I memorized all the words for you, but if you only knew how much that's just not like me~

It was akward sitting alone in the silence of someone else's room.

Especially seeing as the owner of that room had just left in a rather large hurry, the immistakeable scent of fear following after her. Ikuto pulled his legs up onto her bed and sat cross-legged, propping his elbow on a knee and staring after her with his chin in his palm. He'd frightened her. He had a knack for reading that girl, so this scent and situation threw him off. Coming from her, it was something knew. Rarely was Amu afraid of anything.

Uncertain? Definately

Hesitant? Of course

Afraid? Not so much.

Ikuto was no dumb cat, either. He had a fairly decent guess as to what could've put her in such a state. After all, she'd faced countless dangers any normal 14-year-old would shy away from. Amu had gone up against an entire corporation, leapt into the air off of various heights and gone up against various curious characters all with ill intentions. Hell, she'd willingly stood in his way while he'd been weilding a giant scythe. The girl had to have guts to do that.

But underneath all the bravery and gutso, she still was just a 14-year-old girl.

Most girls in her position might've gone into shock at the time, or at least become a blubbering mess of tears. Instead of that, she'd run to him first thing with little regards to the situation when he still had injuries to be tended to. Despite that attitude, she had to consider the gravity of the situation eventually.

It just didn't help his guilt at all that he'd been the one to spark those thoughts.

He cast a thoughtful gaze to the balcony window, considering that ever-present option of leaving. It wouldn't be hard to do. He'd just have to stand up, take about six steps and he'd be out. He wouldn't have to deal with the kid's trauma (that he'd helped bring on,) he wouldn't have to deal with her fear (that he'd helped bring on,) and he certainly wouldn't have to deal with that guilt sitting in the pit of his stomach like a boulder (that he'd brought on entirely.)

His muscles tensed as if he were about to rise, his gaze shifting to the floor where his feet would go as he propped his hands on his knees to push himself off.

But he didn't budge.

Ikuto let out a long sigh and let himself fall back, his hands moving behind his head to coushin the fall. He could try to tell himself to abandon the girl, to distance himself from her with yet another reason for her to hate him, but in the end he knew he couldn't. Not like this, at least. He knew what would happen. She'd tell him she hated him. Those words she would scream at him as he left, those three little words that brought such pain with them. Normally he could put up with them. Just not from her.

From her, they hurt.

"Ikuto?" Amu's voice was quiet as she pushed her way inside her room, her tone implying that she didn't expect to see the boy there, sprawled back on her bed. She shut the door behind her and moved over to the small table by her bed, setting down the plate of rice, fish and sauce in order to free her hands so she could turn on the lamp. If he'd fallen asleep, she'd throttle him for making her go through the trouble of making him food. "Hey, Ikuto."

"Nya!" Yoru responded in his place, rocketing over to the plate of food and the fish sitting delicately on the top. He wasted no time in snatching the tasty-smelling thing and diving into the rice, a 'poof' of white spraying out as he landed. At least the pinkette's impromptu leftover meal would satisfy someone. The small cat had attempted to shove the entire tuna fish into his mouth, only to have to akwardly chew as he came to the understanding that it just would not fit.

He was suddenly pulled from the dish by his ear, flung to one side of the room (though that fish remaind clutched firmly in his paws) as Ikuto lifted the plate with his free hand. He'd sat up when Amu had been inwardly scolding the chara's dinner manners.

"Thanks." He said, not too bothered that his guardian had made off with the tastiest part of the dish. Food was food, and he was hungry. The only thing he'd had to tide him over for the day was a small bento-box, and shortly after he'd burned all the energy he could've gotten from it.

Amu muttered a quiet response before getting up and walking over to her vanity, taking a seat in order to pull a brush through her tangled locks.

That silence only got heavier.

It had gotten to the point where Yoru had taken what remained of his fish and followed the other guardian's lead, retreating into his egg. This was a situation where unecessary presences would just make things more akward. Besides, so long as he had his tasty friend by his side he would manage being left out of the loop.

It was a while after Ikuto had polished off what remained of the rice that a sharp pain in his stomach broke the tension. He doubled forward, swallowing the urge to cough and knowing it would probably result in him bleeding again.

