Title: Bitten

Summary: After an incident that should have killed Kagome, she found herself under Sesshoumaru's care and protection.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and Co.

Author's Notes: Hello! I am overwhelmed by the response I got with this new story. I am reposting this because I changed "waia" to "garou". Someone told me that it would be a better term to use and I agree so there. Thank you to juusan'ya for suggesting this term.


Kagome was jolted awake as she heard a long howl. They had decided to venture farther away from Inuyasha's forest this time since they had not been able to find anymore shards for the past two months. Inuyasha and the others had determinedly decided to go deeper into the Western Lands. Their previous travels in Sesshoumaru's domain had been short and just near the border. This time, they had gone deep. They had been scouring the place for the past three days. Fortunately, they had not yet encountered the demon lord. The thought of another encounter with Sesshoumaru always made her anxious due to the fact that their most recent encounter with him had left Inuyasha quite beaten. However, it surprised Kagome that the demon lord had stopped just when he could finally beat Inuyasha. He had looked disdainfully down at her when she had shielded Inuyasha with her body. She had been prepared for the killing blow but was relieved to see him look at her intently before turning away without another word.

It was really curious and yet he must have a good reason for not finally killing Inuyasha off. She was also thankful for that, not that Inuyasha really deserved her concern after the callous way he had been treating her after that battle with Sesshoumaru. The stubborn hanyou did not appreciate the way she had shielded him from Sesshoumaru.

Another howl came from a distance. Kagome was already having goosebumps from the haunting sounds. She looked around at her peacefully sleeping friends; even Inuyasha was sleeping on the tree. No one stirred as she stood up to go to the river near the camp.

She needed to get those werewolf stories out of her mind. Trying her best to keep her unreasonable fear in control, Kagome hummed a small tune. She stopped at the edge of the river and stared at the full moon reflected on the calm surface. Stories told by her jii-chan about full moons and werewolves came back, making her knees weak with fear.

Kagome kneeled on the cool grass and drank the cool fresh water. She was already feeling a lot better when she heard a rustling sound from the opposite side of the river. Her heart thumped in fear as she realized that the howling stopped, replaced by a daunting silence that did nothing to help alleviate the fear she was feeling. She could feel the adrenaline pumping through her veins, hear her heart pounding against her sternum; she began to shake like a leaf. She looked around, searching the surroundings for any misplaced shadow but found nothing out of the ordinary. She was about to go back to the camp when she heard another rustling sound. Slowly, Kagome turned, almost sure that there was something out there, looking at her. She could feel the hairs at the back of her neck stand on end. Her heart felt like it was going to burst out of her ribcage.

Kagome's eyes widened as she stared at the eyes of a white dog. It was quite normal in size but it was growling menacingly at her. At least it wasn't a youkai. She began backing away from the dog slowly, careful not to make any threatening move. She was nearly at the edge of the forest when the dog jumped and bit her ankle. She was about to shout for help when it suddenly fell unconscious. Her fear was replaced with pity when she noticed the blood staining the white fur.

It was obvious that the dog had been fighting with something. Kagome could see a number of scratches but what bothered her was the deep bite marks on the dog's neck.

"You poor thing," she whispered as she washed away the blood. She jumped up and ran back to camp unmindful of the ache from the dog bite. She could already feel her miko powers healing the bite.

After bandaging the wounds of the dog, Kagome went back to camp, not really wanting to risk another bite from the wounded dog.


Naraku wandered into the Western Forest. He knew that the Garou was here somewhere. It could not have gone far with the wound that his youkai had given it. He found the scent of fresh blood from the river. It took him a moment to realize another scent. His predatory grin widened as he realized that it belonged to Kikyou's reincarnation.

He increased his pace but was disappointed to see that both the white dog and Kagome was nowhere to be found. His senses told him that Kagome was near with all her companions. However, there was no trace of the white dog. Probably, it had gone back to Sesshoumaru's castle.

He shrugged. It didn't matter. It was rare to find one of Sesshoumaru's Garou prowling about alone. However, it had proven to be faster and more elusive than inuyoukai. It was no surprise, really since it was smaller in size.

Naraku decided to get back to his castle before Sesshoumaru or Inuyasha sensed him. He took another sniff just in case the Garou was still somewhere near. It would be a great addition to his body. His eyebrows furrowed as another scent reached his nostrils. It was the miko's blood mixed with the Garou's saliva. A glint appeared in Naraku's eyes as he realized what had happened. The miko was bitten by the Garou. He chuckled to himself. This would be interesting.

End prologue