about fixing up Amu's bag, readying it for her trip to school. Miki had indeed noted the two earlier that morning, so the shock was suffered by Ran alone.

"Amu-chan, Amu-chan!" She cried, her chant taking an urgent turn. "Wake up, Amu-chan!" The little pink guardian zipped around anxiously as the girl below her slowly brought herself into the waking world. She yawned, before nuzzling instinctively into the strong chest in front of her.



She blinked, taking in the situation with a bit of alarm. She had rolled over at some point and had been sleeping against Ikuto's chest, his arms wrapped firmly around her waist. His head was tilted downwards slightly, which lead her to beleive he'd been resting it against hers as they slept. Slowly, she lifted her gaze upwards, meeting the boy's half-opened stare, which was still plagued with sleep. Her heart kicked into rapid action, her face flushed into a bright crimson and she pushed him back, untangling their legs as his arms fell limp against the bed.

She scrambled akwardly off the end of the matress, but it was clear the teen had drifted back to sleep. Using the opportunity to try and restore the colour to her face and slow her heartbeat, Amu grabbed her uniform and scurried out into the bathroom, careful to shut the door behind her.

The middle-schooler was ready in record time, for she burst back into her room minutes later, afraid if she left him unattended for too long, Ikuto would be discovered. The problem with this rush is that Amu was left with fourty-five extra minutes to do nothing until breakfast. She considered waking her 'guest,' only to go back on this thought as she plopped down with a sigh at her desk.

"Are you okay, Amu-chan?" Ran was at her side, a hopeful smile on her face as she patted the girl's head with a pom-pom.

"I'm fine."

"You didn't lose too much sleep, did you desu?"

"No, no. I think I actually slept really well."

"Maybe it was 'cause you didn't have someone nudging you all night long." Miki's foul mood instantly dampened the room as she sat down in front of the pinkette and began to scribble in her notebook. No sooner than when she had finally settled into a comfortable rythmn to draw did a certain black cat come creeping up behind her, yelling loudly to break her focus and giggling madly at the result.

The blue clad girl spun quickly in attempt to whack the cat with her notebook, only to find he'd jumped up into the air to avoid the track of her swing.

"Missed me, Nya!" He teased, sticking out his tongue as the artist tore into the air after him, still attemping to beat him silly with her notebook. Miki's cross yells were nearly drowned out by Yoru's giggling and continuous chants of 'Missed me, Nya, ya missed me!'

"Oi, Yoru, pipe down." Yoru obediently stopped still at the sound of Ikuto's half-awake voice from the bed. Miki saw this as her chance and barrelled into the small feline, beating a steady rythmn into his head as she whacked him over and over again with her notebook.

"Ow, stop it nya! That hurts!" Miki took a few more swings before she was satisfied and floated back down to the desk, attempting to resume her sketching.

"Ikuto, you really 'ought to get up soon, you're not staying here all day."


"Mm? What does that mean?"

Ikuto waved a hand lazily, rolling over and pushing off the blankets in order to lie there, semi-concious, staring in Amu's direction. The girl was wise enough to look away before she was caught in that gaze of his. She grabbed her bag and stood, deciding it was a good day to be early. "I'm going to go get food," she said flatly, "and then I'm going to school. I don't care what you do, just don't get caught."

"Eh?" Ikuto's long sigh was accompanied with the motion of him slowly sitting up, rubbing at an eye with the back of his wrist. Amu chuckled inwardly at the kittish behaviour. "You're not gonna feed me?"

"No, you can get your own food!" Her voice was firm. Well, certainly no wavering there.

Amu stood, expecting another witty remark or plea for food, something of the like. Instead, he was silent for some time, head turned towards the window as if something interesting had just flown by.

Maybe a bird to chase.

"Hey, Amu, skip with me."


"School. Don't go."

"And do what, spend the whole day with you?" The girl propped her hands on her hips and stared, only to get caught in that gaze as he turned his head and answered her question without words. She stiffened, before letting out a sigh and shaking her head. "Even if I wanted to, I can't skip school, my parents would never allow that."

"I can fix that."

"How so?"

"Just leave it to me."

"I-Ikuto, I can't skip school, my parents and my friends-"

"Do you trust me?" Ikuto cut her off, stopping her excuse in it's tracks. The pinkette took a moment to respond, rolling those words over in her mind. She trusted him, yeah, but this was something she would normally never do without a good reason. Besides, if Tadase ever found out she was skipping school to be with Ikuto, what would he think?

"Ikuto, I-"

"Do you trust me?" She was cut off yet again and she realized this was not a question he was going to let her dance around. She had to answer it one way or another. For a while, she simply stared back at the blank look she was getting, trying to beat him in a staring contest he wasn't actually competing in. Finally, she let out a sigh for the umpteenth time that morning.

"Yeah, I do."

"Then let's go." At this, he stood. Yoru was at his side in an instant, smiling devillishly. Amu cast a glance at her own guardian characters, looking for help in some way. Miki seemed a little cross, but her preferances had always been in artistics rather than academics. School (assuming there was no arts classes) was never very interesting to her. Suu was looking up at Amu with wide, waiting eyes. Obviously, there'd be no help from her. Lastly, she flicked her gaze to Ran, who's reaction surprised her the most.

"Go for it!" She cheered.

"Eh? You support me skipping?"

"Well, not so much skipping, but remember, I'm your would-be self, the one that's easily honest and friendly and active! You can't really be active sitting at a desk for a long time, and besides, if you're honest with yourself, you'll know you kinda wanna skip!" She put up two fingers in a 'victory' sign, giving the girl a friendly wink. "What's wrong with one day?"

"So?" Ikuto had moved in front of her, ducking down to her height. The girl noticed his ears and tail were out, a playful smirk now fixed on his jaw. His tail wove mischeviously from side to side, as if baiting her into the more carefree answer. The smirk stretched into a playful grin as he spoke again. "Do you trust me?"




"Yeah, let's do it."


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