"Ikuto?" Amu was at his side in concern again, all too close as he tried to fight away the pain he was trying not to worry her with. "Ikuto, are you alright?"

"Not really."

"Should I call the paramedics?"

"No, it'll pass in a minute." One of the longest minutes he'd ever lived through, he might add. But Amu never left his side, though her hand itched to touch the teen's back in hopes to ease the pain.

"Are you sure?"

His silence was the best answer he could give, so instead she changed her dialogue.

"I think maybe you should get some rest now."

"Alright," Amu was suddenly pulled down onto her bed, trapped beneath the boy's arm as he lay beside her. His eyes were open and his gaze tense, watching to see her reaction. "You keep me warm, then." He mumbled. "'Cause your room is always so cold at night." So much for that pain.

The pinkette was stunned into silence. The behaviour wasn't unusual at all, in fact she'd kind of expected it the moment she mentioned anything that had to do with bed. It was her reaction that she found unusual. Her heart went ice-cold for several seconds, before kicking into a painfully rapid pace.

"Ikuto..." She squeaked. "Let me go."

"No." Aware he was playing with fire, he tightened his grip and drew her closer. His eyes never wandered from her face, carefully studying her every move.

"Ikuto, let me go." Amu's voice was louder this time (keeping in mind her house was filled with sleeping family), but the answer didn't change.

"I don't want to."

"Ikuto!" She began to struggle, which was not entirely unexpected, but this time he didn't let her go. Her squirming hadn't got to that point yet. When she stopped, her breathing was rapid and her face was flushed. She squeezed her eyes shut.

"Amu," the teen hissed into her ear, making her squeak in alarm (and was that another whimper?) "Why are you scared?"

For a moment, Amu's heart froze again. Scared? Was that what this was? She knew the feeling of being 'scared' quite well, considering her incredibly low tolerance for frightening things, but this was a strange kind of fear, if that's what it could be called. His touch was like ice compared to how it burned her skin before, seeming so rough and demanding, though that was far from what it was.

"I-I'm not."

The stutter gave her away. She really was a terrible liar.

"Is that so?"

Amu's voice abandonned her, so she settled for giving a small nod in response. Ikuto's grip tightened further, to the point where she started to struggle once more, this time her actions were fueled by that urgency again. The fear from before was back, he could see it clearly. In fact, to his heightened senses he could practically smell it.

But instead of releasing her as he had last time, he shifted his grip to her wrists and rolled on top of her, pinning her arms beside her head and straddling her waist. Alarmed by the sudden position change, the pinkette let out a quiet yelp. Her breathing had picked up again as she squirmed in a futile attempt to get free.


She winced, squeezed her eyes shut and tried to lift her arms. Ikuto called her name again, only to get a very similiar response, but this time she squeaked with the effort of trying to throw him off. He was clearly not going let himself be budged so easily, as the result of letting her go the first time had been particularily painful to watch.

"Amu." It was his turn to raise his voice slightly, so that she froze in place and lifted her wide-eyed stare to meet his. She was lost in his eyes within a heartbeat and no longer was she able to tear away. It was in that single beat that she was calm, mezmorized by that all-too-intense stare.


"Do you trust me?" At that point the boy wasn't really sure why he was asking that question. It had brushed the corners of his mind and then suddenly he'd said it aloud. He hadn't exactly wanted to, just as he never wanted to have that question send the girl into a hesitant silence. That silence stretched out for far too long for his liking and he got the message.

She wasn't sure if she trusted him or not.

Ignoring the strange pain from that understanding, Ikuto decided that he would not take it as a surprise.

"Alright." Ikuto broke his stare and rolled off her, landing on the floor silently and standing to his full height. He stuffed his hands in his pockets as he regarded the girl with a thoughtful expression, hesitating a moment or two. Her expression of alarm was directed at him, as if she didn't understand the kind of damage that her silence had done to the conversation (if that's what it could be called.) She was so confused. Why was he acting so strangely?

Her confusion just told him that even she didn't even understand her own fear.

So, he pivoted on the spot and walked towards her window, one hand withdrawing from his pocket in order to let his fingers curl around the door's handle. He didn't get much further, for Amu had caught on to what he planned to do and sat up.

"Wait!" She called lightly, causing him to pause, but not to turn. She pushed back the covers and swung her legs over the side of her bed in a rush, jumping to her feet as quickly as she could. "D-don't..." Her voice was being troublesome. It wouldn't properly form the words she wanted to speak.

"Hmm?" Ikuto cast his gaze over his shoulder, noting her pleading stare before turning to face her completely.

"D-don't go...Not yet..."

His eyes narrowed a fraction.

"Please." This time she managed to keep her voice steady. Perhaps she was under the impression that if she stammered again, he'd think she was lying to him. It did seem to be a reoccuring thing with her. "Don't leave. Not now."

"Oh? Whyever not?" His voice was low, lined with a hint of mockery as he stalked towards the girl. She was reminded very much of that night on her balcony, where he'd tricked her and as a result discovered a weakness in her ears. She almost instinctively went to cover them as he approached this time, unsure if she wanted an encore of that display or not.

"I-I don't..." She'd started stammering again, but it's not as if she could help it. He was standing right in front of her, leaning down to her height and bringing his face close. By now, she thought, she should've been used their proximity and the smug expression on his face. It was clear he'd changed his battle tactics.

Amu fought to keep her voice steady, though it seemed that whenever he was in range that was nearly impossible to do. Damn cat.

"I d-dont want to be alone..." Her voice was hard for even the cat-boy's heightened senses to register. It was so uncharacteristically quiet. "...Right now...I don't want to be alone."

Ikuto's teasing smirk may have eased into a smile at those words, but Amu didn't want to meet his gaze to find out, she was only guessing as to what the corners of her eyes could see. His hand came up and rested on her head, surprising her in the moment he'd made a move, and ruffled her hair.

"You're such a ki-"

He stopped himself a moment to late.

"A kid?" Echoed Amu, this time lifting her golden stare to him. He was surprised to find it filled with anger and annoyance, instead of the fear and confusion that had been swimming in the colours for quite some time. "A kid?!" She repeated louder, and she threw his hand off her head. He almost gave into the urge to shush her. "Ikuto, is that all you think of me?"

"Amu, I-"

"No, don't 'Amu' me." Ikuto wasn't sure whether to laugh or be surprised at Amu's sudden change of character. Before she'd gotten quite self concious when he'd called her a kid, but now she seemed angry. "You know what, Ikuto?" It was hard to miss how she'd immitated his tone of voice when she'd said is name. "You're right, we've been over this. I am just a kid. But you are too, stupid cat!"

She give him a minute to register the insult, acknowledge it and then brush it off before she continued.

"I'm a kid. When I get hurt, I want to cry. When I have fun, I laugh and smile. I get flustered when stupid cosplaying cat-perverts tease me! After all, I am a kid." Her voice was strong as she repeated herself, strong enough to deter the blue-haired teen from correcting the nickname she'd messed up.

"And tonight I almost...wasn't...." Her voice trailed on a brought on a heavy silence. Ikuto could then be sure that she did understand the situation she had been in, if it was not a little delayed. At that point, he humbled himself quite a bit. He let that smile die from his face, he stood up straight and stopped hiding the concern trying to show in his eyes. "I almost wasn't..." Her repetition trailed off as if she wanted to finish her thought, but found herself inable to.


"So forgive me if I'm wrong," she said over him, "but as a kid, I don't want to be left alone...not now, not knowing that." Her head lowered, fists clenched tightly at her sides with an anger and frustration she was keeping bottled up. To his dismay, her hair fell over her face to hide those brilliant eyes. "So don't leave, you stupid cat. I don't want you to go...I may not completely understand what I should be thinking right now, and I think it's wrong to say I completely understand what I am thinking right now. But I know for sure that I don't want you to leave me here alone."

On a hunch, Ikuto let the silence stretch out for a little longer. Sure enough, she spoke again.

"And I know...I know I trust you...even if I'm a little weary right now..." Amu paused. "After all, you didn't let me fall before, no one was cross that I was missing today...and you saved me...not for the first time, either." Another pause, this time leading Amu to smile a little. "I'd be stupid not to trust you, I'm just..."

"Scared?" It was the first word that he'd spoken in a while, and it certainly nailed how she felt about the situation. Even if she'd been confused about what the feeling was (it certainly wasn't the same kind of fear she was used to,) he knew exactly how to put it into one little word. Had he not done so, she might've danced around it a little while longer, trying to explain and unable to come to the conclusion herself.

"Yeah," she nodded, "I'm scared." Her head suddenly shot up, obviously without a clue that Ikuto had drawn so close, as her skull nearly hit his chin quite hard. His reflexes had saved him some pain (physical pain, if nothing else. He couldn't exactly dub this situation as painless.) "Is that too child-like for you?!" She demanded, lifting her hand to point dramatically up at him.

Ikuto smiled.

Slowly, his fingers closed around her wrist and he guided that hand aside. He took a step into her, amusing himself in how she stumbled back, trying half-heartedly to get away.

"You don't want me to go?" He repeated as she continued to stumble backwards, his grip on her wrist remaining firm as he matched each of her steps with one of his own.

"N-no." Her face went red, obviously she'd understood that she was stepping out of her normal behaviour. Normally, she'd insist he leave. Her behind met the desk and her wrist was guided down, his other arm trapping her between him and the small wooden table. His head came down, his lips meeting the side of her neck and sending the poor girl's heart into a frenzy. He took a long breath in, as if in thought, while keeping her trapped in that position.

Amu felt him smirk against her skin and came to the conclusion that he could feel her heartbeat.

"Say it like you mean it, and I won't."

He felt like reincorporating things. It made everything more fun, especially when the girl realized he'd tweaked what he had said just the other night and she blushed even more. She stiffened and struggled, obviously not trying particularily hard as he barely moved in her efforts. That's when the metaphorical brick hit her.

Her heart was racing again.

But not with fear.

"No. I don't want you to leave." She repeated, managing to chase that troublesome stutter out of her voice. "...Stay....at least for tonight."

"Hmm." Guided by instinct, his lips traced their way up her neck, enjoying the way she shivered, (if her face got any redder, he feared she may pass out.) "You know what that usually implies, right, Amu?"

"S-Stop it! Nothing perverted!" She was quick to set that boundary as she felt a nip on her ear, she brought her only free hand up to give him a light push, shutting one eye as she tried to lean away from his invasive kisses. Ikuto let out a low chuckle and stood straight, freeing her (somewhat) from the akward sandwhich she'd been forced into. However, his fingers still clamped tightly to her wrist, so she didn't get very far.

"But that's just not as fun, Amu."

"O-oh well! Y-you'll just have to live with it!"

"When you say it like that, I don't want to." That sounded familiar, but she had barely any time to consider where it had come from. She felt a rough tug on her wrist and was pulled down, once again wrapped tightly in the boy's embrace on the bed.

"Y-You're such a pervert."

"You wouldn't have it otherwise."

Amu felt herself smile, the way he was approaching this conversation was amusing. It was now sort of a game to see if she could remember who said what and when. Yet as she expected him to say more, she was blanketed in a warm silence. She craned her neck upwards, only to notice the feline-like teen was out for the count. Blowing the hair out of her eyes, (he was still clinging to her, keeping her arms pinned to her body) Amu allowed herself to take comfort in the boy's warm embrace, just this once.

"Ikuto?" The first thing Amu noticed when she awoke was how cold it was. She was alone again, a lump of ice settling in her stomach. She felt the blankets beside her, dismayed to find that they too were cold. Rubbing at an eye, Amu pushed herself upright, casting her half-lidded gaze around the room in hopes to catch him somewhere.

No, he wasn't anywhere in sight.

She swung her legs over the side of her bed and stood slowly, wandering over to the window which he'd probably exited from. Well, she couldn't say him leaving was unexpected. He did take after a cat in so many ways, so naturally he came and went as he pleased. But why did he leave then? Why now? Didn't she...didn't she say...

Well, if that's how it was, then she decided she didn't need him.

"Are you sure this was it?"

"Positive." A pause. "Without a doubt."

There were voices outside her door, and in her drowsy state of mind she couldn't help to let his name slip from her lips, sounding hopeful.


"Shh." The voices on the other side of her door went silent, leaving her to stare expectantly for a few moments. She called the boy's name again and moved to open the door, feeling a little odd at the feeling in her stomach and the frigid temperatures of her room. Why had she never noticed how cold it was in here?

She turned the knob and slowly opened the door, rubbing at an eye as she prepared to reprimand the boy for making such a racket outside her room at whatever hour of the morning he'd decided to disrupt her sleep this time. Yet, something dawned on her as she slowly opened her door.

No one else knew Ikuto was here, and the second voice was far too low to have belonged to one of her guardians or Yoru.

A hand covered her mouth, drowning out her voice which was about to be projected as a scream. She felt someone slip behind her and curl an arm around her neck, dragging her back into the room as the door clicked shut in her wake. She began to kick wildly and claw at the arm around her head, trying to get free, bear her teeth and bite, rip away the offender's hold: anything she could do she did, only to find her captor possessed a strength greater than her own.

"Shut up, brat." Something hissed in her ear, making her squirm and fight more.


Suddenly she was on her back, the coushining of her mattress beneath her anything but comforting. A heavy weight settled on her legs and she tried to scream for her freedom, finding something still covered her mouth. It was so dark...she could only see shapes, unable to focus as pain introduced a firm hold to her hips.


"You're gonna be worth it."

Tears stung in her eyes. And she bit helplessly at the flesh over her mouth, finding once more that no matter how hard she bit it would not withdraw. She tried to call out, call someone to her aid.

Mama, Papa!

Those burning hands were relentless, ripping and tearing at her arms and legs.

Ran, Miki, Suu!


She felt suddenly so cold, eyes hovering above her and shining with a wicked blend of triumph and hatred she didn't think was humanely possible.



She sat upright, the weight on her vanishing with a flash as if it was torn away. Her chest heaved as she remembered to breathe, drenched in a chilling sweat. Eyes wide, she found herself quickly blinded with a smothering darkness, then...


"Amu, relax." A familiar voice breathed into her ear, sounding just as alarmed as she felt. "You're alright."

"I-Iku-" Her voice failed her, cracking in her throat and dying out to a whisper as she shook. Slowly, she became aware of warm arms, curling around her body and head; a warm chest from which she could hear a rapidly beating heart; and a still silence that swallowed her whole.

"Amu." The voice said again, more low and soothing then she'd ever heard it before. "Relax," it told her. "You were dreaming."

Amu squeezed her eyes shut. A dream?

She felt tears stinging in the corner of her eyes.


She wouldn't cry.

"Amu, are you crying?"

No. She wasn't. Look away, it'll pass.


Look away. She doesn't want to cry in front of you.

She felt herself shift, a gentle force guiding her back down. A weighty warmth blanketed her once again and she opened her eyes to catch a glimpse of blue hair in the darkness. He was on top of her again, his arms still enwrapped her as if she'd vanish otherwise.

"I-Ikuto..." She breathed, unsure whether she should feel touched or weary. This was so very much like her dream, the pressing weight, that possesive hold...but then again, she had some feeling in her heart telling her to be at ease.

This was different, it assured her.

"Ikuto, I can't breathe," she lied. Her lie worked, for he soon removed himself from her, though his hands still held himself over her, positioned on either side of her head. Something twisted in her gut and she forced herself to look away from him.

She then noticed that a weak light was beginning to flood into her room, the sky a light indigo as the sun no doubt approached the horizon. Her family would be awake soon.

"Are you alright?" His voice broke her thoughts and she forced a nod, a little dissapointed to glance back towards him and witness that disbeleiving expression of his. She shook her head, squeezing her eyes shut. She wouldn't let his eyes bait her into opening up to him again. Sure, she'd admitted to him that she knew she was a just kid, but that didn't mean she always wanted to act like one. She wanted to prove she could be tough.

"Ikuto, you should go..." She said, instead of telling him what was on her mind (though that's clearly what he expected,) and gave him a light shove.

He didn't budge.

"Ikuto, I mean it."

Again, nothing.


"Shut up."

Her mouth snapped closed. Instead she resorted to squirming, planting her arms against his chest and trying to push away from him. He would not falter.

"Be still." Again, she unconciously obeyed his commands. So there she lay, staring (angrily) up in expectance. She couldn't talk, she couldn't move, so what was she to do?

"And let me fix you."

Wait, that's not how it w-

Ikuto swooped down without warning, planted his lips on hers barely seconds after he'd stopped speaking.

Her mind spun.

Her body froze.

Her heart stopped.

It was gentle, something she wouldn't exactly expect from his alley-cat nature. There was that mint smell about him again, was it his hair? No, no. That was wrong. Then what was it? His lips? They were soft, warm and seemed to be the culprit behind that similar warmth blossoming in her stomach. Hang on, why hadn't she pushed him back yet? Was it his hands? Were they pinning her again? Wait, that was wrong too. She could feel one resting on her waist, the other just barely tipped her chin upwards. So what was it?

...What had started all this again?

Whoa. Hang on. She'd just dawned on a far more important question. (A miracle, seeing as her head swam with so many.)

What in the world was Ikuto doing stealing her first kiss?

Her voice kicked into action against his mouth and she suddenly slammed her palms upwards, shoving him back with a force she wasn't aware she possessed.

"I-I-Ikuto!" Her voice shook with rage as he sat up and grinned. Rolling off her before she could place a rather rough hit to a rather senitive spot, the cat-like teen swiftly moved away from the bed. She was on her feet in a flash, red-faced and armed with a pillow. (He was shaking like a leaf at this, no doubt.)

He darted out of the way of her hardly intimidating blows, ignoring her shrieks of rage and simply chuckling at the occaisonal words he could decipher from her yells. Words like stupid, cat, cosplay, pervert, theif.

You know, the usual.

He quickly leapt towards her window, avoiding a blow to the head that just might've thrown him off balance. He unlocked it with a click, threw it open and jumped outside just before he was caught in the young girl's grasp. In a flash, the teen was balanced on the balcony ledge, facing her with a chesire grin, hands tucked safely into his pockets. At some point during their game of 'tag', his ears and tail had made an appearance, and now twitched with obvious amusement.

Amu stopped the chase at her door, grabbing the handle.

"You s-stupid...p-pervet cat...theif!" Her door slammed shut just in time to accent her last word. He simply smiled, tail lazily waving from side to side as he waited. She obviously expected him to leave, judging by that pressing expression on her cherry-coloured face.

Yet still, he waited.


And she knew why.

She slid open the door (just a fraction, she couldn't risk that blasted cat slipping back in, after all,) pointed towards the opening and turned towards the small floating feline.

"Out!" She commanded, ignoring the concerned and curious cries of her guardians, who had all awoken from the ruckus.

Yoru need only to glance from the grinning Ikuto to the flustered Amu to understand that something big had happened. He'd peice the details together later, when he wasn't following his owner in exile from the young girl's room.

He managed to pull back his tail just before it got slammed in the door as it was forced closed. He heard the lock click seconds after and turned in time to see Amu stick her tongue out defiantly at his blue-haired owner before pulling the drapes closed.

The drapes and the door didn't drown out her continuous shouts of frustration and some rambles about personal space, nor did it smother the sounds of her family rushing in alarmed, demanding an explanation. Ikuto simply sat, smiling devillishly as his tail swayed in a steady rythmn from side to side. After a few moments of listening to the girl's attempts to make up some excuse for all the racket so early in the morning, he turned around and leapt off the edge, landing as smoothly as ever on the next rooftop.

"Ikuto-nya," Yoru spoke now, floating at his side as they bounded from rooftop to rooftop, leaving the darkness behind them as they headed towards the steadily growing light of the sunrise. Maybe they could watch it from some place high up?


"Did something good happen again, nya? You're smiling really big."

There was a pause, a moment of silence stretched between the two, before Ikuto found the will to speak. Yoru was happy to see he looked geniuinely pleased with himself for the first time in weeks.

"You could say that."


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